Chapter 27: 1st day pt.2

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Humor  |  House: Booksie Classic

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"Luke, where are we going?!" Emerald asked as Luke dragged her to the gate. Luke swayed his eyes from side-to-side while scowling at someone. Were they being followed? Emerald couldn't see but it looked as if so. Luke then stopped halfway to the gate, but why? 


"Luke, why did you stop?" Emerald asked, nervously raising her pistol. Luke then looked around more until someone came out. It was a senior that dressed up as a demon. It had a red skin color and fangs on his mouth. Luke quickly pulled out a dagger and stood in his stance. His dagger was held backwards as the demon approached. Emerald turned and held her pistol out, waiting for the right moment to fire. 


But before any of them could even fire-




Ben's fist suddenly connected with the pretend demon's stomach. Ben growled, watching the senior fell down on his knees. He held his hand out as he quickly hovered it above the demon's head. 


"dead!" Ben declared, scowling at Luke before running away. Luke dropped his arm down and looked at Ben as he ran away from them to possibly kill more people. He sighed before dragging Emerald to a small building just before the gate. 


Luke opened the light although it flickered faster than they could speak. It looked abandoned but it had tools that the janitor used. It was the tool shed, although it looked like no one ever went here. Luke locked the door as Emerald sat down at the barrel. 


"there, we'll be out of the madness" Luke said, looking back at Emerald who was holding her hand. "what's wrong?" Luke asked, walking to her and holding her arm to him. It had a pretty big wound and Luke was feeling angry at Emerald for not telling him. But he's angrier at the person who did this. 


"whoever did this will have the worst afternoon of their entire FUCKING life" Luke quietly said, but Emerald heard it and looked up at him.


"what are you planning?" she asked, noticing Luke's frown. She wondered what sadistic idea could he be thinking? 


"nothing much, I know this mark. It was one of the seniors" Luke said, standing up and grabbing a broom.  He opened the door and it immediately closed as he disappeared. Emerald already knew what he was going to do. 




"Cass!" Darryl yelled. They were at the very battlefield itself and Cassandra was being a badass. She had a black tunic with a red cape attached to the back. She had two katanas sheath on her back but she was using a bastard sword to mow down her enemies.  Darryl, on the other hand, had a shotgun and fired paintballs at the seniors. There only ten students fighting the seniors and some of them are already dying. 


"we have to make a run for it!" Darryl declared looking back at Cass. 


Cass nodded, knowing that they'll die if they stayed longer. "but not before we do something badass!" she said, smirking at Darryl. He smirked and dropped his shotgun. He grabbed his pistols from their holster and stretched his arms out. He pulled the trigger at the same time a bomb of blue paint exploded behind them. Cassandra crouched and attacked the coming seniors that Darryl didn't kill. Darryl and Cass' backs suddenly hit each other, they smirked before charging forward and attacking the seniors again. They went at it for minutes until Darryl ran out of bullets and Cassandra's sword broke. 


They were about to run but they were surrounded by the seniors, all wearing evil grins. Cassandra threw her other katana to Darryl and nodded. Darryl grabbed it and smirked.


"if we're dying to day, let's die together" Cassandra said, smiling at Darryl. Darryl nodded in agreement. Suddenly someone yelled like their life depended on it, it caused the seniors to turn around and look at the person. They saw a broom sticking out of his bottom and Luke behind him. He laughed histerically at the person in agonizing pain. 


"he has.... a.... broom.... up.... his-" he laughed, to the point of not noticing that the seniors are glaring at him.


"asshole!" one of them said.


"yeah! That's it!" Luke said, laughing like there's no tomorrow. He then stopped, noticing that the seniors are staring at him. He smiled nervously before being grabbed by Darryl. 


"what the hell are you thinking sticking a broom to the guys-" Darryl asked as they headed upstairs. 




"yeah that!" Darryl asked but he noticed Luke wasn't listening, only trying to free himself from Darryl's grip. "what are you doing?" darryl asked, making his grip tighter to Luke's uniform.


"idiot! Emerald's on the shack, alone!" Luke yelled, causing Darryl and Cassandra to gasp. Emerald looked as if she was really important. The faces on the two could give it away. Darryl let go of Luke but he stopped and looked back at them. 


"Cass, I need a weapon. A sword ain't gonna cut it" he said, holding out his arm. Cassandra threw one of her katanas to him and he walked down the stairs, disappearing in the massive crowd that were following them. It was kinda dumb that Luke charged forward but to their surprise, he made it out. He really lived up to his last name. Cassandra then tugged on Darryl's arm, telling them to go. He nodded and they ran off upstairs. 


Luke ran to the shack, noticing that a couple of seniors are barging at the door. He knew he couldn't take those guys along but he also knew that he needed to get Emerald out of there. He gulped and ready his katana. Suddenly, someone patted his shoulder.


"you can't go in there without help!" a familiar voice said, Luke turned his head and saw Ben. He smirked, lifting his katana up. 


"then let's go in there!" Luke said, Ben nodded then glared at the seniors banging the door of the shack.






They both charged forward and attacked the seniors. They really only wanted them out and so Ben threw most of them while Luke swung his katana around to kill the seniors. He then got into a clash with a dark knight. It snickered as it pushed Luke's katana backwards. Luke tried pushing back but it was hopeless, he was too strong. Ben suddenly jumped behind the dark knight and kicked the shin. The dark knight flinched and it was the only opening Luke needed to turn the tides. 


He pulled out a dagger and bashed the handle at the dark knight's shins. But the dark knight wasn't going to give up, he head butted Luke, making him fall to the ground. The dark knight then grabbed his sword and walked over to Luke's fallen body. He held it high and pushed the sword down to Luke's heart before-


"dead!" Luke coughed, his dagger at the heart of the dark knight. The dark knight frowned and smirked afterwards.


"you too!" he said


"if you really think about it, you were dead before this even happened" Luke smiled back, the dark knight turned around and saw Ben, his clawed hand was hovering on his nape. The dark knight then stood up and went away, sheathing his sword. 


Ben held his arm out for Luke to grab. He did and he stood up and faced the shack. They opened it and saw Emerald, trembling. She was shaking and it almost looked like she's about to collapse. "aww, you look adorable!" Luke joked, pinching Emerald's cheek. "did ya miss me?" he asked with a smile. 


Emerald pouted and hugged him. "obviously!" Emerald said, sniffling as she hugged Luke tightly.


Luke hugged back and gave her a warm smile, "well I'm here now and you'll be safe" he promised, hugging her tightly. Ben just looked at them with a smirk.


"why do we need to protect her again?" Ben asked, Luke suddenly glared at him; angry that Ben did not know. 


"she's a target. Audrey didn;t mention it but if she dies, we lose the game" Luke said, Emerald and Ben gasped. How did Luke knew this? Has he played this game before? Or did he just found that out?


"how did you know?" Ben growled, scowling at Luke for his knowledge. It wasn't impossible for Luke to know this, but how he knew it was the problem. There was only a short moment before the brawl started and it was impossible for anyone to find out that secret.


"Kathrina came into our tavern and approached Em, here, and placed this in her backpocket" Luke said pulling something from his pocket. It was a red and white target. Emerald gasped and took it from Luke's hand.


"she chose me because I'm the weakest in terms of combat ability" Emerald said, holding the target out. Ben and Luke weren't surprised that Emerald would put the pieces together rather quickly. "but what doesn't make sense is how were you able to know that if I die, everyone will lose?" Emerald asked, turning her head to Luke. 


"well, think about it! You're the king and we're the soldiers. If they kill you, we'll lose morale and lose the game!" Luke explained. I made sense, Emerald would be the king or queen at this situation and Luke and the others are her soldiers. 


"he's right, but does the other side have a target?" Ben asked.


"possibly, no. Call it a long shot, but I don't think the seniors are going to play fair" Luke answered, looking back at the seniors who are charging up their building. "I mean, there might be a chance but I din't see it. Look, Kathrina was knocked out by Richard but she's over there, killing more people" Luke continued, pointing to the building and Kathrina, firing arrows.


Ben growled and looked at Luke. "so, how do we protect and kill at the same time?" he asked. 


Luke wore a sadistic grin as he held his katana. This was either going to be brutal or sadistic, either one was okay for Ben but not for Emerald. "please don't hurt them that much" Emerald pleaded. Luke frowned then walked outside, guess having a crush on a nice girl had it's downsides. 


Luke nodded and they waited for the flood of seniors to go upstairs. Once they did, they went upstairs as well. They reached their floor and it was chaos there. Chairs were flying, people were flying, arrows were flying everywhere, everything was flying! Luke ducked as a chair flew towards him. Once the chair crashed behind him, he grabbed Emerald's hand and dragged her to their tavern. While they're running, they saw dead bodies of the enemy and their own men. Their side had more casualties but it seemed that the tides are turning since more seniors are being flown across the hallway. 


The sound of cannon can suddenly be heard and Ben was sent flying across the hallway. Ben died. They looked back and saw the seniors weilding cannons. They ran as fast as they could to the tavern while the cannons fired. They managed to go to the door of the tavern but Luke's arm was injured by a cannon ball. 


Another cannon fired but this time, Richard stepped in the way and cut the cannon ball in half. "GET INSIDE!" he yelled. Luke and Emerald went inside as Richard sliced another cannon ball. 


They got in and saw a bunch of injured students. Cuts, wounds, bruises, all of them were present in each students' body. Emerald saw Isabella and Audrey healing them but there were so many that they couldn't even heal them that quickly.


"what happened?" Luke asked, Darryl approached him with a frown. 


"Kathrina, that's what happened" Darryl answered, looking at the injured students. "she led the seniors to a relentless attack which caused us half, no, most of our forces" he conitnued, showing Luke a scar on his cheek. 


"these seniors are beasts, we need help!" Joseph said. Luke was surprised to hear Joseph say that, if he said it then they truly need help. 


"but how? We can't have the teachers help us, can we?" Luke asked, looking at Audrey. She never said enything about outside help so they might have a chance.


"unfortunately, no, we can't have the faculty help us because...." Audrey said.


The faculty lounge 


The faculty was having their own match, although a gladiator stye. Erick was currently winning with over 50 wins and no losses. It was expected since he was the grim reaper. He's currently fighting Elise.


Back to the tavern


"now how do we fight back?" Jackson asked, sounding like he lost hope for winning. Luke frowned at him, he was giving up. Matter of fact, everyone was giving up. It angered him, he didn't want to see them give up so easily. 


"the hell is that question?" Luke asked, angrily. His fists were clenched as he scowled at everyone. "do you really wanna wipe the school's floor while the seniors get undeserved high grades?" he asked, getting really angrily. They all turned away from him, not wanting to answer his question. "I know I don't wanna see their smug faces while I mop the floor" he continued, answering his own question. "I want to give these seniors the justice they deserved, except Kathrina, she's actually quite smart and kind" he said, though it sounded more like a joke which made everyone chuckle a little.


"did I say something funny?" Luke asked in a serious tone at Emerald. Emerald was laughing as well, she was laughing at how much Luke respected Kathrina. 


"well, you hate seniors except Kathrina apparently" Emerald explained. Luke growled at everybody as they laughed. 


"alright shut it! We gotta go and take them out!" Luke growled but they continued to laugh. Audrey then patted his shoulder and smiled.


"chill out Luke! They need this so don't ruin it for them" she said, Luke scowled at her but calmed down. I guess they'll do it before dismissal hits. 


A little later


Joseph peeked out of the window and saw the seniors, waiting for them. Their cannons were armed and their weapons sharpened, they were ready to kill them. Jackson then looked back at everyone, they were healed and just as ready to kill the seniors. 


"well, they're blood thirsty as ever!" Jackson joked, Luke then held his shoulder and smiled.


"don't worry, we have a secret weapon" Luke said, looking at Emerald. She nodded and headed in front of the door. 


"do you really think that this'll work?" she asked, Luke nodded while smirking.


"if you can flail me around like I'm paper then yes!" he replied. Emerald smiled and kissed Luke before they all stepped outside. 


Emerald then scowled at the seniors. They were surprised that the target was in front instead at the back. They all hid behind Emerald and Luke grabbed the back of her outfit. They did the same with Luke until all of them grabbed each other's back. She looked back at them and Luke gave a smile, assuring her that they'll be fine.


She smiled and looked back at the seniors. She let out a sighe before.....





She started running like crazy, her determination to win suddenly lit and it was scary. The cannons fired but it was nothing to her, she just backhanded them like it was nothing. The seniors charged but were knocked away as Emerald charged forward to them. 


She finally stopped at the entrance of Kathrina's classroom. "you go inside and kill Kathrina so we can end this once and for all!" a student said. Emerald nodded. And so Luke, Darryl, Joseph, Jackson, Katejina, Emerald, Audrey, Cassandra, Isabella, Steve, and Richard all went inside Kathrina's classroom.


It was set up as what a final boss stage would look like. Bad lighting, a gloomy vibe, a throne at the other end of the room, dragon sculptures as the pillars built. Sitting at the throne was Kathrina, a smirk on her face. She stood up and unsheath her sword. The 11 students all glared at her and preapred their weapons.


"welcome! I hope you don't mind me killing you all" 



Submitted: December 13, 2017

© Copyright 2021 rickybelmont. All rights reserved.


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Kathrina Csernis

Nooo I'm a bad guy, I was so mean, ahh why did I do that? haha I loved the chapter, and I do kinda like the fact that I'm kinda a bad guy, although I feel bad that I caused the group all that trouble. Poor Emerald, why was I so mean as to pick her? lol

I liked the scene with the dark knight as well, it was pretty cool. I like how they all work together as well, I love all these characters xD

This chapter was really good, and I love what you're doing with this game. I love seeing myself in here as well, even if I am causing issues, I love it!

Great work as always cx I'll be waiting for more, hopefully I don't cause too much more trouble he he

Mon, December 18th, 2017 9:58pm


Well, you are a senior in this story XD. I'm glad that you liked being the bad guy even if the real Kathrina wouldn't be one or maybe she is (waiting for the next chapter XD). I think I explained that there but it's because she was weak XD.

Yeah, I like that part too. Mainly because Luke gets to be badass.

I'm glad you liked thw game and I'm glad you're still liking me putting you in the Canon.

Thanks! And well, they're in the final boss so you won't cause that much trouble anymore.

Mon, December 18th, 2017 2:06pm


Hey! I'm back! So,I just read this now haha...

The game, oh the way you narrate it makes me forget it was just a huge high school brawl/game/cosplay/something hahaha.

Luke definitely is changing his style of killing for Emerald haha, its kinda cute seeing how much he likes her. Darryl and Cass are a badass couple haha, its awesome...Oh, and the teachers, hahaha..

Kathrina! Hahah, I like her on both worlds haha. Even though in this one, she seems...well...meaner hahaha... Still like her character though.

I really enjoyed this chapter, missed them, feel like it's been while since I last saw them haha. Looking forward to the next...

Tue, December 19th, 2017 12:25pm


I'm glad you liked it! Glad you're back!

Yeah, get ready for a twist later on!!

Yeah Luke definitely changed but still kept his sadistic side on him, noted by the broom on the-
Anyways, yeah I thought so too, they are pretty badass when it comes to combat. Hehe, it's too bad you're only going to see that of them.

I'm glad you liked her and yeah, she's kinda mean but Luke did say she's kind.

Glad you liked it and aww you missed them!

Tue, December 19th, 2017 4:44am

S. Rasmussen

That ... broomstick scene really made me laugh

And a awwwww for Luke and Emerald

(wow. no poor for this chapter)

No go get Kathrina (the character. Don't take the person)

Sat, January 6th, 2018 6:56pm


I'm glad to hear that you liked all of it and yay no poor characters (that sounded different)

Sat, January 6th, 2018 1:02pm


Haha Kat is a bad guy.

This chapter was really good. It was so much fun to read it. I actually went back and read the chapter before it because I forgot what was going on. It made me laugh when Luke shoved the broom up that guys butt. He is so brutal when he is angry lol

That dark night part was awesome. I almost thought Luke was dead there and was going to be upset he was out of the game. Luke is still my favorite guy. This game was really cool. I missed reading this.

Thu, February 8th, 2018 4:10am


Yes she is but she eventually joins them

I'm glad you liked it and yeah, that was definitely a Luke thing to do when he's angry.

I'm glad you liked it and yeah it was a close call. I'm glad Luke is still your fave and aww you missed this thing lol.

Fri, February 9th, 2018 9:12pm


I have arrived! Sorry I haven't commented in a bit. I'm like fifteen chapters ahead of this one but since I usually get like three or four chapters done during silent reading and I can't comment during that time I can't comment immediately. But I do not care for Chemistry, so I shall comment now!

So the game continues. Still wondering who's idea was it to have a bunch of kids shoot each other with actual weapons in a school. I get that it's another planet but not every single person is a demon, an angel or anything and what happens if a student dies? Even if its by accident and someone bleeds out I'm pretty sure there would be major consequences. Or would Erick take care of that and just revive them?

God damnit Luke you're a fucking idiot XD

Emerald is best waifu. Like everything about her is just so peaceful and adorable. You should ask Kat and see if she could draw a cute little thing with Luke pinching Emeralds cheeks. Most people I've seen like Audrey and Richard but nah I prefer Luke and Emerald. They're best ship, even better then Elijah x Kat.

So the teachers release the kids into the empty halls to kill each other, and then go into the teachers lounge and have gladiator fights. Okay how tf do I get to this school because this is so much better then this place.

Damnnnn Kat's a boss now. It's like Bowser, but instead of a giant turtle that shoots fire it's a tiny loli with a sword. I wouldn't be surprised if you made the bowsette crown canon and ended up having all the boys accidentally try it on, and cue genderbent versions of Richard, Luke and Daryyl. Also would Steve just become Alex from Minecraft?

Really good chapter, looking forward to the boss fight. Now I shall continue on!

Wed, October 24th, 2018 4:24pm

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