Blinded by Love

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If you are ever made to feel like you have no control over your own life, change it. People can help, don't hide it and bury away the issue. It needs to be solved. Domestic abuse needs to be

Submitted: October 13, 2017

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Submitted: October 13, 2017



She's left crying into her hands. Tears stream down her face making my heart bleed for her. She's trapped, consumed by darkness as an innocent soul gets taken. Empty. Alone. Confused. What else can she do? Bottling up emotions seems like the best way to go. 

He doesn't understand, he doesn't get it. Left her to feel worthless because he can't handle the guilt. Running away from problems is the only thing he can do. Power and control, he thrives off it. Gaining from her loses. Unequal. Why should he be able to control everything? Clothes, friends, places, mood. It's not fair?

Relationships have ups and downs but when bad outweighs good, what happens then? Where does the line get drawn? Love and hate are two very close emotions. Toxic, unhealthy relationships overpower people. She is vulnerable, no escaping her chosen life. Everything planned out, future laid out. Did she choose it? Where does the balance lie? 

Time after time, excuse after excuse. He always gets away with it. Words have impacts, they affect lives. Don't be a victim of emotional abuse, seek help and get away before it's too late. Before you become trapped!

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