My Teacher, Death

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Humor  |  House: Booksie Classic

I did this just for fun! Also to take a break from all the depressing stuff. :)

Chapter 18 (v.1) - The substitute teacher

Submitted: November 20, 2017

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Submitted: November 20, 2017







"full reaper form?" Richard asked for clarification, almost like he couldn't beleive what Erick said.


"Full reaper form is the form I used." Erick explained, but from the look on Richard's face, it didn't explain anything. "Full reaper form is basically my form. It is the most powerful form that I can use" he continued, a worried look on his face.


"why do you look like that?" Richard asked


"I'm... worried.... you might not be able to control your power" Erick said, looking at his son. He saw himself like most fathers but he also saw his mother. "Why don't you just use your mother's form?" he suggested.


"why? Your power is much more powerful" he replied. He was acting like a child. Erick frowns, seeing his son's rebellious side. 


"Your mother's angel form might be weaker than mine but it sure is easier to control!" his father scolded. Richard scowled back at him. He couldn't stay mad at him though, he saw determination inside Richard. He sighed and smiled "Alright, we'll train you to control it" he said, making Richard smile. "Ben!" he called. "Come with us" Erick said. Ben gladly bowed.


"but who'll cover for you at school?" Richard asked.


"I'm sure someone'll be there." Erick assured him with a smile before the two of them stood up and left the dojo. Ben followed after them.


The next day.


"so, did you do your homework?" Luke asked Emerald, his hands tucked behind his head. They were walking to school together. 


"I did! It wasn't hard, I had my father and my big bro to help me." Emerald said with a smile. Luke also smiled, seeing Emerald smile made him smile. Silence soon followed since Luke doesn't know how to continue the conversation.


"I'm so bad at small talk." Luke said and Emerald giggled.


"that's okay, at least you're honest," Emerald replied. She then thought of a way to continue their talk. "'ve never...uhm...tried to woo me." she said, blushing red as she did. 


Luke blushed the moment he heard Emerald said those words. But she was correct, he had never tried to woo Emerald. "well... I've never tried to woo any girl before so....umm... how do you do it?" Luke asked. 


Emerald tried to hold her laughter. The gangster didn't knew how to woo a girl. This secret made Emerald like him more. 


"what?" Luke asked, a perplexed look on his face as Emerald tried to hold his laughter. 


"nothing" Emerald said, she was able to hold her laughter. "well... you can start by being on my good side" she said.


"aren't I already on your good side?" Luke asked, watching Emerald giggle to the question.


"well.... how do I put this? You're almost there." Emerald said. Luke dropped his jaw, feeling shunned by Emerald. 


"well how do I get to your good side?" Luke asked. Emerald then dropped some books to his hands.


"start by carrying my books!" Emerald said, almost like an order. Luke began having secind thoughts, did she just use him? He wasn't going to complain though, Emerald might get furious if he did. 


They've arrived at class and the first thing they saw was a beautiful blond girl wearing glasses sitting at Erick's chair, reading a book. What the hell? It was out of character for Erick to disappear and be replaced by a different teacher. Luke and Emerald didn't recognize the woman though. Was she new? They sat to their respective chairs and waited for the teacher to notice them. The blond kept reading and kept ignoring them.


Luke stood up and approached Emerald. She knew what this meant and offered him a seat. "you want to talk about something?" she asked.


"yeah, umm... do you have any idea who that teacher is?" he quietly said, closing his face near Emerald's face.


"I have no idea who she is" Emerald said, pushing Luke's face so it was as close as she's comfortable with.


"do you want to find out who she is?" Luke asked. Emerald gladly agreed. They stood up and approached the teacher. 


"ma'am!" Emerald called. The teacher placed down her book, they caught her attention.


"yes?" she asked in a soft, gentle voice. Luke blushed, Emerald saw this and frowned. Emerald got jealous when she saw Luke blush.


"we we're wondering if you're new here?" Emerald asked, nervously scratching the back of her head. 


"why, yes I am! Call me Elise, I'm substituting for sir Erick" she said in a sweet tone that only pissed off Emerald. Luke, on the other hand, was blushing more. He looked like a tomato at that point. 


"oh okay! Well, we're going now!" Emerald said, pushing the drooling Luke outside of their classroom. 


"what the hell?!" Emerald asked as Luke woke up from being in love with the teacher.


"what?" Luke lied, pretending that he didn't remember what happened. 


"we went in there and you were basically in love with the teacher!" Emerald complained. She puffed her cheeks and gave a pout as Luke felt bad for having a crush on Elise. "you're not getting any close to my good side!" she said, arms crossed, angry face, and head faced the other way.


"I'm so sorry! I didn't mean to blush and fantasize about the teacher" Luke said, kneeling down to Emerald. Emerald slowly turns her head back to Luke, a frown still on her face.


"that's what you delinquents always say!" she yelled, angrily. Luke stood up, now knowing that a simple sorry won't make Emerald forgive him. He went back to the classroom, a frown on his face. 


Emerald followed afterwards. 


Everyone soon arrived and class started. Elise walked around the room while relaying the lesson to her students. The boys, aside from Darryl, Luke, and Joseph, fell in love with Elise. They found her to be attractive as she passed by them. When talked to her students, she would always say "darling" to the boys which made all blush. the entire time, Luke was frowning and Darryl tried to resist since she looked as beautiful as Cassandra. The boys were saddened when recess hit, for the first time. 


Luke didn't even noticed and Darryl had to wake him up. "hey! You wanna eat together?" Darryl asked as Luke woke up. Luke nodded, keeping his frown. 


They went downstairs, their seats were behind Emerald and Katejina's.


"how are you and Cass?" Luke asked as he plays with his food. 


"well, she finally answered me and so far we've been going strong" Darryl answered, noticing that Luke was playing with his food. "what's wrong? Did something happen between you and Emerald?" he asked, noticng that Luke's grip on his fork got tighter. 


"there's something about Ms. Elise that's out of this world" He said, stabbing the fork to the table. "I'm not easily seduced by good looking female teachers but her, she's like... like.... like..." Luke said, can't find the words to describe his teacher. 


"like Emerald but hotter" Joseph suddenly said, appearing before them and taking a seat next to Darry.


"what did you say?" Luke asked, his eyes twitching and his hands forming a fist as he turned to Joseph with a wicked smile.


"admit it! We all saw our crush inside her. She may be blond but I saw Isabella in her" Joseph replied, taking a bite on her meal. 


"Isabella's your crush?" Darryl asked, a shocked look on is face. 


"yeah, didn't I already told you about that?" Joseph replied. A hint of blush on his face as he saw a purple haired girl sitting next with Cassandra and Audrey. Darryl and Luke turned their heads to the girl.


"well, she looks cute" Luke said, not noticing that Emerald and Katejina were right behind him. Joseph and Darryl noticed and began to cough sarcastically. Luke noticed that they're coughing and turned red, he turned around and Emerald was there, an angry look on her face.


"you know I was going to forgive you until you said that!" she yelled, stomping her foot down and walking away angrily. Luke face palmed himself as Darryl and Joseph tried to hold their laughter. 


"I hate myself" Luke said to himself. 


Class began again and the same thing happened. Luke didn't want to admit that he saw a more beautiful Emerald inside Elise. As class progressed, it was getting harder for Luke, Darryl, and Joseph to resist. Finally, dismissal hit and they all went home.


"I hope that's the last we see of her" Luke said, barely surviving the class. He walked out of the school with his group of friends instead of Emerald and went home, hoping that tomorrow Erick would be their teacher.


The next few weeks later didn't help. Erick was nowhere to be seen and Elise kept substituting for them and they got tired from resisting. It was a good thing that they held long enough for the bell for recess to hit. 


"hey guys, be honest, how close were you from falling in love with her?" Darryl asked, tired from resisting Elise's charm.


"I want to kill myself, that's how close!" Luke yelled, also tired.


"there must be something supernatural behind her. No woman can be that charming!" Joseph said, not knowing that Elise was listening to them behind their classroom. She made a devilish smirk as she walked away.


"you want to find out?" Darryl asked, completely on board with Joseph's theory.


"yeah, what about you Luke?" Joseph asked.


"as long as it can stop me from fantasizing about a hot naked Emerald then count me in!" Luke said, tired and angry at his teacher. They all walked out of the room as a group. Audrey's eyes sparkled, someone's keeping a secret! 


The three all sat at the usual chair and ate their food.


Audrey saw Isabella passing by and grabbed her. "quick! Come with me!" she said, pulling her away. They went to Luke and co.'s table.


"can we help you?" Darryl asked.


"I heard you're trying to uncover Ms. Elise's secret and we...want to help you" Audrey replied. Isabella was looking a little nervous since she didn't really want to be part of Audrey's scheme. 


"okay!" Joseph agreed. They all know Audrey's pretty good when it came to secrets and mysteries so this is going to quick. "but how can we get close to Ms. Elise without her realizing our intents?" Joseph asked.


"umm I have an idea" Isabella said, raising her hand. Joseph looked at her as she nervously raised her hand.


"what is it?" Joseph asked.


"since you guys can't umm... resist her charm.... the two of us can have a conversation with her and well... find out her secret" Isabella said nervously. Luke and Darryl wondered how did Joseph fall in love with such a shy person.


"alright but what're we going to do?" Darryl asked. Looking at Luke who had his head on the table, he looked tired.


"you can help us by doing research on her from afar" Audrey said with a smile. The three looked at each other, then looked at Luke. 


"Luke are you okay?" Audrey asked seeing Luke's tired and pitiful face. "did something happen to... all of you?" Audrey asked, only now noticing that they're all exhausted.


"Luke's fine. Just thinking how can he get to Emerald's good side again" Darryl replied. Audrey remembered that Emerald got angry at Luke a couple of weeks ago and have since not talked to him. 


"hey, Luke!" Audrey called. Luke looked at her with a frown. "I think I know a way for Emerald to forgive you" she said. Luke's eyes widened.






Audrey and Isabella casually walked into the faculty. The plan was simple: ask Elise to hang out with them and talk about a couple of things. If they didn't get enough information, the boys' internet stalking abilities will get them some information.


They opened the door to find none other than Elise at the door. She was looking the other way so the girls used this time to fix themselves a little, putting fake smiles on their face. She looked like she was about to go home. The two sighed, they got to her just in time


"oh my! Isn't it dismissal already?" Elise asked, a shocked look on her face. 


"yes ma'am but we would like to know if you can hang out with us?" Isabella nervously asked. She looked like the type of teacher that likes to hang out so they used that advantage. Elise smiled at them .


"okay!" Elise said.


They all went to the cafe all the girls go to. 


"so ma'am, what do you think of us?" Audrey asked, drinking her coffee.


"you guys are a wonderful bunch. Especially the boys, they're always eager to listen to me" Elise gladly answered. She doesn't seem to be that supernatural, maybe she's just a beautiful teacher.


 Audrey and Isabella looked at each other. "yeah for the wrong reason" Audrey said quietly. 


"I'm sorry what?" Elise asked, slightly hearing their comment.


"nothing!" Isabella lied, hiccuping afterwards. "we want to know who's your favorite out of the boys?" she asked. 


"hmm..." Elise said, her finger touching her chin as she thinks. "well it's hard to choose between Luke, Joseph, and Darryl " she pondered. Audrey glared at Elise slightly. Literally the three people resisting her charm is her favorites. "although as much as I like them, they do try to resist me" Elise said, almost sounding like she's complaining. 


"well, that's because they have relationships" Isabella nervously said. Elise suddenly formed a sadistic smile. 


"is that so?" she asked creepily, her finger touching her lips. Audrey and Isabella were getting frightened, did they say something wrong? Elise suddenly stood up. "well, girls, it was nice hanging out with you! I just remembered I had a 'problem' that I need to attend to" Elise said, taking her bag and walking away.


Audrey and Isabella both were frightened and weirded out. They had a couple of ideas as to what just happened and a couple of solutions to those ideas. But one solution always came to their mind.


"call the boys!"









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