Watching You

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Anshi is a regular young girl. She teaches in a high school. She meets a man Rajiv in a fancy-dress party and flirts with him. From next day she starts getting messages from this new admirer of
her. What happens next? Read to find out.

Submitted: October 13, 2017

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Submitted: October 13, 2017



“Anshi?” Puja was amazed to find Anshi in the costume of Snow White, “Wow you look awesome. Where did you find this dress?” “I ordered it online,” Anshi blushed. “Your hair looks so perfect. Dude I’m feeling jealous. Come with me now, the party has begun,” Puja dragged Anshi holding her arms amongst the crowd that have gathered to enjoy the fancy dress birthday party thrown for a common friend. “Wait, my hand is aching. By the by I still didn’t get it as to what kind of costume you’re wearing. You look awfully weird,” Anshi teased Puja. “Huh? You got to be kidding me. It’s cat woman man.” The people have gone wild by now. There were Harry Potter, Frankenstein, Edward and Bella, Super girl and Superman and what not. The birthday girl in the costume of Cinderella was flirting with many Tom, Dick and Harry. Lovers were kissing each other here and there, while drinkers were hanging out in their heavenly abode, the bar, in the right-side corner of the hall. “Phew! I have never been in such a great party before,” Puja commented. “Me neither,” sighed Anshi. “Hi,” a tall Batman called Anshi from behind. “Hello,” Anshi looked at the Batman with curiosity,“Nice.” “Thank you. Do you mind a dance?” “No, sure.” The Batman took Anshi to the floor and they started dancing salsa which was received with a huge round of applause. “Wow you’re good,” Anshi chuckled. “Thank you. You too.” “ Have we met before?” “I’m afraid, no.” “Ok. So Cinderella is your friend?” “No, her cousin is.” “I see.” “Do you mind a drink?” “Nope, sounds cool.” They went to the bar and got drunk. “Anshi, you’re beautiful.” “Aww you know my name?” “I know everything about you. I have been watching you these days.” “Sorry?” “I think I have fallen for you.” “For me?” “Yes, who else?” “You’re so sweet,” Anshi goes near Batman, kisses him and faints. Anshi didn’t remember anything about last night except that she met one huge Batman, they danced and got drunk. When she returned to her senses she found herself in her bed. It was late in the morning and Anshi called Puja to meet her near the cafeteria. “What’re you talking about? Cinderella, I mean Julie have no cousin. Do you remember anything else?” “We were in the bar. I drank heavily, he was babbling something. My head was heavy and so I think I fainted. He must have carried me home.” “Wait, what? How did he know where you live? You disappeared all of a sudden. I checked you everywhere but you were gone. Finally I called your Mom who said you were sleeping in your room.” “I know. Mom told me that she heard some noises coming from my room. She went there and found me asleep.” “Strange. Who can be this Batman?” “I don’t know.” “A crush? A secret admirer?” “Please Puji, don’t be so ridiculous. I have some shopping to do, will catch you later.” “Cool. See you later then. Bye.” “Bye.” Anshi was returning from the market when her cell phone rang. “Hello?” “Anshi.” “Who’s speaking?” “You’re looking mesmerizing in this red dress. I’m losing my control.” “Who’s this talking nonsense?” “Shhhh. You look more beautiful when angry.” “Do you want me to inform the police?” “Ha ha. What will you tell the police? That I’m complimenting my girlfriend?” “I’m not your girlfriend.” “Have you forgotten the kiss?” “What kiss? Hello? Hello?” The call was disconnected. A minute later Anshi received a photograph of her kissing the Batman along with a message on her phone ‘I’m watching you.’ Anshi felt someone is following her all the way to home. She heard footsteps, a soft whistle and a bizarre laughter which almost froze her heart with terror. She came home gasping for help. Her mother rushed to her attention. Anshi couldn’t speak a word and collapsed. This was however not the end of it. Anshi started getting repeated messages that she was being watched. Everyday the stalker used to place love letters and gifts inside the locker of the school where she taught without getting caught. Wherever she went even at her own home she felt the sensation of being watched. Sometimes she received phone calls where the stalker scared her with those creepy whistles and laughter. One day while returning home from school a man in bicycle hurriedly crossed her way dropping a letter on her feet. It said: How can I stay away from you? You become more and more beautiful everyday. The locks of your hair, the gentle smile adorning your face, the pinkness of your cheeks, the satin smooth skin, the whitish complexion...Ahhhh...and you ask me to stay away from you? You raise my heartbeat. The way you sleep, I observe everyday like an innocent child, even there’s a hidden pleasure in the way you try to protect yourself from me. This morning I noticed how you sharpened that kitchen knife of yours and put it inside your bag. I didn’t like it at first, I tell you. But considering it your first mistake I’m forgiving you. You want to harm your one and only love? Who can give away his life for you? I know you are a mature, understanding woman that’s why I’m giving you a second chance through this letter. Either you surrender to me like a good girl or I’ll have to apply force. I love you my love.

Anshi hurried towards her home. She heard the whistle and started running. The whistle was getting louder. Anshi ran with all her might. She entered the gate and locked it. Her mother saw her coming. “Anshi beta, everything’s all right?” “Mom let me get inside fast.” Her mother opened the door, Anshi moved inside and closed the door. “What happened?" “Mom, it’s the stalker. He will kill me Mom.” “Why my child?” Anshi showed the letter to her mother. “We must move somewhere else.” “This will not be the solution to this problem Anshi.” “Mom I don’t care of myself but if something happens to you I will die instantly.” “Oh poor child, but this will only give him the impression that you’re weak.” “Yes, I’m weak. I’m weak for you Mom.” “I don’t want to be your weakness Anshi. I’m your mother. I should be your strength. We are not leaving.” “Mom you don’t understand.” “You heard me. We’re not leaving and that’s final.” Anshi’s Mom informed the Police about the matter and asked Anshi to sleep with her that night. Even though with her mother Anshi felt restless. She sensed the presence of an intruder. She got up from the bed and started walking towards her room. “Hello? Who’s there?” Anshi walked towards the window which was open. She was sweating. “I know you’re here. What do you want? What happened in the party was a mistake. I didn’t mean it. I was drunk. You’ve a misunderstanding. I don’t have feelings for you. I know what I did was wrong but I promise it won’t happen again. I will never show you my face. My mother and I’ll move somewhere else. Promise.” Anshi moved towards her bed nervously. Suddenly she felt someone have caught her leg from inside the bed. “LEAVE ME!” Anshi tried to free herself from the grip of the intruder but in vain. He pulled her leg with such a great force that she fell. “Please, let me go. I beg you.” Anshi’s mother came from the other room. “Shhh. If you come near I will shoot her,” the man pointed a pistol at Anshi’s head, “Get up my love. Come on. You have made me wait enough. Now I’ll take you with me to my place where we’ll live happily ever after.” “LET HER GO,” Anshi’s mother shouted. The man started whistling and dragged Anshi near the window. “Mmm. You smell so nice like the freshly bloomed lotus.” “NO!” “Not so easily,” Anshi stabbed the man’s waist with the kitchen knife she was hiding in her pocket. “AHHAA—ANNSHII—” “So you thought you got me. Look at this knife. Remember anything? There’s some hidden pleasure in the knife isn’t it? Lets give you some more pleasure,” Anshi stabbed the man for a second time so that the pistol slipped from his hand. Meanwhile the police arrived the spot and arrested the stalker. “ANSHII—YOU COMMITTED A GRAVE MISTAKE—YOU’VE TO REPENT FOR THIS—I WILL COME BACK—”

Six months later Anshi shifted to a new town with her mother. She got the job as an ASL teacher in a high school. “Hello Anshi, I’m Shakshi your co-teacher.” “Hello Mam. Nice to meet you.” “I have come to inform you that our H.O.D. had been out of town for a few months. He’s returning next week. You must prepare all the ASL files immediately as sir will ask for them soon after his arrival.” “Okay Mam.” Anshi started spending most of her time in front of the computer. Her mother was worried about her health. But Anshi always immersed herself in work. It’s not that she didn’t try to date or enter a relationship but the incidents that happened six months ago have developed a permanent phobia in Anshi’s mind regarding men.

“Yes Puja beta, how are you?” Anshi’s Mom received a call from Puja, Anshi’s best friend. “Aunty I have a bad news.” “Bad news? What is it?” “The stalker have been released from the jail. According to the police he’s not much of a criminal but a mentally retarded person. So they let him go.” “Are we in trouble?” Anshi’s mother’s voice choked. “Aunty I think you would need some good security in your house.” “What about outside? We cannot sit at home all the time.” “Aunty do you remember Gaurav?” “Gaurav? Anshi’s childhood friend?” “Yes Aunty. He likes Anshi and wants to meet her. He is currently the sub-inspector in the same town where you’re staying.” “But Anshi has shut out all men from her life.” “I know. But she knows Gaurav well. Maybe she changes her mind after seeing him. If you permit me I will send Gaurav your address.” “Okay, permission given.” “Thank you Aunty.”

Next day when Anshi was on her way to school Gaurav confronted her. “What is this Ghochu you have grown even more fatter?” “Gaurav?” “Dabang Gaurav. Don’t I look more handsome than Chulbul Pandey?” “Gaurav,” Anshi started crying hugging him. “Calm down, Ghochu. I have heard it all. I will change everything. I won’t let anyone make you cry.” “He spoiled my life.” “I know. I know. But a few months cannot define your entire life. You have far way to go,” Gaurav sat on his knee, “Give me your hand. I know this is stupid—to propose you like this—but still have I told you that I’m in love with you?” “I’m not ready for this Gaurav.” “You don’t have to love me in return. Just let me love you.” “But Gaurav, I’m afraid.” “Hey just give me a chance. If I fail to make you feel secure I will leave,” Gaurav took out an identity card from his wallet, “Presenting Sub-Inspector Gaurav Jain, Vijaynagar Police.” “You’re joking right?” “You mean I’m carrying a fake ID with me?” “Yes. I mean no. Oh god I can’t believe it.” “Then believe. Anshi, trust me I have come here not to scare you away but to help you. But still if you’re afraid then I’ll leave at once.” “NO! Don’t leave me. Please. I need you. I want to feel alive once again. I need my friend—to heal.” “Hey come here,” Gaurav hugged Anshi in a way as if she was still the little girl he used play with, “I’m here and I’ll never leave you.”

Gaurav became a permanent bodyguard of Anshi and her mother. It was his daily routine to drop Anshi to school and pick her back to home. He also engaged two policemen to guard their house. After a week’s hard labour Anshi completed the task that had been appointed to her. She went to school with a satisfied mind and handed over the teaching-learning materials to her co-teacher Shakshi. “No, you must submit it to sir.” “Has he returned?” “He will come in the afternoon.” “Okay fine.”

The H.O.D. of English was Mr. Rajiv Anand, a widower. There were rumours surrounding him that he was the illegitimate son of a woman who had been raped by her own brother-in-law. He married his cousin at eighteen and had multiple affairs with other women. His wife committed suicide out of depression. He had the appearance of a giant, huge and dark, about to enter his 40’s. He had a strong obsession for young girls. The lady teachers in the school are afraid of him and avoid him as much as possible. He had recently been released from jail. “Where’s the new ASL teacher?” “Sir, I have told her to submit the materials to you.” “Good. You may go.” Rajiv stares at the appointment letter lying on his table, “Anshi Sharma. How long have I wait for you my love? You’ve not changed. Still playing hide and seek with me. But don’t worry, I’m back and I will get you. Look you’re so much in love with me that you joined my school. Yet you said you don’t have feelings for me you naughty girl. It will be the end of this sport. This time I’ll succeed and take you with me, either in this world or that.” Rajiv turned his chair and sat on it facing the wall. “Sir, may I come in?” Anshi asked holding the door. Rajiv waved his hand still facing the wall. “Sir, here’s all the ASL files along with the teaching aids.” “Keep it on the table.” Anshi gasped, an unknown fear made her shiver. This voice, it sounded very familiar but she didn’t want to relate it with her past. It’s only her imagination as she hadn’t had her breakfast in the morning, “Sir, I beg your pardon but I must go. I have some work to do.” Rajiv waved his hand once again. No sooner did Anshi leave the room than Rajiv turned his chair with a clap. “So she remembers me,” he gets out of the chair and comes to the place where Anshi was standing, “Mmm. I can smell it. Your fragrance. Oh my love,” he started kissing the floor, “Your soft feet touched this floor. This floor is so lucky. I’m jealous of it. Ah love. I missed you.”

Anshi was daydreaming. Gaurav teased her, “Confused whether you should marry me or not?” “Yes.” “Yes?” “No, sorry. That voice.” “What voice?” “The voice of the H.O.D. , it sounded so familiar.” “Really? So you’re now thinking about your H.O.D. while riding with your boyfriend.” “Gaurav please, I’m serious.” “Hmm. If you listen to me I will advice you not to overthink. Give some rest to that little brain of yours.” “You’re right,” Anshi chuckled. “Good girl.”

Rajiv have noticed the intimacy between Anshi and her new friend. He watched them everyday from the window of his room. Gaurav too have noticed this man glaring at them however he didn’t say anything to Anshi about it. Gaurav secretly engaged his men to keep an eye on this man soon to discover that this man was no other than Anshi’s stalker.

The last bell had rang some twenty minutes ago. The students have gone home so also most of the teachers. “Anshi enough, now go home,” said Shakshi. “Yes Mam, I’m almost done.” “Sir has given us one more day to submit the revision worksheets. You go home, come tomorrow and complete the remaining work.” “Yes, Mam. I need to go to the washroom first. Emergency!” Anshi exclaimed. “Ok I will wait for you downstairs.” “No Mam, it’s alright. Gaurav will come to pick me up. You don’t worry.” “So shall I leave?” “Yes, Mam.” Shakshi left with other fellow teachers while Anshi rushed towards the washroom. “Relief!” Anshi sighed as she washed her face. She was taken aback by the sudden slamming of the door. “Who is it? Who closed the door? Hello?” she tried to open the door which was locked from outside, “Hello? If any of you student have done this make sure to get suspended, I will report the Principal about this nasty joke. Hello?” She reached for her purse and started searching for the cell phone, “Oh no, I have kept it in the staff room.” She went towards the door and banged on it, “Open the door, please. Is there anybody outside? Oh no, what shall I do? Someone please help, I’m stuck here.” No one replied to her pleading. What happened the next minute shook Anshi’s entire world! She heard someone whistling outside. The same melancholy tune followed by that bizarre laugh. “Hello? Wh—Who is it?” Anshi heard footsteps, “Please don’t hurt me. What do you want?” She saw a the reflection of a shadowy figure on the marble floor of the washroom. “WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME?” Anshi cried. The figure unlocked the door. Anshi took a deep breath and moved forward slowly, “Is it y-you?” She opened the door slowly and went outside but there was no one. Anshi sighed. “BOOM!” Rajiv caught her from behind. “WH-WHO? HELP. LE-LET ME GO,” Anshi struggled to free herself from him. Rajiv pulled her inside the washroom and locked the door behind. “After so many days,” Rajiv rubbed his face against Anshi’s, “Ah love you have caused me so much pain.” “HOW DID YOU GET HERE?” Anshi shouted. “How did I get here really? Come on Anshi, someone has to look after you. Don’t you know how much I love watching you? Oh look at you poor baby, ssshh why so afraid? It’s only me, your lover.” “I don’t know how you came here but if you try to harm me you’ll have to pay for it I tell you.” “Anshi my darling, how can I hurt you? You’re one of my best teachers. I have seen you working day and night, you’re so dedicated. The more I got to know you the more my love for you increases. I can’t stay away from you anymore.” “What do you mean by one of your best teachers?” “Come on now, all these days you’re working for me and you don’t know who I am?” “Who are you?” “I’m Rajiv. Your Rajiv my love. The H.O.D. of English.” “No, you’re lying.” “LYING!” Rajiv’s body began to shook in frenzy. He held Anshi up against the wall. “HEELLLP.” “Cry, cry as much as you can. Today no one is going to save you. You are calling me a liar? Really? If I say the only liar present here is you. You cheated on me Anshi. I loved you from the bottom of my heart, but you? You are dating an ordinary inspector? What can he give you? Look at me. I can give you whatever you want. Diamond? Gold? What do you want? Just tell me.” “I want you to leave me alone. I have not cheated on you. I have never loved you. You’re mad. You need a doctor.” “Anshi, love, if you behave in this way I will have to punish you,” he takes out a dagger. “NO, PLEASE.” “Remember how you have stabbed me once? Look—” he showed her the scar in his waist, “But I won’t let you bear any scar from my part. You know why? Because—” he puts the dagger in her neck, “What have you done love? You left me with no choice. The day I saw you in the school I was so happy. I thought I will take you with me, we’ll get married and live happily ever after. But you—you allowed someone else to touch you? Look at these soft hands, it’s contaminated now,” he gave a sharp blow on her arm with the dagger. Fresh blood oozed out from Anshi’s body. “GOD SAVE ME FROM THIS DEVIL,” Anshi screamed. “Oh what I have done? Anshi, honey forgive me. But you’re the love of my life. Trust me. I’ll make you pure once again. Tell me where else did he touch you?” he began to pierce the dagger in several parts of her body. “SLEEP MY LOVE. GO TO SLEEP. I’LL BE THERE WHEREVER YOU GO. PLEASE TRUST ME,” Rajiv sang. Anshi had fainted due to huge blood loss. Rajiv came outside with her body and found Gaurav standing in front. Gaurav saw Anshi’s body drenched in blood. Anshi was a very beautiful girl after all. There was not a single guy in the school who didn’t have a crush on her. The way the man exploited her would even cause the Devil to feel ashamed. Rajiv pushed Gaurav and tried to escape carrying Anshi on his shoulder. Gaurav shot him with all the bullets he had inside his gun. Rajiv was spot dead while Anshi was taken to the hospital. She remained in coma for two years.

When Anshi got back her senses even then she would be afraid of everyone, especially men. For many years she spent her life in an asylum. Gaurav tried to cure her with his love. But she would either hide or behaved like a lunatic whenever he came near her. Finally, after fifteen years of repeated struggle between hallucination and reality, Anshi passed away at the age of thirty-five.

© Copyright 2019 Jayashree Ghosh. All rights reserved.

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