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What is it with skin?

Submitted: October 12, 2017

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Submitted: October 12, 2017



I’ve never been

Able to get skin

Or understand the power within

When one human

Claims another one’s skin

As part of being


One craves skin

For no understood reason

Other than that’s been

Something desired

Sine being raised


No one teaches the order

Or disorder when overreached

Some live on that border

Inviting the invader within

Some allow more order

Some disallow the fervor

And stop it as if it is sin


Upon some contract

Skin is permitted for touch

Some like the hand in pocket

Some detest any other packet

Some care or don’t care very much

Skin needs to be hacked

By someone who is a match


Now skin is a permission

And skin is a law

It is also a remission

And it’s a see-saw

Of humans’ rendition

Of what is decent and what is raw


Skin on sight

Is both dark and bright

Is both tight and trite

Is both luscious and light

Is both fury and fright

Is both the bait and the bite

One might forgive if one might

Make skin a delight

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