My Teacher, Death

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Humor  |  House: Booksie Classic

Chapter 22 (v.1) - Isabella's Confidence.

Submitted: November 27, 2017

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Submitted: November 27, 2017











Literally the next day after their encounter with the devil


Isabella was walking alone with a smile. She thought that the day would be a jolly day, the sun's shining, the birds are singing, traffic was nowhere to be seen, it was a perfect day. As she happily walked the sidewalk, she glanced at the principal's daughter with her firends, also walking to school they're just on another side of the sidewalk.


The caught each other's eyes and the principal's daughter quickly crossed the road. Isabella's day then had taken a turn for the worse, her frown and shaking could tell it all.


"hey, Isabella!" she greeted with a friendly smile and a pat on her shoulder.


"h-hey Kelly" Isabella nervously greeted, she took a step forward but her friends blocked her way. Isabella then turned her head back to Kelly, who was still smiling.


"relax! I just want to talk" she said, placing her arm around Isabella's shoulders. "and I also want to make fun of our little introvert" she said poking Isabella's cheeks. 


"why?! I did nothing wrong!" Isabella stated, nerovusly shaking as Kelly's friends got closer to her. 


"on the contrary, you've scored higher than me on midterms"  Kelly said, scowling at Isabella. Isabella then backed off a little but she bumped into one of Kelly's friends. "so now, you have to pay for being better than me" she continued cracking the bones on her fists.


Kelly's friends grabbed hold of Isabella as she prepared a fist before-


"hey now, what's going on in here?" a familiar male voice asked. Kelly turned around to see an orange haired guy with green eyes that are scowling at her. The guy was holding Kelly's wrist so that she wouldn't punch Isabella.


"Joseph" she called as she struggled to release herself.


Joseph scowled at Kelly like a knight defending his princess. Isabella slowly smiled seeing her knight in shining armor coming to save her. 

"are you going to punch Isabella?" Joseph growled. Kelly finally released herself and scowled at Joseph. Isabella got out of Kelly's friend's grip and hid behind Joseph. 


Kelly glared at Isabella and sighed. She turned around and walked away, ignoring Joseph's question. Joseph opened his mouth but he felt Isabella's hand tugging his back. He sighed and looked back to her with a frown.


"why were they bullying you?"  Joseph asked sternly, keeping that knight vibe in him.


"it's nothing really" Isabella lied, a hiccup came afterwards. Joseph knew what that meant. Isabella is the worst liar because of a hiccup, everytime she would lie a hiccup would follow.


"don't lie, you know that you're a bad liar" Joseph said. He glared at Isabella but not in a scary tone.


"can we just go to school!" Isabella snapped. Joseph sighed and nodded. They both walked to school together.


They've arrived at class and saw that Erick nor Elise has not yet arrived but all of the students are present.


"hey, Katejina, where's the Prof?" Joseph asked, placing his bag down and taking a seat.


"beats me. He woke up earlier than me so I assumed that he'll be here" Katejina replied. Jospeh then looked at Richard.


"don't look at me! I don't live with my dad. I live alone" he said replied, scowling at Joseph.


"or with your mom" Luke coughed. A small laugh from the boys then followed. Richard growled afterwards.


"hey, did you hear, Ms. Elise is going to be our second teacher" Emerald whispered to Freya, a disappointed look on her face.


"and the erections continue" she said, insulting the boys. She scowled at them and Luke scowled back.


"oh yeah, like you don't wet your pants when Erick takes off his suit" he retorted. The girls suddenly blushed and hid their faces, everyone even Emerald. 


"OHHHHHHH" the boys yelled, even Richard. Freya stood up.


"you want me to tell them what you said about Emerald?" Freya threatened. Luke stood up and faced the taller girl.


"sure if you have the balls oh wait-" Luke retorted getting another cheer from the boys. Freya got furious and slapped Luke. Luke chuckled as he held his red right cheek.


"just admit that you have a crush on Erick because I'll openly admit that ELise is fucking hot!" he said, scowling at Freya who was blushing.


A moment in silence as everyone awaited for Freya, she did represent the girls on this battle. "...fine, we all have a crush on Erick" she confessed, Luke smirked afterwards.  Erick opened the door, Elise behind him.  They walked inside as Luke and Freya took their seats.


"Alright class, meet your new history teacher" Erick introduced Elise, he wore a frown as Elise greeted the students with a smile. "I think you all already know that Elise is the devil and I'm the grim reaper?" Erick asked, the classroom nodded. "Okay, then, so she's going to teach history because she's been in every major human events that had happened. Most of the time, those events happened because of her" Erick said. 


They already knew how Elise would teach and so most of them, especially the girls, just looked bored. Erick sat on his desk, seeing as how he doesn't teach any class and he didn't wantto go to the faculty. Elise's smile then turned into a frown as she started teaching. She was faster at teaching than Erick at full power. 


The students had a hard time keeping up, they were just getting used to Erick at full power. It felt like hell when Elise was teaching, how can it not be? She is the devil. They were in hell until the bell for recess rang.


Emerald, Luke, Joseph, accompanied Isabella to her locker. She got her books, it was a lot, and they walked back to their classroom. It was weird how no one is around the hall they walked but they didn't mind it too much. As they walk, they saw Kelly with her friends and her boyfriend. Her boyfriend then intentionally bumped into Isabella causing her to drop her books, mind you that the path was big enough for him to not bumped into Isabella. They heard their quiet laughter as they walk away from them. 


Luke scowled but then smirked. He took a step forward but Emerald held his arm.


"don't" Emerald said almost like an order, shaking her head. Luke saw in her eyes that she's serious and he can feel her grip getting tighter, although nothing that he can't escape.


Sighing, he goes to the pile of books and helped Joseph and Isabella pick them up. After that, Luke went back to the classroom. The remaining three went to the cafeteria to eat. 


"Isabella, what's your mission?" Emerald asked, seeing Isabella nervously shaking. She wondered if this was because of the events earlier. "hey, Isabella!" she yelled.


"well, my mission is to know how to be confident" Isabella replied while looking down to the ground. Emerald smiled, looking at Isabella. Even just telling her own mission made her nervous. 


"so you want the Prof. to teach you how to be brave?" Emerald asked. Isabella nodded slowly. Joseph gazed at her nervous look and smiled. He can tell that she wants to do it but her nervousness might get in the way. 


"I can do that too!" Joseph said, expecting her to nervously decline. Looking at Joseph, Isabella blushed. Joseph was surprised to see her blush, did she have a crush on him? Or is it because she knew that he has a crush on her?


"oh, then you can teach me as well, alongside Erick of course" Isabella nervously said. Suddenly, someone threw and apple and hit Isabella. It cause her head to knock back and hit her plate. Joseph turned around, he held his pistol like a knight would hold his sword while it's still in it's scabbard. 


He looked around to find Kelly laughing out loud. He was ready to shoot her. How dare her to pick on his princess. Emerald saw Joseph's angry face, reminding her of Luke. 


"Joseph, don't" Emerald ordered. Isabella pulled her face out of her plate and held Joseph's arm. She shook her head. Joseph felt the same way as Luke felt earlier when they bumped in to Isabella. He sighed, rather angirly, and turned back around, reluctantly ignoring Kelly's action. 


The bell rang for recess, then lunch, then dismissal.


Before Erick left, he approached Isabella. "Isabella. A word" he said in an angry tone. Isabella followed Erick to a corner in the classroom. Cassandra and Audrey wondered why was Erick angry.


"Why did Kelly bullied you?" he asked, looking shady.


"it's nothing sir" Isabella lied, the hiccup came afterwards.


"Don't lie" Erick scolded. He knew about Isabella's hiccups.


"sir, it's because I ranked higher than her in midterms" Isabella explained, a scared look on her face. Erick nodded and held her shoulder. 


"Alright, Steve, Joseph, and Jackson are outside. Go to them and wait for me, kay?" he asked. Isabella nodded and walked away. Erick sighed, thinking the flaws of this school again. 


Isabella walked down the stairs. As she did, she saw Kelly again, walking upstairs. Luckily, there was a crowd of students that were walking downstairs and hid herself in the crowd. 


Once she's outside the gate, she saw Steve and no one else. She looked around, Jackson and Joseph were nowhere to be seen. She wondered where could they be. 


Back at the classroom


Luke gave a laugh since Jackson was screaming like a wild beast as Joseph tried to stop him from attacking Audrey. She must've spilled out a dirty secret, given Jackson's anger. Joseph was laughing quietly as Jackson kept on shouting and shouting.


Back with Isabella 


Steve noticed her and approached her. "hey Isabella!" he greeted. She didn't feel nervous when she heard Steve's voice. Normally, even Audrey or Cassandra could get her to jump just from greeting her. 


"hey, Steve!" Isabella greeted back. Steve smiled and Isabella smiled back. Now she remembered why. 




I remembered. I was a child and I used to hang out with Kelly's group, even if I only get bullied. I was always the nervous outcast so I thought that hanging out with them would make me less of an outcast. But I'm still treated the same. I remember that day, at the playground! How could I have forgotten?


Isabella was seen on the ground of a playground, crying as Kelly and her friends bully her. She looked up and saw their smirks. Kelly then laughed and walked away. A young Steve then passed by the playground and noticed Isabella crying. He walked to her.


"hey, what's wrong?" he asked, a concerned look on his face


Isabella looked up to him. She was surprised to find him really concerned about her.


"it's nothing" she said but then a hiccup came.


"do you have the hiccups?" he asked, Isabella chuckled


"no, it's just that, when I lie, I always hiccup afterwards" she said, with a smile. Steve then held his hand out for Isabella to grab. She grabbed it and Steve helped her to get up.


They then sat on the swing set."I....I'm being bullied by Kelly and her friends" she expessed. Steve gazed at her as she stood up.


"you want me to beat them up?" Steve asked, Isabella chuckled again. Who is this guy? And why is he this worried about her?


"no please! I think I can manage" Isabella said with a smile. Smile? Why was she smiling when talking to him? It felt weird. There was something in her that she never felt. It was warm and sweet. This warmth made her smile. What is it?

For the rest of the afternoon, they talked about their problems with the world. They smiled and laugh as they come up with silly solutions. Finally, dusk came and they had to part. Isabella's frown came back as they they both stood outside the playground.


"well, time to go home" Steve said, scratching his head. Isabella chuckled but then frowned.


"where do you live?" she asked. 


"I live just a few walks from here, beside the pink house" he said, pointing to north. 


That pink house was my house. I never realized that he lived there. I smiled, it was as if God saw that I'm in need of help. I smiled to him and said


"that's my house". Steve looked at her and smiled as well.


"then we could play everyday, now that I know where you are" he said, scratching his head again. Isabella nodded. "say, what's your name?" he asked, he spent all this timeand not once did he ask her name.






And after that, we became close friends. We played and we talked and we had fun. We were really close, too close. I remember now why I forgot about him. That dreaded day. 


Isabella was taken to her room by her mother. She was still shaking as her mother scolded her. She couldn't remember what she was being scolded about but she remembered her mother saying that she will never Steve again. 




After that, we stopped talking. We didn't say anything to each other when we met. We drifted apart from eahc other until I forgot about him and moved on. I don't know if he forgot about me though, that look on her face tells me that he hasn't.


"so umm, where's Joseph and Jackson?" she asked. Steve was clueless as well. Did Erick planned this? Was he doing two missions at the same time? "hey, so what's your mission?" she openly asked, not feeling a single hint of nervousness. 


"if you're thinking about me reuniting with you is my mission, don't. There's somethine else I want" Steve said, a smirk on his face. So perhaps it was just a coincidence that they're the only ones here. 


"how's life for you?" Isabella asked, they were waiting at the convenience store. Steve bought them drinks.


"been fine. I've been fighting Cassandra and I'm still weaker than her" he said, acting humble. Isabella chuckled


"still humble as always" Isabella said with a smile. She still felt comfortable talking to him. 


"how about you?" he asked.


"I'm still an outcast" she replied with a smile. A small laugh came afterwards and then, silence. It was silence for 15 minutes. 


"so, we're going to help you be confident?" Steve asked. Isabella nodded. I guess from being drifted apart, they barely have nothing to talk about anymore. "great!" Steve said.


Jackson and Joseph finally arrived and they both sighed in relief, the awkwardness was gone. 


"let's go!" Isabella said, walking to the door.


"we still have to wait for Erick!" Joseph said. Isabella frowned and walked back to them.


"alright! Let's wait!" 


To be continued


Here's a song for the flashback. If you're Filipino, listen to the original song it's much better I think: Before/ Dati


















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