Accidental History Lesson

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Time travel isn't so mysterious to lab technician assistant Elizaveta. With her uncle being the first man able to create a working time machine she gets full access. Things go wrong when she
decides to run a quick test to make sure everything is functioning correctly and she ends up in France 1775. Unable to return home with the malfunction still present she tries to make the best of
the situation by befriending Marquis de Lafayette. Together the two make their way to America to help fight in the American Revolutionary War. Elizaveta becomes a spy and finds out that the war may
not be just about getting freedom from the British.

***A majority of the dialog is in French***

Submitted: October 23, 2017

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Submitted: October 13, 2017



“Madame, vous allez bien?” My eyes flutter open as someone shakes my shoulders. “Madame, vous allez bien? Peux-tu m'entendre?” I slowly sit up. I takes me a minute to process the language. When I do I mentally smack myself for not recognizing it sooner. French, the only other language I’m fluent in. How it didn’t immediately click I’ll probably never know. I look up at the woman whom I’m assuming is the person that woke me up. Her eyes are wide and...What in the world is she wearing?!?! She looks like she jumped straight out of a French history book. The fitted bodice dress, but not a very big petticoat I will say, nice hair with a tiny hat. I started thinking about different larping groups around the area as well as comic cons coming soon. Non that I could think of would involve the 1700’s or why anyone would need to speak French. That’s when I remembered that the woman was still waiting for me to answer.

“Oh oui, désolé. Je vais bien merci,” The woman looks at me curiously. I look around and realize I don’t recognize where I am. “Est-ce que tu crains de me dire où je suis?”

“Bien sûr, je suppose. Nous sommes à Paris, en France.” I almost had a heart attack. I was in Paris? How? I was just in D.C. like 10 minutes ago how am I almost 4,000 miles away? I look back at her and thank her. Standing up I look around at my surroundings in more detail. Making sure I took everything in. I see the Eiffel Tower off in the distance. Women in corset dresses with small petticoats. Men in justaucorps, with a jacket and breeches. I quickly make my way to a newspaper stand to look at the date.


1er juillet 1775

I had to restrain myself from yelling out in panic. How was I in Paris in 1775? I was just in Washington D.C. 2076. What happened during the test I thought to myself. Setting the newspaper down I went over what the general told us we were supposed to do if something went wrong in a test. “When conducting a test and something malfunctions and you end up further in time than you intended immediately use your time reverser and go back home.” I looked down to my wrist and let out a sigh of relief that it was there. Knowing that someone might see me if I use it right now I go down an empty alleyway and try and go as far back as I can go so nobody can see me. Once I get far enough I push the button and...and...and...nothing happens. Why isn’t anything happening?! I push it over and over and still nothing happens. That’s when I start to panic. How in the world am I going to get home? There’s nobody here to help me and if I ask someone around here I’ll probably be put in a mental hospital. Feeling my heart start to speed up I quickly try to calm myself. Not now anxiety. Now is not the time for a panic attack. After spending 10 minutes calming myself down I exit the alley and make my way to a dress shop as I remember our emergency training we received if anything were to go wrong. “If anything does happen to go wrong always act like you belong. If you draw attention to yourself in a negative way everything will go wrong. So always remember 1. Find out where and when you are” Okay I’m in Paris, France 1775. “2. Dress as if you belong there.” I look everywhere for a dress shop when I see a dress in a window that looks very similar to the one that woman who helped me earlier was wearing. Walking inside I can see that this dress shop doesn’t seem to be very prestigious so I luckily won’t stand out very much. I stand there rather awkwardly as I don’t really know much about dresses. When a woman who seems to be a very busy woman walks up to me and gives me a nasty look and says

“Qu'est-ce que tu portes?” Knowing I would be asked this question I planned for it ahead of time. In all honesty I don’t blame them for asking since I am wearing jeans, converse, an old band t-shirt and my lab coat with my hair up in a ponytail. I must look like a fashion disaster

“Ma tante essayait de trouver une tenue alternative pour l'équitation. Mes robes sont toujours déchirées.” The woman gave me a skeptical look, but went with it anyway. It’s just more money for her anyway. She gave me a once over and took a few measurements. She turns back and calls I’m guessing a worker's name.

“Marjorie J'ai un patient pour toi” A girl who can be no older than 25 comes out and beckons me over to a different section of the shop. Marjorie gives me a curious look but goes with it like the last woman. I must have tried on hundreds of different corset and petticoat combinations and with multiple people coming over to help it feels like it’s been days before we find one that fits. I emerge with a half-sleeve navy blue corset dress with a small petticoat. I was also fitted with a black one in a similar style. The woman who greeted me earlier walks up to me and looks at me impatient face. I awkwardly look back at her, not knowing what to do. She then asks something that I had completely forgotten about. “Comment allez-vous payer tout cela?” My eyes go wide. It had completely forgotten that I would have to pay for the dresses. I keep my cool and start pretending to shift through my old clothes looking for my money. Mumbling to myself in English hoping that nobody in the shop spoke English. I turn back to her with a solemn expression.

“Je dois avoir laissé mon argent avec ma tante pour ses matériaux.” She looks at me unamused. She then proceeds to go behind the counter and stare at me. I look away, still able to feel her sharp gaze on me. That’s when I come up with an idea. “Pourrais-je revenir à mes tantes et obtenir de l'argent? Ensuite, revenez en arrière et payez les robes.” The woman’s eyes get wide with anger as she marches her way over to me.

“Vous essayez de me voler! Comment oses-tu essayer cet atout avec moi? Pensez-vous que je suis stupide ou quelque chose comme ça?”

“Non Non Non Non. Je ne suis pas. Vraiment. J'ai juste besoin d'aller chercher de l'argent et je reviens tout de suite. Je promets.”

“Bien sûr que vous ne l'êtes pas. Pourquoi toi…” The door opened before she could finish her sentence. A tall man with the military uniform of a major general waltzed into the shop. He looked really young for someone of his stature. Then again it was 1775. He had a certain je ne sais quoi about him. For some reason though I felt like I knew him from somewhere. I don’t know how though because obviously, we’ve never met. He makes his way over to the woman.

“Bonjour Madame. Quel semble être le problème?” he asks her. His voice so calming is seemed to lessen my panic attack. I almost forgot what the problem actually was until she spoke

“Ce petit moche essaye de me voler ces robes. Elle n'a même pas un bon mensonge. "Je dois aller chercher de l'argent de ma tante?" Quel genre d'idiot pense-t-elle être?” The man looks at her with an understanding expression. Then he looks over at me. Looks at the dress I’m wearing then...smiles? He comes over and puts his hands on my shoulders and gives me a hug. Whispering in my ear “Shhh. Allons-y” I look back at him confused. He puts a finger over his lips signaling me to not say anything. I peer over his shoulder, or at least as far over as I can, to look at the shop owner. She’s standing there rather impatiently staring at us. The man steps back away from me and takes my hands in his.

“Darling, je vous ai dit que je payerais vos robes. Je sais que vous voulez payer vous-même, mais je vous aime trop pour vous permettre de dépenser tout votre argent durement gagné. En passant, vous êtes absolument magnifique.” My face went red at his comment. Did he just say that he loved me? What was this guy's plan? Like we literally just met two minutes ago. Yes, I will admit that it wouldn’t be completely terrible if this man was my husband, but still. The woman’s face was full of immediate regret.

“Cette femme est-elle spéciale pour vous en général?” The general looked over at her with a look that could only be described as “you’re about to regret all your life choices chienne”.

“En fait, oui. Cette femme est cette fois ma femme, que j'aime et chéris beaucoup.” He said. A smirk appearing on his face.

“Cette femme est votre femme?” the woman said with a slight tremble in her voice.

“Oui. Nous serons sur notre chemin maintenant. Merci d'avoir aidé ma femme avec ses robes.” he paid for the two dresses and we walked out of the store together. We walked a ways away from the store before I stopped. The man looked back at me curiously.

“Qui êtes-vous et pourquoi avez-vous m'aidé?” the man was hit with the realization that he didn’t even explain himself yet.

“Mes excuses. Où sont mes manières? Je m'appelle Marie-Joseph Paul Yves Roch Gilbert du Motier Marquis de Lafayette. Vous pouvez simplement m'appeler Lafayette. J'ai vu ce qui se passait dans le magasin et j'ai l'impression que je devrais vous aider.” Lafayette took her hand and kissed the top. “Et puis-je demander qui vous pouvez être madame?” I looked at him in aww. Lafayette? This guy right here was Lafayette? My idol since I was a kid. Sainte merde. I realized I must have been taking too long to respond.

“Oh, désolé. Je suis Elizaveta Arlert.” I stuttered. “Mais vous pouvez m'appeler Eliza”

Wow, nice going Eliza. Go ahead embarrass the crap out of yourself in front of your idol, will you?

“Eh bien, c'est un plaisir de vous rencontrer Eliza” Lafayette said “Voulez-vous m'accompagner pour le souper?” My face went hot when he asked that. Holy crap Lafayette wants to have dinner with you say yes before you weird him out and he takes away his offer.

“Oui j'adorerais” I reply making sure I don’t sound too excited. On our way there we talk about ourselves a little.

“Alors Eliza, quel âge as-tu?”

“J'ai dix-sept ans. Quel âge as-tu?” Lafayette gives me an almost devilish grin.

“Voyons voir si vous pouvez deviner.” I look at him quizzingly. I already know the answer. He was born September 6, 1757, so he was going to be turning 18 here in a few months. Well, don’t give out the correct answer the first time. Look at his ranks and think about what age a normal person would become that. I look at his ranks and see he’s a Major General. Well the US Army he’d be about 50 or so, and he’s obviously not.

“Hmm. Eh bien, vous êtes un major général, mais vous avez l'air plutôt jeune alors je dirais que vous avez environ ... vingt-huit à trente peut-être au plus vieux.” he looks at me and gives a small chuckle.

“Eh bien, vous avez raison. Je suis major général, mais je n'ai pas encore trente ans. En fait, je suis juste un peu plus âgé que toi. J'ai dix-huit ans dans environ deux mois.” I give him the best fake surprised face I can muster.

“Sensationnel. Un major général à seulement dix-sept ans. Vous devez être un génie militaire.” he blushes a little at the compliment.

“Bien merci. Ce n'est vraiment pas un gros problème.” We walk for a few more steps when he stops. “Nous voilà. La Petite Chaise.” He motions me to follow him inside. We are motioned to a table. We have a beautiful dinner and talk for what seems like hours.

“Alors Eliza d'où venez-vous?” Lafayette asks after our waiter comes by with our food and drinks.

“Je viens de Versailles. Je visite Paris chaque été avec mon père.”

While Lafayette is talking about he got to how he was appointed Major General I started to think about how I managed to get to this situation.

I was walking into work this morning and did my usual. Clocked in, signed an approval sheet and made sure everything was still organized from the night before. Dr. Armin, my uncle, is the head founder of the brand new time travel tech and I’m the co-founder. He came up with the idea when he was just 20 years old, and I was 14. Three years later we built the first time travel device, inter-time period communications device, and translator. Both devices being fairly new I decided to run a test going back in time 30 minutes to see how well the communications device worked. I jump into the time pod with my colleague Bryson at the controls. Scott and Jonathan, our beta testers both had successful tests with the settings we have it set to right now so I’m going to give it a shot. The four of us double and triple check to make sure every setting is the exact same. Once we’re sure I get settled, making sure my communications device is working smoothly and my time reverser works perfectly. I sit back punch in the time I wish to go to and...that’s all I remember from this morning. I try to figure out what could have gone so wrong when Lafayette waves a hand in front of my face getting my attention.

“Eliza? Hé, vous allez bien? Vous venez de regarder dans l'espace pour les cinq dernières minutes maintenant.” I quickly bring my attention back to him.

“Oui je vais bien. Je pensais juste à quelque chose. Ce n'est pas important. Continuez avec ce que vous disiez.” He gives me a skeptical look but continues on with his story anyway. We sit and talk for what feels like forever. Lafayette tells me stories about the things he’s done to help with the up and coming revolution while I sit and listen every intently. What a better way to learn about the hero of two worlds than from the man himself. After supper, we walk along the streets of Paris talking and learning more about each other until nightfall. That’s when he asks the one question I didn’t have the answer to.

“Alors, où resterez-vous alors que vous êtes ici à Paris?” I stop in the middle of the sidewalk. Where was I going to stay? It’s not like there was anywhere I could go. Was I just going to sleep on the streets until I was able to get back home? I couldn’t let him know I didn’t really live anywhere though so I came up with the only thing I could think of in that moment.

“Mon père a une maison ici depuis que nous visitons si souvent.” I respond to his question hoping he bought it.

“D'accord. Eh bien, peux-tu me montrer alors. Je veux juste m'assurer de rentrer à la maison en sécurité.” Crap he wants to see where I’m going to stay. Quick make it seem like he’s not being chivalrous. The Lafayette men have always been know for courage and chivalry.

“Pourquoi? Pensez-vous que je ne suis pas capable de prendre soin de moi?” I question back at him.

“Vous avez dit que vous étiez déjà allé à Paris plusieurs fois auparavant, pourtant vous semblez vraiment excité par les choses simples.” Damn it he knows too much. Might as well come clean with not being from around here.

“Eh bien, je n'ai jamais été dans cette partie de la ville. Mon père et moi ne restons vraiment que du côté nord-ouest car c'est plus près de Versailles.” I tell him. I’m technically not lying. I’ve really only been to the north and west side of Paris for a history trip I took a few years ago. That’s when Lafayette says something I never thought I would hear him say. You know, if I heard him speaking on a regular basis.

“Pourquoi ne viens-tu pas vivre avec ma femme et moi jusqu'à ce que tu puisses rentrer chez toi?” He asks so casually you would think he asks every day. I stare at him stunned. Then I remember my emergency training. “3. Find someone who will take you in until you find your way back home.” Could I actually do that though? Live with Lafayette and Adrienne for who knows how long? He would find out I’m not from here eventually though. What if living with him alters history greater than I think it would or could this be… I blurt out my answer before I could even finish my thought.

“Bien sûr, cela semble merveilleux.”

“Vraiment? Je veux dire que nous nous sommes rencontrés aujourd'hui et que nous ne nous connaissons pas vraiment, mais j'ai l'impression que nous pourrions être de bons amis.”

“Ouais. Je veux dire que nous venons de nous rencontrer aujourd'hui, ...mais j'ai l'impression de te connaître déjà. Juste en traîner toute la journée.” I hesitated with saying that last part. It sounded fine in my head, but it just didn’t really fit once I said it out loud. He gave me a quick hug and led me towards his home. And I will say you can definitely tell this guy has money. I guess being from one of the wealthiest french families from the 18th century you would be able to tell. A very beautiful woman walked in. She looked about my age, and looked almost pregnant. Judging by her fancy attire and her being in the house I’m assuming that this woman is Marie Adrienne Françoise de Noailles, Lafayette’s wife. They got married a little over a year ago in an arranged marriage. They were set to marry two years ago. Her mother thought they were both too young as she was 12 and Lafayette was 14. Their families let them get to know each other during that two year period. Lucky for them they fell madly in love so the arranged marriage wasn’t really all that arranged in the end. Their first daughter, Henriette, will be born in about five months. She walked up to Lafayette gave him a kiss and all that fun stuff married couples do. Adrienne turned to me then looked at Lafayette.
“Qui est cette fille aime? Je ne l'ai jamais vue auparavant.” He walked over to me.

“Oh oui. C'est Elizaveta Arlert, elle est de Versailles. Son père est parti en Angleterre pour essayer d'aider l'Amérique autant qu'il le peut. Sa mère veut qu'elle soit morte pour qu'elle ne puisse pas rentrer chez elle jusqu'à ce qu'elle trouve un mari ou que son père rentre à la maison. Je lui ai dit qu'elle pourrait rester avec nous jusqu'à ce qu'elle ait une maison pour y retourner.” She gives him a skeptical look then dismisses it. She knows Lafayette wouldn’t do anything bad to her. He has too much dignity to do that.

“D'accord. Tant qu'elle ne te fait pas trop d'ennuis.” she says.

“Que veux-tu dire?” he asked her clearly confused about the situation.

“Amour. Nous nous connaissons depuis environ quatre ans maintenant. Je sais quand tu t'amuses.” Adrienne answered smiling. I let out a sigh of relief. Thank God she’s okay with this.

We soon started spending almost all our time together. Over the course of the next two years or so Lafayette and I joined the royal regiment and started meeting with Silas Deane, an American agent. I received “English lessons” while Lafayette was working. started getting more and more excited about what was happening in America.

“Eliza maintenant, je sais que cela semble ridicule, mais écoutez-moi. Et si nous nous promenions sur un cargo et sommes allés en Amérique pour nous battre dans la révolution?” I look up from the copy of A Journey to the Center of the Earth Lafayette bought me a few weeks ago. The one word that caught my attention was America. My home sweet home. He looks like an excited puppy whenever he talks about the American cause. I know though that this would be the only chance I would have to try and make it back home. So I say what any reasonable best friend who’s bestie wants to do something crazy and impulsive.

“Allons en Amérique.” Lafayette starts immediately on making plans on how to sneak over there. He had tried a few times before. One involving him pretending to be a pregnant woman. He always got caught though. This time would work though. I’ll make sure of it. We can’t let Adrienne know that we’re leaving. With Henriette only being a year old Adrienne needs a lot of help, but her parents can help her. Right now America needs us more.We plan and pack for the next week until the next cargo ship to America sets sail. Lafayette has tried enough times that there’s a warrant out for his arrest so we have to make sure we’re not spotted. With a little luck, and me knowing how he manages to successfully get to America, we make it. On the boat we get word that the ship is going to the West Indies so I may or may not have tipped Lafayette off and told him that maybe he should buy everything on the cargo ship so it can stay on course for America. It works of course. Plus with him being as wealthy as he is it’s no problem for him to buy it all. Once we land we make our way to Philadelphia to meet with the Continental Congress. One issue he didn’t think about is that he doesn’t know how to speak English.

“Comment allons-nous communiquer avec eux si aucun de nous ne parle la langue des autres?” Lafayette asks. I knew this would come up eventually so I decide to come clean.

“Lafayette. Il y a quelque chose que je ne t'ai jamais dit.” he looks at me with a look that edges me on to tell him the truth. “Je peux parler anglais. Je parle couramment en fait.”

“Comment? Je pensais que tu avais dit que tu n'étais jamais allé en Amérique.” he asks. I can’t tell him I’m actually from America. What else can I tell him?

“Mon père a fait quelques voyages en Amérique il y a un certain temps. Ils lui ont enseigné pendant qu'il était là. Puis il m'a appris quand il est revenu.” I answer. Hopefully he believes me. If not I’m screwed. Lafayette looks at me with wide eyes.

“Hou la la! Comment se fait-il que tu ne me l'aies jamais dit? Peux-tu m'apprendre? Jolie s'il-vous-plaît?!?” Wait. He’s not mad? I feel like I would be mad if my best friend of two years didn’t tell me something this big.

“Attendez? Tu n'es pas fou?” I ask. Lafayette looks at me like I’m crazy.

“Bien sûr que non. Pourquoi serais-je? Il n'a jamais vraiment été un sujet de conversation, donc il n'y avait pas besoin de vous le dire.” he replies with a warm smile. I smile back relieved that he still has trust in me.

“D'accord. Quand voulez-vous commencer à apprendre l'anglais?” Lafayette gets really excited.

“À présent! Pouvons-nous commencer maintenant s'il vous plaît?!?” he asks with the excitement of a child on Christmas morning. I laugh a little. At 20 years old he still gets excited by things most adults wouldn’t care for. Then again, Lafayette isn’t like most adults. Heck, he’s barely an adult himself.

“Bien. Nous allons commencer maintenant.” I answer. A smile creeps onto my face

“Woohoo !! Je vais apprendre l'anglais.” Lafayette screams. The smile on his face growing from ear to ear. “Avec quoi devrions-nous commencer? Salutations? Nombres? Vocabulaire?”

“D'accord, d'accord, ralentis. Nous allons commencer avec les bases comme "Hello" et "Goodbye" I answer. “Hello mean Bonjour and Goodbye mean Au Revoir.” Teaching Lafayette is a slow process. Luckily a lot of English words come from French dialect so it may take some time, but certain words are easy for him to remember.

Lafayette’s about 20% fluent by the time we reached Pennsylvania. Upon our arrival, we have the honor of being greeted by George Washington himself and let me tell you he looks good for 45. Not to be weird or anything, but


It doesn’t take long for us to become acquainted with some of the most important figures of the revolution; Aaron Burr, Alexander Hamilton, Thomas Jefferson, and George Washington. We talked to other founding fathers quite often as well, but none stood out as much as these four. Thomas Jefferson is the ambassador to France; he and Lafayette spent a lot of time together talking about what all was going on in France. You know, with the people being on the verge of starting a revolution of their own and all.


“Sounds good to me,” I respond. Soon after I start training for whatever my assignment. Now I never really thought I would be here this long, but I start thinking. What if I’m supposed to be here. Maybe me going back in time is what caused us to win the war in the first place. All these thoughts are running through my head when Hamilton calls me over for something.

“So I know you’re a girl and all, but we really need you to help if we’re ever going to win this war.” He hands me a blue coat and white trousers. It almost matches his uniform in color, but it also kinda matches Lafayette's in style and embroidery.

“What’s this?” I ask him confused as to why I was given a strange looking uniform.

“It’s a new female version of our uniform. Pants and a jacket so your not as noticeable, and a corset and embroidery so you don’t have to feel like a man.” He looks very happy with the uniform and I personally love it.

“I love it. I now feel like I’m a part of the revolution and fighting alongside you guys.” I say as I give him a grin. He returns it and heads back to whatever it was he was previously doing.

The next five years go by in a flash. I had almost completely forgotten about trying to get home. Right now that wasn't important. The only thing on my mind was getting Hamilton back and getting everyone to Yorktown to cut the British off at sea. I knew the date everything for these guys would change, September 3, 1783. One of the most important days in our country’s history. In three days Washington, Lafayette, and Hamilton would all be in Yorktown to end the war. But something might change all that.

In the eight years, I had been here I didn’t seem to age one bit. Now when we did DNA tests to see if I would be eligible for time travel testing I was told I was able to continue with the experiments, but there was something I needed to be aware of. Because of the way my DNA was structured, if I were to undergo anything that might disrupt my DNA, my cellular reproduction would stop altogether. Causing me to stop aging entirely. Now small variations won’t do much, which is why I was limited to a 1-year travel distance. Somehow managing to go back 300 years really disrupted my DNA so I may or may not stop aging altogether until I can get back home and get it fixed. Conveniently enough right as we’re about to go and end the whole war is when Lafayette, Hamilton, and Washington all decide to finally confront me about it.

“Elizaveta we need to talk,” Washington says as he sits down across from me. Hamilton and Lafayette sit on either side.

“Okay? Go ahead, but make it quick. I really need to finish filing these documents.” They each nod their head in agreement.

“Eliza, I’ve known you for almost 10 years now and since that day you haven’t changed. Not one bit,” says Lafayette.

“And we’ve known you for about 6 years and we noticed the same thing,” added Hamilton.

“What are you guys getting at? That I’m still the same person after 6-10 years? Is that what you guys seem  to be so concerned about?” I ask really confused about why they decided to bring this up now of all times.

“Look, Eliza, I’ve been keeping this a secret since I’ve known you and I never told anyone that I knew this but, I saw you appear out of thin air all those years ago.” Lafayette practically yelled out.

“What do you mean you saw me appear out of thin air? Are you taking Dr. Jeager's medication again? ” Oh no, oh no. They found out! They found out! What am I going to do?!?!



“What I mean is that July 1, 1775, I was walking along and then you just appeared in the middle of the sidewalk,” Lafayette explained as he leaned towards me.

“So who are you really? Where are you from?” asks Hamilton. This is it you have to come clean now. The act is over. Your times pretending to a French-American citizen are over.

“I didn’t think I would have to ever do this, but here we go. My name is Elizaveta Arlert, I’m 17 years old, and...I’m...a time traveler. I’m from the year 2076 and ten years ago I went back in time 300 years by mistake and I’ve been trying almost every day since to get back home.” The three men look at me in disbelief. Lafayette is the first to speak.

“So that day we met in the shop…”

“I was trying to find a dress so I wouldn’t stick out and draw attention to myself,” I tell him.

“If you’re from 2076 you must know how all this ends. Don’t you?” asks Washington with eager eyes.

“Yes, I do know how everything ends. I won’t tell you though. That would change how things turn out and the entire future could be at stake.” I answer him. They each spend the next few hours asking me about everything that happens in the future. I don’t tell them much though. I’ve probably already changed the timeline enough by just being here. At the end of the day though we all decide it’s best to just forget about everything for the time being and focus on the task at hand. Winning the war. Washington sends me to Chesapeake bay with Lafayette to cut the British off at sea. While he and Hamilton stay in the city to fight there.

The day has come, September 3, 1783. The world will never be the same after today. Lafayette and I are waiting on his ship for the British troops to arrive. In that time we look back on old times and laugh about the things we did back in France.

“Remember that time when your wife got mad at us for spending the whole day reading Jules Verne instead of going into town to pick up her material for Anastasie?” I ask him while we’re waiting.

“Oui, of course, I remember. I’m just glad we didn’t do the same thing when Georges was born. You remember how mad she got.” Lafayette laughs. We both laugh at the things we did back then. Here we are now getting ready to fight for freedom.

~Timeskip to during the battle~

“Lafayette we can’t hold them for much longer!!!” I yell across the ship. The British came alright. With basically everything they had. Men were falling down around me left and right. “We need to retreat!!!” I shout across hoping that he hears me. Lafayette runs over to me. We’re the last two standing on our ship. As we try to sail away I feel a sharp pain in my side and tumble to the ground. I grab at the pain and look down at my hand to see blood. And lots of it.

“Elizaveta!!!” Lafayette shouts and is my side immediately using anything he can grab real quick to stop the blood. He looks at the wound then back up to me and I can see it in his eyes that it isn't good.

“Lafayette looks at me.” his face is starting to become coated in tears. “I’ll be alright okay. Now you listen to me and you listen well.” he shakes his head signaling that he understands. “I’m not from here remember. If this is where I die, then so be it. To fight alongside you as been an honor and I’m glad I got the chance to be your friend.”

“Not just any friend,” he says sobbing. “Mon meilleur ami.” and with those final words my eyes shut and everything goes dark.


I open my eyes to see I’m back at the lab with Bryson, Scott, and Jonathan all looking at me. I get out of the time pod and look down to see I’m still in my uniform covered in blood, but no wound.

“What happened to you?” Bryson asks.

“Well to put it shortly. An accidental history lesson.”


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