Young Love

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Ben and Anna were in love in their high school but it didn't worked out due to some reason. Time passes by and they meet again. Anna receives marriage proposal from Ben.

Submitted: October 12, 2017

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Submitted: October 12, 2017



It was summer season, time when birds sing and fly, time when garden was filled with greenery. 17 years old girl named Anna was standing in a bridge. She was wearing a black dress. She looked as if she was waiting for someone eagerly. She looked in her watch and murmured, "He should have come by now." And after 15 minutes a boy arrived. He too was 17 years old. He was wearing black pant and white shirt above. Anna waved him. "Ben" she shouted. "Oh there you are" he said. "I'm sorry. I'm late." "You are always late. Hurry, the movie is about to start."

As they were buying tickets, Anna's parents who were shopping in the mall saw them together. "Isn't that Anna? And who is that boy?" asked Anna's father surprisingly. "But she told me she was going to Ritu's house to complete her assignment" said Anna's mother more surprisingly. As they hurried to take Anna back home, Anna and Ben had already entered the hall. Anna's parents tried to enter the hall but the hall was already houseful so they weren't allowed to enter. They called her but she did not answer. So they had no option instead of waiting for her. Then they went back home.

Inside the hall, Ben and Anna were enjoying the movie eating popcorn and laughing. They didn't have any idea that Anna's parents had seen them there. Also since her phone was in silent, she did not know about the phone call. The movie was over and they both went to their respective homes. When Anna reached her home, she saw her furious mom and dad. "Where have you been?" asked Anna's father. Anna then replied, "I was in Ritu's house. I told mom about this." Anna's mother shouted, "Was the movie good?" She was puzzled when she heard her mother saying this. Her father yelled at her, "We saw you in a mall with a boy. I never expected this from you." She was scared and she couldn't utter a word. He seized her phone and warned her that if she ever met that boy then she wasn't allowed to stay in that house. Anna burst into tears and went into her room.

Anna and Ben weren't in contact that evening. Ben kept on trying calling her but her phone was switched off. He was a little worried. Next day in college Ben asked Anna what had happened and Anna told him everything. Anna then decided that she'll break her relation with him. Ben tried to talk to Anna but she kept on avoiding him. From then on they stopped talking to each other. Their wonderful relation had come to an end.

Time passed quickly. Anna who now was 24 years old had completed her studies and was working in a bank. One Saturday evening as she was watching television a door bell rang "Ding-dong". "Anna. Go open the door. It must be Smith's family", said her mother from inside the kitchen. Anna went and opened the door. She was surprised because it was none other than Ben with his father and mother. "Welcome" said her father from behind. "She is my daughter Anna" he said pointing her. "And Anna, this is my friend Mr Smith and she is his wife Mrs Smith." "And this is my son Ben" said Mr Smith introducing his son. Anna didn't know what to do so she smiled and welcomed them. They all sat in a living room. Anna's mother bought some snacks and served the guests.

"I am in search of a girl for my son" said Mr Smith. Anna felt a little awkward. "That's great. What do you do?" asked Anna's father to Ben. "I work in a multinational company", replied back Ben smiling. "Well since we've been friends for so long and since your daughter is also grown up I'd like to ask your daughter's hand for my son", said Mr Smith. Anna didn't know what to do so she went inside her room. "I'll talk with her and tell you our decision", said Anna's father. Then they all had dinner and the guests left.

That night Ben called Anna and said, "I am sorry for today. I knew you were my dad's friend's daughter and so I came there along with my parents but I had no idea that my dad would bring out this topic and make the situation more awkward. Well it's true I still love you and would like to spend my remaining life with you. However, the decision is yours." Hearing this Anna remembered all her past days with him and said, "I am sorry for everything." And then she hung the phone.


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