Chapter 2: Chapter II

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Humor  |  House: Booksie Classic

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Erick almost taught everyone but there were still some students that he hadn’t attended to. He walked towards a blue-haired teen that also has blue eyes. He was on a table with some electronic parts. “done!” he declared. By the time Erick had arrived, he saw what looked like a robot with wheels . Erick was a little impressed as the robot runs around in circles, but the teen wasn’t happy nor was he impressed.

“Is that not supposed to happen, Mr. Sparks?” Erick asked

The teen shook his head, disappointed at the results. Erick picked up the small robot and he started adding a couple more parts. “give it up, sir, it’s busted!” the teen said, giving up so easily.

Once Erick placed down the robot, it now moved forward and backward and it even had arms that waves. The teen was impressed, and Erick looked at him with a smile.

“Mr. Sparks, Victor, you should never quit or give up. Giving up on something this small also means that you’re giving up on what God gifted you. God gave you life for a reason but if you’re just going to give up when just a simple mistake happens, well that’s bad” Erick lectured

“sorry sir” Victor said with his head down

Erick then smiled and showed him a part. “You were forgetting this” he said. Victor then looks at it and how small it was. It was so small that it can be missed. “Everything was built perfectly, don’t worry, it seems that you just keep forgetting some parts.” He continued.

“oh. Well that’s because I have poor eyesight, sir” Victor said

“Well, where are your glasses?” Erick asked

“last year, some higher level students picked a fight on me. They thought I beat up one of their guys. They smashed my glasses and now I can’t see that well.” Victor said

“Why didn’t you report to the prefect of discipline?” Erick asks

“I was afraid. I know that if I do that, they’re going to be waiting for me outside of school where the teachers or anyone in the school doesn’t care about me”

This sickened Erick. It was disgusting how teachers don't care about their students when they’re not in school. He stood up and went away for a bit, then he went back to Victor with a pair of glasses.

“Here! New glasses. I think it’s the same grade as your old one. Look, your story has touched me. Report those men later and I’ll join you when you go home. Because justice needs to be served around here.”

Victor smiled. “thank you sir!” he said.

Erick smiled and patted his head then said to him. “Try building one now! You should be able to build a robot better” Erick encouraged. Victor smiled and rebuilt the robot. His newly built robot wasn’t as good as Erick’s because he didn’t include the arms, but it did move forward and backward.

“Keep working smart and before you know it, you’ll have a perfect robot” Erick said. Victor smiled and nodded.

“Now, I have to go and attend to the others” he said.

Erick went to an emo-haired teen and a brown-haired girl. Both were practicing with instruments. The boy was playing the guitar. The girl was playing the drums. Erick clapped his hands as their jamming ended.

“Quite nice, Mr. Fall and Ms. Summers. Where’d you learn to play?” he asked

“oh. I and Christina both learned by ourselves.” The emo-haired boy said

“With that kind of music skills, you could join the music club!” Erick pointed out. But it made both the emo-haired boy and Christina frown. “Did I say something wrong?” he asks.

“no, it’s just that…” the emo-haired boy couldn’t finish. Like something bad or something horrible happened when they tried to join the music club.

“we can’t join because we’re in the lower section!” Christina shouts. Disgusted and sad at the same time. “we wanted to join for a long time but because we’re in the lowest section, we can’t join. The club president said that being in a higher section than f is a 'requirement'” she continued

At this point, Erick was disappointed and disgusted at the school. But it also inspired him to teach them more. He thought that if he could get them to show off, maybe they’d be accepted. “How about we put a performance later at recess? The principal can agree to it, I can assure you that.” He proposed

“what for sir?” The emo-haired boy asks

“Well Mr. Fall, Chris, it’s for showing off and telling the club that they’ve made a mistake for not accepting you both”

But they still wouldn't smile. Erick wasn’t about to give up, though. He wanted to know what the problem now and how he can fix it. “What’s wrong now?” he asks.

“well, a band usually has three people. The lead guitarist and singer, the bass, and the drums. We don’t have a bass.” Erick clapped his hand and closed his eyes, he was smiling.

“I can be your bass.” He volunteered

Chris and Christina Both smiled. They looked at each other and nodded. “alright!”

“Splendid! I’ll see you later during recess.” Erick said, walking away from them. He needed to attend to the other students.

Now Darryl was a special case. He wanted to be a teacher, he has everything a teacher needs. He has confidence, great skills in getting people to listen to him, etc. But what he lacks was how to compute grades and what subject to teach.

Erick walked to him. He sat on the ground with some lesson plans on the ground and two on his hands. “Have you decided yet?” he asks.

Darryl didn't notice him, though. He was too focused on reading and understanding the lesson plan. He was really thinking deep. Erick then coughed a little bit and somehow it caught Darryl's attention. “oh, hi prof. I still can’t decide which one.” He said

It didn’t surprise Erick that much. Darryl had spent the entire period deciding on what subject will he teach. Erick crouched to the ground and picked up a “Christian living” lesson plan. “Well, it really depends on you. Personally, I can teach all of them, maybe you can too! No one is really going to stop you.” He said

“yeah, but what if I’m actually bad at teaching this or I bore people or…”

He was silenced by Erick. Darryl looked at him and Erick smiles. He knew what this meant and so he calmed down.

“Whatever you teach will be great. It’s just how you deliver that greatness to the students the problem. Think about this: if you’re like me, you would go to great lengths to get them interested in learning. That’s what it means to be a great teacher”

Erick then walked away to tend to the others. Darryl looked at an English lesson plan and smiles. He knew what to do.

Finally, the bell rang and recess hits.

Chris and Christina Both set up the instruments at the stage. Eric joined shortly. The other students saw that they are about to play and the music club president, who was a blond girl that was in the same level as them, looked at one of the windows with arms folded and a pout.

They also had a mic, which means someone will sing. Christina was the one who was singing. Soon, they began to play and Christina sang.

“He goes to teach every day

When it’s night, he harvests souls without pay

If you are dead then please say hi

For that is my teacher who has a lot of pride

If you ever wonder what he’s like

Then join me, for it will be ride

He’ll teach you math, science, English

Thing you’ll need to for a life you’ll relish

But when it’s time for you to go

Oh no!

He’ll be waiting for you at the door

Because he’s your guide towards an unknown path

That no one ever knows

Because no one comes back

Now I know what your thinking

And that I am insane

But please

Go to my section and see

Take a seat, grab a pen, take a long breath

Because my teacher is death”

Everyone adored her voice, it was angelic to them. The president didn’t adore her voice, though, she was furious. She took a picture of the band playing then walked away, probably to report to the principal. Her friends followed her. Just as expected, she furiously went to the principal's office. She placed her phone on the principal's desk and crossed her arms. 


"father, you know students aren't allowed to play on the stage right?" She asked


"yes but, I allowed it so that you can let them in your club" he replied "apparently the rules you've established restricts these talented students to join your club" he continued


The daughter then turned her head away but she kept her pout. The principal sighed and stood up from his chair. "why didn't you let them in?" he asks 


"those two are my enemies. I know that if they joined the music club they will also join the battle of the bands. They're talented but I don't want them to ruin my image as the best musician in school"


The principal then turned away from her and walked back to his table. His fists were clenched in anger. "but that doesn't give you the right to reject them from the club! This is a school goddamn it!" he shouted in anger. It caused the daughter to back off a little bit.


"accept them! That's not a request but an order from your father" he said


The daughter then walked out, slamming the door behind her. The principal then sighed. He was both happy and sad at the decision he has made. Unknowingly to the daughter but the principal knew, Erick was behind him. Standing in the dark corner with his arms folded. 


"you know if it wasn't for you, I had already given up on those kids," he said


"Why is that?" Erick asks


"because they were unteachable until they've met you. It looks like I've made the right choice in hiring you..."


"Erick Smith or should I say..."




Erick chuckled a bit but then disappears. The principal then placed his head on the desk and started thinking. His hand was playing with a pencil and his feet were tapping the floor while wondering, why did he hire him in the first place?


Erick walked back to the classroom with his hands pocketed while looking at the window. He was smiling as he was able to help his students again. Though that smile would soon be broken as he sees Victor, being held by the collar by some seniors. His left eye already had a black eye and he was badly beaten to the face.


"what did I say? Report it and you'll be punished" the senior with a bald head said.


He soon felt someone creeping up on him. Someone scary, someone he feared, someone who's going to take his soul. He turned around and sees Erick with an angry look. It scared the senior if it was as if death was looking at him. He let go of Victor and called the others to retreat. Victor fell to the ground, he was coughing up as Erick walked up to him.


"Victor, are you alright?" he asked


"yes sir, thank you sir" Victor replied 


Erick handed him a piece of cloth for him to wipe off some blood. "Let's go to the clinic! I'll guard you, don't worry" Erick suggested. Victor nodded and Erick carried the small teen.


To be continued

Submitted: October 22, 2017

© Copyright 2021 rickybelmont. All rights reserved.


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Jack Chapel

A brilliant piece of writing perfectly capturing the audience and well developed, good pacing, word choice and stylistic choices. A good read, would highly recommend

Mon, October 23rd, 2017 2:07pm


Thank you so much for the kind words. I'm glad you liked it so far

Mon, October 23rd, 2017 2:49pm

Kathrina Csernis

So, I'm liking Erick, he seems like a really cool guy, funny, in a sense. I like how you describe that one kid as the 'emo haired boy', made me laugh a couple times haha

Another awesome chapter, really enjoying this cx

Wed, November 8th, 2017 9:54pm


That must be Chris haha. I'm glad you're starting to like most of the characters. :)

Wed, November 8th, 2017 10:43pm

Grace .S.

For being Death, Eric is a pretty cool guy.

Thu, November 9th, 2017 4:20am


Hey! Yeah, I wrote him that way for a reason. I can't say it right now though ;).

Wed, November 8th, 2017 10:44pm


I do like this book, and the plot is very interesting. I don't know very much about social dynamics, and this seems to tap very heavily into them, so I can make no comments there, but it seems about accurate to me. I noticed, though, that you often would outright state the emotion of the character. That isn't necessarilly bad, but I like to add some flavor to it, make it have a bit of a "ZING"! I like the principal, he seems nice, even if he decided to hire the Grim Reaper to teach his class. Needless to say, there have been wierder people in the teaching department. Ms. Jeepers, anyone? (That's the teacher from the book, "Ms. Jeepers is a Creeper!")

Tue, November 14th, 2017 6:23am


Hey! I'm glad you liked it and I'm glad you liked the principal. I'm surprised no one asked why is the principal so nice to Erick. ;). I'm going to keep in mind what you say and I just looked up Ms. Jeepers and yeah, weird.

Mon, November 13th, 2017 10:31pm


I liked the ending. Damn. This makes me feel like I'm at school again. Being a good teacher is hard work

Thu, November 23rd, 2017 11:02am


hehe, yeah it is. Wait till you get to chapter 6. ;)

Thu, November 23rd, 2017 3:09am


This is quite good I am actually enjoying it. I am really starting to like Erick, he is a cool guy. I liked the part at the end where it said, it was like death was looking at him. If he only knew lol

That was a cool song, did you actually make it up? I love all the different personalities in this you are good at making them all seem so different.

Mon, December 11th, 2017 3:03am


Thanks and I'm glad you're liking it. Yeah, he has to otherwise he won't be able to win his student's trusts. Haha, yeah if only he did.

I actually made it up and I thought it was cringy but I guess not haha. Everyone keeps saying that and I guess I am haha.

Sun, December 10th, 2017 11:23pm

S. Rasmussen

Good chapter.

Death really does seem kind. And a bit Mary Sue. Not necessarily a bad thing. In this situation you could argue It's a good thing.

I feel a bit sorry for Victor and the band players. They weren't really given a chance

Fri, December 29th, 2017 2:37pm


Thank you!

Yeah he is and I guess he is a little bit of a Mary Sue. But he is death and he has to be the perfect teacher to teach this class.

Yeah, they are treated like shit in their school since they're in the worst section. But everything will get better soon.

Fri, December 29th, 2017 6:41am


Oh more students. So a robotics expert and a musician? As long as the robot guy donut die then imma be yay. (No you shouldn't question my logic and my texting language)

So there is still recess at high school? Or is it just a break time? But how much of a coincidence is it that they played a song calling their teacher who is secretly the grim reaper death? I cannot wait until they find out.... and then he murders someone!

Bitchy little musician girl.....

Wow great job with the staffing jobs. Hiring the grim reaper is the best choice of all lol

So the people went after Victor? I'd love to see Erick leave Victor at the clinic and then go back to the boys who beat him up and murder them with a scythe.

Fri, February 2nd, 2018 1:00pm


Hmm, you seem to like robots okay and I won't judge you

Well, in their planet yes and I don't think he'll do that.

Yes, that girl is a bitch

I'm surprise you didn't even question how he got hired lol

Yup and wow that's kinda sadistic but I like that idea, too bad I didn't do it :P

Fri, February 2nd, 2018 5:17am


I like how Erick is really trying to help these kids, protecting them and giving them the hope they need to succeed. Poor Victor, though. This is why people are afraid to speak up. I was surprised Erick managed to magic up some classes that suited him perfectly, haha. What can't he do? Anyway, great job so far :)

Sun, April 8th, 2018 1:49am


Yeah well that's what he does and that's how I think a teacher's suppose to do anyway. Yeah poor Victor. Hehe well,what he can't do is idk the guy's almost perfect lol and thanks :)

Sun, April 8th, 2018 5:50am


Yeah. Death is a nice person. I don't exactly know why death has to be viewed as evil or a bad thing. Just a guide to somewhere else... Hm. Reading this gets me thinking about a lot of things.

Sat, August 4th, 2018 11:35pm