My Teacher, Death

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Humor  |  House: Booksie Classic

This takes place at the same time as part 2 of the substitute teacher

Chapter 20 (v.1) - Richard's heritage pt. 2

Submitted: November 23, 2017

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Submitted: November 23, 2017








Erick had led them to a pretty rural area. The grass were short, the wind was pretty cool, the plains weren't populated by anything, it was empty. They walked up a cliff. Erick stood at the very edge of the cliff, slight frown on his face.


"uhh what are we doing here?" Richard asked, confused as to why they're at a cliff. 


Erick suddenly moved away. "Walk to the edge, son" Erick requested, his voice was gentle, probably because he went a little too hard on Richard during their sparring match.


Richard walked to the edge of the cliff, Erick then walked towards him and pushed him off the cliff but he grabbed Richard's shirt so he wouldn't fall of he felt something he thought he could never ever felt. "what the hell is this I'm feeling?" he asked, getting all shaky.


"You're afraid of dying!" Erick scowled at Richard. "You can't control Full reaper form when you're scared"


"what? That can't be?" Richard said. Erick scowled at him but quickly changed to a concerned look. He pulled Richard back. Richard fell on his bottom and dust started to come out when he hit the ground


"Why are you afraid?" Erick asked, crouching down in front of Richard.


"well, what kid wouldn't be afraid of their own father?" Ben asked. Richard and Erick then looked at each other. Hearing that question, it may be true that Richard was afraid of Erick.


"Are you afraid of me?" Erick asked, a concerned look on his face.


"I....I don't know" Richard said, looking down at the ground. His face did look like that he didn't know that he was afraid. Why would he? He can't die and he's an almost copy of his father but his father could be intimidating at times. 


"Richard" Erick called quietly, Richard looked up at Erick, his face was frowning probably because of Richard's fear. Erick suddenly grabbed Richard's shoulder, making him flinch. Erick slowly started transforming, making Richard shake.Erick transformed back to human form.


"I see" Erick said. He stood up  and walked back to the edge.


"what did you see?" Richard asked, standing up as well. He brushed the dirt that stained his clothes with his hands. 


"You're afraid of losing against me again" Erick said, clenching his fist. Transforming to Full reaper form. Ben could tell that RIchard's afraid, he was shaking and full of insecurities. Ben sighed, stepping towards him. He patted Richard's shoulder.


"seriously? You're afraid of him? I'm human, someone who can die, and I'm not afraid to fight him" he said with a smirk. He charged forward, punching Erick's heart. Erick countered, a punch on Ben's stomach.  Ben recovered fast, he jumped and karate chopped Erick's head. Even though Ben's attacks were weak, Richard felt that he was stronger than him. He had the courage to step up agaisnt death, something he couldn't do and he's death's son! 


Frustrated, he transformed into his half-demon half-angel mode and charged forward as well. He flew towards Erick and led him off the cliff. He dropped him off and transformed into Full reaper form to teleport down. Erick also teleported and the two were now fighting at the field. 


"You're not scared anymore?" Erick asked, seeing Richard's smirk. His hood didn't cover his face all that much. He stretched his right hand like it's grabbing a weapon. He summoned a double edged scythe at his right hand. Erick was rather surprised. "So you're going to fight me with a dangerous weapon eh?" he asked. 


Richard smirked and charged forward. erick spun his scythe around before raising it up and pushing it down. Richard blocked, of course, he spun his own scythe and locked it with Erick's. He spun around again to disarm him and Erick. Erick looked to his right as his scythe and Richard's flew off. Looking back at Richard, he ws greeted by a punch to the face. As he landed on his back, he took a good look at Richard. He wasn't using Full reaper form anymore, he was using his angel form. 


Erick smirked as he teleported behind him and chop his neck. He failed though. Richard had blocked his attack with his holy sword. Erick smirked "Agility, the one thing that angels have the upperhand against me" he said as he backflips away from Richard. 


"I see that you have inherited our forms" Erick stated. Richard nodded "Alright then, new training. We're going to merge those two forms together" Erick stated. 


Richard looked perplexed "didn't I already do that?" he asked. Erick laughed a little afterwards. 


"You did but you only get half of the power on each form. What I want is for the two to combine and you still get a hundred percent power" Erick explained. Richard flinched a little, thinking that this may be hard."Don't worry, son, it's going to be easy" Erick said, smiling and patting Richard's back.


"how?" Richard asked, doubting his father's words.


"We just have to master FRF first and then we're going to make you transform and then we'll se if you can amplify your power up to 100% afterwards" Erick explained. Richard understood all of it and transformed back to Full reaper form.


"let's start" Richard said, not afraid of his father anymore.


"Be careful, son, I've been only using 2% of Full reaper form's power" Erick said, transforming to Full reaper form. Richard smirked, then attacked him.


They've done this for the past few weeks. Nothing but fight, eat, fight, eat. Ben sometimes joined in to improve his skills but apart from that, it was always father vs son. Everyday, Erick would always use 2% never going up. Everyday, Richard would improve, his fear of his own father was slowly fading away. Erick smiled as he sparred with his son, he saw himself in him again. Their sparring came to an abrupt end when Erick sensed his studnet's in danger.


"what's wrong father?" Richard asked, confused as to why he stopped fighting yet also scared because of his father glaring at the sky.


"The devil attacked my students" Erick said quietly. Richard flinched again, the devil? What's the devil doing in here all of a sudden? He had so many questions but he knew that Erick couldn't answer them this time. 


"should we go now?" Ben asked. Erick nodded. Ben walked to Erick and grabbed his robe. They teleported out of there.


Back to the students


"isn't the devil a guy?" Jospeh asked, confused as to why is the devil a hot woman. "why are you a girl?"


"it's a long story but I don't have time to explain it" Elise said, she then created a pit of lava just below where their crushes are tied up. "now I know you don't want your love ones to die so, how about we make a deal?" she offered.


"what's the deal?" Jospeh suddenly asked, scowling at Elise. Elise was rather surprised, Joseph was already going to bargain, I guess nothing beats love.


"simple, Iet them go and you tell me where Erick is" Elise said. It was simple enough but why did she went through all this trouble just to ask them that? 


"we don't know where he is" Darryl said. Elise frowned. "I mean, he didn't even leave behind a note when he disappeared"


"yeah and why would the devil even want to know where our teacher is?" Luke asked, angrily releasing himself from the chain. Elise was surprised to hear this, from the way Luke talked it seemed that he didn't know what Erick's true identity is.


"hang on, do you even know who your teacher is?" Elise asked.


"what else should we know about him?" Joseph asked, still scowling at her. The girls were surprised that they're not even scared, it's the devil yet they remained courageous. Audrey was panicking, Erick's identity was about to be exposed


"oh my.." Elise said, placing her hand on her cheek. "you don't know that Erick is the...." Audrey suddenly screamed.


"SILENCE!" the man yelled, silencing Audrey.


"thank you brother" Elise thanked, the man just nodded. "now, Erick is..."


"hey ugly!" Audrey suddenly called, interrupting Elise again. Elise looked up. "are you gay? If you're the devil then why are you disguising yourself as a fucking woman?!" she yelled.


Evryone was shocked. Is that Audrey? She has never swear or offend anybody intentionally so what's happening? The boys tried to hold their laughter, seeing Audrey break character.


"I am a woman you idiot!" EIlise yelled angrily at Audrey.


"then explain it to us!" Audrey yelled back.


"fine!" Elise yelled, stomping her foot down to the groun causing a little shake.




I was a man before, until I caught a fight with Erick. The grim reaper and I fought for years until he got the upper hand by splitting me into two, literally.


Erick and the devil fighting at hell. Erick in Full reaper form and the devil at his demon form. Erick was spinning his scythe around as the massive devil lashesd out his whip. Erick dodged and jumped up, his scythe becoming 5 times more massive than his body. He cuts the devil in half, a light appeared at the cut as the devil splits into two.


Not only did he split my body in half but also my personaity. Before I became the devil, I was once the most powerful and most handsome angel. When I was split in half, I took the form of woman to represent the devil's charming appearance and the man behind me took the form of a man to represent my strength.




"happy?!" Elise asked angrily. Audrey blushed in embarassment, she failed to protect Erick's identity.


"Erick is the grim reaper?" Joseph asked in shock. Elise nodded with a serious face. 


Emerald looked like she was planning something. Audrey knew Emerald wanted to catch Erick so that they can achieve immortality. She was panicking inside, she knew that the moment they got out of here she would tell her father what she saw. 


"Emerald, you're not thinking about-" Audrey asked.


"no! I'm thinking about how can we get out of here" Emerald said. She wasn't lying so that gave Audrey a sigh of relief. "if you're wondering if I'm thinking about catching Erick, well, I don't want to do it anymore" Emerald said with a smile "he's done so much for us that betraying him like that would break his heart. Plus, he helped me be first in midterms and I finally heard my father said that one word I never heard him say" 




Emerald was running to her house with a smile. Once she got inside, she took of her bag and shoes and went to the dining table.


"you're pretty excited today" Edward said with a smile. Emerald then showed him her exams. They all had a perfect score and a note from Erick saying that she was first on midterms. His father grabbed them and formed a wide joyful smile. He looked back to Emerald who tilted her head and smiled. Edward hugged Emerald and said.


"I'm proud of you, Emerald!" 


Emerald cried tears of joy after hearing that. She finally fulfilled her mission.




"don't worry, I won't tell" Emerald said. Audrey smiled. Suddenly, they felt that they're going down.


"since you don't know, I'm gonna have to kill them" Elise said lowering the girls to the lava pit. Joseph and Darryl fired both of their pistols but it was ineffective against Elise. The man then fired his pistol. Joseph and Darryl rolled to dodge and found cover on the burning crate.


"why would you kill them? You only wanted Erick right?" Luke asked.


"yes but I'm also going to kill you. You see, Erick has plans that I'm not happy about" Elise said as the girls were inches away from the lava.


"what plan? The missions? It was only for our personal gain!" Luke yelled, he can feel the chain about to break.


"mission? Personal gain? Don't make me laugh! He's only helping you because God ordered him to" Elise said, laughing. Luke growled as Elise laughed and toyed with Luke. Dropping and raising the ropes just so Luke could get more angry. "but yes! The missions are the reason why I'm killing you. If one of you dies, Erick can't complete his mission" she continued. 


"okay what is his mission?" Isabella asked nervously. 


"to end your long lives and to revert the cycle" Elise said with a glare to Isabella, who flinched. All this revelation had shocked everyone, it felt like they didn't knew the world anymore. "okay, now that all your questions have been answered, time to die" she said with a smile and a wave. 


Luke grunted and struggled to get out. The chain broke when Darryl and Joseph both shot it and Luke dashed to Elise, tackling her. He grabbed hold of the rope so that the girls won't fall.  Elise growled angrily then looked at the man.


"what are you waiting for, Lucifer? Shoot him!" she commanded. Lucifer then stretched his hand and prepared to fire. Suddenly, his hand got cut. Everyone gasped as Lucifer's hand fell to the lava. Smiles on the student's faces formed when they saw a familiar face.


"Erick!" Elise hissed as Erick, Richard, and Ben appeared.


"Long time no see, 'Lise!" Erick said, smiling.











© Copyright 2020 rickybelmont. All rights reserved.


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