Chapter 14: Katejina's freedom pt.2

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Humor  |  House: Booksie Classic

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It was the weekends and what better way of spending it than spending time with your teacher! 


Katejina woke up happily. She was finally free from her family and her mother got to stay at her house. She sat up from her bed, noticing that she's still in her uniform. Erick was suddenly at the door, with boy clothes on his hands. 


"Hey so, I only have clothes for men and this is the least boy-ish" he said, walking forward and giving her clothes. 


"th-thanks, sir" Katejina said, grabbing the t-shirt and a pair of jeans. 


"Please, call me Erick, Katejina" Erick said with a smile. Katejina went a little red  since Erick said her first name. 


"why sir?" she asks out of curiosity. 


"Because we're living in the same house, now" Erick said, sitting next to Katejina. 


"but, you're still my teacher" Katejina replied.


"Sure in school. But in here, I'm your..." Erick said, wanting Katejina to finish his sentence "...What is the best word to describe me?" he asks, looking at Katejina


She slowly turns red "...a brother?" Katejina said.


Erick wore a smirk "I guess. Now come on, let's have breakfast" he said, patting her shoulder and walking out the room. 


Katejina got dressed and walked out the room. She headed downstairs to the kitchen where Erick sat. On the table was a plate and a coffee mug. The plate had an omelette, probably her breakfast. She takes a seat and started eating. 


"How do you normally spend your weekends?" Erick asks as he watches Katejina eat.


"a lot of tiring activities" she replied. "it's not fun and I only have night for resting and even then I still have to do chores" she continued. 


Erick smiles "Do you want to have fun this weekend?" he asks. Katejina nods. "Alright but I don't know where teenage girls go to hang out" Erick stated his problem. Katejina then had a lightbulb on top of her head, she has an idea. 


"well, I've never gone to the mall with my friends before" she suggests.


"Alright then! Call Emerald and tell her to meet us at the mall" Erick said, Katejina gladly nods and takes her plate to the sink. She'd noticed that the dishes haven't been cleaned yet.


"sir, you haven't cleaned the dishes yet" she said, pointing to the sink. Erick almost spat his coffee as he was embarrassed at the uncleaned dishes. He stood up, approaching the sink and Katejina. He grabs an apron and ties a bandana to his head. 


"Go and play with the computer! At my house, I'll handle the chores!" he stated. Katejina didn't know how to react to this, he was going to do the chores, something her aunt and uncle would always make her do. "What are you waiting for? Go and relax" he said. Katejina smiles and nods, she went upstairs to her room.


Erick had five laptops with labels on them. One was for work, the second for his students, the third was for gaming, the fourth was broken, the fifth was for Katejina. Katejina grabbed the pink laptop and sat at her bed. There, she talked to her classmates while writing stories. 


Erick was cleaning outside and inside the house, using his teleportation and his speed. As he was cleaning the stairs, he noticed a letter that fell from Katejina's bag. "To: Erick" he read with an unfamiliar signature. Erick pockets it and continued to cleaning. 


A few minutes and Erick knocks on Katejina's room. "yes?" Katejina asks.


"I'm going to take a bath! Go downstairs and watch over the house!" he said. Katejina puts down the monitor and heads outside her room. She heads to the living room and continued writing there. She couldn't help but smile, she felt a lot more free than before. Erick got out of the bathroom and got dressed up. Katejina was next to go into the bathroom.


A few minutes later and they were outside, about to go inside Erick's black car. 


"sir, why don't you take your car to school?" she asks, confused as to why Erick has a car.


"School is too close for me to take a car" Erick replied as he gets in. Katejina gets in,on the passenger. 


"was your plan to get me to stay, sir?" she asks since Erick did talk to her aunt and uncle.


"No! Your mission is to be free, all I needed to do was push you to run away by scaring everyone"  he replied. They saw Emerald, Audrey, and Luke walking towards their direction and decided to pull over.


"Emerald!" Erick called, they all turned to him. Emerald and Audrey smiles as they see Katejina.


"well there's your ride!" Luke said, leaving before being pulled back by Audrey. "what? You only ask me to escort you there" he continued. Audrey glared at him back for saying that. Luke sighs, knowing he can't escape.


"Why don't you hop on in? We are going to the same place" Erick suggest. Katejina moved to the back and Luke replaced her by riding at the passenger seat.


They arrived at their destination.


"Katejina! Why are you wearing boy clothes?"  Emerald asks, now only realizing what Katejina was wearing.


"well, the Prof. didn't have any clothes for me so..." Katejina replied, getting embarrassed by her clothing.


"let's get you some proper clothes!" Audrey suggests, they nod and left Erick and Luke. 


"oh boy, this will be a tiring and horrible day for the boys" Luke said, sounding miserable.


"Why so, Luke?" Erick asks, curiously.


"have you ever hanged out with Emerald or Audrey before?" he asks, Erick shook his head. "well, they're the most indesicive girls I've ever met! It took Emerald an hour just to pick what dress she's going to wear today!" Luke complained, his eyes looking tired.


"Well I'm sure we can handle this!" Erick said, a nervous look on is face. They caught up with the three. They were looking at a pretty white dress. Erick looked at one of the ddresses the store had and was shocked to see the prices. He gulps and prepares his wallet. Luke chuckles a little but seeing Emerald there, he slightly prepared his too.


"this one!" Emerald said, pointing to the white dress


"no, this one!" Audrey said, pointing to a yellow dress


"how about this?" Katejina asks, pointing to a red dress "it matches my hair color" she said. They giggled and nodded. 


A few minutes later and Katejina was wearing the red dress. Erick was the one who paid for it. They then hurried to the next store. Luke and Erick followed soon. They went to another clothing store but Luke and Erick waited outside. Luke notices that Erick was looking at reviews of a game he's familiar with.


"I never knew you were a gamer, sir" Luke said, looking at him with a smile.


"Oh, it's just a past time of mine" Erick said but Luke can tell that he's lying.


"there is no such thing, sir!" Luke said


Erick nervously laughs "Alright you got me! I am a gamer!" Erick said. Luke smiles then pointed to a store accross the clothing store.


"you wanna check out some games while we wait?" he asks. Erick nodded since there's nothing else to do. 


5 minutes have passed and Erick and Luke already bought a game but the three is still inside there. Luke groans as it was starting to get boring. He looks around and notices someone to make fun of.


"well, look who has a date!" Luke said, Erick turns and was surprised. Darryl was with Cassandra and possibly on a date. 


"He finally had the courage to ask her out" Erick said, a smile on his face. Luke had a rather evil smile on his face. He was planning on messing with Darryl.


"Luke! Don't!" Erick said, saying his first name.


"sir, did you just-" Luke asks, Erick nods. 


"We're not in school so I can call you by your first name" Erick replied. Luke smiles and stopped his plans on messing Darryl's day.


"do you have faith that he'll complete his mission?" he asks, Erick nods again.


"I have faith in all of you to finish your missions. Especially you, Luke" Erick said, looking at Luke. 


"I don't know about that sir" Luke said, his voice got serious. He turns his face away from Erick.


"We'll find a way for you to complete your mission Luke" Erick said, patting on his shoulder. Luke nods.


"is it me or did the mood get a bit gloomy?" Audrey asks, looking at the two.


"why are you carrying so many bags?" Luke asks. Emerald only throw her bags to him.


"You've all bought a lot of clothes!" Erick said as he carries Emerald and Audrey's bags.


"those are all for Katejina's" Emerald said as Luke and Erick lifts them up. Luke and Erick looked at each other and sighs, it was going to be a long day.


They spent the next few hours going around the mall. It was getting pretty tiring for Luke and Erick because of how much they're carrying. They finally stopped when the girls felt hungry and Erick treated them to a restaurant. It was getting late so why not have dinner.


They've already ordered and just now waiting for the food. Erick then remembers the letter he pocketed and pulls it out.


"So do any of you know who this letter belongs to" Erick asks, holding the letter out.


"that signature looks familiar" Luke said looking at it.


"where'd you find that?" Katejina asks


"In your bag" Erick replied opening it "But it's not your hand-writing. I feel like I've seen this hand writing. Hmm" He continued, reading through it. Luke reads with him and was about to laugh.


"that was the best love letter I've ever read" Luke said, holding his laughter.


"really?" Audrey asks, almost like she's nervous.


"well the Prof. is quite handsome. It's only a matter of time before some students gives him some letters" Emerald said. Erick then pulled out more letters.


"Yeah but most of them have their names written but this one didn't even have any name just a signature" Erick said. They looked at the letters and half of them were from the first section. 


Audrey then looked at the letter nervously. Emerald suddenly grabbed it from her. "so, who do you think?" she asks.


Audrey hesitates to anser "I... think it might be from our section" she said, looking away from them. Luke smirks, he can tell that Audrey wrote it.


"Perhaps" Erick said grabbing the letter and placing it in his pocket as well as the other letters. "But let's not trouble ourselves with this any longer" he continued, they all agreed.


The food finally came and they ate dinner. Erick smiles again, all of his students looks so happy. Katejina was the happiest, she finally experienced being a regular girl. They left after eating. Erick dropped off Emerald first, then Luke and Audrey at the same time.


As the car left, Luke smirks. "you wrote the letter, right?" he asks.


Audrey blushed and gasps "how'd you know?" she asks.


"you're bad at keeping secrets" Luke replied. "so I'm guessing that's your mission?" he asks. 


Audrey shook her head "no!" she said as she happily crossed the road with Luke. "my mission is much more than a crush on a teacher" she said, her voice getting serious.





Submitted: November 16, 2017

© Copyright 2021 rickybelmont. All rights reserved.


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Kathrina Csernis

I can see how their attitudes have changed, I like it cx I'm happy Katejina is finally free and feeling better haha I can see the start up of Audreys mission at the end, I'm so excited for it, I love her xD

I'm starting to like Luke more, he made me laugh a couple times and Emerald is funny too, I enjoy all the relationships these characters have with each other, especially how they all act different towards Erick, like some of them are stern and others are slight cautious, I like it haha

I really enjoyed the chapter, I like that you're giving each character a different mission, its a great idea. I'll be looking forward to Audreys mission xD

Fri, November 17th, 2017 12:33pm


I'm glad you liked it :). I'm currently writing Audrey's mission so yeah. Yeah, Luke kinda turned a little more funny after he admitted to Emerald that he has a crush on her. I'm glad you liked how they all approach Erick.

And yep, I am giving all 20 students their own missions :)

Thanks for marking the mistake, just by coincidence you happen to only have one mistake on your new chapter XD

Fri, November 17th, 2017 4:44am


Okay. So, I don't really think this arc is weak. But, I'd admit when I'm about to read this 2 chapters, I wasn't really excited mostly because I'm not really a Katejina fan, its not that I dislike her but you know, I just like other characters better. But after finishing this, I really liked her character a lot more, I think it's the backstory that really pushed her through for me.

Another awesome chapter! I actually still don't wanna read the next arc because I hope to read it continuously but, because it's Audrey's, I don't know hahahah. Anyways just keep publishing new awesome chapters. Good luck, keep getting motivated!

Sat, November 18th, 2017 5:00am


Hey! I'm glad you liked the chapter and I'm glad you liked Katejina now. Audrey's is next and yeah I can see why. I don't know if I should say this but if you did decide to read it, prepare a box of tissues JK. ;)

Fri, November 17th, 2017 9:12pm


Okay so I just finished reading till this part and I gotta say the previous arcs are amazing.

Emerald's is very touching and has romance elements sprinkled on it which just compliments it more. She tried so hard so that the people around her, the people she loved can appreciate her more. I love it and also she and Luke

Mon, November 27th, 2017 12:27pm


Hey! Thanks and I'm glad you liked it.

Well, she's really determined to do her best now that her father made a deal with her. I'm glad you liked Luke and Emerald's relationship. :)

Mon, November 27th, 2017 4:56am


The very first line in this made me laugh. I would never want to spend my weekend with any of my teachers when I was in school. I actually hated most of them lol.

Another thing that funny is, now that she considers him her brother. I picture it like an anime where she runs out calling him oniichan all the time lol.

The part at the mall was cool. It was funny hearing how undecisive the girls were. It just looked like they went ahead and bought everything. So death likes to play video games that's funny too.

So Audrey has a crush on her teacher, that's cute

Mon, December 18th, 2017 2:06am


Haha me too, though I do like some of mine lol.

Yeah hahah, I imagined that too.

I'm glad you liked it and yeah they are and maybe they did bought everything XD.

Yep, she does and her arc is coming up as well lol.

Mon, December 18th, 2017 12:01am

S. Rasmussen

Yes, they are alive!

Like how Erick is as a... brother? Of all words, why brother?

I laughed when he took the dishes. He was so serious about it. A bandana around his head?

And I wonder if Katejina (again, how is it pronounced?) noticed Erick teleporting

Tue, January 2nd, 2018 8:42pm


Well, she doesn't think of Erick like a father that much, maybe that might change. Yeah, he was pretty serious on that and yes a bandana.

Nah, she wouldn't.

Tue, January 2nd, 2018 10:47pm



A peaceful chapter, a nice change from loli's chapters of death and slaughtering. From what I remember Erick the teacher thing saved Katejina (how tf do you pronounce that) from her parents and now she lives with him.

Erick seems like a good person, despite being a grim reaper. Being able to buy a laptop for a girl who's stayed with him for one day... where does he get his money!? Katejina is a cool character person, but like Luke x Emerald FTW

Ah so Luke, Audrey and Emerald fish are there. I CAN TOTALLY RELATE TO LUKE AND ERICK ABOUT GIRLS TAKING SO DAMN LONG TO PICK OUT CLOTHES. Bless their poor and tired souls. Katejina having a crush on Erick.... well that's "fun" but imma hope that doesn't become a thing....


Imma read moreeeeeee

Mon, March 26th, 2018 4:15pm


the amount of things in this in this story that would be illegal in the US. A teacher can't just take care of it's students like that.

Wed, August 1st, 2018 2:00am

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