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Submitted: October 14, 2017

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Please God hear a brother down here for once. My teardrops are getting bigger, and its a lot of things that I'm crying for in this crooked life i lead. Cant trust my lady because she fucking my friend without a clue that i knew before she talked to me. I'm asking and grieving because my life seems just like the rest under a system of depression with everybody walking with their heads down unable to talk about the shit we going through. Who do i believe in at the end of every day is a major question that hasn't been answered yet. I need answers from a higher power. Not even my peers understand the shit i see when i close my eyes. I feel a curse was set up from birth that makes us all walk with our eyes closed when the sunrise touches us. I cant hide the pain i feel inside even through all weed and drinks i consume on a daily just to get away from this reality. Please god, why you send me to hell at such an early age? I'm crying for my little brother's and sisters that might live the same struggle i witnessed with my own eyes through their experience of this cold hard world. Cant hold my hand out for any help because the next man is struggling a little less than i am, so i look to the stars and moon looking for answers like there are answers written in a constellation. A blinking star makes me wonder what is beyond this hell. If there's just another one waiting for us all to cross over fooling the masses by hope and faith in a man that struggled just like us all. I need help just like my sister down the road getting ready to abort her firstborn early in the morning before the sun reaches the midpoint. I cant holler for a helping hand because there do not much hope for a nigga under pressure with no love. I'll be missing the goals i set up in those bullshitting school systems they put us through. Time-consuming hours at a job i hate the most. I hate myself for even settling for less. Im tired God, but please forgive me for being a sinner. I just wanted to be a winner like many others giving up their souls for fame and fortune. Tell me I matter. Tell me im an important asset without the dollar sign over my head. Tell my mom she deserved more than the men that left her alone with all the responsibilities and stress which was us under her roof. Get my brother out of the jail system for a crime he obviously didn't commit. Hearing all that is enough to drive a person insane with no chance of gaining back they're conscious. Im waking up with nothing on y mind but my riches. I can't stand when women lie to me when it's clear i aim to love, they want nothing more than to fuck me over with my arms tied behind my back. They kick me while im down then run when i call on anything reasonable. im asking will there ever be peace on these streets and in these buildings we inhabit. Im tired of the struggle with myself and others around me. I cant say a prayer without screaming fuck the world. Nothing explains why we're headed for doom when the bodies of loved ones drop time after time without notice. I cant get high without cursing out the sky for the displaced feel for a poor hustler on the streets of Riviera Beach. I don't want to be a heartless devil that is strong with the game. You like I are consumed by the beast.

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