My Teacher, Death

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Humor  |  House: Booksie Classic

Ok so I edited part 2 of Emerald's determination because of this chapter, to be specific the part where Darryl and Joseph went to Audrey's house because it kinda contradicts this chapter. :)

Chapter 15 (v.1) - Audrey's secret

Submitted: November 16, 2017

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Submitted: November 16, 2017







It was dismissal time and Audrey tucked all of her things in her bag and prepared to leave. 


"hey, Audrey!" Joseph called "can we do homework together?" he asks, knowing that Audrey will always say 'yes'


Audrey nodded "sure! Let's go to my house" she said almost instantly. Joseph nods and Darryl approached them.


"can I join? Cass said she can't help me and Luke just straight up left before I could ask" Darryl asks.


"sure! The more the merrier!" she replied.


They all walked in a group. Jackson joined them because he had nothing better to do. They've arrived at the house. It was dark when Audrey opened the door to their house, suggesting that Audrey lives alone. Joseph looks around as Audrey turns on the lights. No one was around, no parents or guardians, she lives alone. 


"hey, Audrey, where are your parents?" Joseph asks as Audrey places down her bags.


"I have none..." she replied quietly, her voice saddened.


Eveyone remained quiet.


"I'm sorry" Joseph said, feeling bad for asking Audrey about her parents.


"it's okay" Audrey said, facing them with a smile. "stay here while I get changed" she said.


Joseph, Jackson, Darryl all placed their bags down and sat at the couch. They wonder how could Audrey live in a such a big house.


"hey!" Jackson called, looking upstairs to where Audrey is. "you think the Audrey we know is just a facade?" he asks.


"possibly" Joseph replied, folding his arms and getting comfortable in the couch. "but I wouldn't wanna believe on that" he said.


Audrey finally came downstairs, all changed, and with her is her notebook.  She sat at the carpet and everyone sat as well. 


"okay! What's the homework again" Audrey asks, placing down her notebook at the table.


"it's a story about a girl on a mission to find her parents" Darryl explains fast. They kept up, though, and they grabbed their books."we have to make a summary and our opinions on the story" Darryl continues. Audrey felt tears about to burst out of her eyes and wiped them quickly before any tears fell.


After 30 minutes with nothing but a book covering their faces, Joseph, Darryl, and Jackson places their books down. "so, what'd you think?" Joseph was first to ask, he was looking at Audrey who still had her book on her face. She places it down since the she can't help her tears anymore.


"did that story affect you in anyway?" he asks, noticing that Audrey was crying like how someone would cry when they miss their parents. Audrey couldn't answer and just started crying, Joseph felt bad asking her again.


"strike two, Joseph" Darryl said as he rubs Audrey's shoulder and gives her a tissue. She blew hard on it as she can't stop the tears from falling.


A minute later and she finally stopped crying. Joseph stayed quiet this time, not wanting strike three. They all were quiet, waiting for Audrey, herself, to explain.


"you know, I'd notice a pattern at class: we all have a tragic backstory for us" she said, wiping the last of her tears.


"since all of you are expecting me to say it, let me elaborate mine"




You see I used to a normal life. I had two loving parents. We used to go out, Watch movies, have pillow fights. But one day, they disappeared 


It happened one sunny day. I was 6 when this happened. I went home after school like the usual but once I went home....


Audrey enters her house. There was no one, not a single person. She looks around the house, even on her parent's room. She can't find anything. She heads outside to find their car is missing. She asked around the neighborhood but got nothing. She goes back into room and began crying. 


At first I wasn't mad, my parents are archeologists so they may've went on another adventure. But my 9th birthday hit and they still haven't come back. It was then when I started hating myself. I thought they may've died or that  they left because they were getting tired of me and that I was only weighing them down becaus of how low my studies are. I eventually heard from some people that my parents may've died. I almost believed it but I was stubborn, I swore that I'll find my parents! 


Audrey looked around her house for clues or anything connected to her disappearance. She went to her parents' room and read their diaries and journals, just trying to find a clue. She asked her parents' friends, their relatives but she got nothing.


During my search, I've honed the skills of knowing when a person could tell a secret. But when I turned 13, I stopped and admit that they're gone. I swore on that day to care and love my friends like they were family. Everyday you see me smile but when I go home, I always cry.


Audrey leaves her classmate with a smile. But when she got home, it slowly turned into a frown. She goes into her bedroom and started crying. 


This year I was supposed to move out with my cousins since they were the one's who were supporting me it was only a matter of time before I move with them. But one letter changed it all.


Audrey goes back to her house the normal way. She notices that the mailman was about to leave a letter. She ran fast, catching the letter before the mailman could even put it in the mailbox. She looks at who it's from. Her eyes swelled up in tears since it was from her parents. She hurried to get inside and change clothes. She opens it and it reads:


To our beloved daughter,


Audrey, we know that we have been gone for a reall long time and we're sorry for that. We have been busy with our work in finding relics that we never got the chance to go home.  I hope you can forgive us, even though we know you won't. We know that our disappearance may affect your school and social life and to that, we're sorry. We know that our disappearance may've made your grades go down but it doesn't matter to us, as long as you remain kind we'll still love you. We'll be home soon, we promise. We're almost done with finding the relic. 


Your favorite mother,

Elizabeth Blaze

After that, my search continues now that I know they're alive. That's also what I put on as my mission.




"now you know" Audrey said with a smile as he sees her classmates swelling up tears in their eyes. All at once, they started to cry. Audrey laughs quietly as she was able to make her classmates cry. "hey, now, let's go and continue with our homework" she said as the three wiped their tears. They nodded and started doing their homework. After it was done, the boys didn't leave. They were messaging their parents about something. Audrey looked at them weirdly. It was night and they were still there.


"hey, guys, won't your parents worry about you? It's getting late" she said, lookingat them as their eyes weren't taken away from their phone. 


"so, did they approve?" Joseph asks Darryl and Jackson. They both nod and looked at Audrey. "our parents allowed us to stay in here for one night!" he continued, making Audrey smile. "we explained your situation and they've allowed us. So we're going to have a slumber party" Joseph continued, seeing joy on Audrey's face.


"don't worry about clothes 'cause we always bring an extra with us!" Jackson said as the three pulled out spare clothes from their bags.


Audrey's wore a joyful and big smile, she was going to cherish this even if it was one night. They all changed clothes, Audrey wore pink pajamas while the three wore regular clothes, and went to Audrey's bedroom. It was colored pink, a giant bed, a TV in front of it, a lot of dolls but they also saw a lot of CDs. 


"welcome to my room!" she said with open arms. 


"well... it's pretty, umm..." Joseph said, still not wanting to hit strike three.

"GIRLY!" Darryl and Jackson both yelled. 


Audrey chuckles as they enter the room. Audrey shut the door and the three sat at the floor.  "so what's first on the agenda?" she asks, as he sees Jackson meddling with the shelf full of DVDs. 


"this looks scary!" Jackson said, pulling out a pretty scary DVD case. 


Darryl hits Jackson at the back of his head and said "do you not know how to respect once's privacy?" he asks as Jackson scratches his head. 


"it's okay!" Audrey said, chuckling as Jackson threatened to fight back "come one let's watch it!" she said grabbing it and putting it in the player. Joseph turns off the light as the movie began. For 2 hours there was nothing but the screams of Audrey and Jackson. Joseph and Darryl were tougher, escept one scene where the eyes were ripped off the man's face, that scared all of them.


Joseph turns on the light. Audrey was hiding in a blanket while Jackson was hiding underneat the bed. "what's next?"  he asks. He was suddenly attacked by Audrey with a pillow. It was a hard hit. "oww!" he said but Audrey only gets a laugh as she prepares another attack. Joseph dodges this time and grabs himself a pillow. Not wanting to hurt her, he only used his pillow to block her attacks. Darryl came up behind Joseph and hits him, causing him to fall down to the ground.


"PIN HIM DOWN!" Jackson yelled as he drops down to Joseph, pinning him. The two followed, now Joseph can't escape. They all laughed as Joseph tries to escape. They let go of him and the fighting continues.




The three were sleeping at a futon and Audrey wasat her bed. Joseph was awake and Audrey as well. Jackson and Darryl snored loudly as Joseph tries to sleep. Joseph then hears giggles of a girl.


"Audrey, you're still awake?" he asks quietly.


"yes!" Audrey said,quietly.


Joseph smirks "did you have fun today?" he asks.


"uh-huh" Audrey replied with a smile.


"great! Tomorrrow, we'll get the Prof. to help you find your parents tomorrow" Joseph said as he slowly closed his eyes. 


"I hope we can find them!" Audrey said. She noticed that Joseph didn't reply. He looked at how messy the boys sleep and smiled. She giggled a little before saying








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