My Teacher, Death

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This is the most sadistic ending I've done

Chapter 21 (v.2) - Richard's heritage/ The substitute teacher pt. 3 (massacre ending)

Submitted: November 27, 2017

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Submitted: November 27, 2017




Lucifer prepared a punch which Richard cut his hand. He smirked as he transformed. His transformation was a lot more exaggerated now. Instead of one wing he has two now, one black and one white both are angelic. He had a scythe and a holy sword at his hand. His skin color was still split, being black on his right and pale on his left. 


"so, Richard is also a reaper" Emerald said as Luke sets them down onto the ground and untied them. 


"well, he's Erick's son" Audrey replied. Emerald and everyone else looked at her strangely, how did she know that? They weren't about to question as Elise elegantly swung her crimson red demonic sword at Erick.


The sword had small red angel wings as a design for the cross guard, a crimson red hilt, a blue gem at the center of the cross guard, a red color on the fuller and central ridge of the blade.


Lucifer had regenerated his hands and now had two massive scythes. He spins them around and lashed it out on Richard. He was caught by surprise but then Ben caught the two scythes by it's snath. He was surprised to see Ben's strength, but he noticed that he was trembling, he took a step forward but-


"stay back! I'm about to show you something" Ben said, Richard stepped back "you know what I said? That I'm human? I lied!" he said, horns suddenly growing from his forehead and a tail growing from his back. His black eyes suddenly switched to red. He retained his skin color though.  Ben turned into a demon.


"Ben?" Luke called, seeing his transformation. Ben ignored him as he pushed back the scythes but he was overwhelmed by Lucifer's sheer force. He got knocked down to the to the ground. Richard immediately stepped forward and duel with Lucifer.


He was proven to be stronger than they had thought. His actions looked careless but it was actually hitting Richad everytime he swung his scythe. Richard was overwhelmed even with the new form he'd recieved, they were fighting the stronger half of the devil.


Elise swung her sword around with precision. He was hitting Erick's heart, brain, and back. Luckily, Erick blocked all of it with his scythe. Erick and Elise's weapons connected and they entered a lock. Erick was stronger than Elise since she was just the charisma of the devil. 


"What are you doing here?" He asked, pushing his scythemaking Elise step backward.


"I'm here to end you" she answered, pushing back so they remained the same.


"End me?" Erick asked, perplexed. "I am death itself, how are you going to kill what's already dead?" he asked, pushing Elise again downwards.


"who said anything about killing you? You may be unkillable but not your students" She said, a devilish smirk on her face. Erick pushed stronger until she was disarmed and on her back. Erick brandished his scythe to Elise, a glare on his face.


"Yield" he said, sounding more like an order. Elise crawled back a little then turned her head to the left, she smirked as she turned back.


"I guess I'm in the same position as your son right now" Elise said. Erick turned to his son and saw Lucifer raising his scythe. He swiftly went over there but left his scythe on Elise's leg to pin her there. 


He grabbed one of Lucifer's scythe and jumped. He hooked the blade to Lucifer's neck and as he dropped down, he began pulling. He raised his power from 2% to 50%. He screamed out loud as he can feel the scythe sinking in to Lucifer's flesh. He pulled harder until Lucifer's head popped off. Richard crawled away a little, he had never seen his father this brutal before. He saw his father's red eyes glow as he turned around and cuts Lucifer into pieces.


Luke, Joseph, and Darryl all led them outside the warehouse to get them to a safe spot. Isabella was suddenly caught by Elise and pulled back.


"Isabella!" Joseph yelled, chasing back after her. Darryl and Luke stopped, waiting for one of them to move.


"you go! You're stronger" Darryl said. Luke went inside and Darryl went to the girls. 


Joseph ran towards Elise but was stopped when Elise placed her sword on Isabella's sword. "get closer and she dies" she threatened, her sword mere inches away from Isabella's throat. 


Joseph scowled and clenched his teeth. Luke noticed that Elise's leg was bleeding. He slowly pulled his gun up but Elise noticed. She smirked as the blade was getting closer to Isabella's neck. They can't do anything, Elise controlled the situation, they can't fight back either, she's invincible against bullets. 


Joseph suddenly fired which Elise took. She then smirked and slit Isabella's throat. 


"ISABELLAA!!" Joseph yelled as Isabella's body fell to the ground. 


Elise laughed as she walked over Isabella's lifeless body and attacked Joseph. Before Luke could even defend him, Joseph was beheaded. He screamed in horror as Joseph's body rolled to his feet. Elise then smirked again and swiftly headed outside. 


Luke tried to caught up. He knew it was pointless, seeing how he can already hear the slashes of Elise's sword cutting through the flesh of his friends. When he got outside, all he could do was gasp. Emerald's head was in Elise's arms. Cassandra was down on her knees, her hands cut and her face melted to the point of showing the skull. Audrey's body were piked with large spikes. Darryl had his body still stuck on Elise's sword. She kicked Darryl's dead body off her sword and glared back at Luke.


All this time, Erick was fighting Lucifer. He fought him with sheer force as Lucifer's body disintegrated into thin air. He sensed something wrong and swayed his eyes to the left.He gasped as he saw the souls of his students being taken to hell. He stretched out his hands and then-




Erick turned around and dropped his scythe as Lucifer stabbed Richard right through his heart. Erick was speechless, he lost his students and now his son. He felt a sudden anger inside his body but he can't unleashe it for some reason. Ben suddenly jumped forward to attack Lucifer only for Elise's sword to catch him and pin him in the firey wall.


Erick fell to his knees as Elise walked around her. A victorious grin on her face as she dragged her sword to the floor. 


"I guess you failed" Elise said as she puts her sword in Erick's chin. Elise then giggled, seeing Erick's depressed face. Erick then looked to see a frightened Luke. He was peeking at Erick. He whispered for him to run away but Elise saw this and smiled as she looked at Luke.


"Lucifer, would you be a dear and kill Luke brutally" she requested. Lucifer chased after Luke, who already started running. Erick tried to stand but Elise's sword was still on her chin. At this point, Erick was furious. He already lost enough lives todayy, he's not going to let another one die. He grabbed Elise's sword and it degraded. Elise gasped as Erick swiftly left him.


Luke ran fast but it wasn't fast enough. Lucifer was getting closer and closer until-




Lucifer had a holy sword through his chest. Luke was perplexed, he saw Richard die, who could this be? He heard a familiar grunt as Lucifer's body was cut in half. There stood an angry Erick. He was probably in 100% power. He grabbed Lucifer's head and sent it down to hell. Luke ran again, knowing that that's probably for the best.


He ran until he hits his head into something.... soft. He looked back up and a glaring Elise was in front of him. He backed off a bit, seeing Elise's angry face made him scared. 


"hello, Luke" she said as Luke fell to his back and started crawling backwards. Elise then threw a spike, just inches away from Luke, to tell him to stop falling back. Luke stopped as Elise kneeled down to his level. Luke had a frightened look. At this point, he was scared of the devil and wanted to get out of there. She killed his friends and now he's about to die as well. 


Elise suddenly smiled at him and poked his cheeks. Afterwards, she stood up and walked away. Luke sighed in reliefe as he got up and then-




Elise shot Luke right in his heart. Luke fell on his knees and then his face and his entire body hit the ground. Elise laughed, seeing how much of a fool Luke was to trust her. She then opened a portal and left. 


Erick rose from the ground and gasped, he saw Luke's dead body.


"No, no, no, no" Erick said as he grabbed Luke's dead body. Erick's tears began to fall. He lost a lot of students tonight and he can't complete his mission anymore. He wasn't able to escort them to heaven too, they were killed by the devil and so they're going to hell. 


Erick cried as he hears his student's cry for help. Screaming his name for him to save them. But he can't do it, he can't go to hell. Elise laughs evily as the students that died tonight got burned in the fiery pits of hell. Erick screamed to the top of his lungs as he saw his son whimpering his name for help. Ben was getiing lashings due to him attacking Lucifer. 


Mission failed.



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