Chapter 19: The substitute teacher pt. 2

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Humor  |  House: Booksie Classic

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The boys stalked their teacher at Audrey's house. Audrey had let them in because her parents were at work. They were stalking the internet, seeking out clues to their teacher's real identity. They weren't getting pretty close to finding out her true identity, though. They've found multiple social media accounts with her name but she only post pictures of herself. Perhaps they were wrong about her and that she's just a beautiful woman. Luke's phone, all of a sudden, rang. 


"hello?" he answered vigilantly.


"heyyyy! Umm, I want you to run to your respective crushes, now!" Audrey said. It sounded serious and Luke knows that Audrey is a bad liar. 


"what's the problem?" Luke asked, getting anxious since Audrey sounded like she's panicking.


"just go! There's no time!" Audrey yelled over the phone. Luke dropped it due to Audrey's loud voice. He steered his body around, facing Joseph and Darryl. Both were waiting for what Luke had to say.


"we need to go to our crushes. It's important apparently" Luke said with a sigh. Darryl and Joseph quickly grabbed their bags and left Audrey's house. A surprise look on Luke's face as they left. He lifts his bag up and ran towards the door. He locked it before leaving, Audrey gave him a spare key. All three of them hurried to their crushes or girlfriends.


We'll start with Darryl.


Darryl ran to Cassandra like a cheeta. If Audrey sounded terrified then it had to be something bad. He wandered the streets, thinking where would Cassandra be. He thought of the most obvious place any rich people would go. He went to the mall and there she wasn't?


He explored outside the mall and she was nowhere to be seen. He opened his phone to call her. No one answered but he heard Cassandra's ringtone (her ringtone is "Ceaseless" by stardust animations) from the ground. He searched around until he finds her cellphone. He swayed his eyes from side to side, looking for Cassandra until he heard his ringtone (his ringtone "we are number one"). He looked at the number with a perplexed look, it was an unfamiliar number.




Joseph knew that Isabella was with Audrey so he head straight to school. He went to the cafe, none of them were there. They couldn't have walked home because Joseph would see them. His phone suddenly rang (his ringtone is "Question, Question"). He answered it, expecting Audrey to be the one calling.






Luke saw Emerald walking home. There was no one around, she was alone. Katejina probably waited for Erick and Emerald didn't want to stay at school for long. Luke sighs, thinking that she's alright. But he looked below and her left leg's bleeding. Luke immediatley ran to her without hesitation. At this point, Emerald won't complain since she's injured.  He approached her from behind and lifts her up immediately. Emerald gasped as he gazed into Luke's eyes.


"what the-" Emerald yelled but was cut from Luke's running. "where did you come from?" she asked.


"I came to find you, apparently something bad will happen to you" Luke said, looking at Emerald's left leg. "how'd you get injured?" he asked, a very concerned look on his face. 


"" Emerald said, a frown and a scared look on her face. Luke's grip on Emerald got tighter, he could feel his frustration is about to explode.


"did you see who attacked you?" Luke asked. Emerald tried to remember, it may've been recent but in her perspective, everything was a blur.


"I saw a man, an adult, he had a knife on his hand and a sword tucked behind his back" Emerald described. Her descriptions was too specific but Luke wasn't going to complain. They've arrived at the clinic because there was one near Emerald's place. 


It was a little awkward at the clinic. They stayed there a little to rest since Luke got very tired after running and carrying Emerald. Emerald was blushing, seeing Luke next to him take a little nap. She doesn't know how to say 'thank you' to him. She did got angry at him and stopped talking to him for the past few weeks, she didn't know that Luke could even forgive her. 


"h...hey Luke?" She called as Luke quietly snored. She giggled quietly, finding Luke's snore to be adorable. "Luke!" she called a lot louder than before.


Luke woke up,turning his head and seeing Emerald's face. She was blushing for some reason. "what, what is it?" he asked. He suddenly gasped as he felt arms being wrapped around him. He looked down to see Emerald hugging him. "okay, what did I do from getting that?" he asked, sarcastically.


Emerald sarcastically laughed, Luke knew that Emerald was probably too shy to even thank him. "thanks" she said with a smile on her face. Luke blushed, this was the third time he got a hug from Emerald. That feeling of kissing her nudged him again. He unexpectedly held her chin up. Luke was feeling a panicking inside. What the hell is he doing? He held her face closer to him, Emerald closed her eyes and.....


Back to Joseph and Darryl


They met up at the school, both looked scared and tired of running. They both met up at the gate to their school. 


"I see that you weren't able to get to them" Joseph said, panting while talking


"yeah, I've received a phone call from a girl that sounded like Elise, says we got to meet them at a warehouse near the school." Darryl said, also panting while talking.


Joseph and Darryl then looked around, where is the warehouse? They both looked at each other with no clue as to it's location.


"hey, do we have any idea as to where this warehouse is?" Darryl asked, a lost look on his face.


"nope! All I know that it's near the school. Wait, let's check behind the school"  Joseph thought, hearing Darryl's groan afterwards. More walking! The school was massive so going around it was an excercise, they can't go in either since it's past dismissal.


"hmm" Darryl said, thinking of something. 


"what'ya thinking?" Joseph asked, intrigued that Darryl is thinking of something. The got to the first side and turned left, just a few more hours to go.


"I wonder what's going with....." 




Emerald yelled out loud. She looked angry and she wasn't hugging him. It was all a dream. Luke sighed feling glad that he didn't do it, but then he remembered that Emerald hates him and he began to frown. 


"yes?" Luke asked. Slowly he could see Emerald's face was getting a lot less angry and more shy. 


"I....I....I..." she stuttered, Luke slowly nodded and patted Emerald's head.


"I know" he said with a smile causing Emerald to blush deeper. "so am I forgiven now?" he asked.


Emerald was at a lost for words until she heard Luke's question. She got all grumpy again and crossed her arms. "I could've got here all by myself you know"


"oh stop being a Tsundere!" Luke yelled. Emerald then slowly placed her hands down. She sighed and stood up a frown on her face. 


"thank you!" Emerald said, walking away. Luke gazed at her for a moment before remembering that he has to follow her.


"hey, wait!" Luke yelled, stopping her. He stood up to face Audrey. "I'll come with you! That man might come back for you and your brother and father are busy, you have no one to protect you" he continued.


Emerald scowled at him, he was right though. No one was around to protect her and the man might come back for her, but how would Luke protect him? The last time he fought someone,he almost died. Emerald reluctantly said "fine!" 


Luke smiled while they walk outside. Luke saw that Emerald was still limping and decided to do something about that. He crouched down in front of Emerald. She knew what this meant and seeing as how she was limping, she reluctantly rode his back. They both passed the gate and head to Emerald's house. It was a pretty quiet place, too quiet. It felt like it an abandoned city, there was a guard but where are the neighbors? The children playing outside? Luke became suspiscious of this, scowling at his surroundings. 


Luke glanced to his left and right. He gasped when he saw someone in front of him. A man wearing a cowboy hat and a trenchcoat with a pistol on his right hand. Smoke was coming out of his back and his face was covered by a gas mask for intimidation.


"get down" Luke commanded to Emerald. He crouched down for Emerald to disembark him and stood back up. "who are you?" he asked, cautiously pulling something in his back.


"the girl! Give me the girl!" he demanded. Luke scowled at the man, slowly dragging his hand forward.


"I don't think so" he said, quickly pulling a pistol from his back and shooting the man. The man was hit at his right arm and he shot back, Luke was able to dodge and he charged forward to the man. The man, in panic, rapidly fired his pistol to Luke. Luke dodged, he was fighting a man with a marksman's ability. Getting enough momentum, he slides to the ground catching the man off guard. He fired while sliding but he wasn't able to hit the man. He's in danger now. The man kicked Luke when he got close, knocking him out. The man swiftly grabbed Emerald as Luke struggled to get up.


The bleeding had finally caused him to faint and fell unconscious. Inside his mind, he felt angry, he wasn't able to protect Emerald, she's probably going to hate him more now. He felt a warm light touching his body. 


"mom?" he asked as he stuggled to open his eyes. He saw a beautiful woman who was slowly healing his face. Who is this person? He opened his eyes more to find none other than Elise! He wasn't at the village anymore, though. He was somewhere, smelly, rusty, and certainly not a place a teacher should be. He stood up, ignoring Elise, and found out that he's in a warehouse. He turned around and Joseph and Darryl were there, just arriving. He looked aorund more and saw the same man. He tried to attack him but felt something in his leg stopping him. He looked down and his leg waschained down to the ground.


"what the hell?" he asked, looking at Elise. He suddenly heard Emerald's scream. He looked up to see Emerald, Cassandra, Isabella, and Audrey tied up. Joseph and Darryl approached Luke and inspected his situation.




"how the hell did you get in this situation?!" Darryl asked trying to break the chain. 


"it's futile, he's stuck there" Elise suddenly said. Darryl and Joseph looked at her and backed off a little bit before pulling out their pistols. Elise smirked and then, the entire warehouse lit up in flames! 


"it's a good thing I know about your crushes" Elise said, walking past them. "if not then I wouldn't be able to do this" Elise said, her voice getting sinister.


"who are you?" Luke asked, angrily. Still struggling to get out of his chain. 


"you may know me as a man at the bible" she said, a devilish smile on her face. 


"you can't be..." Joseph said. Elise laughed histerically and then faced them with that devilish grin.


"that's right, I'm the devil!" she revealed.


To be continued







Submitted: November 22, 2017

© Copyright 2021 rickybelmont. All rights reserved.


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Of course!!! The devil!!! Why haven't I thought about that hahaha. Now it makes me a bit confused, what is he doing here? Hahaha I want to know.

I'm starting to like Luke a lot more now hahaha, don't know why. Emerald amazing as usual, makes me like her morebecause of her tsundere personality hHaha

A great chapter, I'm looking forward for the next one.

Thu, November 23rd, 2017 10:00am


I'll touch on that on the next chapter, right now just take a wild guess because it's a little bit obvious why she's there. ;)

Thu, November 23rd, 2017 2:14am

Kathrina Csernis

Oh haha I never expected it to be the actual devil... Like, maybe a Demon or something, but I didn't expect that haha although I do wonder what he's doing there, I like it a lot though, it makes sense that he would show up sooner or later xD

This was a really good chapter, it did surprise me lol I'll be waiting for the next chapter, I wanna know more xD

Thu, November 23rd, 2017 6:57pm


Hey! You'll soon know haha. Glad you liked it :)

Fri, November 24th, 2017 7:15am


This was an exciting chapter. Everyone scattered everywhere trying to find their crushes, hoping they are okay. Each time you did a scene you cut it off at the end leaving me in suspense. Luke was really cool in this chapter, I was rooting for him when he was fighting the guy.

Holy crap so they are actually fighting the real devil here? That is crazy.

Fri, December 22nd, 2017 3:28am

S. Rasmussen

Not exactly an angel... Well, my theory was wrong.

Poor (I must seriously find a new word)... Misfortunate (doesn't sound good)... I give up

Poor everyone

I hope they can somehow be saved

Wed, January 3rd, 2018 7:37pm


Well, kinda. The devil used to he an angel but yeah, you were wrong.

Someone will save them, just wait.

Wed, January 3rd, 2018 10:43pm


OKAY WHY TF ARE A BUNCH OF FIFTEEN YEAR OLDS CARRYING GUNS!? If that's actually legal there to carry guns then I'm jealous. I'd love to constantly carry around a colt python.

I see neither of my theories were correct. I assumed succubus and angel, though a devil is just as bad. The opposite of a devil is an angel and I'm assuming Death/Erick is in the middle? Idk you need an Opus to explain all the lore. Where's Erick during all this!? I assume he'll swoop in and kill her or something, cuz a reaper vs devil fight would be badass.

SO IS IT JUST NORMAL TO PULL OUT A GUN IN THE MIDDLE OF A CLINIC?! ALSO WHY ARE PEOPLE CARRYING SWORDS!? God the Philippines are a weird country, though if you can carry weapons by fifteen then it's amazing!

Wed, July 18th, 2018 10:11pm


THEY'RE NOT IN THE PHILIPPINES. They're in a different planet. If this was the Philippines no one would be carrying a gun, they'll be carrying knives and ice picks

Wed, July 18th, 2018 11:39pm

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