My Teacher, Death

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Humor  |  House: Booksie Classic

Chapter 26 (v.1) - 1st day

Submitted: December 07, 2017

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Submitted: December 07, 2017





"he did nothing" Emerald defended, being protective. But it only raised Audrey's suspiscion more. Erick could've said something that made her cry and told her not to talk about it. She scowled evilly as Erick approached her, noticing that she's sitting on Richard.


"I have to question, why were you hugging my son?" Erick asked with a slight smirk. Audrey then blushed, being embarrassed that Erick saw her hugging her son. "It's okay! He likes you too" Erick continued. Richard then opened his eyes and looked at Audrey, who was sitting on his chest. She felt so light, it didn't even bother Richard that much. But then, he realized that Audrey's sitting on his chest. He immediately blushed, hoping that it was a dream. 


Audrey then turned her head to Richard, a blush on both of their faces. She shrieked a little before standing up and sitting at the couch, hitting Luke's head. Luke then woke up, irritated. He looked to Emerald, still looking like she just cried. He looked to Erick, who was smirking. He then turned to Richard and saw that he's blushing. He hen turned to Audrey, who was also blushing. 


"what the actual fuck happened while I was asleep?" Luke asked, really confused at what's happening. He felt the need to punch someone but he also knew that Emerald would hate him if he did punch someone. He then stood up, approaching Emerald. He scowled at her evilly, wondering why did she looked like that. "what happened to you? Did you had a nightmare or somethin'?" Luke asked. Emerald then happily shook her head and just hugged Luke. 


It didn't sastify him and he glared at Erick, waiting for an answer. "She told me about what she felt about her dying" he slightly lied. Audrey scowled at him for lying but a part of her told herself that he might be telling the truth. She then smiled and walked to her, an innocent look on her face.


"can I...can I also talk to you about my feelings about dying?" Audrey asked, making a sad 'cat face' to Erick. Erick's lie backfired as Richard and Luke approached him. They both looked at each other and sighed. 


"as much as hate showing my feelings, I have to express my thoughts on dying" Luke said. Suddenly, everyone woke up. Erick was now in a more panic state but he knew he could get out of here. He sighed angrily, knowing that he had to listen to all of them.


After a few minutes, Audrey was seen crying at the couch. Everyone had grim looks on their faces. Emerald wondered what could've happened. Suddenly, Erick and Richard came downstairs. He was the last one to go and talk to Erick. They all had grim faces, even Erick. Emerald then stood up, a worried look on her face.


"what happened?" Emerald asked, looking at Erick. Luke then sighed and suddenly smiled. Emerald was surprised as he stood up.


"nothing happened, not bad at least" Luke said, looking at Erick as he smiled as well. "we told him what we felt and we had to put these faces because...." Luke said, holding something in his hand. Emerald gasped as Luke put on a thief outfit. He wore a big smile as everyone else wore their outfits. 


Katejina wore a green cloak over a white tunic and had brown pants and boots. She had a quiver on her back and a bow on her hand. She dressed up as a ranger.


Jackson wore an armored beige tunic with brown leather trousers and boots. His sword was sheathed in a scabbard attached to his right belt. He dressed up as a freelancer.


Joseph wore really shiny silver armor. He was weilding a very shiny, silver sword. Erick took the 'knight in shining armor' title too literal. He dressed up as a knight.


Darryl wore a duster and a cowboy hat, his clothes didn't look like fantasy at all. The weapons supported that further, he had a pistol on his hand. He dressed up as the gunslinger.


Steve wore diamond armor.


Isabella wore a purple wizard outfit. She was looking away from everybody from how embarrassed she is. She may've found her confidence but feeling shy is still a part of teenhood.


Richard didn't have any costume but he only needed to transform to dress up.


Audrey was looking rather confused at her costume. She was holding a blue wig in her hand and a red outfit was lying on her lap. 


Emerald was surprised to see them wear their outifts. She was happy that Erick was able to cheer them up but she slowly frowned, being jealous that Erick did not give her a costume. She stomped her way to Erick and wore a stroppy look. "where's mine?" she asked, angrily looking at Erick. Erick smiled and gave her her outfit. 


Emerald smiled and looked at her outfit. She was surprised to find that she's going to be dressed as a mechanic. She wore a black tunic with gears littered around it. She wore a top hat with one big gear and a slightly smaller one resting on the side of the hat. She had a wrench as a weapon but also a pistol. 


Erick smiled as he saw a part of his class all dressed up. They were all going to dress up like this for an entire week. He walked to them and transformed into reaper form and the classroom nodded. 


Let's fast forward a couple of days later. They've decorated their classroom and are now ready for their founder's week. 


Luke stepped in the gate, a huge smile on his face as he saw Ben standing there. He was in his demon form as he strolled around the school. He looked around to inspect on the other students. surprisingly their costumes all look real, even their weapons. He wondered if that's part of the immersion, having real weapons. All this amazement and he didn't even realized he had bumped a tall girl. 


"oh sorry I- oh!" Luke said, smirking as he saw Kathrina. She turned around and glared at him before walking away. That felt random. He went on his way, forgetting what just happened. He walked the halls of the school, noticing that the seniors are all dressed up as evil characters. Dark wizards, orcs, shamans, warlocks, etc. He glared at them while thinking of ways to kill them. Just then, he noticed that he, too, dressed up as an evil character. 


He didn't care, however, and continue to walk the halls. He eventually reached the '3-f tavern' and opened the door. Their classroom looked like a pretty convincing as a tavern. They a bartender, a tavern wench, barrels of.... orange juice? Yeah they can't use ale since they are in a school. 


Luke took a seat from the very edge of the tavern. He looked around, noticing that they're tavern is quite popular. Heck, even Kelly was there but she's probably just there to belittle the taver. She was suspisciously looking around for someone, possibly Isabella. She was also dressed as a beautiful princess. 


Luke growled as he glared at Kelly. Emerald suddenly approached her, wearing a tavern wench outfit. She was blushing as she placed down a glass to Luke's table. He smirked as he looked up to her, "you're looking pretty hot in that outfit" he said, Emerald blushing afterwards. He then covered his mouth, what the hell got into his mind? What the hell was he saying? 


"shut up, okay! I don't want to be seen like this" She said, looking at someone. Luke then turned to where she was looking and saw some seniors looking at her creepily. He got angry and stood up, unsheathing his dagger. Emerald then stopped him. "don't, please" Emerald pleaded. Luke kept scowling at them before sighing and sat back down. 


Joseph and Steve then arrived, Isabella was in between them. They saw Luke and Emerald at the very corner of the room and went to them and sat at the chair. "so, you like this place?" Joseph asked, noticing that Luke was still scowling at the seniors. 


"I guess not" Steve joked. No one laughed of course since Luke was serious about killing them. Steve was about to stop him when someone opened the door aggressively. The glare of the light outside made the figure impossible to see but the long flowing brown hair made it obvious on who it was. 


"I guess the party is about to start" Luke smiled. 


A few minutes later and they are now downstairs at the covered court. The seniors were segregated from the elementary and the freshman and the juniors. Luke scowled at the seniors, he really hated them. They were part of the reason why he got involved in the incident anyway. 


Suddenly, Audrey spoke with a megaphone in front of her face. She was wearing her outfit, a blue wig and red armor."alright, time to start the first event of the school known as: Fantasy Brawl!" Audrey said. Already, Luke's eyes brightened up, already he could tell he's going to like this. 


"the rules are as followed:

  1. You can't kill anyone
  2. You can knock them out
  3. The seniors will be your main enemy
  4. Each weapon they weild are real and so are yours
  5. The time limit is the dismissal bell
  6. To win, their side must have more kills than the other
  7. Once the person's weapon nears his or her opponent's neck, brain, or heart, your dead
  8. For the one's with bows, you have water balloons
  9. For wizards, just use petty magic
  10. The winners will recieve a prize and as well as a passing grade
  11. The losers will clean the entire school"

Everyone smiled as they began chatting, making the covered court very noisy. "shh" Audrey said, silencing the crowd. "the brawl will begin when Kathrina fired the musket, good luck!" Audrey said. Luke then held Emerald tightly, knowing that he needed to protect her from all the seniors. Steve and Joseph both held Isabella's hand tightly. Richard stood behind Audrey, knowing that she's part of this, even if she was the one announcing everything. Darryl and Cassandra both held each other's hand. Katejina hid Jackson in her cloak as they look at Kathrina who raised her musket before firing.


All of the students suddenly charged forward to each other, killing one another. The noise of blades smashing to each other was very well heard. The pretend screams of people dying and the wicked laughs of witches killing their wizard enemies was also very well heard. A lot has died on the very first minutes and some retreated to the building to run. The seniors, of course, chased after them, their numbers were far superios to those of the other level. Luke dragged Emerald to the gate while Katejina and Jackson headed inside the building.


For the first part of this, we'll focus on Katejina and Jackson. 


Katejina and Jackson both ran up the stairs, running from the vile people. Jackson was panicking while Katejina was staying cool. Once they've reached the end of the stairs, Katejina turned around and fired arrows. Each arrows had a water balloon attached to the tip. 

Most hit their targets but some managed to dodged. They then got closer and they had to continue running. Katejina was treating Jackson like some kid she needed to defend. Jackson seemed to notice and got frustrated, he'll show her that he's stronger than what she expected. 


He stopped his tracks and unsheath his sword. An orc attacked and he blocked it before placing his sword to his heart, causing him to die. An ogre smashed his club to Jackson's face but he was able to dodge and went to his back. He placed his sword to the ogre's nape which killed him. 


Katejina was surprised to see Jackson kicking ass, was he doing this because of his love? Or was it because he wanted to prove something? She didn't bother asking and instead helped him out. He fired more arrows as Jackson hit the one's she missed. 


They were doing fine until more enemies came and they had to hide. They ran to the hall and found a classroom, they headed to it but not before one of them hit Jackson's arm with a sword. They hid in an empty classroom, Katejina locking the door shut as swords suddenly stabbed their way through the door. But it wasn't enough to open it and Katjina and Jackson used this time to rest and plan an escape.


"so what do we do?" Jackson asked, seeing Katejina sigh as she tended to his wounds with healing powder. He wondered if this was real or just fake. After Katejina rubbed the healing powder at his arm, he flinched a little, finding it so cold that it hurts. It did heal him and Jackson was able to move his arm without feeling pain.


Katejina then looked around, scouting for any surprises. Suddenly, a black smoke appeared behind them and an injure Richard holding an unconscious Aurey stepped out. 


Jackson walked over to him as he lay Audrey to the ground. He panted heavily as he removed a gret axe on his back. "I was lucky that they missed my head and my heart" Richard said, his tone of voice sounded serious. 


"why is that so important?" Jackson asked, raising his brow. Richard frowned and looked up to him. He stood up and sighed.


"I'm half angel and angel's can die by hitting us at our hearts" Richard said pointing to his heart. 


"but you're also half reaper, right?" Jackson asked and Richard slowly nodded. "and reapers can't die right?


"yes but my angel side is on my left so my weakness is still there" Richard replied, grunting afterwards as he pulled out a halberd from his bottom. 


"so, what happened to Audrey?" Katejina asked, walking to them. She crouched down and placed her hand on Audrey's forehead. She was okay and her wig was gone. What the hell is happening outside? If Richard could get that injured, it must mean business. 


A real arrow suddenly burst out of the door and almost hit Richard. It was a good thing he slightly tilted his head before the arrow hit the wall behind them. Katejina then looked back at the door as a female senior opened it and fired another arrow. The arrow flew to Katejina.


From a moment, she felt her life flashing back before her eyes. He closed her eyes, thinking she'll die, when Jackson swooped in and blocked the arrow with his arm. Richard used this time to grab the halberd and ran up to the woman. She noticed this and blocked his incoming attack with a short sword. Richard scowled at her before summoning his sword from his hand and used that to fight. 


He swung it forward but the girl blocked it. Richard was relentless though and kept swinging until the girl had to dodge and ran to Richard's back. She swung her short sword but Richard knew it was coming and rolled over to the side. 


"Jackson!" he yelled. Jackson had no clue as to what that meant but he assumed he wanted him to attack. Using all the strength he can muster, he charged forward and swung his sword. The girl scowled at him before dodging his slow attack. She smiled as she swung her sword at Jackson. It almost hit but Richard got to her first, his sword at hovering above head.


"well, there goes the host!" Richard said, smiling at the girl. She frowned and scowled at Richard before going away. 


"that was Kathrina?" Jackson asked in shock. What could she be possibly doing here?


"yeah, she was the one who hunted down Audrey" Richard said, looking back down at Audrey. Katejina suddenly opened the door and spoke.


"we have to go!" she said, Richard nodded and grabbed Audrey. Jackson grabbed his own arm as they walked out of the classroom. 


They stumbled upon their tavern and decided that it's the best place to hide. As they opened it, a magic arrow hit Richard's face. They looked at them and saw Isabella. Friendly fire wasn't in the rules so it was fine. They walked to them and greeted Steve and Joseph. 


"so I guess Luke and Emerald are still on the run" Richard assumed as he placed down Audrey on one of the table. He was right, Luke and Emerald weren't present in the tavern and so was Darryl and Cass. 


"yeah, we have no idea where they are" Joseph replied, placing down his shield. Steve then removed his diamond helmet and took a seat. 


"last I saw, Luke dragged Emerald to the main building" Steve said, everyone else sat down. Katejina remained standing as she looked out for enemies. It had been pretty quiet and they had no idea how many they have lost. She looked at her watch and sighed, the bell for recess was an hour away.


"so, do we just stay here or do we fight?" she asked, looking back at them. 


"we fight!" Audrey suddenly yelled, Katejina was surprised to see that she's awake. 


"how?" Katejina asked, Audrey then smirked and pulled something from her back. 


"I actually don't know"


To be continued





© Copyright 2020 rickybelmont. All rights reserved.


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