Chapter 25: How to save a life

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Humor  |  House: Booksie Classic

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"what?" Elise asked, a confused and excited look on her face. She knew that Erick would get attached to them and would, at some point in time, ask for her help. 


"You heard me. I want to know a way of saving them from their deaths" Erick replied. Elise then knew he was getting serious with the tone of his voice. He can't get drunk so it's not the beer that turned him serious. Was he really this attached? Or is there something else?

Elise sighed and spoke "well, the short answer is no! There is no way they can escape your mission unless one of them fails" Elise said, a serious tone on her voice as well.  It looked as if they're going to have an argument.


"Are you sure?" Erick asked, folding his hands and placing them on the table while leaning forward to it. Elise then took a tiny sip on her huge mug and placed it down and sighed quietly.


"yes, I can try to prolonge their lives but it won't stop them from dying" she said, turning her head to face the wall. She wore a frown and a very sad look. It looked as if she, too, got attached to the students as well. Erick gave a quick smile before turning it back into a frown. 


"How the heck did we get attached to them?" Erick asked as he grabbed the handle of his mug. He drank it as Elise gave a quiet chuckle.


"I guess it's the fact that they're in need of real help that got you attached to them. Me, I don't know why" Elise said with a smile as she grabbed her mug as well. They'd notice that it was pretty quiet and felt like everyone left the bar. They looked around and found that the bartender was cleaning a glass. There were no one around, only them.


"I think it's because they're the first to not be scared of you" Erick said with a slight grin on his face as he placed down his mug again. Elise chuckled while smirking. The room then became silent again. 


"these kids deserves to live. I can't believe I'm the one saying that, and I'm supposed to be evil!" Elise said, hovering her mug below her head. She smiled and she looked down on it. Erick chuckled as well as he finished his drink. 


"I agree" is what all Erick could say. While they were talking, he was actually getting a vision of their deaths. He tried to keep himself from showing his feelings to Elise, wearing a serious face as they talk. "I guess I'll go back now" Erick said, standing up and Elise nodding.


"there is way! Although it might be too much of a long shot" Elise whispered underneath her breath, but Erick heard it. He turned to her face and his face lit up with hope. He quickly sat back to his chair.


"What's the way?" Erick asked, slamming his hands to the table. If Elise knew something, he had to know. Even if waht she was plannning was probably sadistic.


"are they angels?" Elise asked, placing her hand down to the table and wearing a serious face. Erick hesitated to answer, he didn't know. "if so, then there is a way they can be saved" Elise said. They couldn't be possibly be angels, especially since Ben's a demon.


"They're not angels. I mean, Ben's a demon and Richard is only half of an angel" Erick said sadly. Elise then frowned and looked seriously at Erick.


"that doesn't matter. Answer the question" Elise sternly said, leaning forward to Erick. 


"I don't know" Erick said, sighing afterwards. Elise then leaned back and sighed as well. "Why does it even matter?" he asked.


"because I can save them from both Faust and you" Elise said, almost sounding like she really cares for them. 


"Faust?" Erick asked, sounding surprised to hear that word. What did she know that he didn't. "What do you mean?" he continued to ask, waiting for Elise's answer.


"tell me, where's Catherine Swift? And when was the last time you saw Keith?" Elise asked. Erick's eyes widened, she's right. He hadn't seen them in a while. Where could they be? Could she possibly suggest that...


"You're not telling me that Faust kidnapped them?" Erick asked, seeing Elise shook her head immediately after his question. What's happening? What's going on? How come he doesn't know this?


"no! I'm not saying they've been kidnapped, because their parents work for Faust" Elise said. At this point, Erick was getting angry. But then, he remembered. He only saw Keith during Halloween and Catherine was nowhere to be seen, only attending at midterms. "I ask this because Keith and Catherine are angels!" Elise revealed. Erick gasped. How did he not know? Were they really that good at hiding? And what are they doing in his class?


"What are they doing in my class?" Erick asked in a grim tone. Elise knew he was getting angry and held Erick's cheek.


"they were there for their missions" Elise said with a smile. Erick couldn't believe that the devil is comforting her. "they were adopted by scientists and raised them like normal kids until they turned into teens. It was then they were experimented" she continued, causing Erick to gasp. 


"I was there when I saw them being disected by scientists, all for the 'Immortality Project'" Elise said, Erick getting more angry. He wanted to kill someone. "they're blood are what they use for immortality" Elise continued, angering Erick even more. "which is why I need you to tell me if they're-"


"So what? You'll turn them into demons?!" Erick angrily asked. His eyes turned full red, a signe of him transforming. He slapped Elise's hand away.


"I'm saying I can hide their identities from Faust and save them from their deaths because I've seen the future and you won't be responsible for their deaths!" Elise said. It surprised Erick, of course. He still had doubt on his mind about what she's saying, she is the devil of course. 


"I won't be? What do you mean?" Erick asked but Elise only smiled and walked out.


"there are things God tells me that he doesn't want you to know" She said as she opened the door and disappeared. Erick sighed as he walked out of the door as well. He grabbed the handle of the door before the bartender spoke


"Faust will kill them" The bartender suddenly said. Erick turned and scowled at him, letting go of the handle. "They'll die during the experiments and Faust will give up on the 'Immortality Project' because of Emerald Winter's death" he continued. 


"And who are you?" Erick rudely asked. 


"just a bartender" he replied, going back to cleaning. Erick smiled and opened the door and leaving the bar.




"I DECLARE WAR ON THE GIRLS TERRITORY!" Jackson yelled, his foot standing on a pillow as Luke and the rest of boys fired marshmallows from their guns. The girls then used their pillows to cover themselves from the incoming 'bullets'. The girls then pulled out pistols, with rubberbands as their ammunition, and fired at the boys. They took cover since they were positioned behind the couch and the girls were positioned everywhere.


"take everything we learned from Helldivers and- ouch!" Joseph commanded before being hit by Isabella. She was cheering instead of shaking nervously, jumping around and complimenting herself. Joseph smiled, knowing that she's really confident of herself now. She then ran upstairs But that joy wouldn't last long as Luke fired a massive marshmallow to his face to wake him up.


"sorry, you did say everything we've learned. And I've learned to shoot everyone I see" Luke said. He's not even smiling, he was putting a very innocent face.


"why exactly did you get the bazooka?!" Jackson asked as he fired back at Katejina and Emerald. He sounded like he was jealous that Luke had the bazooka.


"Joseph told me that I should be the 'tank' of the team" Luke replied, keeping the innocent face. Joseph sighed and helped Jackson in keeping the two girls at bay. I mean, their ammunition wasn't really painful so they had to work together if they want to keep them at bay. 


Luke then faced the stairs and saw a sniper. "goddamn, Audrey took out Richard" Luke said, aiming the bazooka at Audrey. It went green and he fired it. To his, surprise, it fired all the way to Audrey's head. "guys, Richard's down which means Darryl and Steve are probably being harassed by Isaebella" Luke said, startling them a bit. 


"Jackson, head out and cause a distraction for them! We'll be able to tag Katejina afterwards" Joseph ordered. Jackson followed like a soldier and chraged forward, causing Emerald to follow. Luke was preparing himself to tackle her but Joseph gtabbed hold of his shoulder and shook his head.


"let's take care of red head first" Joseph said, cocking his mallow gun. Luke nodded and finally smirked. They both jumped over the couch in slow motion and fired at Katejina with all they've got.  Katejina backed away until she got backed to a wall and Luke pointed a gun to her face.


"move and this mallow will be your death" Luke threatened in his intimidating tone. Sadly the word 'mallow' was in his sentence so it wasn't as scary but he's trying! 


"you know, if you didn't say 'mallow' then it'll be better" Katejina retorted. Luke frowned and Joseph laughed a little. 


"it doesn't matter, the game said that if we capture one of you, we'd win" Luke said, a victorious grin on his face as he shoved the bazooka in Katejina's cheek. Katejina then smirked as she looked over Luke and saw someone.


"don't celebrate just yet" Katejina said, Luke then turned to Joseph and saw him being shot with a barrage of rubber band bullets. He turned around and saw Emerald, Isabella, and Audrey, all panting as they have the four boys on their hands. 


"and the game also said that if we leave one of the boys conscious and the other's dead, we'd win" Emerald said, pointing her gun to Luke. Luke then raised his hands and dropped the gun before noticing that Richard and Steve were fine and conscious.


"okay, I give up! You win!" he said, quickly dropping down and sliding his bazooka to Richard. He smirked and grabbed it, inserting a marshmallow he got from his mouth. As gross as it was, he had to win. He quickly stood up and aimed at Audrey. He hesitated, of course, and passed it to Steve. He hesitated as well since he was aiming at Isabella. He passed it to Jackson and aimed at Katejina. He hesitated and passed it to Darryl and shot Audrey.


Richard then glared evilly at Darryl and punched him in the face. This just turned into a free for all. Darryl then punched back but Richard blocked it with a nearby pillow. Richard then pushed Darryl, causing him to bump into Isabella and Emerald. 


Joseph, Steve, and Luke suddenly had red eyes as they all attack Darryl and Richard. What was originally a fun game turned into a brawl. A deadly pillow fight! They all grabbed pillows and started slamming it into each other's faces like they were bats. The girls and Jackson all watch as the wild and loyal boys killed each other just because they bumped into their girls. 


They kept at it even when they started feeling pain. But then Audrey saw something in them, they were laughing as they killed each other. Audrey smiled, knowing that they weren't that serious. Luke then winked at Jackson and he quickly grabbed a pillow and placed it in front of Emerald. 


"got you!" Jackson declared as Emerald went down, dragging him along to the floor. The boys and girls stopped their game and approached Emerald, Luke running to her side. She was tired, probably worked too hard again. Luke lifted Emerald up and placed her at the couch. 


"let her rest, she's not taking Erick's advice of relaxing. This was supposed to be that" Luke said, placing his hand over her shoulder. He sighed angrily "dammit Em, why are you working so hard?" Luke asked. 




A few hours later, Erick opened the door to his house. He looked around, seeing the guys and girls' sleeping at the couch. Audrey was intentionally hugging Richard, Jackson rested his head at Katejina's lap, Isabella was sleeping in between Joseph and Steve. Darryl was sitting on a chair, sleeping. Luke had his head rested at the couch while Emerald was lying in it.Erick smiled as he took a step, he felt something squishy. He looked down and saw a marshmallow. He put a grossed out face as he removed it and threw it outside. 


Suddenly, Emerald woke up and sat up at the couch. She saw Erick, taking off his shoes. "sir?" Emerald called. Erick then looked at her and smiled. He walked to her and kneeled downed, placing his hand on her hair. 


"Good evening!" he greeted. He still couldn't shake the fact of what the bartender said.


"good evening to you, too, sir!" Emerald greeted back, smiling as Erick's smile slowly went down. Something's probably on his mind. "sir, is there something wrong?" she asked. 


Erick then turned his head away, he had two choices that time: he was going to tell or lie to her. He chose the former. "Let's leave them and go upstairs, I have something.....important to tell you" Erick said, standing up and heading up to the stairs, Emerald following.


They went to Erick's room. He opened the door and sat on the bed, Emerald sitting as she followed. Erick then turned on the TV to create light on the dark room. Emerald was getting confused by Erick's actions, she just woke up so that must be why.


"I know you'll die and you know that as well. But, what I didn't knew was how you're gonna die." Erick said, startling Emerald a little. The thought of dying still scared her. She looked up at Erick and asked in an innocent kid tone


"how will I die?" Emerald asked. Erick flinched a little. Although he can see how his students will die if they failed their missions, he can't see their actual deaths. 


"Umm" he hesitated, still unsure of how to address her death to her. "You'll die by someone familiar to you" Erick nervously said, scratching the back of his head. 


"well, duh! Of course it's someone familiar, you!" Emerald said, smiling nervously. Erick laughed it off but then frowned. 


"No! It's not me" Erick said, his voice becoming serious as they stare at the TV. "Someone else" he continued.


Emerald then got scared, she was thinking if Luke would be the one to kill her. Like, they'll be forced to kill each other. She gasped as Erick turned his head to look at her. Erick knew what she was thinking and suddenly gasped as well, Emerald was crying. 


"Oh no, not Luke! He's like the last person to be the one who'll kill you" Erick comforted and Emerald cried. She really loved Luke, and seeing her cry just proved that more. Emerald finally wiped her tears and calmed down.


"who then?" Emerald said, whimpering as she calmed down. 


"Your.....pater" Erick said in Latin, hoping she wouldn't understand it. But Emerald knew and she started tearing up again. 


"that can't be true!" Emerald cried. Erick wanted to comfort her, but he knew that Emerald would probably shoo him away. Erick just sat there, unable to say anything. He suddenly regretted telling her about it.


"I'm sorry but it is" Erick replied. Emerald cried more. Erick closed his eyes and wished that he didn't tell her. "But you can prevent that! You just need to choose between your father's work or your life" Erick said. Hearing that, Emerald calmed down. Erick then sighed and smiled at Emerald.


"Look, you can try and convince him to stop his project or..... die because of a failed experiment" Erick said, his smile turning into a frown.


Emerald then stood up, her hair covering her eyes, she silently walked to the door. Erick then sighed loudly, he knew he had to go to say it. "Or we could ask Elise to save you all" he said, stopping EMerald from leaving with lost hope.


She then turned around, frowning. "sir, I can accept my death. I don't want the devil to help me live" she said, a little angry. What was Erick thinking? Why did he brought ELise in the subject suddenly? They know they can't trust her, so why did he talk to her?


"But I can't!" Erick suddenly yelled. Emerald gasped, seeing Erick getting angry. "I can't accept your death, you deserved to live longer" he continued, his hand still shaking. Emerald saw how much he cared about them, to the point of wanting to reject his mission.


"sir I-" Emerald said but Erick calmed down and sighed. He suddenly stood up and held Emerald's shoulder.


"I'm sorry, I just..... it's my human emotions kicking. We'll discuss this at a later point again. For now, let's just forget about this and enjoy the founder's week" Erick said, suddenly smiling. Emerald then nodded slowly.


He did loved them. He was like their second parent. He cared about them so much that he didn't want to address a situation this serious to them. But then, she noticed that he said 'human emotions'. What could this mean? She didn't know. But she did had one thing in his mind, was he human before?


"Emerald" Erick suddenly called.


"yes, sir?" Emerald asked, looking up at him as they headed downstairs. 


"Promise me that you won't speak about this until we discuss it again"  Erick said, Emerald then nodded. Erick sighed in relief as they went back down and saw Audrey waking up. All his relief suddenly left at the sight of the vampire of secrets. 


Audrey then looked at them as she wiped her eyes. She then saw how close they were to each other and saw Emerald's eyes with tears. Erick was also weaing a panicked face as Audrey looked at him. Tell me, what is the first thing a girl like Audrey would think if she saw Emerald, just calming down from crying, and Erick, a panicked look on his face?


"what the hell did you do to Emerald?" Audrey asked. 


To be continued



Here's main song of the entire chapter: How to save a life



Submitted: December 06, 2017

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Kathrina Csernis

Okay, so, here you go making me remember the whole 'they're all gonna die' thing lol its so sad just to think about :( but the conversation between Erick and Elise: hmm, I liked it, it was really interesting and the fact that Erick wants to find a way to save them kinda made me happy, although closer to ending it was a lot sadder, especially when Erick was talking to Emerald. When Audrey came along, I was thinking she was going to find out what they were talking about, but I guess I'll have to wait until the next chapter to see what happens next haha although I am interested in who that bartender really is...

This was a really good chapter, it got me all sad again lol I still can't accept that they may all die, I think Erick will find a way to save them, hopefully. Lol great chapter as always cx

Fri, December 8th, 2017 7:59pm


I think I'm regretting telling the ending too early. But anyway, I'm glad you liked it!

It's actually about time I address that situation since I mght take another turn of events like Richard's arc. Crap! I made you sad again, that little fight was supposed to make you happy haha. I guess I just have a way of making people sad.

I'm glad you like it and I'm sorry if it got you all sad. well, I'm sure Erick will find a way, he was able to find ways to complete their missions after all. :)

Fri, December 8th, 2017 12:27pm


Well, this chapter is depressing:) You told me it's not. Thanks hahaha.

Through the whole chapter all I can think is, they will die, puck, no Erick save them. Haha. Oh and how will they die, here it goes. Only narrating it is already so sad like, it's not even happening yet.

The bartender is creepy though haha. Oh and that 'battle scene kinda release some stores haha. Thank you for that.

Anyways a very depressing but amazing chapter, I love it haha.

Sat, December 9th, 2017 1:51am


I'm sorry for lying.

Wow you must be so attached to them. Erick might save them, can't give it away if he will.

Yeah he is, but he's a good guy. I'm glad you liked the battle scene tho.

Thanks and sorry for the late reply, pumunta sa Quezon haha.

Sat, December 9th, 2017 7:32pm


I kind of figured he was getting attached to them. I never expected Elise to do that. I understand they have to die, I guess. I just don't know why can't he allow them to live out their lives, grow old, and have a family? I know they are in school and most of them are happy now. They have a lot left to experience in life. It makes me sad thinking they might not be able to experience that.

Sorry I am very invested in this story and I like everyone in it. I want good things to happen for all of them lol

That game they were playing with the marshmallow guns and the rubber band ones sounds fun. I would really hate to get shot with a rubber band one though that sounds like it would hurt. I do want a marshmallow gun though that sound pretty cool lol.

Tue, December 26th, 2017 1:25pm


Yeah he did, he really didn't want them to die as well but God's orders. As for your question, hmmm I never really thought about that lol I might explain that soon.

Hey! I'm glad you got attached to them as well. TBH I never expected anyone to get attached to this.

Yeah, I want my own as well lol and yeah it would hurt, that's why the girl's wielded it instead of the boys, they didn't want to hurt their crushes lol.

Tue, December 26th, 2017 6:09am

S. Rasmussen

The beginning was mysterious and interesting. Is the bartender the mission giver (to not spell it)?

Also. That fight scene. I laughed so much that Erick nearly came (see what I did there)

And that last part was sad but calming. Poor Erick and poor Emerald. Erick has grown so attached to them and Emerald must go against her own father

Thu, January 4th, 2018 6:45pm


No, the missions came from the student themselves. The bartender is mysterious but not so much that it’s obvious who it actually is.

Glad you liked the fight scene and I see what you did there ;)

Yeah, it was sad, poor Erick and Emerald. Now you got me doing it XD

Thu, January 4th, 2018 10:47pm


Oh damn conspiracy theories. I still have a feeling someone is gonna end up failing at the end or someone will find a loophole because them all dying is just sad. I'm just imagining Emerald dying in Luke's arm and nuuuuu cri!

So the whole Faust organization thing is actually kidnapping people and experimenting on them? And two peoples are angels? Okay at first I got the whole thing about Richard being the son of Erick so that makes them both magic, but if two other people have some kind of magic to then probably everyone else does. Imma assume Audrey is a vampire cuz of all those jokes from before, and maybe if Teshika's are a thing in this universe Kat will be one.

NO! BAD BARTENDER! BAD FAUST! BAD EVERYONE! God dammit Erick better get his shit together and do something because if Emerald dies we riot! I shall rally together the muffinsacks of the world and riot at the possible death of Emerald the adorable!

Such a menacing sentence! The ultimate threat! Death by mallow! Wait are we talking about Marshmallows or the Mallow from Pokemon? Either one can probably kill you. Spencer choked and almost died from a marshmallow once so Luke can probably kill someone with one. MARSHMALLOWS FOR WAR!

Okay if this dude wasn't the grim reaper I'd still be a bit questionable on their actions. Nobody I know would go to a teachers house for a sleepover, and I doubt the teacher would leave them all alone in his house with no supervision, and WHAT GIRL GOES ALONE INTO A TEACHERS BEDROOM WITH HIM!? But this is anime and Erick is a grim reaper so that's acceptable.

Okay Emerald it's either best waifu dies or your father stops a project. TELL YOUR FATHER TO STOP YOU DAMN MUFFINSACK! He can get a new project and do something else, and you won't be killed by a conspiracy organization and leave Luke depressed and alone. Hopefully she makes the right decision and maybe she will survive...

AUDREY ATTACK! It'd be funny Audrey just leaping off the couch and attaching herself to Erick's face and just beating him up while she runs around screaming.

Good chapter, I need food, I don't have food, please help. I shall continue commenting because this is extremely engaging and hopefully I don't starve to death in the meantime.

Fri, October 5th, 2018 4:17pm

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