Falling Down

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Submitted: October 12, 2017

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Submitted: October 12, 2017



“Your screams will be so piercing and long, that it will get lost in time, haunting everyone ‘til it kills them”, Charlene said with a smirk.

Her words struck their hearts. Making the Defenders looking for someone to defend them.


Charlene unhooked Lissie from her cuffs, dragging her like a rag doll. Exiting the room,


Daryl yelled “It’s not the end, it never is. Bad fortune will come your way, if you do anything to Lissie.

Charlene stopped.

“ Oh? I won’t have to”, she chuckled “, We have people for that”.

The door slammed shut and nothing but silence followed.


The executioner  was getting ready. Sharpening everything, turning on death machines, preparing weapons. Lissie was in for a bloody surprise.




“We’re not done”, Daryl said, “but Lissie is”


Out of nowhere, a piercing scream came to the dark air.

The Defender’s faces  were filled with sheer horror.


Charlene entered the room.

“I want the Ring of Harrow give it or... fall down”


Karrie glanced at Daryl.

“You will get what you want, but know one thing”, Karrie said


“We are all a part of the ring”, Leo added


“So you will now...  fall down”, Haley said and threw the ring as hard a she could in handcuffs.


The ring flew over Charlene’s head and landed right behind her.

Nothing happened.


“Lookie there,Genius! You missed”, Charlene’s said sarcastically, turned around, and picked up the ring.

The crew was grinning from ear to ear as they watched Charlene’s soul being taken from the stone in the ring.


She fell down.


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