My Teacher, Death

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Chapter 24 (v.1) - Sleepover!

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Submitted: December 03, 2017



Erick was surprised to see Emerald. Why was she with them? Her parent and her brother could not have allowed her to join them, not this late at night anyway. 


"Emerald? What brings you here?" Erick asked, raising his brow and looking curious.


"oh! My dad said he was going to the lab tonight and asked Luke to take care of me while he's out" Emerald answered, a smile on her face. Seems like a good reason, if Emerald did not have a big brother.


"What about your big brother?" Erick asked, letting them in inside. It was their first time and they saw Erick's surprisingly simple house. The living room was designed the same way as Erick's room. Black furniture and white walls and floors. Emerald sunk her body on the couch, notiving how soft it was. If she was any smaller, she might get eaten by it. 

"my brother's with some classmates, having a sleepover as well" Emerald said, her voice muffled by the couch as it started sinking her entire body. Luke laughed a little, seeing Emerald's small body sinking into the couch was a little hilarious. It was even more funny when Emerald began shouting for help.


Luke gently grabbed her waist and heard Emerald's little squeal. "what?!" Luke asked, confused why Emerald suddenly squealed.


"grab me by my arm not my waist" Emerald shyly said. Luke smirked as he saw a Emerald's face go red as he lifted her by her arm.


Erick and Darryl laughed as they headed to the staircase. Luke and Emerald followed as Emerald got up. They headed upstairs and halted. Erick then looked at Emerald and pointed his finger to the door behind them. 

"That's Katejina's room. It used to Richard's until he moved out" Erick said, Emerald turned around and saw a massive K hanging on a nail that was attached to the door. Emerald gladly approached it, her hands behind her chest and her head bobbing slightly. Erick then nudged his hand for them to go into his room. A scythe was hanging at his door. They entered the room and the fun started.


Emerald closed the door behind her and saw Isabella and Katejina lying on the bed, giggling as they watched something on Katejina's laptop. Emerald then smiled and jumped on the bed, hugging Katejina tightly that she went purple for a little. 


"what are you watching?!" Emerald asked as she got swung side to side by since Katejina was turning purple and wanted to not die. 


"'re..... choking... me!" Katejina said, grabbing Emerald's arm and forcefully tried to remove it. Emerald's grip was tight though but she did heard what she said and let go. 


"I'm sorry" she said, sitting down at the bed. She then looked back at her laptop and saw Audrey, still wearing her uniform.


"Audrey? Why are you still wearing your uniform?" Emerald asked, a curious and perplexed look on her face. It was night and she was still wearing a uniform. Emerald could tell the Audrey's smile was a facade, she could tell that she needed sleep or she just woke up.


"oh, right! I guess I forgot to change. I just woke up after one hell of a club meeting. I like Kathrina, but she was relentless today" Audrey said, yawning in between her sentence. Now it made sense! Audrey then looked around her surroundings and looked back at them. "so, why are you at Erick's house?" she asked.


"we're here for a sleepover and because it's too late for us to go back home" Isabella said, smiling as she pushed Katejina away with her face. Katejina was a bit bugged at this but she let Isabella finish what she's going to say. "there's nothing important to do tomorrow so our parents had allowed us to stay here for the next four days!" she said before getting pushed back by Katejina. Audrey laughed, seeing Katejina's stroppy face.


"isn't founder's week next week? What's the theme? I heard the photography club gets to decide this time" Emerald asked. Audrey then gave a massive grin and squealed louder than a pig. 


"well, that's the reason why Kathrina was relentless today. She insisted that we go with fantasy and we did, after four hours of continous ranting and arguments with the vice president of the club" Audrey replied. She looked excited for it yet tired, probably remembering the meeting she had to endure. 


Emerald then imagined what it looked like in her head. She shivered as she stopped imagining it. She then turned back to Aurey and smiled "I guess the boys will handle this one"  she said. Audrey nodded and then looked back at her door.


"hey, so, I'm going there in a few minutes. My parents and I ate out and it was fun" Audrey said. The three girls smiled, Audrey must've cherished that moment a lot. She did miss them a lot. "I guess I'm going to ask them first if I'm allowed to go" she continued, nervously laughing and scratching the back of her head. She then pulled out a pile of jackets. "oh yeah, I'll be bringing jackets!" she said. The girls nodded in unison and Audrey dropped the call.



Meanwhile at Erick's room, Jackson was screaming loudly. He was rage quitting because Steve kept beating him in 'Mortal Kombat XX'. Erick and everyone else just laughed. "This is the 25th time you got beaten Jackson! Give it up!" Erick said, arms folded and a sly grin.


"I won't give up until I beat you, Steve!" Jackson yelled as the announcer in the game said 'round 1'. 


Luke then leaned over at Darryl with a slight grin. "hey! We should troll with these guys once we play Helldivers 3" he said, nudging his elbow at Darryl's chest. 


"y'know, we're supposed to play with Erick right? If Jackson lost here then Steve will play with us" Darryl said quietly. Luke frowned, waiting for Darryl's disagreement with his idea "plus, I don't think you'll anger anyone other than Erick" he continued, frowning as Jackson lost again.


He growled before weakly slamming the controller down. He doesn't want Erick to get angry if he slammed it furiously. Erick then clapped his hands and grabbed Jackson's controller. Joseph then grabbed another and Luke and Darryl grabbed the remaining controllers. 


With Erick leading them, they were unstoppable. Although that didn't stop Luke from shooting everyone and anyone he had his eyes set on. He liked shootin Darryl a lot and seeing him get frustrated was pretty funny for him. Emerald wasn't there with them so he got the chance to be himself.


"Luke, stop!" Erick scolded almost like a father. Luke then stopped like how a son would, frowning and being silent. The rest of the game was just them silently playing with the occasional banter from Luke and Darryl.


After a while, they took a break and watched a movie. It was about sci-fi and there were these crew that had mutations and gave them superpowers, least that's what the boys can gather. The whole story was in the perspective of this young man who lost his step father.


"wow, this is quite good!" Darryl said, dumping a handful of popcorn in his mouth. Luke laughed a little, they didn't know why. It was probably because Darryl missed some popcorn and it fell to the floor. 


"so, what's the theme on founder's week?" Joseph asked, looking at Erick.


"I hear fantasy so ready your costumes" Erick replied, smiling afterwards. He's excited to see what they would dress up as, the boys in this room are fans of fantasy and the girls on the other room are probably thinking about what the design of the room's going to be. 


Suddenly, a knock on the door was heard and Erick stood up and left the room. As he opened the door, he was surprised to see that the girls are all going downstairs. Did they order pizza? That's what he thought. He then went downstairs as well and saw the girls opening the door. Audrey then jumped on Emerald and hugged her tightly. Richard then showed himself, laughing while Audrey tightly hugged Emerald. It was weird that Audrey had a massive duffle bag over her shoulder.


"Audrey? What are you doing here?" Erick asked, a smile on his face as he approached them. "and what's with the bag?"


"hey dad" Richard greeted, Erick then messed around with his hair making Richard smile and laugh a little.


"my parents allowed me to stay with you guys for the today until sunday. I also went to the other's houses and I have their spare clothes" Audrey said. Erick was surprised that she'd do that for her classmates, I guess they're really planning on staying on his house for the weekends.


"Alright then, so I guess I'll have to sleep down here when we get to that" Erick joked, no one laughed. Erick then frowned and eyed on his son. "What about you, son, what are you doing here?" Erick asked, patting his shoulder.


"I came only to accompany her but it will look as if I'm going to be here as well" Richard replied, a slight blush on his face as he looked at Audrey. Erick smiled, looking at Audrey as well. He didn't knew that this class would have so many romances. He thought that it was only Darryl and Luke but no! Everyone in his class is in love with each other. He then thought to himself something, he grinned widely, creeping out his students.


"sir?" Emerald called before Erick started walking out the door. "where are you going?" she asked.


"I'm going out for a walk. The house is yours for a while" he said as he left the house. At first they were surprised but as Erick disappeared, they grinned and immediately locked the door and went upstairs. 


Erick then smiled, hearing the loud click of the door. He didn't walk that far, he went to a local bar. Because hey! The grim reaper needs some time to relax and drink some beer. He walked in with a smile as he sat down to an occupied table. That table just so happened to be occupied by Elise.


"Hey!" Erick called. 


"oh you're here! What are you doing at Purgatory?" Elise asked. Erick chuckled.


"I'm here becuase I gave my house to the kids for this night" Erick said, looking at his surroundings. He'd notive that there's not a lot of people. He then settled his bottom to his seat and relaxed a little. A bartender then came in and gave them both two huge mugs of beer. 


"thanks" Elise said with a wink, making the bartender blush. She then turned back to Erick as the bartender left. She could see that he wants to talk about something. "spit it out"


Erick then sighed and looked at her with a frown. "Tell me how to save them" he asked. Elise's eyes widened from Erick's question as he drank his beer. 


To be continued

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