Whispers of a tortured heart

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everyone of us have felt this way , felt like screaming , running away from home , vanishing from life...i know it all , so i wrote this poem to express the suffering of most of us , but i want you
to remember one thing my friend , try to find your spark even on your darkest nights ...

Submitted: October 16, 2017

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Submitted: October 14, 2017



When you feel like the world is against you

When you feel like the whole world hates you

When you feel like your eyes are burning red

When your face can easily be read

By all these glistening tears

By all these silent screams

When you can't take it anymore

When you've had enough, and you can't take more

Running away from the place i used to call home

Sometimes all you need is to be alone

Enough of all these family wars

Enough with the slamming of the doors

When you have no friends or a family

When you have no goal or even a memory

When life flashes blank infront of your eyes

When you've had enough of hearing goodbyes

Running away from everything

Not wanting to hear a single thing

Running as fast as your legs can go

Running as far as your feet can take you

Tears streaming down your face

Pouring down , leaving a trace

Running down this path for so long

saying " what did i ever do wrong ?"

Stopping in your tracks and landing on the ground

Checking your surroundings and looking around

Screaming but unable to hear your own voice

Forgetting the feeling of rejoice

How did it feel again to be happy ?

how did it feel to be set free ?

Laying down under a tree in the dark

Searching for that little spark

To clear these clouded thoughts

To untangle these tied knots

When you suddenly feel no pain

When you are wounded all over , isn't that insane ?

Drowning in your own despair

When your thoughts are elsewhere

People will always hurt you

Either by actions or lies , they will break you

It's painful when you say that you're used to this

When you fake a smile just to deny all of this

While you're dying on the inside

While you've got all these wounds that you're trying to hide

When you've got to smile and act like everything is okay

Hold back the tears and walk away

No matter how long you hide in your shadows

You will surely see the light which follows

Don't lose hope for when it's dark

Look at the stars and you will find your spark


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