Chapter 13: Katejina's freedom

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Humor  |  House: Booksie Classic

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"yes you can trust me!" Emerald said, they didn't leave the room. Katejina was quietly crying when Emerald saw her. "please, tell me what's wrong?" she pleaded.


"I... want to be like you!" she said, Emerald thought she mean as smart as her. 


"like me?" she asks pointing to herself. "you can be smarter than me!" she yelled.


"NO! Not that!" she cried, wiping her tears. "I wanna be an ordinary girl like you" she said, her tears went back.


"why?" Emerald asks, she was about to cry as well.


"let me tell you a story" Katejina said, Emerald takes a seat. She wipes her tears and said:


When I was little, my aunts and uncles have always shaped my life. I never had control of my life, I'm supposed to follow everything they say. They molded me to become the perfect girl. They even enrolled me for martial arts when I was 5.


Katejina was little and is practicing martial arts on a school. Her perfomance was sloppy which causes her aunts and uncles to glare at her. She ignored it since she didn't know she was sloppy.  Her coach shouts at her which causes her to act better. 


And everytime I was bad at something, heh! Crack the whip! Ten lashings across the ass! :(


The *crack* of a whip can be heard across Katejina's house. Katejina's cries can also be heard, louder than the whip. She pleaded for her uncle to stop but only resulted in more scolding. The whip became much more powerful after Katejina's plea. Her mother can only watch, she was powerless.


Where's your mom? Why didn't she save you?


Thing is, as much as she wants to, she can't. We lived in our grandmother's house and there are rules. One of the rules is she can't intervene wihen I'm being punished.


Katejina cries as her mother hugs her. It was after the lashing and her mother tries her best to comfort her. Katejina wanted to run away but her mother said she can't because they don't have enough money to move. Katejina quietly cried since his uncle yelled for her to sleep.


I learned from that mistake, and I continued to be their obedient niece. Until I turned into a teenager. I became rebellious. I started going down to the lower sections but as you guess, my aunts and uncles aren't happy with that. They gave me one final chance to be the perfect girl. I had to at least be on the top five on midterms or else we're going to be kicked out of their house.




"now you know my story!" Katejina said, a smile on her face since she felt like a weight has been lifted by telling her story. Most of her tears have been wiped though there are still some left, about to fall from her eyes


"that's so sad!" Audrey said, appearing before them.


"Audrey? Why are you here?" Emerald asks, confused as to why she's right in front of them. 


"I overheard you guys and thought to hear the entire story" she replied, having a sad look on her face. "can I ask what's your mission?" she asks.


"AUDREY!" Emerald yelled.


"sorry" Audrey apologized, looking down at the ground.


"nah, it's okay!" Katejina said, wiping the remaining tears left on her eyes. "my mission is to be free from my uncle and aunt and I guess it's about to be complete" she said, looking down as tears once again fell from her eyes. 


"hey, don't cry!" Audrey said, bending over to Katejina. "if Professor Erick helped out Darryl and Emerald on their mission, then he'll helped you out as well"


"speak of the devil" Audrey said as he looks at Erick who casually enters the classroom. He noticed Katejina crying and hurried to her. 


"why are you crying?" Erick asks. Erick's eyes widen. He began seeing visions. Katejina hanging herself and ultimately killing herself. 


"she failed to reach her aunts and uncles' expecations and now she's going to be kicked out" Emerald explained. She can see Erick's eyes full of fright and anger. "sir?" she called


"Let me talk to your aunts and uncles!" Erick requested, grabbing Katejina's shoulder. His voice was different. Instead of being calm and cool, he was panicky and worried. 


"okay, sir!" Katejina said. 


Erick sighs "Good! I'll meet you later after school" he said, letting go of Katejina's shoulders.


"sir!" Emerald and Audrey both shout.




"we... to join you" they said, looking nervously at each other. Erick smiles and nods. 




The bell rang and class resumes. It was a normal day at calss except when Erick gave a quiz. Emerald and Luke got a perfect score, Katejina had one mistake. It wasn't long until dismissal. KAtejina and co. waited for Erick at the convenience store where the boys hang out. They were surprised to see them there.


"why aren't you at home yet?" he asks, acting like a parent.


"I can't go home right now" Emerald said, looking worried "not when there's a friend in need of help" she continued, turning her head to the worried and scared Katejina. 


"what happened?" Luke asks, now worried about Katejina


"Katejina will be kicked out of her house by her aunts and uncles since she didn't make it to the top five" Emerald said, she was almost to the point of crying. Luke gasps, how could guardians be this cruel to their daughter? "the Prof. has volunteered to talk to her guardians, so will be heading there soon" she continued. Luke wiped the tears on her eyes.


"I'll come with you!" he said. Emerald was about to say no but when she gazed at Luke's eyes, she knew she can't say no. She nods, agreeing that Luke should come. Suddenly, the rest of the boys noticed the commotion and they also wanted to join. They were overwhelmed by the sheer amount of support from their classmates. They agreed to go to Katejina's house. Once Erick arrived, they waste no time going to Katejina's house.


Erick gave a knock on the door, Katejina by her side. Her aunt opens it and Erick started conversing with her. Though they can only hear mumbling, they can hear Erick's voice rising. He was getting angry and Katejina was getting scared.


"yo, what's happening there?" Jackson asks, worried at the sound of Erick's voice.


"teach's getting angry!" Joseph answered, stepping forward but was stopped by Audrey. She held tightly on Joseph's arm. He turns his head and she saw a sad Audrey, shaking her head. Joseph sighs and steps back.


"have you ever seen the Prof. this way before?" Luke asks Emerald.


"no! Not once" Emerald said, looking really worried as she gazed at Erick.


"no!" Katejina's aunt said. Katejina was hiding behind Erick while her mother was behind Katejina's aunt and uncle. "Katejina had one chance and she failed it" she continued, increasing Erick's anger.


"So... this is what adults have become" Erick said quietly, his words caught the attention of the aunt and uncle.


"I'm sorry but, what did you just say?" she asks as Erick grits his teeth and his hands formed fists. His eyes were covered by his hair but it suddenly glowed red.


"WHAT KIND OF GUARDIANS ARE YOU?!!!" he furiously asks as a deathly vibe begins to envelope their house. Her aunt and uncle hesitates to answer as Erick brought about his rage. "YOU"RE SUPPOSED TO GUARDIANS BUT YOU ACT MORE LIKE MASTERS OF A SLAVE!!!" he continued as he tries to resist transforming. Katejina saw something in Erick, a father!


Luke and Joseph immediately took a step forward but was stopped by both Emerald and Audrey.


"let us go! He's getting really pissed and I don't think that's good" Joseph said, pulling his arm that Audrey has wrapped herself around. Joseph sees that it's pointless to talk to Audrey and just look at the scene. He looks at the boys and gave a nod. 


They all hurried to stop Erick. Since there were only three girls, they couldn't stop all of the boys. The boys grabbed Erick by the arms and legs as they try to stop him from gutting Katejina's guardians. 


"call the police!" the aunt yelled.


"Sure call them, so that we both can go to prison!" Erick yelled as he was pulled back by his students. The uncle hesitates since Erick may complain as well about what they were doing with Katejina. 


"sir, calm down!" Victor said, pulling Erick's right arm along with Jackson.


"how is he this resilient?" Richard asks as he pulls Erick's left leg. 


"no idea!" Ben replied as he pulls Erick's neck.  They are essentially pulling him down but Erick was far too resilient to be put down. He pushes himself back up whenever the boys are close to pinning him down. 


The aunt grabbed Katejina's arm and said "get inside, now!" she commanded. Even at a time like this, she still has the tendency to order her around. She resists as her aunt pulls her. Her aunt slips and Katejina ran towards Emerald and stood with them. 


"Katejina! Get back here!" her aunt commanded. Katejina stayed with Emerald holding her hand tightly. The boys stopped pinning Erick as he calms down and joins Emerald and co.


"I don't want to come back!" Katejina yelled, making her aunt more furious. "after all, I can't go back now can I?" she asks.


Furious, her aunt said "fine! Then don't come back!" she turns away slamming the door shut. 


It was a victory!


"we did it!" Audrey cheered. "your free now and your mom's still on their house" she continued.


"yeah! But the question is, where do I go now?" Katejina said with a smile on her face


"Stay at my house" Erick said, everyone looks at him. 


Emerald looks back at Katejina "hear that? The Prof. told just welcomed you to his house" she said. A smile wore on Katejina's face. She was finally free. 

Submitted: November 14, 2017

© Copyright 2021 rickybelmont. All rights reserved.


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Katejina's story is sad, her friends are idiots tho haha I'm interested in how Katejina will turn out, so expect me back lol

Thu, November 16th, 2017 4:35am


oh haha. Glad you liked Katejina. And as for the idiot thing, I guess it's because it's Katejina's mission so yeah.

Wed, November 15th, 2017 9:06pm


They go over with the mindset of making sure she can stay at the house(although she wants freedom), and instead of making things better, they pissed off the Auntie& Uncle, although those two are very unlikable. I'm just interested in seeing how they plan on helping next lol

Thu, November 16th, 2017 5:14am


haha, well they are the worst section. :) and they thought that that was probably the best course of action. She still did gain what she wants tho.

Wed, November 15th, 2017 9:30pm

Kathrina Csernis

Katejina is pretty interesting, I like how she wants freedom from the house and it made me laugh when they made the Uncle and Auntie mad, it was pretty funny xD

Her friends are pretty funny too although they tend to act like dummys lol

As always, I enjoyed the chapter and I can't wait for more cx

Thu, November 16th, 2017 6:35am


Yeah, that was on me. Let's just say I was sleepy when writing this XD. Glad you liked it.

Wed, November 15th, 2017 10:39pm


Wow Katerina had a very rough life and her story was very heartbreaking. Erick also saw the visions of her killing herself that's kind of scary.

I really liked the support Erick gave her at this time. He was telling them how bad of guardians they were. He was right they were treating her like more of a servant than a family member. I think Erick would be souch better of a guardian. It might be a bit complicated hiding his secret with one of his students living with him.

Mon, December 18th, 2017 1:23am


Yeah she did. I sorta based her backstory off a classmate of mine though just a lot more exaggerated.

Yeah, he got real angry. He doesn't want any of his students to be hurt or to be in any danger. Yeah he is and yeah it'll be complicated. :)

Sun, December 17th, 2017 11:48pm

S. Rasmussen

What a sad, suspenseful and hope-filled chapter. Loved it. Poor Katejina (how do you pronounce it). And I loved how Erick acted like a father. Him seeing this as the only opportunity to save her from... himself?

Wait did that happen? Did he save her from himself? Ok, now my head hurts

Tue, January 2nd, 2018 8:26pm


I'm glad you loved it. It's pronounced as Ka-te-ji-na. I'm glad you liked that part and what happened was he saved her from killing herself. He got the vision that Katejina was going to kill herself and he saved her from doing that.

Tue, January 2nd, 2018 10:44pm


Wow, most abusive parents i've ever seen. I've seen ones that neglect their child and call them good for nothing unless they get perfect grades but ones with a literal whip..... yeah... but i'd say just call the cops on them and claim the house....

Nevermind letting the grim reaper loose on them works too! It's funny how Audrey just overheard the entire thing though, but sending Erick go to speak to them.....

It takes like eight kids to hold him back, and just barely. If they had let him go... would he have actually murdered the parents or just beat them half to death? Cause even if they manage to call the cops on him he'll just pull out his scythe and slaughter them!

Okay i'm a bit too obsessed with blood and death >~<

Imma read more if I donut pass out...

Wed, February 14th, 2018 5:56am

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