Love Doesn't Love Me

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

Chapter 1 (v.1) - KARMA

Submitted: October 13, 2017

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Submitted: October 13, 2017



Yandy lay there bleeding from the head wound she received from a gunshot. As her life started to leave her body she thought about everything she had done to Alexandria and all the people she had hurt in the past. “Damn maybe I shouldn’t have fuck, she thought to herself. She had no family because everyone that she knew she either screwed them or put them in the dirt house by taking from them and never seeing them again.

Her own mother disowned her because she slept with her step father Mack, now she had fucked over her best friend. As the reality sat in that death was inevitable. She never meant to hurt Alexandria she but Colin had caught her at a vulnerable time. She had met Colin before she had Alexandria but it was still no reason to betray a friend she thought as smoke filled the house.

Yandy laughed a little to herself as she thought about what was going to happen next. She knew that she might not live to see another day but living was worth it or so she thought.

One year earlier:

“Yandy Giles”, the receptionist called out.

Yandy got up out of her seat smacking her lips, “you don’t have to yell my name out like that”, and she told the lady at the desk.

“Mam would you please fill these out and bring them back when you are done?” the receptionist asked.

Yandy snatched the clip board from her and took it back to her seat. “I don’t know what your problem is lady”, she mumbled to herself.

Yandy Giles was a twenty-four year who loved to talk shit to people. She was the daughter of a crack head mother and she never knew her father. Yandy stood five-feet seven with a long black hair and weave. She had a beautiful face with hazel eyes that made the men go crazy just looking at her. You would think that she was innocent from the way that she looked but her mouth and her actions had no filter. Yandy was told once to use what you got to get what you want from her mother. She kept that motto and would fuck her own dad if she knew who he was.

After she finished with her paper work she took it back to the desk and sat it down. She looked at the receptionist with a smirk on her face.

After waiting for fifteen more minutes, her name was called, “Yandy Giles”, the nurse called out.

Yandy got up and switched her ass as she walked giving the people plenty of attention especially the men that was there with their women.

“Come this way please”, the nurse said.

Yandy went in the room with the nurse, “I’m Jackie and I will be taking your vital signs for the doctor; do you want to tell me what is going on with you today”, Jackie asked.

“No I don’t but I will say this I need something for my pussy cause it’s burning”, she told Jackie.

Jackie looked up at her with a frown on her face, “are you saying you are burning in your private area? She asked.

“Yes that’s exactly what I’m saying; do you have a problem with that?” Yandy said with an attitude.

“Ahem”, Jackie cleared her throat.

“Ok let me get your blood pressure and temp and the doctor will be with you shortly.

After Jackie left the room, Yandy sat there scrolling on her face book page, “I hate this bitch”, she said referring to someone on her page. “She don’t know I just fucked her man last night”, she said with a laugh.

“Knock, knock”, the door opened and a beautiful black lady walked in with a white coat on.

“Hi Yandy, I’m Dr. Shana Nichols how are you doing today?” she asked Yandy as she shook her hand.

“I’m alright”, Yandy mumbled.

“Ok tell me what’s going on today”, Dr. Nichols asked.

“I been burning down there Dr. and I need some more cream”, Yandy told her.

“What do you mean; you have had this problem before?” the doctor asked.

“Yeah”, Yandy told her. “Well take your clothes off and we will check to see what’s going on”, she told Yandy.

© Copyright 2020 R Coxton. All rights reserved.


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