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Solitaire life of a little one growing up.

Submitted: October 14, 2017

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Submitted: October 14, 2017



Elle...........a brown skin girl, even on having family felt lonely.  She had soo many people around her since she was living in an extended family,but yet could not felt anyone loves besides her old grand mother.She was seven when she started to have the ability to understand the world welll around her. she was very confused and had loads of question why why...!


Seeing all parents shower loves on their kids why wasnt she showered? Few years after she join school and had the ability to form words she was writting at the back of books "i hate my parents'.  Her father use to always make her feel humiliated in front of the society, since she had brown skin when she use to go shopping her father would offend her by asking the sales person will this color suit her since she is 'dark' not even brown.  She never complain but always think in her mind why her parents do that to her it was not her fault that she is born with brown skin.


Once it happen that the whole family was going in a function so, Elle decided to go a liitle glam with her face and so, when she step out the house her father told her"ohhh what you wearing" go and remove that it does not suit you. It was nothing that big to make an issue of it was just her lipstick but her father did it to embarasse her in front of the families.


It was now time for her to be in high school. she was so excited for the new chapter in her life, but then was the birth of her little sister Stilla. She was happy for having a liitle sister but her happiness did not last longer because Elle the brown skin girl and her sister still with a fair skin tone.  Eveytime her father taunt her when talking to the liitle stilla " you shouldnt be in the sun much or else you  too will turn black" That was the most hurtful thing Elle has ever heard from her dad.She was given the responsibility to look at stilla after she is back from school from feeding to sleeping.  When things would go wrong e.g if the formula would be too hot her father would to beat her.


You might be wondering what about Elle mom..she was just a puppet whatever her husband would say she would accept it,as a mother she never deffend Elle..She finally gave up of fighting for love of her parents, and then a big disater happen she lost her grandmother , it was then that she felt that SOLITAIRE LIFE  for real. She didnt gave up she  struggled for a better life without the love of her family.

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