My Teacher, Death

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Humor  |  House: Booksie Classic

A little bit of a timeskip

Chapter 12 (v.1) - Midterms

Submitted: November 13, 2017

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Submitted: November 13, 2017



For the next few week they've done nothing but study. Each student going over to their classmate's house just so they can study for midterms. Even on times where they're supposed to improve their skills they chose studying over fun. All Erick could do is smile. He didn't know where did their determination came from but it was most likely from him.The most determined is Emerald, of course. Even on weekends she didn't go out or rest, all she did was study and study. All for her mission. 


5:00 a.m. November 28, the year doesn't matter


Emerald lazily turns off her beeping alarm. Her room was a mess, books were littered everywhere. She really went all out. She sat up, her face tells that she slept late. She wipes her eyes and looks at her clock. Her eyes widen as she sees that she will be late. She hurried to grab her towel and ran towards their bathroom. His brother was shocked, she never saw her hurry to the bathroom. 


After she was done, she hurried to the dining table, only grabbing a slice of bread. She was such in a hurry that she passed by Darryl and Audrey. She passed by Luke but she was suddenly grabbed by him. 


"woah, hey! Slow down!" Luke said, pulling Emerald's collar. But Emerald's determination can't be stopped. At first, she struggles to be free from Luke's grip. But she pushed through, getting more and more determined. She slowly walks but then got more determined and eventually started running again with Luke behind her. Luke was flailing around as Emerald runs, still holding on to her collar. He never knew someone as determined as Emerald. Once Emerald arrived at the school, Luke fell to the ground ,dizzy after flailing around.


Emerald turns around "oh, Luke! I'm sorry!" she apologized as Luke stood up.


"seriously, how determined are you to pass midterms?" he asks, wiping off the dust in his uniform. Emerald just gave Luke a smile. 


"I have a promise to keep, that's why I'm determined!" she said, her eyes sparkle with determination. Luke smiles and looks at the determined Emerald. Something inside him was nudging him to kiss her. He was too late, though as the bell rang. 


Luke's wrist was suddenly grabbed by Emerald "come on! We're going to be late" she said. Luke nods and Emerald hurried to their room. 


Once everyone arrived, their proctor arrived as well. He was an old man, the same old man that ranted when Erick asks about 3-f. Luke glared at the old man as he grumbles as he gives the exams to them. This man hated them a lot, and they hate him too. Once the papers arrived and the teacher sat, the exam started. To the old man's surprise, they were all writing down answers on their exams. He was being skeptical, though.


"they must be guessing!" he thought, not wanting to admit that 3-f has improved.


"times up!" he yelled, expecting them to be in panic. "students in front, collect the papers" he commanded with a smirk. The students in front all went behind and started collecting their papers. He gasps as all of them happily passed their papers. The students in front all passed the papers to the confused old man. They wore smirks on their faces as they passed the papers.


The exam continued. Each time they passed their exams, the teacher got more shocked and confused. Each time they smiled when they passed their papers made the old man angry and scared. Scared that 3-f has improved. The test was fianlly over and they left, cheering as they go out the school. The old man gripped their papers tight as they left. He can't believe that Erick changed those students. 


"so, what're you gonna do now?" Darryl asks, Luke. They were all going home in one group. 


"I think I'm gonna go and spend some time at the arcade. Ya wanna come Emerald?" Luke asks, looking at Emerald who is shaking.


"why are you nervous?" Katejina asks as she touches Emerald and began shaking as well.


She began mumbling fast "what if I didn't aswer it perfectly? What if I didn't make it at the top 50? what if..." she mumbles and mumbles, worrying about her exam. 


"apparently being determined also means being nervous" Joseph stated. Audrey quietly laughs and Luke sighs. He hits Emerald at her head, knocking her out.


"sorry, too annoying" Luke said, carrying Emerald in his back. They were surprised that Luke would do that to someone he loves. "let's go to the arcade. She'll wake up there" he said. They all walked as Luke carries an unconscious Emerald towards the arcade.


They've spent hours just having fun. Luke just watched back since Emerald was unconscious and hasn't woken up yet, maybe the hit was too much. Emerald's arm moved and her eyes slowly opened. 


"L-Luke?" she called, confused as to their location. "where are we? We're not in our house, right?" she asks again since her vision was a blur.


"we're at the arcde. We're taking some rest after midterms" Luke repled as Emerald hears the laughter and banter of the boys and girls. Audrey's adorable laugh, Jackson's foul mouth, she heard it all and she couldn't help but smile as she rests her head to Luke's. 


"are you tired?" Luke asks, feeling Emerald's head.


"no. I'll join them soon. Right now, I just want to rest my head a little" Emerald said. Luke smiles as he pats Emerald's head. Emerald soon got up and joind the fun, Luke as well. Luke took a shot at the rigged crane game and to his surprise, he actually got one. A mad scientist. He gave it to Emerald as a gift. The boys made fun of him and the girls made fun of Emerald. But that's not all that happened. Cassandra was alone at the entrance of the arcade, she was looking at the quiet night. Darryl is also there, being tease by his friends. The boys nudged him to go to Cassandra, saying that "it's time".


Darryl approached Cassandra, nervously. "h-hey, Cass!" he siad, scratching the back of his head.


"yes, Darryl?" Cassandra asks, she knows what's to come next.


"I...uh... have a crush on you" Darryl admitted. Cassandra wasn't surprised at all, she was expecting it.


"that's... nice!" she smiled, kissing Darryl's cheek. "I'd like to see you get me!" she said before walking to a part of the arcade where her firends are at. Darryl blushed, his face was enveloped by the color red. 


"oh shit! Did she just-" Jackson said. But before his sentence can be finished, Joseph already nodded. 


Joseph then pats Darryl's shoulder. "you have a chance, Darryl! Don't fuck up" he said as Darryl touches his cheek, he couldn't believe that she was just kissed by Cassandra. Luke then jumps on Darryl and gave him a nougie. The boys and girls continued having fun, none were sad. But the fun has to stop sometime, and they stopped at 10:00 pm at night. 


They all walked in a group again, since their directions are the same. They all separate when they've arrived at the paths to their house. Luke and Emerald were the only ones that were left. 


"I guess this is goodbye for now. Finals is next then a semester break" Luke said, still having that feeling of kissing her. 


Emerald smiled with a tilted head. "yeah, I guess. Do good on finals, Luke!" she said. 


Luke nods "I will! Thanks" he said. Silence soon followed as none of them knew what to say.


"I'm going now" Emerald said, walking to the gate.


"wait!" Luke suddenly said. Emerald turns around to see Luke's hand being held out. Emerald had an idea as to what this means. She approaches him and hugged him, Luke hugged back.


"see you tomorrow" she said, Luke pats her back.


"yeah, see you" he said as they let go and Emerald walks away. Luke smiles and turns his focus on the road as he walks home.


The next day.


The class awaited for Erick to give out the results. Emerald was shaking so much that her chair started rocking. Luke just looked at the window, not caring about his results. Erick had a grim look on his face, is he disappointed? He looks at the papers and shook his head. As he places it down, it causes a little bit of anxiety to his students while a lot of anxiety. Everyone's heart was beating fast. Luke glances at Erick and noticed his grim face. It actually made Luke worry a little.


"Class..." he called, all of them jumped a little 


"yes, sir?"


"I'm... Proud of you!" He shouts, his grim face became a smile. The students all sighed loudly as their hearts beat normally again. He then grabs a chalk and writes down the names and their ranks. Emerald's eyes widen as she saw her name and rank. She got 1st place. Everyone else was proud of their rank. Luke was surprised that Richard got 4th place. Darryl was happy that he got 9th place. But when Emerald looked at Katejina, all she could see was the look of fright on her face. Emerald looked at her rank. She got 20th place, so why was she worried?


Erick slammed both his hands in the table "Finals is the only thing left before semester break." his smile, slightly turned into a frown. "I must admit, I'm going to miss you on that one week" he said, curling a strand of his hair with his finger. 


"aww, the Prof. will miss us!" Luke joked, Erick chuckles a little. "don't worry, teach, you're still going to see me! I'm not going anywhere" he continued, pointing to himself.


Erick smiles "that's nice, Mr. Shadows" he said, Luke smiles. 


Emerald couldn't take her eyes off Katejina, her red hair covered her eyes as she tries to hold back her tears. Emerald wanted to asks her why was she like that but she can't right now, class is about to start. class resumes and Erick went back to normal power just this once. Emerald paid attention but still couldn't take Katejina off her mind. Katejina was listening, although she was frowning. Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, recess hits.


"hey, Katejina!" she called. Emerald looks at her, she was crying. "why are you crying" she asks.


"can I trust you?" she asks.





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