My Teacher, Death

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Humor  |  House: Booksie Classic

Chapter 17 (v.1) - Richard's heritage

Submitted: November 19, 2017

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Submitted: November 19, 2017








Wednesday, after Audrey's mission


Richard, while on his way to the school, noticed Audrey waving goodbye to her parents. He stopped walking and took that time to smile and think about the events that happened yesterday. It was certainly an event and they certainly showed a lot of secret things to Audrey. As he reminisced about the past, Audrey was looking around him. 


"hey, Richard?" she called. He doesn't seem to notice her. She looks to where he's looking, which is across the road, and his stare caused some of the female students passing by to run-off since he was wearing a very creepy smile. She giggles a little but then goes back to Richard. She went around the guy, thinking of the best way to wake him up without causing much of a ruckus. She looked at his back and slowly pushed him. Richard woke up.


"the hell?" Richard asked as a motorcycle passed by that almost hit him. He turned around and saw Audrey, nervously waving at him. He glared at her but can he really keep that glare? After all, he can feel bad for her when she's sad.


"well, you were scaring some students away" Audrey replied. Richard walked up to her, still glaring, and turned away. He walked away and Audrey followed him.


"hey, so how are you Erick's son?" she curiously asked, making Richard flinch a little. He curls his hair as he tries to come up with an answer.


"how do I put this?" he asked himself as he looked up in the sky. "I am his son and I'm created when the grim reaper mates with an angel" he explained.


Audrey's jaws drop. "am I in a fantasy world?" she asked as she holds her head, getting a little dizzy. Richard catched her midfall. 


"I guess she can't handle reality" he joked as he looked at Audrey's face. He smiles "wake up!" he said.


Audrey opened her eyes, she blushed when she saw Richard's face since it reminded her of Erick. She quickly stood up, turning around so she's not facing him. "I... where do you live then?" she quietly asked as she slowly went red.


"I live with my mother" Richard replied, patting her shoulder. "nephews are supposed to live with their mothers, who're always living down here on Earth" he continued as they both walk. Audrey couldn't stop looking at Richard's face. She was reminded of Erick again. She wondered if this was because of that letter. Before she knew it, they were at the school.


"come on, let's go!" Richard called as he crossed the road. Audrey then woke up and hurried to cross the road.


They've both arrived early at class. Erick, Luke, Emerald, and Ben were there. Richard sat to his usual seat, near Ben, and placed his head on the table to sleep.


"really? you only attended class to sleep?" Ben asked, frowning and scowling at Richard.


"give me a break! I had to help Audrey find her parents" Richard replied, he was a little pissed off. 


"whatever! Isn't your mission next?" he asked. Richard instantly got his head up.


"what?" he asked, almost like he doesn't want his mission to be next. He looked at Erick and he gave him a smile. "it's time, huh" he realized , he looked at his hands and he saw a vision of a scythe. He smiled and formed fists. "alright, let's do this!" he said, looking at Erick.


"Don't hold back" Erick said.


"I won't!" Richard swore with a smirk.


"hey, I heard your parents are back?" Emerald said. Audrey nods happily. She was surprised that word tavelled fast.


"that's great to hear!" Luke said, approaching them and taking a seat next to them. "I'm glad your back with your parents" he continued, a smile on his face.


"did Emerald do something to you, Luke?" she joked, noticing Luke's sudden change of behavior. Emerald and Luke both blushed.


"no! She did nothing! This is me!" Luke said, his face got more red. "I just... wanted to say something different that's all" he continued, slowly frowning. Audrey instantly saw a secret inside Luke but it seemed too personal since Audrey didn't ask for it.


"thank you!" Audrey said quietly. Luke nodded and left. 


Class went as normal and Erick used his full power once again. His class were getting used to it, though. Dismissal soon hit and Ben and Richard were waiting outside of school for Erick.


"why are you even here?" Richard asked, an irritated look on his face.


"the prof. asked me to assist you for your mission" Ben replied, he wasn't happy accompanying him too. 


"I feel a little bit of regret telling you my secret" Richard said.


"why is that?" Ben asked, a slight smirk on his face.


"because you might use it as a weakness when we fight" Richard replied, a smirk on his face as well. Erick finally left and they left the school.


"where does it take place anyway?" Richard asked, his hands tucked behind his head. He knew his mission but he doesn't know where it would take place.


"we're going to my place!" Ben said, pointing to himself. "that is the best place for this, right?" he asked, Richard nodded.


They've finally arrived at Ben's house. Well, it wasn't a house, it was a dojo.


"ohhh" Richard said, looking at it in awe. 


"Come on! Time to prove yourself" Erick said, taking the first step. Ben and Richard followed.


"hey, so why are you frowning?" Ben asked, noticing Richard's frown. It's like he doesn't want to do this.


"don't get me wrong I like my father, but this is not my chosen mission. I was forced by my mother" Richard continued as they entered the dojo. Luckily no one was around to spectate because Erick's identity will be revealed if there was. The center of the dojo is where Erick stood.


Richard followed, he confronted his uncle and glared at him.


"You know you have to do this, son" Erick said, looking down at him with a glare.


"I know" Richard replied.


"Then let's do this" Erick declared. They both walked away from each other and started transforming into their grim reaper forms. Richard was different though. His body was half angel and half grim reaper. Ben watched carefully as he stood next to Richard.


"Beat me and you shall inherit my powers! Something your mother wants you to do" Erick said, summoning his scythe. Richard scowled at his uncle/father and summoned his weapons. A white sword and a black sword. Ben backed off, wondering why is he even in this.


Richard attacked first, charging forward and giving slashes to Erick. Unfortunately, he dodged all of it. Erick didn't hesitate any time to attack. He executed a slash to catch Richard off guard. Richard dodged it, he knew Erick missed on purpose. He countered by stabbing Erick at the chest with the white blade. Erick coughed blood and immediately pulled it out and ran away.


Richard chased after him, jumping and kicking Erick's back, knocking him down to the ground. 


"you're getting old!" Richard insulted as he stood before him. Erick gave a small chuckle before teleporting away and appearing back at the ceiling. It caught Richard off guard as Erick dropped down with a slash. Richard wasn't fast enough and so he had a massive cut on his left arm, where his angel side is. 


Erick got to his feet and prepared to cut him. Richard dodged when Erick gave a slash. He used his wings to levitate and gain the high ground.


"Damn, I wish I had Emerald's design right now" Erick said to himself as Richard dropped down with his sword in front. He was going to drop like a missile. Erick knew exactly how to counter this. He jumped a little bit and punched Richard's back, sending him down at the ground. Ben suddenly appeared and grabbed hold of Erick's arms.


"NOW, RICHARD!" he yelled. Richard stood up and throws his sword to Erick. Not wanting his student to be killed, He took the hit. Richard approached him to grab his sword but before he couldn't even take hold of it, Erick knocked Richard out with a headbutt. Ben's gripped suddenly got tighter as Richard fell to the ground, unconscious.


"I'd expected better from my nephew!" Erick insulted. Ben wasn't used to this Erick, it was like a new person. Sure when he's angry he's different but there is always some form of kindness inside him. Erick, this time, was almost like a father who expect greatness in his son.


Richard woke up and was barely standing still, his arms were shaking and he was having trouble keeping his angel form. Erick smiled "You've done it!" he said, looking proud at his son. His eyes were red and entire body was black. He held both swords once more and charged forward to Erick. 


"Ben, let go" Erick ordered. Ben let go and Erick held Richard's sword with both hands. "You're powerful, but your power is uncontrollable right now" Erick stated, bending both of the swords and kickung Richard's stomach with his knee. Richard flew across the dojo but Erick caught him in mid air. He stabbed his neck with his middle finger and it slowly turned Richard back into his human form.


A little later.


Richard woke up to find Erick and Ben cleaning up the dojo. Richard sat up, everything felt like a blur to him. He remembered getting knocked out by a headbutt but after that, it was all a blur. Ben noticed that Richard was awake and called for Erick. To his surprise, his uncle hurried to his aid as quickly as he can.


"Are you alright?" Erick asked, checking his forhead to see if he caught a cold.


"I'm fine. Just a little dizzy and confused. Did I really go out after that headbutt?" he asked. Erick and Ben were surprised to hear this.


"Perhaps that form is a lot more than you can handle" Erick said, a perplexed look on Richard's face.


"what form?" he asked. The look on his face told them that he didn't have a clue as to what happened after he got knocked out. 


"You've achieved full reaper form" Erick stated.


To be continued






















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