Chapter 16: (v.2) Audrey's secret part 2

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Humor  |  House: Booksie Classic

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Tuesday, dismissal.
Joseph, Audrey, Jackson, and Darryl were at the faculty talking with Erick. Erick wore a frown as they explain Audrey's situation. He knew it was coming but he didn't expect it to be soon. 
"I see. So it's her turn now" Erick said, thinking that this might be hard. "Alright. I'll go to your house by 6:00 pm. Until then, don't do anything stupid!" Erick said. They all nod and left the faculty. Erick sighs, he really wanted to have Audrey be the final mission. He hold both hands and closed them to pray. 
"Help me out here. This is the hardest mission out of all of them." he prayed his eyes closed and his head down. "If these kids truly can change the cycle then please, help me out" he continued. He releases both hands and sighed. He went back to his normal work afterwards. 
As he leaves the school, a whisper in the air said "Yosovion". This must be God's help. Erick realized it and looks around to check if there's people around him. The area was clear. A black smoke suddenly surrounds Erick. After a while, it disappeared and so did Erick.
He was dropped into a snowy mountain. He summons his black cloak to protect him from the weather, being human does have it's disadvantages. He looks around until he can see a small light from a distance. Using his speed, he approaches it rather quickly. It was a small lodge. He knocks the door. A woman opens it with a perplexed face.
"oh my god, Alexander! Get this man a jacket!" the woman yelled her perplexed look became a worried look. "get inside, it's cold out there!" she said, moving out of the way for Erick to get inside. 
It was warmer inside, a fireplace by the side, a chair and a bookshelf. It felt like home for Erick. He takes off his shoes and the woman gestures for him to take a seat in the chair.  The woman notices that Erick is wearing a suit and nothing like what a hiker would wear.
"pardon me but, why are you wearing a suit?" she asks. Erick looks below and blushes in embarrassment. He can't tell them that he's a teacher.
"Oh!" Erick lied, pretending that he only noticed now that he's wearing a suit. "I am?" he pretended more.
"sir please don't pretend like you don't know!" The woman said, catching Erick's lie. Erick immediately knew that it was Audrey's mom. That smile, the red eyes, and her knack to know if someone lies, it matches Audrey too good. He smiles as he has finally found Audrey's parents.
Meanwhile at Audrey's house.
Richard was the one who decided to accompany her this time. They were searching around her room, trying to find clues as to where her parents will be.
"hey, so what do your parents normally look for?" he asks, as he reads about journal entries about the holy grail and the ark of the covenant. 
"a lot of things, really, but they like looking for cathiolic relics" Audrey replied as she tries to reach a book that was on top of a cabinet. Richard approaches her and find it funny that Audrey was just jumping to get the book. He uses his height to grab it and give it to Audrey.
"maybe this will tell us where they are" Audrey said as she opens the book. He gasps which causes Richard to look at it. He frowns at what he saw. 
"uh, what is that?" Richard asks as he looks at a poorly drawn dinosaur and two people, a man and a woman, fighting the dinosaur. 
"this is...." Audrey said, feeling nervous due to Richard's frown. "my drawing when I was young" she said, flipping through the pages of her book.
"what is that?" Richard asks, seeing a drawing of Audrey's parents on a white mountain finding a book. The book had the devil's face as a cover
"oh, that is...." Audrey said, trying to remember what it is. "I think this is when they went to Yosovion and looked for Judas' book for the bible" Audrey replied. That was too specific but Richard wasn't going to complain. 
"so did they find it?" he asks, Audrey shook her head.
"as far as I know, they didn't" she said with a frown as she gives it to Richard for him to put back to the cabinet.
"when did they started looking for it?" he asks as he places the book on top of the cabinet.
"when I was....six" she realized, her eyes suddenly sparkles.
"we found your parents!" Richard said. Audrey then gave the loudest scream she can produce.
Back in Yosovion.
Before Alexander could even come to bring him a jacket, Erick stood up and walked over to the door.
"where are you going?" the woman asks, walking slightly towards him.
Frowning, he replied "I'm going to take a walk" he quietly said, leaving without hesitation. The woman followed him outside but by the time she got there, Erick was gone.
Audrey's house, 6:00 pm
Audrey and Richard were at the living room, watching TV since they were tired searching her parents' room and cleaning up afterwards when sudenly...
Audrey stood up, expecting Erick, and opened the door. She was surprised to see Erick wearing a jacket and paler than before.
"I've found your parents!" Erick declared, expecting Audrey to be surprised.
Smirking, she replied "Yosovion, right?" she asks. Erick nodded. "come inside, sir" Audrey said, Erick  went in and saw Richard there. 
"okay, so how do we go to Yosovion?" Audrey asks, seeing Ricahrd smirk. 
"the answers, right behind you? Isn't that right?" Richard asks as he glares at  Erick. "dad?" he continued, revealing that he's Erick's nephew. Audrey was shocked, he looked at the two back and forth,.
"I... what?  what?!" she said, pulling her hair in confusion.
"I suppose it's only a matter of time before I told you this but, yes! He's my son" Erick replied going next to him. Audrey screamed out loud as she was surprised to not find out that secret.  "And I'm guessing it's about time I reveal myself to you" Erick said, the tone of his voice became sad.
"sir?" Audrey asks, tilting her head.
"As you know, Emerald thinks that I am the grim reaper and she's right" Erick said with a frown. Audrey frowns as well. "Audrey!" he called.
"Promise me that you won't tell anyone, not even Emerald, about my identity!" he said. Audrey nods slowly. Erick suddenly smiles. "Now, come on! You too Richard!" Erick said. They gather to him. Erick places both his hands on one shoulder of each student. They got swirled up in a black cloud, Audrey got scared while Richard smirks.
They were instantaneously back at the mountain, Richard was fine while Audrey was freezing cold. 
"Oh, shit! Forgot to tell you to bring a jacket!" Erick said, placing his robes to Audrey. Audrey found the stench to be vile, like something dead lived inside it. She realized it was Erick's and tries her best to resist it. 
"how...come....Richard....isn't....feeling....cold?" She asked, as she shivers. 
"the cold is slowly dying as it touches me" Richard said with a smile. "you also have 30 minutes before that cloak takes your life" he continued, pointing to Erick's cloak. Audrey shireks.
"WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL ME?! ARE YOU TRYING TO KILL ME?!!" Audrey asks, but Erick didn't answer. Richard smiles as he sees Erick hesitate to answer.
"maybe!" Richard replied, terrifying Audrey more.
"Enough!" Erick said, silencing the two. "let's go and meet your parents!" he said, walking towards the lodge.
They slowly tread to the lodge, Audrey's heart pounding with excitement. She was finally going to meet them again. It's been far too long but she knows Erick has some kind of reason as to why there here, so she thought to not talk until she was introduced. 
"Richard, wear a cloak" Erick commanded, Richard summons a black cloak. 
They've arrived at the lodge and Erick knocks as usual. The woman from before opens and was surprised to see him with two more people.
"Hi! I've found these two wondering the mountain and they said that they were looking for you" Erick said, he wasn't lying though. They are looking for her. 
"who are they?" the woman asks since their cloaks and robes obscures their faces
Audrey hesitates to answer but when Erick pushed her back, it was her cue to answer. "someone who misses you!" she said with a smile. The woman's eyes widen as she knew that voice.
"Audrey?" she asked. Audrey smiled and removes her cloak, her body became paler due to the cloak, she now truly looks like a vampire. 
She runs to her mother and gave her a hug. Her tears were swelling up in her eyes as she finally hugs her mother, a woman she hasn't seen for 8 years. She cried to her arms saying "I've missed you so much, mother!" she said as she cried happily. 
"I've missed you too!" she replied, hugging her tight.
Alexander came out of the room, hearing Audrey's voice. He dropped the jacket and ran towards them. He hugged both of them, tightly. A smile on their faces as they embraced each other.
Minutes later and they were sitting down on the chairs near the fireplace, alll of them wore jackets as the weather outside got harsher.
"how did you get here?" her mother asked.
"does it matter, Eliza?" Alexander asked, placing his hand on her shoulder. "our daughter came all this way to find us!"
"I guess not" Eliza replied. Erick sighed, he was glad that Alexander was able to persuade Eliza. 
They spent the night inside the lodge. Audrey was having having a coneversation with her parents in their bedroom. Erick and Richard were outside, talking about his student's destinies.
"you're becoming more and more like your mother!" Alexendar said as he pinched Audrey's cheek. He sees the similarities between her and her mother.
"well, I did come from you!" Audrey retorted. Her smile never wore off, how could it wear off? She finally met her parents after 8 years of absence, she was going to cherish this. 
"how's your studies?" Eliza asked
"they've been amazing! I made it to the top 50 during midterm!" she bragged, giggling as her mother patted her head. "and it's all because of my teacher!" she continued.
"that's great to hear!" Eliza replied, slowly she frowned. Audrey looked up to face her mother, she was frowning. Tears swelled up in Eliza's eyes as she tried to not spit out her secret. 
"what's wrong?" Audrey asked, she frowned as well. She can tell her mother's keeping a secret. "is there something I should know?" she asked, seeing her mother wiped the coming tears.
"it's nothing!" she said with a smile."I'm going to get something!"  she continued, leaving them.
"dad!" Audrey called, turning around and facing him. 
"it's nothing" Alexander said. Audrey frowns, knowing tha they're hiding a secret. She stood up and strolled to the door "where are you going?" Alexander asked
Audrey smiled "just going to say thanks to the man!" she lied. Luckily, his dad doesn't have her or her mother's ability to catch a liar so it was easy.
Outside, Audrey heard Richard and Erick's conversation. She only heard the last part of their conversation about their destinies but what came next was something that made her cry.
"they're spirits?" Richard asked. Leaning on the fence outside the lodge. 
"I'm afraid so. See this picture" Erick said with a frown. He revealed to Richard a picture of Audrey with her family. His eyes widen at the sight of the picture. "As you can see, they look exactly the same, they didn't show any sign of age when we met them" he continued. 
Inside the house, Audrey's tears fell. She didn't want to believe it, she can't believe it. Her parents can't be spirits, can they? She goes back to their bedroom just so she can prove them wrong. But when she got there, she gasped. They did looked like they hadn't aged. She walked back to the living room and cried quietly. Erick heard her cry and turned around. He frowns as he gazed at the crying Audrey. He hurried inside to comfort her, Richard followed suit. 
"What's wrong?" he asked as he tried to wrap his arms around her
Audrey scowled at him. "why didn't you tell me?" she asked as smacked his hand away.
"I didn't want you to be sad and besides..." Erick said as he looked up. Audrey looked where Erick was looking and gasps, her parents saw her crying.
Alexander and Eliza gathered around her. "why are you crying?" Alexander asks.
"dad... are you.... dead?" she asks. She didn't want to accept the reality of her parents being dead. She spent too much time finding them. She doesn't want to believe that this is how her mission will end since the others' missions ended happily, why does her mission have to end like this? 
"I'm sorry, Audrey" Alexander said, quietly. Audrey gasped as she hugged her parents while crying out loud. Erick and Richard looked away and went outside, they didn't like seeing Audrey cry like this. Erick wished that he could do something.
"hey!" Richard called, his eyes swelling up with black tears. "pray to God, please! I hate seeing them cry!" he shouted.
"Do you think he'll answer?" he asked, hiding his own tears.
"OF COURSE HE WILL!" Richard shouted. Erick was convinced. He stood out of the house and kneeled down to pray.
"She doesn't deserve this!" he said as his own black tears fell down from his eyes. "She's been too kind and too pure to everyone that she at least deserved a reward for all the things she's done!" he said as he choked from his tears. 
Richard looked back, nothing happened. The lord didn't give Audrey her happiness. He cried as he saw Audrey's parents disappear. Audrey fell down to the ground, she cried louder as her parents ascended to the heavens. Erick went back up and he was also crying. They both went inside to comfort her. 
"We're sorry" Erick apologized. Audrey turned around and decided to hug her. She needed someone to comfort her after this. 
"why?! WHY DID IT HAVE TO BE THIS WAY?!" Audrey cried, thinking of the unfairness God gave her. Erick could't answer, because he doesn't want to hurt her feelings anymore.
"I....I don't know" is what all Erick could say. Richard looked back to the ground to see if they left anything behind. They didn't, there was nothing there, only the wet floor. It hurt Richard to see Audrey cry. Erick hugged Audrey tight, like how would a father hug her daughter in a sad situation. Erick couldn't say anything to make things better, for the first time he was speechless.
The worst has yet to come. Erick gasped as his world turned black. A light suddenly shone down the from the sky. It illuminated a chair and a rope. Audrey suddenly walked  up to it, tears in her eyes. She stood up on the chair and tied the rope around her neck and........... Erick screamed out her name but it was useless. Another light lit up. It illuminated a kneeling Audrey. Her arm had blood and she was still crying. Her other hand had a knife and she........... Erick couldn't take it anymore. He knelt down and cried quietly. This is what happens if Erick failed a mission.








Submitted: November 20, 2017

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Kathrina Csernis

So now I see why you said the other ending was sadder... Wow... I feel so sorry for Audrey, this really is a whole lot sadder :( I liked it, it really did hit me in the feels lol

Great work and I think the alternate ending is a good idea for each characters, like have a good and a bad ending, or a bad and even worse one, something like that

God, this was sad :( nice work, though!

Tue, November 21st, 2017 1:48am


Hello! Thanks and I'll see if I can right alternate endings without falling into depression XD.

Mon, November 20th, 2017 6:12pm


I hated this but I love it hahaha. I feel so sorry for Audrey but also Erick. He was probably the one who felt the most guilty,both here and the other chapter. L mean he's trying his best, to help them and complete his mission. I'm just glad that the real timeline had him being successful.

Keep writing this hahaha. I love it but hate it because, the feels.

Tue, November 21st, 2017 10:20am


Hey! Yeah I felt the same way when writing this. I'm one of those writers who can't bear their characters to have a sad ending. Thanks and I'll keep writing, if I can handle depression lol.

Tue, November 21st, 2017 2:29am


Holy crap he revealed who he really was that was crazy.

This was a very sad chapter. Wow after all those happy and light hearted chapters, came this one. Her parents were dead and spirits up on that mountain. At first I was hoping they were still alive. So did he get a vision of her killing herself or did she really do it? This was a tear jerker of a chapter.

It was good though.

Tue, December 19th, 2017 7:02am


Holy crap he revealed who he really was that was crazy.

This was a very sad chapter. Wow after all those happy and light hearted chapters, came this one. Her parents were dead and spirits up on that mountain. At first I was hoping they were still alive. So did he get a vision of her killing herself or did she really do it? This was a tear jerker of a chapter.

It was good though.

Tue, December 19th, 2017 7:03am


Well, he had to, otherwise there was no other way they can go to her parents.

It is a very sad chapter. I think I've misarranged the order but this is an alternative ending. The real ending is not this dark, don't think that I'll do that to my characters.

I'm glad you liked it though, even if it was sad.

Mon, December 18th, 2017 11:34pm

S. Rasmussen

Poor poor poor Audrey. At least she got to see her parents again.

Wait. It ends grimly. Is this the alternative ending?

Wed, January 3rd, 2018 6:57pm


Yeah, poor Audrey :(

And yes, this is not a Canon ending

Wed, January 3rd, 2018 10:39pm



Well this was nice at first... having Audrey finally find her parents on the top of some random mountain... though the answer being in a kids drawing is funny. Also Audrey is short lol.

Ah so Richard the thing is Erick's nephew... I think I saw a pic of Richard on Kathrina's deviantart, his half black and half white hair is badass. He's cool and stuff lol. But he not important rn. Now I shall go off on you.

WHY! JUST WHY TF DO YOU HAVE TO DO THIS TO ME! Like you just made this sad..... she finally finds her parents.... AND THEY ARE FRICKIN GHOSTS. Such cri. I'm depressed now. Kms

Imma..... read.... more..... CRI

Mon, March 26th, 2018 4:43pm


Is it me or does your story jump around a lot at a quick pace? And ur simple transitions don't help make it easy for the reader to keep up unless they're invested in doing so

Wed, August 1st, 2018 2:32am

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