Double eyes

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Submitted: October 13, 2017

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We have fought with them for a long time until my team are used to see blood and corpses everywhere in the battlefield. Once we were called the "phantom" because we were able to attack and strike everywhere,anytime and any place without being noticed before its too late. But, one of us have betrayed us and exposed our weakness to all of our enemies, making us vulnerable and the enemies started unite with each other to eliminate us forever. One by one of us died every day being shot, died of poison nor being stabbed behind. Now they have surrounded us and leaving us ten elite soldiers versus ten thousand soldier. They giving us a chance to surrender and end the war at once. But, we have already known what will happen to us if we surrender. we fought back using any weapon that we have left. I watched one by one of my team members being slain by the enemies. Now I am alone to fight against them.They still gave me one more last chance to surrender but I decided not to. Suddenly, i felt pain from the back of my head and the world turns black.

I woke up from my temporary death, only to found out that I was being capture in a small,box-like room that make from entirely metal. The rope used to tied me were not tight so i escaped easily. But then, as i make my first step at the floor, the whole room suddenly become smaller as the room's wall were about to squish me. I tried finding a way out from the wall before I become a thin human. Fortunately, luck is smilling at me as i look up and realise a ventilation hole was above 3 metres above my head. I decided to take the chance to wait for the wall to come closer and quickly climb up. When i think it was the right time, I quickly jump up and using my previous soldiers climbing training, I barely make it out when the wall close 1 milimetre from my boot, I felt a triumph of victory when suddenly I was shot from behind. I started getting dizzy and sleepy. Before i was at the jaws of death, I saw someone in black came toward me and said "Congratulation soldier,you are about to become our finest soldier fighting against your own team," Then again, the worlds turn black.

I woke up expecting to be in another room but, i saw two soldiers dragging me to a person. At first sight i felt something familiar with him but i cant remember. The soldiers push me, leaving me almost at prostrate position in front of him. I tried to stand but my own body was too weak even to stand up, He put his mouth to my ear and said "Do you still remember me my friend," I was frowned and instantly my body flow with hatred. Without thinking much, i forced to used all my energy to chock him but, as my hand holding his neck tightly, he showed no reaction as my action didnt cause any effect nor hurts him even for a little bit. He smiled at my and stabbed me at my arm joints. At first i thought it was a combat knife but it only hurts for a little bit but to my surprise, he stabbed me with a needle syringe with some green liquid inside getting inside my body.After all of the liquid were inside my body, suddenly i felt a headache. All of my body started to felt a hot sensation like my body were in fire.I felt down but i was still consious but unable to move my body. "Thats enough,leave him like that, in a few hours the chemical will fully bind his brain,he will be one of us"

I suddenly can stand up straight like nothing had happened to me. I looked toward a room and walk there. There was something strange happening but I didn’t know what is it. Then, I saw two person sitting at a steel chair. “He’ is one of them. Now I realize something, I cant control my own body! I even cant control my emotion. I tried to move my hand but its like my own hand ignore my order. Its like someone or something was controlling my body. The green liquid must have something related to my problem. But that’s not the biggest one. Now I must try to react my own body to follow my own order instead of moving itself. But every try is a failure because nothing happen. “Go prepare yourself, we will send you to the enemies base. Remember, your job is to give us as many information as you can get and try to wreck havoc and conflict between the soldier. Good luck soldier, our victory are now rest in your hand,” Oh man this is bad. I know I must take all necessary action to prevent this but still I even cant control my own body. Through my eyes, “I” was getting aboard to a helicopter. But the last thing I knew, If the enemy succeed getting “myself” to my original base, It will be the end for my country.


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