My Teacher, Death

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Humor  |  House: Booksie Classic

Chapter 11 (v.1) - Emerald's determination pt.3

Submitted: November 12, 2017

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Submitted: November 12, 2017




The next day and Emerald immediately notices that Erick and Luke were inside the classroom. Luke was showing to Erick the completed kit he built on Emerald's house. Erick looked impressed as he played with it. Emerald happily entered the classroom. Luke quickly glances at Emerald as she places down her bag. Erick notices Luke's sudden change of behavior, perhaps he may've been correct. Erick smiles as Luke couldn't take his eyes off Emerald.


"Mr. Shadows!" Erick called. Luke turns his head instantly, not wanting to make Erick wait. "I believe you were about to tell me how you painted the mech's eyes" Erick continued. Luke coughs and apologized, he then goes back to explaining and showing his kit to Erick.


Emerald places down her bag. She looked inside and was excited to grab her sketchpad. But she remembers the deal she made with his father and instead grabbed her book. She studied for a while, ignoring Luke. Luke noticed that he's being ignored and he did the same. He went back to his chair, grabbed his book and started reviewing. Soon his classmates arrived and the class has started. Erick started class with his full power, his students seemed to have adapt as they weren't having trouble with his power anymore. It was quick and he was surprised. But he takes a closer look and they only pretended to hold back. Erick frowns and lowers his power. His students notice. They started complaining and that's when Audrey got a glimpse of Luke, looking at Emerald. He would normally look at his front and not look at anyone but this was new! Audrey immediately knew he and Emerald are keeping a secret, and she can't wait to find out.


The bell rang and it was time for P.E. class. Basketball was their activity and it was boys versus girls again. Audrey didn't make a move, though. She wanted to see if her theory, that Luke has a crush on Emerald, is true. She waited and hid behind Cassandra. The sound of a whistle can then be heard.


"Alright!" Erick yelled, the ball was on his hand. "Two teams and five members will play! I'm sure you already know that!" Erick said. He goes to the center of the court. "boys and girls! Deploy your first five" Erick yelled. The first five of the girls and the boys then approached.

Boys  Girls

Darryl  Audrey

Joseph  Emerald

Jackson  Isabella

Luke  Dianna

Keith  Cassandra


The boys noticed that all the short ones, excluding Cassandra, are the girls' first five. They were going to win easily unless they have a plan. Cassandra and Joseph were the ones going to catch the ball when the jumble starts. The boys and girls all noticed that Joseph was battling his ex, but the two seemed to not care. Erick blows his whistle and throws the ball up high. Joseph quickly catches it and passed it to Luke. He catches it and head for the girls' ring. He was blocked by Emerald and he hesitates to move, he was trapped. He can't push Emerald, especially with the face of determination littered around her face. He said "screw it" and charges forward. But halfway there, he spins around Emerald and shoots the ball. The boys got three points.


"step it up!" Cassandra yelled at Emerald. She nods, the face of determination still wore his face. 


The whistle blows.


The girls had the ball this time. Audrey weakly passed the ball to Emerald who dribbles it like... well, a girl. She pass it to Cassandra as Jospeh was about to block her way. Cassandra got passed Joseph and jumps for a lay up. The ball was suddenly knocked out of her hands by Luke. The ball fell and Audrey moved Emerald a little so that the ball hits her. It did and Emerald was down at the ground. Luke hurried to her. 


"are you okay?" he asks, touching her hand. Everyone was suddenly shocked to see Luke rushing to Emerald's aid, for a man who can greatly hide his felings he sure does show it here. 


"this is the second time!" Emerald said, coughing. "don't worry, I'm fine though" she said. She stood up and was substitute by Freya.


The game continues and the girls had the ball again. Audrey weakly passed the ball again to Cassandra. She was able to get past most of the boys but when it came to Joseph, she got overwhelmed.  Joseph quickly stole the ball and ran really fast to the girls' ring. He jumped reall high, performing a slamdunk as the ball touches the ring. The boys got two points.


The game eventually led to the boys winning. They cheered and celeberated, group hugging and smiling. Luke joined them and was happy, but he couldn't look away from Emerald, who is frowning. It was probably because Luke accidentally revealed his affection for her. 


The bell for recess rang and all the boys went up, Luke included. The girls remained downstairs at the cafeteria. Emerald and Katejina were at the same table and to Katejina's surprise, Audrey joined them. This either means she wants to hang out or one of them has a secret. Katejina notices that Emerald, once again, isn't eating her food. 


"hey!" Katejina called. Emerald lifts her head up to face her. "are you okay? You seemed shook after what happened earlier" she continued. all Emerald could do is smile.


"yeah I guess" she replied, fiddling with her food with a fork. Her face slowly turning red. Audrey then pinches her cheek as her face has fully turned red. 


"aww, just admit that you have a crush on Luke" Audrey said, pinching her. cheeks more. The red color got darker.


"really?" Katejina asks "the Orangutan?" she continued, waiting for Emerald's answer.


"no... I don't have a crush on him" she said as fiddles with her food more. But Audrey kept pinching her cheek.


"just admit it! None of us will tell" Audrey said. Emerald wasn't the best keeper of secrets, though. So she whispers to them. Audrey screamed happily in the air and Katejina was just filled with disgust, she didn't recognize Emerald anymore. 


The bell rang again and they all went back to their classrooms. Erick soon followed and class started normally. He went on with his full power. To his surprise, his students seem to get used to it. They weren't as exhausted as before but they still looked pretty tired after being dumped with information non-stop. Erick then gave another quiz. Everyone had a perfect score on their quiz. Due to this, Erick had decided to keep using his full power.Dismissal soon hit.


"Don't forget to study and review for midterms. Also don't forget your homework" Erick noted as they all grabbed their bags and went outside. The boys were a little shock to see Luke going with Emerald, again! Something suspiscous is happening.


"Darryl!" Joseph quietly called, not wanting Luke to hear what he has to say. "go, stalk them" he said, holding his laugh.


"what? you do it!" Darryl quietly replied. Audrey notices the argument the boys are having and approaches them.


"hey! Are you planning to stalk Emerald and Luke?" she asks. The boys openly admits since they can't lie to Audrey.


"the vampire of secrets strikes again!" Richard joked, calling Audrey the 'vampire of secrets'.


"noted" Audrey said and Richard smirks. "anyway back to my point! Don't stalk them" she continued, pleading for Joseph to cancel his plans. Joseph sways his eyes to his friends to come up with a decision. He glances back to Audrey and sighs.


"Luke has a crush on Emerald, doesn't he?" Joseph asks, Audrey went red. Seems like the vampire of secrets can't keep a secret as well. Audrey slowly nods and the boys were in diarray. They couldn't believe it. "and Emerald also has a crush on him?" he continued to ask. Audrey nods slowly.


"that answers why he and Emerald were still active at 3:00 in the morning" Richard joked again.


"you're a lot more active now, aren't you?" Darryl asks, noticing Richard's activeness and sense of humor.


"yeah, well, it's kinda boring without Mr. Punches-a-lot" Richard joked again. Jackson was counting how many jokes has it been already.


"three! That's three jokes already! Jeez, you're setting a record" Jackson said. They all laughed and forgot that Audrey was still there. 


"don't worry, we won't tell and stalk him" Joseph said. Audrey gave a big smile before squealing and leaving the room. The boys all left as well, as one big group. 


Luke and Emerald stopped by the hobbyist club for Emerald to get in. She showed her work and they were surprised at how uniques it was. They gladly took her in the club.


Luke and Emerald were, once again, walking home. The road was empty, with the occasional cars and motorcycles passing by. Luke had his hands behind his head and a lollipop at his mouth. Emerald was reading a book, not giving a damn about her surroundings. Luke glances at her and notices how determined she is to pass midterms. All the other girls are busy doing whatever the hell girls do while Emerald is stuck at home learning. That's why he likes her.


"so... you've been studying a lot lately" Luke said, looking at the reading Emerald. He remembers that when Emerald gets determined, she'll ignore everyone. So much so, that they passed the village gate. "hey! I think we passed the gate!" Luke said, grabbing hold of her shoulder. Emerald slowly turns around and faced Luke's face. She looks around and he was right, they passed by the village gate. They went back a little and realized that they went a lot farther they'd thought. 


Emerald began to panic. She got lost and she don't know which part of the neighborhood they went to. She looks around, where are they? They don't know this part of town. It was filled with buildings and busy roads. How far did they walk? She asks around and the people seemed irritated by her. Luke looks around, he doesn't know this place either. He glances over at a nearby park as Emerald approaches him. He points his hand to the park for them to rest a little.


There was a playground there and that's where they decided to rest. Emerald sat at a swing and Luke sat at the ground. They both grabbed there phone, Luke messaging Erick or Darryl and Emerald messaging his father. 


Emerald's phone:


Daddy: Oh! I know twhere you are! I'll pick you when I get home. I'm going to pass by anyway.


Emerald: Thanks, dad! :)


Daddy: I'll leave work by sundown, so just wait.


Emerald: Okkiee :)


Emerald turns her phone off at the same time as Luke.


"so... what're we going to do?" Luke asks, tucking his phone in his bag


"my dad's going to pick us up! So we'll just wait" Emerald said, tucking her phone in her pocket


Emerald then goes back to reading, her eyes still filled with determination. Luke notices that Emerald completely ignored him and didn't even bother talking to him. He stood up and wanders off, leaving Emerald alone. When Emerald was done reading, she'd realized that Luke was gone. She panicked, nervously turning his head in all directions; even looking at the sky. Nervous and alone, Emerald tucks her book in her bag and stood up, she was going to find Luke herself. 


"tsk, tsk, tsk!" a familiar voice said. Emerald smiles and turns around. "your father's not here yet and you're already walking away" 


"Luke!" she screamed through the top of her lungs as she runs towards Luke and hugging him.


"alright! Let go, now" Luke said, unable to shake free of Emerald's hug. Luke felt how much Emerald missed him even if it was just a few minutes, even rubbing her face in his chest. He was left no choice but to hug her as well.


A few hours later and it was night again, Edward was still at work and they were still stuck at the park. The lights all lit up at the same time, illuminating the dark park. Soon, teenagers and adults were the only ones left roaming the park. Luke and Emerald sat at a bench, completely bored.


"hey!" Emerald quietly called. "you were the suspect of an incident that happened in the school, right?" she asks, knowing that Luke won't answer.


Luke sighs "I am, and I guess it's about time I told you what happened..." he said, looking at Emerald's innocent eyes and comparing it to his sinful eyes.


"what happened was-" his words were cut by Edward's car. The horn was so loud that they had to cover their ears. 


Emerald smiles as the moment was ruined "oh, well! Better luck next time!". Luke nods as they both stand up and left the park. Both of them rode at the back, no one called shotgun.


Edward was curious as to how they ended up in a pretty urban area. "so, how did you end up here?" he asks as he looks at the mirror.


"Emerald focused too much on reading, we accidentally passed by the gate" Luke replies, looking at Emerald who was going red because she was embarrassed. 


Edward looks at the two and sees a couple, the same way as what Erick saw. He smiles before saying "you two look great as a couple!".


Hearing that, Emerald and Luke both went red. They hide their faces to Edward and he quietly chuckles. It was obvious just from their face that they have feelings for each other.


"that's okay! But you have to finish high school before you can have my daughters hand" Edwards said, seeing Luke blush more. Luke nods and  hides his face deeper in the back of Edward's seat. The entire ride became embarrassing. 


After they past by a couple of houses Luke notices his. "Mr. Winters drop me off here" he said. Edward stopped the car and Luke opened the door. 


"goodbye!" Emerald said, waving and smiling at him. Luke waved back as he shuts the door. Edward then drove off and Luke waves goodbye at them. 




© Copyright 2020 rickybelmont. All rights reserved.


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