Death By Hanging

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A man is to be hung for murder

Submitted: October 12, 2017

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Submitted: October 12, 2017



The day was cold around him as he was dragged from his cell and into the awaiting crowd. He had been sentenced to death for the murder of a 20-year-old man. The man stumbled as the guards hauled him towards the gallows and his fate with the cold rope. The crowd jeered, shouted and threw rotten fruit at him as he stumbled up the wooden steps. The executioner stood at the top of the tower with his face covered by the thick black mask. The prisoner's skin crawled as he looked at the man who was going to kill him. The prisoner tripped and fell heavily on the wooden planks of the gallows but the guards had no sympathy for this peasant farmer and hauled him up the wooden stairs. He made it to the top of the gallows and was forced to stand whilst his hands were tied behind his back and his legs were strapped together. His legs felt like jelly beneath him and he wasn't sure if he would be able to stand on the stool in front of him. The guards as if sensing his worries grabbed him and hoisted him up onto the stool. The executioner stepped forward and pulled the rough and cold noose around his sweaty clammy neck. The prisoner stood shaking on the stool whilst the sentence was read out. Jhon Martin, you stand here accused of murder what do you have to say...  The prisoner stood silent and the cheers of the crowd seemed to quieten down.  You have been sentenced to hang by the neck until dead, do you have any final words before the sentence is carried out. The man tried to form words but all that came out was a hark chocking noise.  Exictioner you may proceed. The hooded man stepped towards the shaking prisoner and in one smooth move kicked the stool from under his feet. The prisoner fell but was swiftly caught by the rough hemp noose. The rope bit into the soft skin of the man's neck and instantly blocked his airways. He felt his neck stretch as his whole body started convulsing as his whole body weight pulled his neck downwards. The crowd cheered as the prisoner struggled to breathe and his feet flailed around desperately trying to find support for his struggling body. Black spots flashed before his eyes as the crowd cheered. Suddenly he felt a warm and wet feeling and the crowd realised before he did that he had pissed himself. His limbs wretched around trying desperately to find support but all he found was the empty space. The world seemed to be muffled as he started to black out because of oxygen deprivation. Suddenly he found the pain was fading along with the noise of the crowd. Suddenly he slipped into comforting darkness. The crowd started to disperse as they realized that the show was over. If you had come back in 1 hour then you would have seen the man still swinging in the wind with his face bright blue and his eyes swollen and open.

The End

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