The Shining City

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Humans have a long relationship with hunger. In fact, longest relationship and now we humans are able to create our own brand of hunger in which people are starving but we are trying to eliminate
the people who are starving than saving them....

Submitted: October 12, 2017

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Submitted: October 12, 2017



It was a big day for the city and the country. Around 40 countries presidents were coming to attend the historic conference. Media was reporting the event of the century for the host nation. There were no issues stated everything was going as planned. The whole city was decorated and mopped every corner. It was hard to find a dirt. School going children were lined up holding welcoming banners, waving flags of different countries and flowers to shower on the guests coming to attend the event. There were colorful lighting bulbs and neon tubes installed to light the whole venue and surroundings. Fireworks were also planned at night to impress the world leaders and media. After all,  this was the matter of positive and prosperous face of the nation. 

Suddenly, a man rushed out of a grand departmental store. It looked like he stole something from the store. Security guards were yelling at him and trying to catch the thief.  The store manager reported to police and police car chased down the thief in rags hiding something under his torn coat. He was running like hell even when he knew police car would catch him sooner or later.  Then, he collided with a fast approaching vehicle in an attempt to cross the road while looking behind on chasing cars and store security guards. He fell on polished black road flying over the colliding vehicle. He was severely injured, and his ribs could easily be seen. His skull was torn into pieces. It was difficult for him to breathe as he drenched in own blood but still had a firm grip onto the stolen article under his coat. 

He lost the battle of life after a few seconds of the fight with the angel of death. His lifeless eyes were fixed on one global conference banner, and there was a strange smirk on his face. 

Police approached, and red tapped the accident area. Police investigator reached out to check what he had stolen from the store still clutched in his dirty hands. It was a piece of bread. He thought what a foolish person he was who lost his life for just a slice of bread and ordered his assists to clean up the place as soon as possible because the global anti malnutrition and hunger conference venue was only a few blocks away from the incident.  It was a matter of pride of the nation to hold this event and took part in anti-hunger movement alongside 40 other countries.  Incident scene was cleaned up from blood stains of a stupid hungry, greedy and useless thief. Things turned to normal as children started to wave their flags and city again shining like a new penny.

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