Tragedy Of Mondas

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Submitted: October 13, 2017

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Submitted: October 13, 2017



Tragedy Of Mondas

By Ryan Hunter


Centuries before the drift off of the planet Mondas, there was an old tale of an ancient civilisation that became diseased despite its wealth and prosperity. An old hermit named Cybus was able to save his population from the horrific plague that affected their bones.  He encased them in shining suits of armour to protect them from the elements as well as the rival species of Lizards that inhabited the planet. Being identical to the later humans in every respect they were physically weak against the toxins that ravaged their vulnerable bodies. The atmosphere was much different then, with the armour they withstood the toxic gasses that caused cellular decrepitude. They never aged or died until the planet froze, only then did the cold  invade the metal body shields, the one weakness of the ill-fated people  was that through their belief of eternal life, they withstood the rays of the sun, treaded cold deserts with the soothing chill of ancient metal, preserving their cooled skin, but no insulation was provided when they needed warmth in the icy apocalypse.

No one knew the exact origins of this legend or the mythical hermit, but what was certain is that the remaining Mondans retreated deep underground for many millennia.

In the underground cities beneath the global tundra, Corporations thrived. These corporations ruled the cities somewhat like an oligarchy. During the embassy meetings many scientists had the chance to propose and challenge ideas, one of whom being Doctor Yoslav Mangel, a man with a brilliant but distorted intelligence. After the Corporations weren’t getting their profit from the equipment they sold to the public they knew they had to think in a whole new light.

Mangel with a crew of brilliant, biologists, engineers, geneticists, nurses, and surgeons set out to resolve Mondas’s biggest problem… Death. After his groundbreaking inventions in medicine propelled forth new ideas he thought this would give him the opportunity to let his beliefs bloom and his greatest project flourish. With the funding of the Central Committee he would solve the enigma of life. He would Cure death.

He knew that with rational minds the public would turn away in horror at his ideas. But he knew that if the population would be subjected to the fear of death, then they would sacrifice anything to feel safe, even their own minds and individuality.

With permission from the Central Committee under a covert operation he parted Mondas and flew to a Colony ship that had been drifting for centuries, to try and find a suitable home. It was perched near a black hole. There he began his research. A few thousand citizens were transported by hover ferries to begin a new life and to partake in Mangel’s plans. On floor 1056 after setting up a hospital he began selecting volunteers for testing.

His plans however were halted as a strange man calling himself “The Master” somehow snuck onto the ship and was terrorizing the civilians. He instilled fear into them which was a benefit. The people found out about him and decided to be rid of him. Mangel proposed an alliance.

Years passed. The TransMondasian agenda was slowly being embraced by the citizens on 1056. Mangel, despite his ambitions for the greater good of Mondas, he knew sacrifices would have to be made.

He and a few others knew the psychology of submission. They tampered with the engines, causing fumes to seep into the ventilation. Mangel observed, fascinated as he watched the people become weaker and more prone to illness. Many were to die in agony to fufill the next step. Although they probably wouldn’t agree, they were Martyrs to the cause. Fear grew in the men, women and children of 1056, while the upper floors were more content as they were not exposed to the fumes and were actually unaware of the pain and misery below. Soon they discovered the link between Non Ionizing Radiation and Mind Control.

Soon Substations transmitted radio waves through the city. Eventually they were able to advance the nefarious effects. Infrasound was blared out causing feelings of nausea, disorientation, and pure fear. The radio waves also provided chilling results. Crowds of people could have their sensory systems shut down, a row of people could fall asleep under the influence of the radio waves. The advancements caused all sorts of nasty cancers and ailments growing inside unsuspecting citizens. Mangel had the power to even edit and delete memories. One of his staff members, 29 year old Mattihaus Roiler was frightened by the concept, but he had no idea about the horrors that were yet to come from the sadistic Doctor. Roiler wondered how a man with such genius and vision could do such unspeakable things to people.

Now hundreds cued outside the hospital. This building would be the temple of miracles, the church of salvation. And soon when the people were cured in their new forms they would hail Mangel as the next Cybus.

Once the doors opened, the citizens paraded in, pained and frightened. Now the experiment could begin. It was obviously slow to begin with. Procedures were taken. Observing the surgeries with worry, Roiler saw what they were doing. Patients with heart problems were given pacemakers, but it was clear they had more problems, Mangel said that they were complications, but Roiler wasn’t too sure. Vocal cords ceasing to work, now an electro larynx could be added but it had to be connected to a glowing I.V. stand with a keyboard to type the words they desired, ruptured ear drums could be replaced with radio receivers with much better hearing, tumors on the legs called for amputation, Prosthetics were added. Soon Synthetic hearts were installed in the patients Cardiac systems.

Soon the wards were filled with augmented Mondasians. But as the illnesses worsened the heads and facial areas became pained and wrinkled. Like the ancient times the aging of cells was inevitable.

One day after being woken up by screams and cries he started walking out of his bunker, he walked into the hospital, as an orderly he would have to check on the patients. Opening a door, he walked into a darkened room, the strong smell of Antiseptic lingered in the air. He searched for the lightswitch, and automatically the ceiling lights turned on and he saw something he wished he hadn’t.

Patients lay in chairs with gowns and I.V. stands but their faces were covered with burn masks, no eyeholes had been cut in. Nasal Cannulas stuck out of their nostrils connecting to the catheter canisters on the stands. A patient staggered with his new legs toward Roiler. The orderly noticed that the burn mask covering the face was dampened with blood. Shoulder buttons fastened the right hand side of his gown, some kind of mechanical respirator could be seen underneath with wires protruding through. He approached with an eerie warbled accumulation of words burning through an electronic message. “I… want… death!” his pale fingers trembled, his head twitched. Roiler helped the patient to his seat.

“It burns… I can feel my face burning off” after the ramble of mispronounced syllables coming from the electro larynx, gargling sobs came from the mouth area as bloody tears seeped through the bandages covering the eyes. From the corner of the room another putrid mesh of words transmitted in an awful inflection, “What have you done to us? What have you done to us?!” The patient stood up and with the strength of a maniac, he hurled a dialysis machine at Roiler. The machine slammed through the window and plunged into the darkness dragging the patient with it.

Roiler ran to the window to see a twisted body, impaled on a metal rod in the street below. The bandages were undone, Roiler saw that the patient had his face removed. There was just a head of flesh and muscle with gnashed teeth and red eyes accompanied by dead white pupils. To Roiler’s amazement, the patient arose with a gaping hole in his chest, the respirator punctured, tubes spewing fluids and blood onto the steps of the entrance. The pained creature dragged himself along the foggy street before screaming without the aid of his electrolarynx “What have I become?! What am I?!” before he collapsed, dead. A nurse ran out to retrieve the body. “Another one gone Doc!” she shouted. From the entrance Mangel said “That’s alright, I can revive him.”

Another group of patients with ear pods marched out with a trolley and dumped the patient’s corpse onto it. That night Roiler wondered with concern of how his wife or even his daughter would fit into all this.

A problem occurred in the hospital, the supply of Anaesthesia had run out, not that it bothered Mangel. Roiler was summoned to the conversion theatre to witness the creation of these butchered people. The skin was flayed, including the facial mask and the eyelids. The surgical wounds were cauterised. Bandages with the nasal cannula were fitted on as a substitute for the fragile, unnecessary flesh. The vocal chords blocked entrance to the new fittings and were cut out silencing the bloodcurdling screams with a new electro larynx wired and welded in.

Fatty tissues were burned off with a blowtorch, bones were removed while the patient tried to writhe in agony and the most horrific part was what came after the removal of the heart. The subject died after his heart was cut out and a pair of electrodes was dunked in conductant before being placed onto the restrained corpse's temples. The team of trained surgeons including Mangel worked fast to replace the heart with a synthetic one. Once the veins and wires intertwined, a metal engine of sorts was added, the liver had to be removed, the intestines disposed of, and a chest unit welded into the torso. The Ribs were snapped and taken out while the remaining flesh was sawed out. A pipe was inserted into the spinal column. The hands had their new veins injected with saline solution which was pumped around by the paddles of the chest unit. 8 tubes in place of 24 ribs on either side of the box contained the icy liquid which travelled throughout the body; the surgeons were told by Mangel that perhaps soon the time would come for improvements in the upper extremities. Since flesh was liable to decay the solution had to be added although with no anaesthetic it would be unbearable. Gloves were fitted over the exposed tissue of the fingers and wound into the steel cuffs of the wrists to act as faux flesh.

The dial on the chest unit was switched on and the revived patient turned and twitched. As he sat in a wheelchair that had a collar clipped into his electro larynx with a cable plugged in, connected to the I.V. Catheter and the keyboard was attached on.

Mangel had now planned a new, improved template for the New Age. After a strange scuffle involving a shooting on the upper floors, a young woman by the name of Bill was chosen to be the subject of this experiment.  Mangel had already operated on her. Now years later the time he felt was right. Under supervision by The Master, she was tricked into becoming the perfect template for the perfect human. He apologised for the deception but assured her that he was simply rebuilding her “To survive in a world not made for flesh.”

Mangel had invented a new device to force his patients to cope with their suffering. Bill would be the first to be experimented on with it. She died halfway through as per normal, but the discussion with Mangel and his apostles came to fruition. Mangel would have to remove the pinnars, remove the ear drums and add a permanent prosthesis in the Eustachian Tubes. The auditory nerve would have to be implanted with a paradigm of microchips constantly transmitting signals enabling a more subservient attitude. The pineal gland would also have to have said microchips implanted and wired to the auditory nerve. A pair of handles would be drilled into the ear canals and the removal of the scalp called for a metal cap to be welded into place with the sac containing the brain to be thrown away. The handles were the successor to Mangel’s ear pods. They were in fact the ear pods connected by the handles bridged with a neural magnifier in the centre directly above the cap.

Looking after the patients yet again, he escorted the hopelessly lost individuals back to their wards.

Roiler snuck in after the procedure and stared at a storage closet. On a desk in a jar, eyes and a lower mandible with perfect teeth intact floated submerged in green liquid. Behind the door he knew the new monstrosity waited. He had his fingers on the handle; he was tempted to look inside out of morbid curiosity. Mangel walked in and pulled out a remote. After pressing it the door swung open while Roiler jumped back in alarm. The new model came back to life and arose, from the outline, Roiler could tell whatever was in there was much taller than him. He saw a chest unit turn on; now glistening lights sequenced as the tubes pumped their contents. Metal met linoleum as the patient stomped towards him as the boots imitated the sound of weights being dropped.

Out of the darkness and into the light of the surgical lamps stood a horrifying creature, like the previous patients it had a chest unit forcing it to keep moving even after death but covering its flayed head was a surgical gauze and hollow pitiless patches instead of eyes. The round porthole like attachments were optic receivers, the eyes had been cut out; the jaw must have been removed also explaining the one in the jar as well. The body was encased in a silver jumpsuit, fastened tightly into the flesh with metal rings around the elbow joints.

The Doctor spoke “You see Roiler, this is what we will all become and the superiority of the machine over flesh will triumph over the weak that are too afraid to evolve.” He turned to the new art piece in his laboratory. “Now, what is your purpose?”

Then Roiler froze as the man-machine spoke “To upgrade all other Mondans to become like me!” It spoke in the same mispronounced form as the other patients yet, the metal mouth piece widened showing a black void for a mouth as it exclaimed.

“Excellent, now… hurt him.” The abomination marched towards Roiler and began to beat him with absolute brutality, no trace of mercy, conscience or compassion. It was devoid of Empathy or remorse.

“Halt, step away.” The mechanic monstrosity obeyed. Now Roiler was in a heap on the ground, enveloped by its shadow.

“You see we cannot completely sever the Nociceptors as that would require far too much resources and work, instead I have devised a new device that doesn’t stop you feeling the pain but stops you from caring. Without the weakness of emotion you are pure, but with it…” he went to another storage room and opened the door to see a chained Patient convulsing and twitching, cradling his head in his hands. “You’ll go insane.”

"They are always in pain?"

"Do you know how pain is born? When the Merkel cells are stimulated by a force that could potentially damage them, the Spinothalamic tract registers this and sends the signal through the spinal cord and to the thalamus where it is brought into perception, after the Somatosensory cortex locates the pain, the Insular Cortex lets us, or rather in that moment, forcefully bathes our skin in that imagination of unpleasantness. It is beautiful really, the simplest thing can force our submissive flesh to reuctantly yield to the dominant force that is bending its will in the perhaps, forlorn hopes of relief and release. I have found ways of dissecting the fabric of the psyche, learned how to manipulate its very nature and now my glorious angels will think only what i want them to."

"Your controllig their minds." Roiler said with a disturbed expression.

Mangel laughed. "You make it sound so... horrible."

He continued to grin. "Without the removal of their primitive instincts they would no longer have minds. I have resurrected the dead Roiler, I am a God to Mondans now. I removed some of the nerve fibres of the Frontal Lobe as well as the Limbic System so that their memories and thoughts are now putty to play with. I replaced the fibres with brand new microchips, they are all part of an artificial pathway, connecting in a chain, leading to places like the Fusiform Gyrus, where I have installed a machine connecting onto the occiptital tube so that they can scan faces, I have also connected them to the auditory nerve so they can recieve the radio signals that keep them in line. I will further explain to you what I have done."

He stood beside his creation. “You see the facial features such as the eyes,cheekbones and lower jaw have been removed, Optic receivers now allow for better vision, the handles can also increase hearing and intelligence, the handles extend down through the Eustachian tubes into the throat connected onto a better electro larynx. The scapulas on either side have been replaced with metal sheets, the spinal column again rearranged with a pipe leading to the occipital lobe where as you can see…” Mangel turned the patient around. “A tube supplies oxygen and radio signals to the brain helping the newly placed wires in the optic chiasm to enhance vision.”

He continued “The bowels have been removed as they are no longer needed, the urinary and defecating systems have been removed as well. The pain as you can imagine is incredible and absolutely excruciating, the constant agony prohibited my patients from living but now they can move freely and obey commands without the disease of emotion. They are propelled forth by this chest unit. The lungs have been supplied with a medical ventilator; the nasal cannula is still there but is now obscured by the gauze.”

“Living?! They have been brought back from death to be in pure unimaginable agony every second, every day!”

“Yes, but let’s hear from the subject. How does it feel?” he turned to the patient.

The Human-Machine hybrid spoke once again with the same icy tone, “I am in constant agony, every movement burns with an intense pain above the threshold but with the absence of emotions, this pain is irrelevant to me.”

“You see Roiler, one day every man woman and child will become like this beautiful specimen, the new race, the master race. The new man, the Cyberman! Yes, Yes, the Cyberman!”

He sent the newly named Cyberman back to the storage room. He pressed the remote and the creature switched off. “Why did you let it do that to me?!” Roiler cried. “I wanted to see what it could do, I wanted to see its inhibitions enable it to perform certain tasks that will be used later.”

After Roiler was finally treated by the nurse after refusing, he went back to his bunker but was unable to sleep.

As the nights went by Roiler saw the new patients escorting more citizens to the hospital. The new patients moved into the hospital guided by the reanimated corpses, whether by force or by their own admission was unclear. The new chimneys had been installed, and new warehouses, mortuaries, operating theatres, and wards were opened. The hospital was now five times its original size. The Cybermen even started converting others in the theatres themselves. Many streets now became factories for upgrading and the dead waited in cellophane tombs to be awakened. The gas flares emerging from the smokestacks burned away all the unnecessary flesh. Children were the easiest to convert, more efficient as many organs could be preserved, however this did not save the children from the pain. Infants were seen by Mangel as a waste of time to convert and were sent to the incinerators. It would slow down the schedule to kill them then dispose of them, so they were thrown in alive.

Mangel was satisified for now with his work and one day he too would join his children in the age of steel. After an intruder was caught by The Master, an odd accomplice of his calling herself “Missy”joined him in playing around like children on the roof of the hospital. He would let them have their fun, because soon he would send his Cybermen after them to either destroy or convert them. However a member of staff reported that the three were boarded onto an aircraft and a Cyberman was taken with them.

The time had come to return to Mondas, so he left the good work to be continued. The nurse he felt was, an annoyance and was left to conversion, despite her screaming and pleading.

Roiler watched as the colony ship became smaller and smaller, in 2 days the ship returned to Mondas, landing on a large turntable and brought down to the city as the roof slid in. Mangel presented his findings to the Central Committee who approved his research. Mangel knew there would be others such as Doctorman Allan, that would plagiarise his work. He knew that as soon as he took over they would all be converted.

After the approval of the Central Commitee, he decided to preach to the bidders. 

Mangel stood at a podium in front of 3000 spectators and 994 screens in the homes of the citizens as well as the City Square. 

During the conclusion he shouted "I have resurrected the dead! I have cured the inevitable, and I have opened the door to everlasting immortality!" When we perfect ourselves we will be on the eventually successful quest of spiritual self improvement! Ladies, Gentlemen, a new era dawns today, the era of the Cybermen!" as he proclaimed his prophecy, a panel beneath him slid open and 6 Cybermen approached the center of the platform below in perfect alignemnt. The black of the optic receivers scanned the audience in silence. A horrid build up of an ominous low rumble seered through the minds of those secrety horrified by the sight of the bandaged faces of the ghostly figures.Mangel opened his palms and raised his arms in a messianic manner, the Cybermen followed suit and copied, Mangel screeched like a lunatic into the microphone, "We Will Survive!" the Cybermen gazed upwards and chanted those very words. In 3 seconds most of the spectators began chanting "We Wil Survive! We Will Survive! We Will Survive!" over and over.

That night at a party for the elite of Mondas, the Doctor was invited as the guest of honour. He was showered with compliments by those who usually saw themselves as above the ilk of the middle class. But now they flocked to him, he was happy that they had unravelled their fear and desperation to cling to life. The greedy lumps of Cancer, the very cockroaches they hypocritically accused the middle and loer classes of being, starving for sustanance to let them continue. little did they know that they were now his playthings.

"You are the Toast of Mondas,Yoslav!" 

"You have gave us the key to avert the murder of nature Doctor!" 

Mangel had been conversing with government officials intrigued by his ideas.

"You see, with fleets of Cybermen, we can keep the streets safe, safeguard freedom, protect the world, with the new global surveilance systems and my new method of non ionising radiation as a source of electricity, the world will be at last safe."

Mangel had already imagined his plans for the military, due to many rogue Mondan fleets in sheltered cities in the East, it would be the perfect excuse to amass more. it would be the most reveloutinary idea for military technology in the history of Mondas. the perfect soldier would be one devoid of compassion, empathy, sympathy or mercy. The efficiency of coldness. The Cybermen would be unstoppable in the battlefield. the sick and injured, the dead and dying, even the enemies would all be converted, enitire regiments would be nothing more than Cybermen, the ranks would be taken over by the form of preserved flesh encased in steel and wrapped in bandages. Soon after Mangel would control everything.

Soon, Mangel began to set up the same technique as he did on the colony ship, Radio frequencies and non-ionizing radiation pumped into the atmosphere. He and the staff were safe in their haven, 68 Cybermen from the colony ship in a deep slumber awaited activation. The citizens were affected and were slowly converted. The frequencies stopped for now, to let the rest of the Mondans look at the disease and paranoia around them. The rest of the city was not aware of the new changes to the Mondans. Mangel even began converting those of the recently deceased.

Roiler decided that he would leave and return back home to his wife and child. After dismissal he pulled into the drive and walked onto the porch of the cobble house. He heared a child’s laughter, felt a warm embrace by his wife and was now happy that he felt safe at home again. That false sense of security and happiness would quickly vanish however.

That night Roiler fell asleep again, tossing and turning, dreaming of figures with bleeding surgical gauzes for faces, the gauzes being removed to reveal the butchered form of himself. He awoke to a clatter and a slamming noise downstairs. He heard his wife screaming. After jumping out of bed he looked down from the landing to see his wife on her hands and knees at the bottom of the spiral metal staircase which as he had now observed was dotted with blood. The broken little heap on the floor had her small head caved in from the amount of times she fell hit her head off the steps. Her mother lay beside her in agony. His little Eunice had died

A few months later, Roiler was about to be officially relieved of his duties. He still thought of his dead daughter. He travelled to Mangel’s Headquarters for the last time.

Mangel had been manipulating the Committee, poisoning them until they could no longer walk, he then harvested their minds and attached their shrivelled heads to a computer. He now programmed them to do his bidding. Over in the Palace of the Committee, in the neighbouring city of Thatrevalde his right hand man Officer Zheng ordered Cybermen to guard them.

Roiler helped patients into the theatre, before their brutal transformation for the last time.  

198 of the newly processed Cybermen were being transported to a secret facility in Thatrevalde. Mangel, disappointed with the leaving of one of his staff, asked “What makes you want to quit? Is it your child’s death?” He said it with no trace of sympathy. “Obviously it is!”

“It’s a shame, you could have joined a better family.” He pointed towards the convoy transporting the Cybermen. “But if that’s how it its then we will have to do something about that.” The rest of his staff swarmed around Roiler with the Cybermen. Roiler picked up a scalpel and plunged it into Mangel’s chest. Blood sprayed out onto the ceramic flooring. The staff all stood stunned while the Cybermen assisted Mangel. Zheng proceeded to prepare the theatre for Mangel.

“After him!” he shouted. Cybermen marched down the tunnels trying to scout for Roiler. Roiler hurried out of the tunnels and returned home. He packed his bag with a gun for defense.

 Mangel was dying. “I want a full conversion after I die but first!” he stumbled towards a chamber and pressed a chute door, opening to reveal the weapon against Roiler. He died on the ground laughing maniacally before being dragged away for conversion into Cyber Controller.

Revived with a new body, he arose with a black cape to signify his importance, he ordered Zheng to release Roiler’s new nightmare.

That night he had planned with his wife to pack their bags. He heard on the radio that a mysterious hole had formed from the surface and would encase the city. No evacuation was called for however which he guessed was Mangel’s doing. He heard yet another ear piercing scream. He looked again and halfway up the steps lay his wife, her eyes gouged out, a shadowy figure standing on her caved in head, staring at him with blood on its hands. Roiler backed off into his room and he saw the shadow of a head with handles rising up from the stairs. He locked his door and opened his window, leaving his bags he climbed down a pipe into the garden. He heard slamming noises as the snow came through. The Cyberman looked out from the bedroom window and simply jumped out onto the ground.

“What are you going to do now?! We are all going to freeze to death!”

“Incorrect we Cybermen are immune to the cold and Cyber Controller Mangel has ordered for the civillians to be transported back to him where after conversion will hibernate in the cooling tunnels until the city of Thatrevalde has been converted as well. We will then explore the solar system and convert any life forms equal to ours.”

“There are no lifeforms out there of use to you!”

“Incorrect, we have studied our twin planet Earth and have found its inhabitants compatible.”

Roiler knew he would have to damage the handles, the emotions would return and it would go insane with the agony and with the realisation of what it had become.

He pulled out his gun and looked into the face of death before firing. One of the handles became frazzled and began to fall apart. The Cyberman impaled Roiler with a garden shovel and threw him into a wall.

He asked “Well who are you?!”

The Cyberman replied “My name was Eunice Roiler.” Before he died, he realised what he had done. He watched with horror as the Cyberman twitched and convulsed as the other handle burnt out. “D-Daaad?” the last thing he saw before the blackness and reassembly was his mechanised daughter realising herself with no pain inhibition.

© Copyright 2018 Ryan Jay Hunter. All rights reserved.

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