the nice men in the white coats

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maybe it's not what you really think it's like. i'm telling you now, there's a lot you don't know.

Submitted: October 13, 2017

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Submitted: October 13, 2017



The nice men in the white coats

I don’t think anyone knows what’s really going on here. And I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to bother you, I just really needed something to distract my mind. To stop it from drifting into other places that I don’t want it to be.

Thinking about hurting myself, hurting other people. It’s a dark place to be and there’s nobody around to give me a flashlight. Not my friends. Not my family. Nobody. Loneliness will kill anyone faster than anything else. Argue with me all you want, but loneliness? That’s a whole new ball game. It’s the very first step on a very steep downward spiral of all other nasty things. Like depression, hopelessness, feelings of not being able to go on.

Argue with me all you want – you’re never going to change my mind. If you’d been on your own for the first 18 years of your life, you wouldn’t even try. You’d just leave me alone.

That’s what I mean when I say nobody knows what’s going on here. They’ve locked me up because I’m mad apparently. But that’s not it. No, it’s because I know the truth. I know what’s
really going on here.

They call it delusions and paranoia, but did anyone ever stop to consider that we might be the ones telling the truth and that you only believe the things that the nice men in the white coats are telling you? Nobody ever questions any further than that. But I’m telling you now, there’s a darn sight more than what you can see on the surface.

Granted, some of the nuts in this place really are mad, they do see things that never happened, that it’s all in their heads like the nice men and women here tell them it is. Others, like me and a couple others, they’re not as insane as everyone makes them out to be.

It’s a common saying ‘’it takes one to know one’’ and that much is true. I’m one of the sane ones locked up in this asylum because they don’t want me blabbing to anyone.

Many, many, many people are thrown into mental institutes for the sick because they talk of people being abducted by the government and tested on. I’m both of those people. The people that are thrown into a mental hospital and one of the people that are abducted by the government and tested on. I never asked to be, nobody I loved about asked for me to be either. They just woke up one day and that was that. I was gone. The people in power staged it all. Made it look like I had run away. My family think they’re the reason I took off. They blamed themselves for not loving me enough and not keeping an eye on me and they never did anything of the sort.

They loved me more than it was even possible at times and yet it still wasn’t enough to stop them from feeling like it was their fault. It makes me mad. Really mad. Not only did my life had to get ruined. They had to go and trample all over everyone else’s life as well.

So now, after being taken away from my family, forced to spend 10 years in isolation for the most part and being thrown into this hellhole of a place, I’m being locked in a padded room and being forced to wear a strait jacket because I refused to take pills that aren’t what for what they say they are either. They tell everyone, including me that they’re to stop me being delusional, but nobody seems to have noticed or care that even when I do take them it doesn’t make a blind spot of difference. With or without those pills pumping through my bloodstream, I still know what they did to me. I remember all of it. Those little while tablets aren’t to take my crazy away, they’re to suppress the very thing they were experimenting on me for in the first place.

They wanted to make a weapon. They made one and now they have no idea what to do with it or how it works. That’s what happens when you turn a human with free will into a weapon – you don’t get to control it. I guess it’s something they’re testing on the people they took after they got what they wanted me to do.

Now I know you don’t want any of what I’ve said to be true because you don’t want it to be. Most people reading this will already be convinced that I am mad like they tell me and that it’s all in my head like everyone is happy to believe that it is. You most likely don’t want me to be right because you’re happy living your lives in the bliss of the ignorance that you immerse yourselves in. However, I also know for a fact that there’s going to be at least one person sat there reading this finding some comfort in these words knowing that they’re not isolated in their beliefs, that there are others out there just the same as them.

I assure you we’re here. You’ve just got to look in the right places and you will find us.


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