My new book

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

friends this about my upcoming story book

Table of Contents

upcoming book

My upcoming book name Storm X
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So just about my absence.
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My new channel

So get ready for my new channel that is Xofro789.
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Trick or Treat

About my Halloween posting!
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Bill Gates

Today on 28October is bill gates birthday!
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Akshay Navmi

Know more about this Indian festival.
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Scream Files

Today about Scream Files or SF! thanks to my friends for supporting . now about Scream files. It will come back on 25november, it will called as Scream Files: 18 screams of New Year! Do you like
the name? it is called 18 screams because of 2018! That scream files book includes children day and new year. It is under construction. Now one more Sneak peek on that book ! It is about a boy of
11 years old , he lives in America . So it becomes the worst days of his life when he opens one mysterious box , then he had a great plan to get rid of it. It is nicely written and tomorrow I am
gonna publish one story or poem . There would be many books on Scream files would be coming . Many episodes on scream files , yes yes. So bye good night , it is 9:02 PM in India now! I am not going
to sleep but to watch YouTube bye for now! Meet you all tomorrow.
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So I have wrote a poem , not a story. The name is Dream!
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Shape of you parody.

It is a parody of shape of you.
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Scream Files ( PART2)

more information on scream files.
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Time on Booksie

About my time on Booksie. It is a chapter that should not be missed.This is Special Edition.
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Hi all

Friends I am sorry for that for my absence. I was busy in studying. So now I am here. So no time to write more , I have to celebrate my freedom! So next chapter . #28 I am back. Bye for now.
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