My Teacher, Death

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Humor  |  House: Booksie Classic

Chapter 21 (v.1) - Richard's heritage/ The substitute teacher pt. 3

Submitted: November 24, 2017

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Submitted: November 24, 2017





Lucifer prepared a punch which Richard cut his hand. He smirked as he transformed. His transformation was a lot more exaggerated now. Instead of one wing he has two now, one black and one white both are angelic. He had a scythe and a holy sword at his hand. His skin color was still split, being black on his right and pale on his left. 


"so, Richard is also a reaper" Emerald said as Luke sets them down onto the ground and untied them. 


"well, he's Erick's son" Audrey replied. Emerald and everyone else looked at her strangely, how did she know that? They weren't about to question as Elise elegantly swung her crimson red demonic sword at Erick. The sword had small red angel wings as a design for the cross guard, a crimson red hilt, a blue gem at the center of the cross guard, a red color on the fuller and central ridge of the blade.


Lucifer had regenerated his hands and now had two massive scythes. He spins them around and lasahed it out on Richard. He was caught by surprise but then Ben caught the two scythes by it's snath. He was surprised to see Ben's strength, but he noticed that he was trembling, he took a step forward but-


"stay back! I'm about to show you something" Ben said, Richard stepped back "you know what I said? That I'm human? I lied!" he said, horns suddenly growing from his forehead and a tail growing from his back. His black eyes suddenly switched to red. He retained his skin color though.  Ben turned into a demon.


"Ben?" Luke called, seeing his transformation. Ben ignored him as he pushed back the scythes but he was overwhelmed by Lucifer's sheer force. He got knocked down to the to the ground. Richard immediately stepped forward and duel with Lucifer. He was proven to be stronger than they had thought. His actions looked careless but it was actually hitting Richad everytime he swung his scythe. Richard was overwhelmed even with the new form he'd recieved, they were fighting the stronger half of the devil.


Elise swung her sword around with precision. He was hitting Erick's heart, brain, and back. Luckily, Erick blocked all of it with his scythe. Erick and Elise's weapons connected and they entered a lock. Erick was stronger than Elise since she was just the charisma of the devil. 


"What are you doing here?" He asked, pushing his scythemaking Elise step backward.


"I'm here to end you" she answered, pushing back so they remained the same.


"End me?" Erick asked, perplexed. "I am death itself, how are you going to kill what's already dead?" he asked, pushing Elise again downwards.


"who said anything about killing you? You may be unkillable but not your students" She said, a devilish smirk on her face. Erick pushed stronger until she was disarmed and on her back. Erick brandished his scythe to Elise, a glare on his face.


"Yield" he said, sounding more like an order. Elise crawled back a little then turned her head to the left, she smirked as she turned back.


"I guess I'm in the same position as your son right now" Elise said. Erick turned to his son and saw Lucifer raising his scythe. He swiftly went over there but left his scythe on Elise's leg to pin her there. 


He grabbed one of Lucifer's scythe and jumped. He hooked the blade to Lucifer's neck and as he dropped down, he began pulling. He raised his power from 2% to 50%. He screamed out loud as he can feel the scythe sinking in to Lucifer's flesh. He pulled harder until Lucifer's head popped off. Richard crawled away a little, he had never seen his father this brutal before. He saw his father's red eyes glow as he turned around and cuts Lucifer into pieces.


Luke, Joseph, and Darryl all led them outside the warehouse to get them to a safe spot. Isabella was suddenly caught by Elise and pulled back.


"Isabella!" Joseph yelled, chasing back after her. Darryl and Luke stopped, waiting for one of them to move.


"you go! You're stronger" Darryl said. Luke went inside and Darryl went to the girls. 


Joseph ran towards Elise but was stopped when Elise placed her sword on Isabella's throat. "get closer and she dies" she threatened, her sword mere inches away from Isabella's throat. 


Joseph scowled and clenched his teeth. Luke noticed that Elise's leg was bleeding. He slowly pulled his gun up but Elise noticed. She smirked as the blade was getting closer to Isabella's neck. They can't do anything, Elise controlled the situation, they can't fight back either, she's invincible against bullets. 


No one seemed to make another move. Elise noticed how useless the two are in this situation and decided to end Isabella. She was about to slit her throat if Ben hadn't stepped in and pushed Elise from her back. 


"get the sword! Joseph!" Ben ordered as Isabella left. Joseph looked at the demonic sword and grabbed it. Once Joseph's hand gripped it tightly, it burned his skin. He didn't dropped it though, his grip was firm. Elise stood up but was brought down again as Ben tackled her. 


"stab her now!" Ben yelled. Joseph charged forward, giving all his force into one powerful stab to the chest. They all backed away as Elise began to emit a white light. An explosion came afterwards.


"hey, Ben, that's her sword" Luke stated. Ben nodded. "wouldn't it not kill her?" he asked. Ben then widened his eyes. 

"oh shit..." he said as Elise stepped out of the explosion. 


"tell me.." she asked stepping out. She still wore the same outfit. The only thing that differed was that a red aura was surrounding her. "...why are you still on his side? I mean, he wants to kill you and yet here you are, fighting alongside him!" Elise asked, glaring at the three. 


"yeah he wants to kill us! But he's trying to make us happy before we die." Luke said, tackling Elise. Before he could even touch her, Elise slammed him down to the ground. Before Luke could even stood up, Elise shoved her foot on Luke's chest.


"so you'd rather die happy than live for forever?" Elise asked, putting more pressure on her foot causing Luke to grunt. Joseph and Ben charged in for a punch but both fists were caught by Elise. She tightened her grip, causing the two to kneel.


Erick and Richard both looked at Elise and frowned. "You wanna deal with her?" Erick asked, seeing Richard smirk. He flapped his wings and flew off, charging at Elise. Elise saw it coming and let go of the fists, still stepping on to Luke. She summoned her sword and blocked Richard's. The two engaged in a lock. 


"so, why aren't you afraid that you're going to die?" Elise asked as she easily pushed Richard. 


"I can't die! I'm his son!" Richard replied, pushing Elise back causing more pain on Luke. 


"oh but you can! For your angel side is located right where your heart is!" Elise stated, causing Richard to gasp. He was caught off guard and so Elise used this time to disconnect to the lock and stab Richard at the right side of his stomach. 


"Richard!!" Erick yelled as his son fell to the ground. Before he could move, Elise pointed her sword in Richard's heart. 


"you're heart is that of an angel and a demonic weapon or a reaper's scythe can damage it and kill it" Elise stated as Richard's stomach wound healed. She turned her head and observed Erick's hesitation. "what's wrong, Erick?" she asked in a cocky tone. Meanwhile, Richard slid his sword to Luke. "are you afraid of losing your son? You are going to kill him so why don't I do it for you already?" she taunted raising her sword a little.


Angry, Erick growled as his power rose. 50% percent was able to kill a devil, what about a hundred? He grew a tad bit taller and a black fog surrounded him. Erick's red eyes glared at Elise as she gazed in awe and fear at Erick. Elise stabbed Richard at his left side, mere inches from his heart. Elise then approached Erick and smirked. 


She summoned a clone of her demonic sword and stabbed it to Erick's heart. Erick dodged and touched her sword. With one touch, Elise's sword degraded and turned to dust. Elise gasped as Erick placed his finger mere inches from Elise's neck. 


"Yield" he said in a dark and deep voice. Elise was trembling, she was waiting for Erick to do it but he didn't. She sighed and her red aura disappeared. Erick also returned to his human form. Richard and Ben as well. 


"I guess I can never really win against you" she stated as Lucifer regenerated and approached her.


Erick smiled "If it's any consolation, you're the second person to anger me this much" he said. 


Elise giggled "don't make me laugh" she said. Everyone went back and frowned. Their lives were in danger and Erick couldn't even kill her. 


"so what are we just going to laugh this off? She tried to kill us!" Luke yelled, he was now sitting at the ground. Erick glared at Elise, expecting something she should do. Elise looked back and smirked before approaching Luke. 


She kneeled down to him and kissed Luke! Emerald and everyone else screamed as Luke blushed. But, his wounds did heal as Elise kissed him. Elise let go and Luke felt dizzy. 


"what the hell was that all about?" Emerald asked.


"That's Elise's thing. Her kiss can heal even cancer" Erick said with a smile, he then turned back to Elise "Which reminds me, you're the reason why these people even have longer lives!" he yelled. Elise just chuckled.


"really?" Emerald asked "I thought it was because of the organization of in Eprax, where my dad works" she continued.


"honey, what is the name of the organization of scientists that your father is a part of?" she asked, a faint smile on her face. 


"the name.... oh the Faust Organization!" Emerald said. 


"and there's your answer" Elise said with a smirk.


Emerald thought about it. She remembered the name but can't put her finger to it. 


"Faust is the name of a guy who made a deal with the devil to obtain knowledge" Audrey said. 


"oh" Emerald said, making a discovery. Elise rolled her eyes in disappointment and looked to Erick.


"for a guy praised for being a great teacher, you sure don't teach them that well" Elise joked, getting a small laugh from him. "alright, story time again but while I tell it, let's go home" she said as all of them walked out. They still couldn't believe that Erick won't kill her.




Okay so over... I forgot how many years ago but there was a man that made a pact with me to have longer lives. I gave him knowledge on how to obtain such a feat. Oh yeah, I was also a man during this time!


A young scientist with black hair and black eyes shook hands with the devil.  He then genetically modfied himself inside his own lab. He felt that he had a longer life, now. Cut to a few days later and we see the same man experimenting with a human. He was modifying this man's body so that he can also have a longer life.


So this man spread his knowledge to his fellow scientist and basically started the Faust organization because he wanted to credit me in a little way. So as you know, if you make a pact with me, i get your soul in return and you can guess what happened afterwards.


400 years later and we see the man as an old, weak man at a hospital bed. The devil then came to see him, he was dressed like a business man. He looked at his watch and said that his time is up. The man didn't want to go yet but from a single glare from the devil and his soul was his.


After that, I took his soul. the humans kept on experimenting with the man's knowledge as they grew closer and closer to immortality. God seemed to be angry as he sent the grim reaper on a mission to kill you guys.




"so that's the entire origin of your longer lives, summarized"  she said. It looked like Emerald, Richard, and Luke were the only students left. She sighed as they saw Emerald's gate. Emerald grabbed Luke's hand and led him to the village gate. Elise and the rest walked away from them.


Luke didn't know why Emerald pulled him, was he forgiven or was he going to get slapped? 


"so... what is this?" he asked, completely clueless to Emerald's action.


"I... want to say that you're forgiven" Emerald said, blushing. Luke blushed after hearing that, he looked to Emerald and he can clearly see that she wants something.


"alright spit it out" Luke said, pretending to be irritated. Emerald suddenly grabbed Luke's head and their lips connected. At first Luke was surprised but then continued as he grabbed the back of Emerald's head. It was a good thing that the guard was asleep or else they're busted.


They let go and Luke smiled, seeing Emerald blush. He then wrapped his arms around Emerald and hugged her. "am I on your good side now?" he asked. Emerald giggled and hugged back.


"you're on my best side now!" she said. Luke blushed and sighed in relief.


"I'm glad about that" he said, patting her back before letting go.


"what about me? Am I on your good side?" she curiously asked.


Luke then messed with her hair. "no.... I don't know what to call this side so I'm just going to call it love" he said with a smirk. Emerald smirked back.


"well okay, I'll see you tomorrow" Emerald said, entering the village. Luke waved her off and she waved back.


Back to Erick and Co.


"well today was quite eventful" Elise said, hearing Richard's growl afterwards. "hey, don't be so negative, it's a good thing I didn't hit your heart" she snickered.


"okay, which side are you really on?!" Richard angrily asked.


"well seeing as how I can't kill you because of him, I'm on your side" Elise said with a smile. "I'll help out your missions and be your second teacher." she continued. They noticed that all this time Erick was silent. 


Suddenly, he opened his mouth "So, did I complete your mission?" Erick asked Richard. Richard nodded slowly. Erick smirked as he looked up the sky. "Aren't you forgetting something?" Erick asked sarcastically


"oh umm.... thanks dad!" Richard said with a smile as he looked up at the sky as well.


"you're the best dad anyone can have"




Here's the song for the battle: I May Fall





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