My Teacher, Death

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Humor  |  House: Booksie Classic

Chapter 23 (v.1) - Isabella's Confidence pt. 2

Submitted: December 01, 2017

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Submitted: December 01, 2017




Isabella and company followed Erick, somewhere. None of them had any idea as to where they're going but Jackson and Joseph did have some ideas. They thought that Erick might scare Isabella and that could work, if she didn't already knew who death was. 


Jackson then noticed that Isabella was sticking close to Steve. He leaned himself to Joseph and whispered "look at that, Isabella might actually like Steve" 


"no, they're just close friends" Joseph whispered back, slightly angry at Jackson for thinking of such a thing.


"yeah but I heard that Steve does a greater job at comforting Isabella" Jackson replied.


"so what? You think I'll get angry if him and Isabella got together?" Joseph asked, he was now irritated.


"yes?" Jackson replied, unsure of his answer.


Joseph scowled at him, "no. I won't get mad nor will I try to take Isabella from Steve if she really liked him" he sternly said. 


"you're too nice" Jackson said. A quiet laughter from Joseph soon followed.


They've arrived at Erick's house. A little weird considering that they treat it as a safe place. They walked in and saw Katejina, her body sinking at the couch and she's writing something. 


"Jackson, stay with Katejina" Erick winked, causing Jackson to blush. He then sat to the end of the couch. Katejina noticed him and moved to the other end of the couch. Joseph and Isabella laughed quietly before looking back at Erick. He nodded to the three behind him and proceeded to walk upstairs.


They then arrived at Erick's room. Everyone was surprised to find the place so, white. To be specific, his walls were white and his furniture were black. Joseph and Steve gasped seeing Erick's collection of video games. He got old to the recent, to the exclusive, to the unheard of.


"you make me and Luke jealous of your collection" Joseph said, approaching the shelf and goshing out with Steve. Joseph then pulled a disc with someone that looked like him, although a lot more blocky.


"hey Steve!" Joseph said, trying to hold his laughter. "look who I found" he laughed quietly, showing him the disc. Steve frowned looking at his blocky counterpart.


"so what? I look like him, but do I act like him?" he asked, a smile on his face. Joseph then looked back at it and placed it in the shelf. 


"Now that you two are done goshing out, let's continue with the mission" Erick said,  making the mood a little sad. He then smiled "Don't worry! After this, I'll make sure to prepare food and call Luke for game night" he ensured, brightening the mood again. 


"Isabella! Go to the bed and lie on your back" he said, bordering ordered. Isabella nervously nodded and lie down, on the bed, on her back. Erick then approched him, standing at the side of the bide. He held his arm over her head.


"I wish I didn't have to do this, but considering the fact that you know my real identity already. I'm going to have to do a much more painful alternative" Erick said, his face showed that he didn't want to do this. 


"wh-what is it, sir?" Isabella nervously asked as Joseph and Steve both approached the side of the bed. 


"I can cast horrifying nightmares to your mind" Erick said, pointing his index finger in his brain. "This is the only way we can complete your mission. By facing your own fears via nightmares" Erick continued with a frown on his face. 


Steve then looked at Isabella, who was shaking. "you still want to do this?" he asked. 


"I have to. Otherwise, we won't die and the Prof. would fail" Isabella said with a comforting smile. "plus, I want to do this so that you guys won't worry about me" she said, her eyes closed and she kept her smile. 


Steve knew better, though. He knew why Isabella would do this. 


I remember.




I remember that day. It was after we drifted apart, she decided to reconcile with me. We were freshmen so it was now okay to reconcile. But when she approached me during dismissal.


Isabella approached Steve and called his name. He turned around and slightly frown. 


"can we, umm, walk together?" she asked, expecting Steve to say 'yes'.


Suddenly Kelly and her friends appeared and dragged Steve away from her. Isabella frowned and gasped as Steve walked away with her enemies. Kelly turned around and stuck her tongue out. Isabella sadly walked away, whimpering. 


I was hanging out with Kelly because of my parent's wishes. 


Steve than walked back to school and saw that Isabella wasn't there anymore. She probably went home. Steve then punched the wall and screamed in anger. He left the school and walked home, angrily. Looking up at Isabella's house, she saw her crying. 


Steve clenched his fist, he felt a rage inside of him. He harshly opened the gate to his house and harshly opened the door as well. 


I've never felt such anger like that before, it was new to me. I know exactly why I'm angry, I ditched her. She felt betrayed. She saw me, her best friend, hanging out with her worst enemy. Why didn't I thought of telling her, dang it! If I told her, she would probably forgive and we would be friends and........ she would have gained her confidence much sooner.




Steve suddenly held Isabella's hand, tightly. "DON'T DO THIS!" he yelled. But then, he noticed that Isabella had closed her eyes. Steve gasped and looked to Erick. He was hiding his black tears from them. He looked and wondered what horrible things could she be experiencing.


Nightmare world (Isabella's POV)


I saw nothing but pitch black. I walked around a few more but I felt like walking on a treadmill, since all I could see was black. I then heard Kelly's laughter, though louder. I ran away, hoping that I'm actually getting some distance. Suddenly, the pitch black began taking shape. It took the shape of the school. 


I then saw Kelly on the horizon. She slowly approached me with her sassy walk but I noticed that she's getting bigger. I slowly backed off but she got closer and closer and bigger and bigger until I'm only about the height of her shoe. 


She was my biggest fear! But how do I conquer such a big monster? I ran away from it as fast as I could. I know I should stand my ground and fight but I just can't bring myself to it!I ran but she got closer and lifted up her foot, she was going to crush me! 


I screamed as her shoe were inches away from me


Real world


Isabella gave a loud scream of pain. She was moving like a possessed person. Uncontrollable shakes with her body and the movement of someone getting tased. 


"Help me restrain her!" Erick yelled, he was positioned near Isabella's head. Steve and Joseph held Isabella's arms tightly. 


"fight Isabella!" Steve yelled, a really worried look on his face. Joseph saw the look of worry in Steve's face, Steve loves her more than he does. He sighed and looked back at Isabella, she was struggling. She must be in the worst possible situation right now.


Isabella gave screams of pain as she continue to dream of this nightmare. It was horrifying to see. They all wished that she didn't have to go through this. If only she wasn't captured by Elise, things would be different. Steve and Joseph both looked at Erick. He's trying to hide his tears. He, too, felt real bad for doing this. Even if Isabella wanted it. 


Back at Nightmare world


I fell to the ground after Kelly slapped me, it was more powerful than the real one's. As I try to get back up, she kicked me and I flew towards the ground. I was like a punching bag to her, I needed to fight back. Summoning all the courage I have, I stood up. I prepared to punch her but she dodged it and punched me in my stomach. I think I'm going to be sick.


I fell on my knees as the pain grew ever stronger. I can hear Kelly, laughing at how pathetic I am. I feel an anger swelling up inside of me but I can't unleash it. Was it because I'm still scared of her. Suddenly, she swung her amr and it connected with my face. 


I fell to the ground again but this time, I never bothered to get up. It was hopeless, I'm never going to change. It's for the better if I actually just die here, in my nightmare. I see her walking to me with a knife. I feel my life flashing back to me. All I can see are the tragedies that happened. Yup, I'm going to die here and it's for the better.


Real world


"She's losing hope!" Erick yelled, a state of panic in his face. She saw the sudden calm look in her. She hasn't woken up yet so she must want to die.


"WHAT?!" the two boys said in unison.


"She wants to die in the Nightmare world. I need someone to encourage her to live on!" Erick yelled, looking at the two of them. Joseph looked at Steve and nodded, he knew that Steve would be much better if her was to tell her to move on. 


"no! You do it! You love her, this is your chance!" Steve yelled. Joseph shook his head, he didn't want to do it because Steve would miss his chance for forgiveness.


Erick rolled his eyes "Oh come one. You know what? Both of you do it!" he yelled. The two were then enveloped by a white glow as they got sent to Isabella's nightmare.


Nightmare world


She raised her hand and prepared to fight me. Suddenly I felt someone touching my head. I suddenly remembered something happy, a time where I felt great. I looked up and saw Steve, a smile on his face. 


"I'm sorry" he whispered in my ear. "I never meant to betray you. I only did it because of my parent's wishes" he continued, slowly making her cry. Kell prepared for a stab but Joseph stopped her. "in truth, Isabella, I....." Steve continued, looking up to Joseph. I knew what he's going to say but I also looked up at Joseph. He nodded and smiled. Joseph willingly accepted that Steve loved me more.


".... I love you" Steve said, smiling down on me. I gasped as I stood up. Steve and Joseph disappearing. If two people love me, I can't be scared forever. I have to be strong, if I want to protect them. I scowled at Kelly, as I raised my right hand. This was a Nightmare, but still a kind of dream. A black scythe slowly appeared on my hand as I continued to scowl at Kelly.


I jumped forward and hit her with my scythe. Just like that, she disappeared. Suddenly, more of her appeared. But I'm not afraid anymore, one by one I destroyed them. More appeared, bigger ones. I stretched my hand again and another scythe appeared. I spun it around before attacking all of them. I hit them alll at their napes. One by one they all fell. I thought it was over but bigger ones came. I dropped my scythes and began to grow as well. I punched the first giant I saw and kicked the next. I did this until all of them died.They all disappeared and I stood there. The dark school brightened up and gave color to the school. 


I did it?


"Yes you did" I turned around and saw Erick. I smiled and ran up to him. "Now let's go back" he continued as I hugged him. We disappeared afterwards.


Real world


Isabella opened her eyes and saw the smiles on her friends and Erick. She sat up, the same time when Joseph and Steve let go. 


"welcome back!" Steve greeted. A warmth in Isabella's body then appeared as she formed a happy smile and hugged Steve. 


"how long was I out?" she asked, looking around Erick's room and found his window, it was dark. 


"You've been out for a couple of hours" Erick said with a smile. 


"we've been hearing nothing but your screams for hours" Joseph sarcastically complained. Steve and Erick chuckled. Isabella laughed afterwards. Joseph then noticed that Isabella wasn't shaking or feeling nervous anymore. He smiled, seeing her being confident.


Erick then looked at them "Well, a promise is a promise" Erick said, pulling out his phone. "Isabella, Katejina is on her room so stay there. Call Jackson to go here too" Erick said. Isabella nodded and headed out. 


After a few minutes, Erick's doorbell rang. Erick headed downstairs and opened the door. He was surprised to not only find Luke and Darryl but also Emerald. 


"Oh..." Erick said


To be continued.


Okay, I've used this song twice but I like it so much, this is for the action scene: I may fall 



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