Spawning The Invisible Fortress

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I wrote this, in 2017. It's part of my 8th poem set, Chosen Fate.

Submitted: October 14, 2017

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Submitted: October 13, 2017



The inward, journey, of, exotic, telepathy, is, complete.

I've gained, incredible, amounts, of, knowledge, and understanding.

I've awakened, from, memories, that, felt, like, future, dreaming.

The two, luminescent, aliens, ask, me, how, the transportation, of, information, went.

I, reply, that, it, gave, me, more, insight, than, I, could've, imagined, or, fathomed.

They, seem to, appear, pleased, and, ask, if I'd, like to, accompany, them, to their, home.

Without, hesitation, I, acknowledge, the request, and, ask, if it's, in, a close by, zone.

I, explain, to them, I, can't sense, any, structure, nearby, or, the whereabouts, of, their, kind.

The two, of, them, both, start to, say, it's, closer than, you, may think, you'll, just, have to, see.

They, spawn, their, flying saucers, that, they, concealed, and, I, board, one, of, them, for, an intricate, trip.

The inside, of, the spacecraft, is, an immaculate, sight, to witness, with, plenty, of, designs, glistening.

We, begin, traveling, beyond, warp speed, which, is, faster than, driving, my, train, through, dimensions.

We, reach, our, destination, quickly, and, I'm, confused, because, I, don't, sense, anything, but, before, I, can, ask, a question.

The luminescent, alien, says, that, he's, currently, spawning, the invisible, fortress, by, pushing, one, of, the ships, buttons.

Suddenly, a colossal, castle, starts to, appear, and, the exterior, looks, like, it's been, made, with, the help, of, the elements.

Colors, and lights, that, have, such, beauty, they, can, hypnotize, and mesmerize, without, force, or, effort.

The structure, seems to be, split, into, different, sections, and, it's, embedded, with, defense, mechanisms.

We're, about to, fly, through, psychedelic, gates, that will, teleport, us, to the landing, port.

I'm, excited, about, the interior, buildings, and, learning, even, more, about, their, cultures, and practices.

And, most, of, all, I'm, ready to, discuss, my, plan, in, full, detail, and, hopefully, they'll want, to participate.

I, suppose, it, will be, an occurrence, where, I, test, the boundaries, of, deciding, my, fate.

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