Chapter 10: Emerald's determination pt.2

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Humor  |  House: Booksie Classic

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"what?" Luke asks, he thought that Emerald already knew the answer.


"I just thought of asking." Emerald said. Poking both of her fingers.


"you know I'm not allowed to take classmates at my house, right?" Luke asks. Emerald shook her head. Luke sighs. "well now you know, and don't ask why" he continued, silencing Emerald's curiosity.


"okay so my place, then. Don't worry, no one will be at home. My dad and my brother are always busy" Emerald said.


"alright then! Let's stop by a hobby shop to get your kit." Luke suggests. "you do have money, right?" he asks. Emerald pulls out her wallet and counts her money. Luke sighs as Emerald began to sweat. 


"how much is a kit again?" she asks as she shows her money to Luke. Luke quickly frowned as he knows that Emerald doesn't have enough.


"about 10 Knyoling" Luke said. Emerald nervously laughs. Luke knew what this meant. He sighs, he was a little disappointed "I'll buy you your first kit" Luke decided.


"oh, thank you, Luke!" Emerald said, standing up with a smile. Luke didn't care for Emerald's joyful smile, matter of fact he was trying to ignore her.


The bell rang and their classmates soon went inside. Erick followed after a few minutes. Erick came in with a tall stack of papers, they were having a short quiz. Erick began his lesson with his full power once again. The students all looked more hurt than before, Erick has gained control of it, maybe that's why. The intensity of Erick's teaching has increased and it was exhuasting for the students. But by the time dismissal hit, they still remember everything he has taught him. Luke looks at his notebook, he'd notice that he has written everything Erick said in a messy way. He cursed which causes a bit of disruption to the class. 


"hey Luke!" Emerald called, already at the door. "are we going or not?" she asks. The boys looked at him and they began teasing him. 


"oh, Luke! I never knew Emerald was your choice" Darryl said, slightly punching his shoulder.


"she's not!" Luke replied, grabbing his bag and leaving with Emerald. The boys laughed quietly as Luke left the classroom. Their thoughts are the complete opposite of what the two are thinking.


"so... is this your first time?" he asks as they walk the street, Emerald was reading a book. "hey, Ms.- wants- to- join- a- random- club!" Luke yelled. Emerald looks at him innocently. Luke could never get angry at that face, he face palms himself since Emerald didn't even hear him. "I said is this your first time?" he asks


"not really. My brother does collect them too and I used to help him." Emerald said. Luke sighs, knowing that it wouldn't be much trouble since Emerald has some experience. They were about to cross the road and Luke can feel something wrapping around his arm. He looks down and it was Emerald, she was looking away from him. Luke thought of the obvious.


"you haven't crossed the road alone, haven't you?" he asks. Emerald reluctantly nods. Luke sighs, he began wondering if this is the same person they voted as their class representative or somebody else. "alright, hang on tightly. Never know when there will be a speedy motorcycle passing by" Luke said, taking a step. Emerald didn't follow though, she remained. Luke groans "hey, Emerald, let's go!" Luke said, pulling Emerald's arm. She was still as a a rock, Luke sighs. He thought of only one way to make her cross the road. He crouched down to Emerald and offered her a piggyback ride. Emerald hesitates until she reluctantly got on Luke's back.


"you know I'm not happy about this!" she said, pouting a and puffing her cheeks. 


"oh stop being a Tsundere!" Luke shouts, silencing Emerald.


They've finally arrived at the hobby store and right off the bat, Emerald was overwhelmed. There were so many to choose, she doesn't know what. Luke seemed calmed though, gesturing his hand to follow her. They go to a shelf where there were chibi style model kits. Luke looks at it uninterested, hands tucked away in his pocket while Emerald adored them.


"wow! These look so cute!" Emerald said, bending over to the shelf. She grabbed a kit that looked somewhat of what Erick would pilot. It had a green scythe on the cover, it was black, it had massive wings. 


"that's a good start! It's simple when built but can be interesting when painted and put some love on" Luke said, looking at the kit. "do you want it? I can't buy any of the more expensive kits." he continued. Emerald joyfully nods. Luke takes it and goes to buy his too. He takes both to the counter and handed out 20 Knyoling. They exit and crossed the road. as they crossed, a motorcycle passed by them, almost hitting Luke and Emerald. Luke got a good look at the driver, it was one of the seniors they beat up; flipping them off. Luke scowled at them, preparing to chase after them. Emerald tugged his arm, Luke turns around and sees a worried Emerald. She shakes her head, not wanting Luke to engage. Luke sighs continuing to cross the streets, this time, Emerald just wraps her arm around Luke's.


They walked for a couple of minutes until they went to a village gate. They approached it and Luke was a little cautious at the guard. Emerald chuckles as Luke glares at the guard, it reminded Emerald so much of Erick. They've finally arrived at Emerald's humble abode. It was a big house but it wasn't a mansion. It had a black and white color scheme. The walls were painted with white and the rails to the balcony and their gate were black. Luke watches as Emerald grabbed the key from her pocket. He began to panic, thinking that the seniors might've snatched it, as Emerald searches both of her pockets on her skirt. She looked at her bag and that's when Luke began to get frustrate, his hands forming a fist. Emerald finally found the key inside her bag. Luke sighed in relief as his hands began to calm down.


They enter the house and Emerald was shocked to see his father at the table, all alone and looking happy. He had something on the table, he was probably excited to share something to Emerald. 


"oh, Emerald! Nice to see you back home so early, come take a seat" her father said. Emerald happily comes over, showing to her father, Luke. "I see you've brought a friend with you. Come, sit with us" her father continued, gesturing Luke to take a seat with them. Luke hesitates but looks at Emerald and sighs. He takes a seat next to Emerald. Her father then showed the paper.


"the 'Immortaliy project' is done and ready for testing" She summarized "is this for real?" she asks her happy father. 


"yes!" her father proudly said. "we can now be immortal!" he continued spreading his arms in the air. Emerald happily hugged his father, his father hugged back as Luke watches them and couldn't help but smile. He felt happy at Emerald and how much he loves his father. He frowns thinking about his.


"so, Emerald! What's your classmate doing here?" he asks, noticing Luke.

"oh, he's helping get into the hobbyist club since big bro isn't here yet" Emerald said, letting go of the hug. "well don't just sit there, introduce yourself" Emerald said, looking at Luke with a smile. 


"oh... I'm Luke, Luke shadows sir" Luke said, introducing himself poorly. He was scratching his head and acting nervously. Emerald folds her arms and shakes her head, he was going to embarrass her. Her father then offered Luke a shake.


"please to meet you, Luke! My name's Edward Winters" Edward introduced. Luke shakes his hand. "so... are you here to talk with me about letting go of my daughter?" he joked making Emerald and Luke a little red.


"please, sir, I don't think I'm worthy" Luke retorts and Edward laughs frantically.


"she sure is pretty isn't she?" Edward asks and Luke hesitates to answer. He can't tell him his true feelings about Emerald, he'll get angry. 


"I suppose so. She does lack an ability though" Luke said, looking at Emerald who was shaking her head not to tell his father.


"well, what is it?" he asks, raising one of his brow.


"she can't cross the road" Luke said and Emerald sighs. Edwards laughs a little and looked at Emerald.


"what? Are you serious? Emerald was the best at crossing the road back when she was a kid!" Edward said. Luke's eyes glared immediately at Emerald.  "unless of course, she was doing it in purpose" Edwards joked and Emerald blushed a little. Luke looks at her and he couldn't believe it. He got played. "well, that's just my hypothesis! I'm going upstairs, use the living room if you need to" Edward said, walking away from them with the paper.


Emerald looks at Luke, who was surprised. He suddenly glared and Emerald knew he needed some explaining. She nervously scratches her head as Luke's eyes didn't leave hers. She gave a nervous smile to ease things off but Luke kept on glaring. 


A little later and they were now at the living room. It looks as if that Luke have forgotten the events earlier, he didn;t want to think of that idea. They began assembling Emerald's kit and as Emerald's hand touches one of the runners, Luke's hand accidentally touches her hand. Emerald went red and Luke also went red. Luke quickly removed her hand and Emerald removed hers too.  The room became silent for a few minutes, they let the awkwardness sit for a few minutes until they can talk again.


"so... why didn't you join Darryl? I heard he and Joseph were going to Cassandra's house" Emerald asks, Luke hesitates to answer.


"oh... well, you know. Cass is going to be there so I'd rather not screw up Darryl's big chance to get her"  Luke said, as he assembles his kit. "so that's why I'm here, and also because you wanted to get in to the club" Luke continued.


"but you could've said 'no'!" Emerald said, making Luke a little red "I could've asked for Prof. Erick's help but instead you're the one helping me" she continued with a smile on her face. 


"alright then!" Luke said, standing up and leaving. 


"wait stay!" Emerald pleaded.


"why?" Luke asks "you could just message the Prof. and he'll be here in an instant" Luke continued, this time he was the one with the smile. But he turns around and finds that Emerald had continued building. Luke sighs and he goes back. He got a look at Emerald's built kit.


"why did I built it again?" Emerald asks looking at it and finding it adorable. She giggled a little at how adorable it was.


"to get a good picture of how you want the kit painted" Luke said as Emerald looked at it. She focused her eyes heavily on how to make it more adorable. "we need to be quick about this. Luckily, the club is alright even if the kit didn't have that much love put to it" Luke continued.


Emerald grabs her robot and thinks to herself what should she paint. She thinks it thoroughly, spending a whopping 2 minutes before deciding on what she wanted to paint it. "I want it to have a very girly paint!" she has decided. Luke then nods.


"do you have any paint?' he asks, Emerald nods.


They spent the next two hours, painting Emerald's kit. The intimidating robot became a girl's toy. Luke wasn't triggered, he was just a little bit embarrassed. The output of their hardwork turned out to be great. The pink paintjob and the bright yellow scythe looked adorable. Emerald giggled at how adorable it was. Luke can only smile, he cannot help but smile when there's a finished model kit. He looked at Emerald and she was so proud of her finished kit. Luke kept his smile.


"now it's your turn" Luke said, Emerald nods and grabbed her books. She seemed happy teaching Luke. Luke understood her very well, since her voice wasn't as fast or as intense as Erick's. The nest three hours, they only studied. Before they knew it, it was getting late and Emerald had to escort Luke to the gate.


"that was a fun day" Emerald said as they walk out the gate. Luke nods as he wears his shoe. He looks at her and he can tell that she wants something by the way her eyes glances at the side ignoring him and how she's fidgeting her fingers.


"alright, I know you want something, so spit it out" Luke said, sighing.


"I... just... wanted... to have another piggyback ride" she said, slowly blushing. Luke couldn't believe what she said. He hadn't expect Emerald to say that. He stood up and confronts her with a frown.


"alright, out with it!" he exclaimed.


"what?" Emerald lied, trying to hide her feelings.


"just admit it, Emerald" Luke said, his face wasn't angry anymore. All he wants now is the truth.


"I... have a crush on you!" she said, her eyes still glancing at the side of the house. They were lucky that Edward was asleep. Luke blushes, not knowing how to respond. They both stood there as, once again, they let the awkwardness settle in. Luke suddenly crouches behind her and Emerwald hesitated.


"come on! I thought you wanted to have another" Luke said, smirking. Emerald blushes but she gladly rides Luke's back once again.


"hey, Luke!" Emerald called as they both gazed at the moon. 


"yeah?" he replied


"do you think Erick could be death?" she asks. Luke shook his head.


"even if he was, I'd still support him. He's the first person to ever felt like a father to me, well technically the second" Luke replied as he slowly frowned. Emerald frowned as well, thinking that she might've made Luke sad because he mentioned Erick.


"don't frown" Luke said, noticing Emerald's frown "after all, a beautiful woman like you should always smile" he said, indirectly admitting that he also have a crush on her. 


"didn't expect you to have a crush on me" Emerald said, smiling as a shooting star in the sky passed by. 


"I'm pretty good at hiding my feelings" he said, smirking. 


"oh shut up!" she said, pinching his chin. 


They've approached the gate, a frown suddenly appeared on Emerald and Luke's face. As Luke sets Emerald down he smiles, playing a little bit with Emerald's cheeks. Emerald then places her hands on Luke's and pushed them down. 


"well, this is goodbye!" Luke said and Emerald nods. "see ya tomorrow" he said, walking away while waving. Emerald waves back and smiles. 


"see ya"














Submitted: November 11, 2017

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Kathrina Csernis

I'm really liking Emerald more, she's fun and sweet, she might even start competing with Audrey xD

I like that Emeralds enjoys helping luke, teaching him a what-not, its cute cx Perhaps there's something between them, hmm? Haha.

Like always, I enjoyed the chapter. Emeralds character development is getting better and shes becoming better, maybe even one of my favourites :) I can't wait for more cx

Sun, November 12th, 2017 6:07pm


Hey! I'm glad you're liking Emerald, she was honeslty ignored for a while but this is her mission now! :)

And about that Luke and Emerald thing, didn’t I already confirm that? Haha. The final scenes of the chapter. Haha

Like always, I'm glad you enjoyed it. :)

Sun, November 12th, 2017 3:31pm

Kathrina Csernis

I see that you did confirm that now... Lol I just read the chapter again and I do not know how I missed that xD

Mon, November 13th, 2017 8:18am


This was a great chapter. The chemistry between Luke and Emerald is nice. They are so much fun to read about when they are together. So he got her to admit she likes him. That was really awesome.

I'm really enjoying this book and seeing things continue to develop between every one

Fri, December 15th, 2017 10:54pm


Hey! I'm glad you liked it and I think Luke did admit his crush on Emerald in the first part, just indirectly lol. I am glad you're still liking it. I can't say anything else but I will say that it'll get gloomy for a little while. :)

Sat, December 16th, 2017 4:21am

S. Rasmussen

Awwww. What a cute chapter

And humanity has achieved immortality. That's impressive

Mon, January 1st, 2018 1:40pm


Not yet, almost! I'm glad you liked it

Mon, January 1st, 2018 5:45am




Wait a minute. Whenever a ship happens someone dies. Nononononononono

So Luke isn't allowed to have anyone over... are his parents like alcoholics or something?

Emerald is tsundere and Emerald needs hugs (and wings bcuz wings are amazin). I like how everythings just focused on them doe, it's a break from the usual chaos lol


I must read more bcuz like it's amazinnnn

Fri, February 2nd, 2018 5:40pm




What? Maybe

Maybe, it's explained in Christmas

Kinda and yes she does. Yay, glad you liked it and yeah, it is her mission so the focus should be on her and Luke.


Fri, February 9th, 2018 7:57pm