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Mental illnesses are beings that attach onto humans. This is a story about one of these beings

Submitted: October 13, 2017

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Submitted: October 13, 2017




Quietly, I walked down the white hallway, my footsteps not making a sound as they touched the tiled floor.


I looked around solemnly, noting that a wide berth had been created around me, the men and women bustling around probably didn't even notice. 


It was natural to stay far away from me.


If I could, I'd stay away from me too. 


Sadly, I continued on, my solid form becoming more misty and unfocused with every step I took.


The face of the last life I had consumed with my overbearing, consuming hopelessness and pain, fading away into black mist.


I stopped in front of the large glass window and watched the faces of newborn babies, scrunch up.


I fazed through the glass and stood tall.


It was like flicking a switch.


The loud, sudden wails bounced off the walls as they kicked and wiggled in their small beds, crying harshly at my appearance.


I sighed and whispered an apology before looking through the wailing children.


I saw many little faces, red with discomfort, trying to get as far away from me as I could.


Then, I saw her.


A baby, smaller than usual, with beautiful, dark skin and a calming face. 


I stood over her and she never flinched, only raised up her tiny hands with a yawn that nearly shook her entire body.


As soon as she brushed my misty form, I knew it would be her.


I lightly brushed her forehead and whispered softly, "I'm sorry," before I created the link that would bind us until she took her last breath.


The change was instant.


She opened her mouth and let out a tiny whimper that would've broke my heart if I had one.


But I didn't.


I was a disease.


A parasite.


The most dangerous kind.


Because half the time, no one even thought I was real until it was too late.


I only hoped, her family would realize I was, before it was too late.


I let out a shuddering sigh as I became attached to her, wrapped around her tiny, little heart and caressing her thoughts.


I hoped, with all of my being, she would be the one, to finally destroy me, to finally end this miserable existence.


Otherwise, she'd merely fade away like the others.


And I didn't want that.


But what was I supposed to do? 


I'm nothing but a sick, demented parasite that feeds on and destroys others.


I wonder what I must have done to have deserved this hell of an existence.


I would do anything to amend that.


Because even hell must be better than this.




She's grown into a shy and quiet toddler.


Her parents call her Ebony, I think it's fitting, with her dark, black hair, and twinkling dark brown eyes that appear almost black.


She was tiny and and very thin, but she greeted each day with a little smile.


A smile her parents never paused to look at.


They were always fighting, always ignoring her, always acting like little children bickering over the most irrelevant things.


Her father however, always took a little time to hug and dote on her.


Those little moments weakened my control and made me smaller.


Her smiles and laughter so sincere, it touched me, and warmed me.


Maybe, she really would be the one to free me.


Yet, I still had to torment her, with small thoughts, thoughts I was forced to give her.


When she cried for the first time from such thoughts, I quietly whispered, "I'm sorry."




She's a young girl.


She doesn't have many friends.


She only has 1, that uses her.


Ebony doesn't see that of course. Well, she didn't, until I started whispering to her.


Then she couldn't stop thinking that the little brat who befriended her, was just being her friend out of pity.


The revelation nearly broke her down, and hesitantly, made her confront the brat.


The brat broke her heart by confessing to using her, and walking away.


Once again, the little girl succumbed to my horrible words that I was forced to give her.


I watched Ebony, now 8 years old, hide in her room and sob as her parents screamed at each other in the living room.


This was the first time, Ebony questioned the point of continuing her life.


And I could do nothing, but watch, and cause it.




Ebony stared straight ahead, eyes blank, swollen and red. Her cheeks were stained by tracks of tears and her lip bloody from biting on it too hard.


She stood in front of a chair, clutching a bouquet of flowers in a black dress that made her eyes seem darker.


Shakily, she followed her mother to the casket.


She let out a muffled sob as they closed it, seeing her father's face for the last time.


She turned away from her silent mother and let out painful sobs that wracked her body.


For the first time, I could feel myself becoming stronger, clearer, more in control.


I looked at the casket, and saw myself, no longer wispy and smoke like, but a solid body,  with the face of a familiar young girl.


I looked at her sadly, as she choked and sobbed, clutching at her heart as if she could tell, tell that her time was drawing to a close.




She was a teenager now.


She'd grown into a beautiful young girl, her classmates just couldn't tell.


Her gorgeous skin was ridiculed, her eyes compared to that of a demon, her clothes never good enough.


It reminded me just why I hated this world.


I grew stronger everyday, feeding off of her despair, soaking in her pain, breaking her down bit by bit.


Her mother had thrown herself into drinking and one night stands, thankfully never laying a hand on Ebony and keeping her fed and clothed, but it had thrown wrench on her home life, scarring her and warping her vision of what a home should be like.


More often than not, she was in her room, blankly staring at the wall, waiting for something to end her misery.


Oh, how I wished I could leave her be.


Yet, she was the strongest soul I could find.


And if I didn't attach to her, I would've had to attach to a weaker one who would've fallen by now.


So all I could do was sit, watch, and continuously say, "I'm sorry."




Her eyes have lost their light. 


Her shoulders have become slumped and heavy.


Her body trapped in a sickly state where she could barely function.


The tiny, pale scars on her wrists were an ever lasting reminder of what I was doing to her. 


Meanwhile, I trailed after her, growing stronger with every tendril of hope and happiness that snapped.


Soon I was an overbearing force on her mind and her heart.


And god, I hated it.


"Hello Ebony." A woman called from her flower shop.


I looked up and caught sight of Ebony breaking into a smile.


"Hello Mrs. Johnson." She called, looking happier than I had seen in a while.


They chatted for a moment, about needless things I paid no attention to, until the woman caught my attention.


"Why don't you come work around the shop Ebony? I'd love to see you more often, you're growing up so fast."


Ebony was quiet for a moment before breaking out into a pearly grin, "I'd love to ma'am."




I silently drifted behind Ebony who made her way to the flower shop.


The change in her, was slow, but visible.


Instead of staring at the wall in her room, she worked hard in the shop, falling in love with flowers and their meanings.


Her personal favorite, turned out to be the Gladiolus, ironically. 


Fighting through something difficult, was it's meaning.


Fitting for her situation, was it not? 


She looked up and saw Mrs. Johnson opening the door.


She beamed and waved at her ecstatically, falling into a run to the shop.


I went to follow her, but found myself moving sluggishly slowly.


I looked down to see my solid form, fraying and misting once again.


I watched in awe as my form began to break apart, and for once, Ebony grew stronger.




"Mrs. Johnson?" Ebony asked one day.




"What do you do when you're always sad, and no matter what you can't stop feeling that way?"


"Well," The plump, cheerful lady paused, "I find doing something you love helps with that. It won't be immediate, but soon, that love will lead you to a better life."


Ebony nodded quietly, "Then... can I stay here?"


"Do you like working here?"


"I love it."


"Then of course." Mrs. Johnson smiled and Ebony beamed back.


I looked down and began to see my form disappearing, fading away.


A single person.


A single moment.


A single chance.


Had changed everything.


And finally, finally, I was going to be released.


I looked at Ebony, with her happy eyes, sweet smile, and thought about the smiling baby I had first come across.


I opened my mouth before freezing when I realized that for once, I didn't have to say "I'm sorry." 


I brushed her head lightly and stepped back, "Goodbye Ebony."


I took a deep breath as I continued to break apart. 


I closed my eyes for the last time.


When I opened them again, I saw myself.


Now... I remembered.


I was just like Ebony, except, I didn't have that person, that moment, that chance.


I was alone, I was frightened, and







I gave up.


I couldn't handle it.


So I ended it, along with my life.


I succumbed to the pain that always followed me.


And I became that pain, I became that pain that followed people around, corrupted them, destroyed them.


It was hell and I'm sure I'll never experience anything as bad as it was.


Because now, I'm free.


Looking back, I caught sight of Ebony's smile.


I smiled back as tears dripped down my cheeks, and quietly I whispered,


"Thank you, Ebony."

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