Chapter 29: Welcome the new student

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Second day


Second day, a day to just walk around the school. The school was decorated like a village on a  festival. Booths were scattered around the school yard, tents were also and abundance. The entire school building was desinged to look like a castle with each room representing a room in a castle. Except 3-f, which was a tavern. Students were still on their fantasy outfits, though the girls at the 3-f tavern were dressed as tavern wenches. Kathrina was not. She, along with Freya, were standing inside, scowling at the seniors who were looking at the girl's.... you know. 


"why are they dressed like that again?" Kathrina asked, scowling at a senior who was looking at Cassandra. They weren't eyeing on her face but rather Cass' breasts. Cassandra was talking to them and asking them what they wanted but their smirks told Kathrina that they wanted nothing but her. 


"I don't know, Erick just told us that they needed to dress up like that" Freya answered, looking at Kathrina who was very angry at what she's seeing. She took a step forward and Freya grabbed her wrist. She turned her head and scowled at her, awaiting for her petty reason to stop her. "no, please, the last thing we want is a bar fight" she pleaded. But Kathrina didn't want to listen, she smacked Freya's hand away and went to the seniors. 


Freya covered her face with one hand as Kathrina walked over to the table. She grabbed one of the senior's shoulder and gave a terrifying look. Her eyes glowed red as she asked, "what ya looking at?" the seniors all gasped and looked in horror as Kathrina scowled evilly at them. 


"no-nothi-" before the senior could even speak, Kathrina punched him which sends him flying to the wall. Everyone stopped what they were doing to look at the scene Kathrina caused. It was big since it is Kathrina, if it was everyone else then none of them would care to notice. 


"get up!" Kathrina yelled, looking at the beaten man. With a single punch, she was able to do some damage to the senior. Luke was there and was surprised by Kathrina's power, was she holding back when they fought? No, it couldn't be, Richard wasn't holding back and he's Erick's son! It could be possible that she was since Richard's still young and he still needs training. Luke then looked at Kathrina's eyes, it was green. She was holding back! But why? Why was she holding back on them? Luke then thought of the only person who could answer this question.


"hmm" Audrey pondered, they were still at the tavern though it looked like they were closing. Probably because of the fight. Luke was sitting at a chair backwards while he waited for Audrey's reply. "I don't know, maybe it's because I was there" she guessed, Luke groaned and slammed his head into the top rail of the chair. 


Kathrina rolled a barrel to a corner as she saw Audrey and Luke talking about something, she then heard her name from Audrey's voice and decided to approach them. "what ya talkin' about?" she asked, leaning down to them. 




"we were wondering about why you were holding back on us!" Audrey spoke, Luke dropped rolled his eyes irritably since Audrey just revealed what they were talking about. 


"I really should stop asking you these questions" Luke joked


"I held back because I don't want to see you get hurt" Kathrina explained, pinching Audrey's cheek. It seemed plausible since they are close friends and Audrey is a member of the photography club. 


"aww" Audrey said, smiling and looking up at her. Kathrina smiled back and tilted her head. Luke just rolled his eyes irritably as Emerald walked in to the room, all changed to just a brown tunic. 


"well, now that we're closed, we can now hangout downstairs" Emerald declared, approaching the three. She wore a smile as he approach Luke. He had a frown and possibly bored face. Kathrina and Audrey looked happy and excited to go downstairs but Luke wasn't. "something wrong?" she asked.


"nothing" Luke said, standing up and wearing a smile on his face. He then stood next to Emerald as Audrey stood up as well. "so, where do you want to go first?" he asked, placing his hand over Emerald's shoulders, making her blush. Kathrina and Audrey giggled slightly before walking to the door and going outside. 


"so, what do you think about the class?" Audrey asked, looking up at Kathrina who wore a happy smile. She had only met Luke, Emerald, and Audrey but she can tell that she'll like everyone. But that only hurts more after what Luke said, if it's true that they're going to die then she needed to stop that. 


While walking, they saw Erick, holding a couple of papers. "oh sir!" Audrey called, Erick turned his head and smiled. 




"this is Kathrina, she transferred to our class recently!" Audrey enthusiastically introduced, she was really excited that Kathrina's part of the class. Kathrina slowly waved her hand. This is the guy Audrey has a crush on? Well he does look good. 


"Ah yes, I gather you've met Audrey and the rest of the class?" Erick asked, offering his hand for a shake. Kathrina shook it and she felt Erick's cold hands. His hands were as cold as a dead body. 


"I've only met her, Emerald, and Luke" Kathrina replied, releasing her hand from the shake. Erick smiled and looked over Kathrina's shoulder, Luke and Emerald were following behind them. He looked at his watch and looked up the stairs. 


"Well, I've got to go" Erick said, going up the stairs and Audrey waving him goodbye. They went downstairs and as they entered the school yard, Audrey confronted Kathrina.


"hey, I have to go as well, I'll leave you to meeting everyone in the class" she said, Kathrina nodded as they split up and went on their personal ways. 


She walked around the yard, it was massive and there were a lot of booths and tents although she's having a hard time finding her classmates. She walked around more, looking every corner of the yard until she found a classmate! It was Keith, sitting lonely at a bench. It was weird, everyone in 3-f seemed to not be alone when they're walking. 


"Keith" she called, going to the lonely angel. Keith is an angel and he used that form to blend in. Kathrina wore a worried look, he looked depressed and lonely. Nothing like what she saw with the three. 


"oh, hey Valkyrie" he replied, looking down at the ground. Kathrina sat beside him, still wearing that look of worry. She really found it weird that he's sad when everyone looked happy. 


"what's with the long face?" Kathrina asked, leaning downwards so she could see Keith's face.


"oh it's nothing, just issues with my parents" he lied, Kathrina could tell it easily. 


"say the truth, I won't hurt you if you did" Kathrina replied, catching Keith red-handed. Keith sighed, and looked at Kathrina, she still wore a worried look. Why was she really worried about him?


Keith suddenly stood up and walked away from her "someday, Valkyrie, someday" he said, Kathrina frowning afterwards. She sighed and stood up as well, continuing to find more students. Keith was really weird, she never understood why angels always kept secrets to themselves. 


Speaking of angels, she saw Richard walking by himself. She decided to talk to him even though her encounters with angels have been bad. "hey, Richard!" she called, Richard scowling at her. 


"what is it, Valkyrie?" Richard irritably asked, frowning at the sight of Kathrina. Kathrina frowned as well, why do they like calling her 'Valkyrie'? She calls them by their names and they return by calling her title. 


"stop calling me that! Anyway, can I hang out with you for a little?" she said, Richard then turned his back on Kathrina, making her angrier. She then grabbed Richard's hand and pulled him back to face her. Richard was surprised that she was this powerful, he felt as if she's a match for Erick. 




"why do you angels ignore me? Is there something wrong with me? Kathrina asked, scowling at Richard. He scowled back and smacked his hand free from Kathrina's grasp. 


"nothing is wrong with you, I just don't want to hang out okay? I'm waiting for someone" Richard said, looking over Kathrina's shoulder and seeing Audrey. Kathrina turned around and smiled. 


"oh, I see" Kathrina said, turning back to him. She saw Richard turning a little red. "you have a crush with Audrey over there?" she asked, making Richard blush more. She turned around again to face Audrey then turned back to Richard. 


"so what?" Richard asked, seeing Kathrina wore a frown. Was something wrong with having a crush with Audrey? 


"does she have a crush on you too?" Kathrina asked, her voice suddenly got serious. There is something wrong! Richard was eager to hear it, he had to, if he didn't it might hit him later on. He nodded and Kathrina gasped. "whatever she does, don't ever answer her as your girlfriend" she warned, Richard getting a little frightened. 


"why?" he asked, Kathrina then whispered something in his ear that made him gasp. 


"now you know" she said, Richard nodding afterwards. He suddenly wore a very panicked look since Audrey was right behind Kathrina. 


"Kathrina? What are you doing with Richard-senpai" she asked, Richard then screamed inside his head as Audrey stood next to him. Audrey then grabbed his arm, and pulled him away from Kathrina. "come on let's go"  she said.


Richard then looked back at Kathrina and said without a voice, "help me" Kathrina then chuckled before walking away. Audrey then grabbed his head and turned it so that it'll face him. "still looking at Kathrina?" Audrey asked and that was the last Kathrina heard before going away and leaving them. 


Walking over to an arrow shooting booth, she saw Jackson and Katejina having their own date. Jackson was failing and Katejina was being a really good marksman. Jackson turned his head and saw Kathrina walking over to them, he smirked and waved her hello. Katejina turned and also smiled. 


"hey!" Katejina greeted, Kathrina smiled and grabbed a bow as well. She saw that Katejina had hit the center of the target and Jackson kept missing. She msiled and fired an arrow as well, it hit the center of the target. Katejina clapped her hands while Jackson remained silent, possibly jealous because two girls were better than him at archery. 


The guy handling the game then gave both Katejina and Kathrina a large black dragon plushie. They both high five each other and Jackson was just there, still silent. They were then sitting at a bench, a bunch of prizes all in a paper bag. 


"wow, you're pretty good at these games" Kathrina commented, seeing Katejina's bag being bigger than hers. 


Katejina smiles, "thank you!" she thanked tilting her head. "it's all thanks to Erick, he taught me a lot even after school" she continued. Kathrina learned something from her, so that's why he's beloved by his students. 


"is that so?" Kathrina asked, a look of disbelief in her face. No teacher in this school would care that much.


"yeah, I stay at his house and he teaches me a lot of stuff. Heck, I'd call him my father if he was" she joked, chuckling a little. But Kathrina didn't chuckle, in fact she was surprised. How is a teacher this kind would kill his own students? Maybe he's not planning to or maybe he's acting kind to win their trusts. She made a fake chuckle and stood up.


"well, I gotta go" she said, walking away as Katejina and Jackson waved her off. 


Well, that was nice! Katejina and Jackson seem like nice guys! Althoug Jackson does have a lot pride in him, typical! Anyway, onto the next person. Kathrina thought, smiling and frowning as she walked around the school. She saw Joseph, Steve, and Isabella all sitting on a bench, laughing and talking over orange juice. 


She walked over to them but was then pulled by someone. She turned her head and saw Audrey. "Audrey?" she called. 


"come with me!" she exclaimed, a serious look on her face. Was there something wrong happening. Joseph, Steve, and Isabella noticed them and they decided to follow Kathrina and Audrey. Audrey led them outside of school and into the same place where Luke and co. almost died. They stopped and saw Richard fighting a bunch of demons. 


They looked the same as Ben and were most likely seniors. But why were they messing with Richard? Kathrina scowled at the demons, they were the same ones she beat up earlier. She frowned and took a step forward, these demons will have their lives taken out of them if they're messing with Kathrina's classmates.


"hey, asshole! What's your problem with him?" she asked impatiently. The demons smirked and suddenly, more demons appeared behind them. 


"we're just doing what Lucifer told us" one of them replied, a smirk on his face as the demons took hold of Audrey. Now they're going to die brutally! Kathrina grabbed hold of her hilt and looked around, scowling at her enemies. It's going to be a good old fashion angel vs demon fight. 


"I'd suggest you don't intervene, Valkyrie" a dark and grim voice said. Kathrina thought it was Erick but as she turned her head to her right, she saw Lucifer. A frightened look suddenly wore on her face at the sight of the other half of the devil. She turned around to her classmates and saw that they're not afraid, she felt weak after seeing their faces. Here she was, afraid of the devil, she felt bad for being so scared when her classmates; people who are weaker than him, being brave by not looking and feeling afraid. 


She frowned, holding her sword tightly. She scowled at Lucifer and shook her head "no" she told him quietly. Her eyes suddenly changed to the black and brown color. 


Lucious nodded "very well" he said, the demons suddenly attacked. Both Richard and Kathrina went for the demon that had Audrey. Of course this demon was also close to Lucifer so it was going to be hard. Joseph and Steve both unsheath their swords and started blocking the demon's ferocious attack. 


Isabella then opened her spellbook, looking around it. She then found a spell and raised her hand. Suddenly, a summoning circle surrounded Joseph and Steve. Their swords were transformed into holy swords, the same ones that Richard and Kathrina used. 


They smiled and attacked the demons. Joseph blocked a demon's charge with his shield. The demon was strong, though, and threw the shield away. It attacked again, it's claws tearing Joseph's armor. The demons were pretty strong. To add more, they had wings, unlike Ben. 


Three demons flew around Steve and they started messing around with him. Diving down every so often to tear apart his armor. It irritated Steve and also angered him. He swung his sword in the air but it was hopeless, they were too far away. One demon flew down and grabbed Steve's face with his clawed hands. Steve bled as the demon put more pressure on his face. 


Richard looked and hurried to Steve's rescue. He transformed in his reaper form and sliced the demon in half. He looked up at the other two demons. He scowled at them before disappearing and reappearing behind them and slicing them up in half. 


He landed smoothly and walked to Joseph but he really didn't need to. Joseph suddenly got angry and sliced the demon's arm in half. He head buttedthe demon and moved to his back and sliced the wings in half. He then stopped the torture he was doing and finally stabbed the demon in it's heart. 


He looked around and saw an amused Richard. He scowled at him and swayed his eyes to the right. Richard then looked and he remembered that Kathrina was fighting Lucifer. 


Lucifer blocked all of Kathrina's attacks with his bare hands. Kathrina swung her sword again but this time, Lucifer grabbed it and broke it in half. Kathrina scowled at him and summoned another holy sword. She swung it again, this time her attacks were a lot stronger. It still wasn't enough to hurt Lucifer though, she needed help! She needed Richard! She needed.... to transform! She transformed into a dragon and breathe fire on Lucifer. He laughed as he transformed into a larger, more gruesome demon.


It had four horns, it's legs were like that of a chicken, it's arms were much more massive than Kathrina's dragon form. She looked up, surely the school and Erick noticed this. 


Erick did notice it and immediately looked at Elise, waiting for an answer. "I swear that he's doing that on his own" she said, Erick could tell she's not lying. He then looked at it and immediately went there. 


Kathrina dodged Lucifer's attacks by flying away. Lucifer was destroying the school as he tried to grab hold of Kathrina. Kathrina tried damaging him with fire but it was proven to be useless as Lucifer just laughed at her for even using fire. Kathrina growled and charged her head into Lucifer's. Surprisingly, it worked and Lucifer suddenly lost his balance. 


Richard suddenly rode on Kathrina's back and smiled. "Audrey's free so let's finish this asshole!" he declared, Kathrina nodded and flew up to Lucifer's head. She breath fire to his face as she closed in on him. Richard then got on top of Kathrina's head and jumped up, transforming into an angel. His sword suddenly got bigger. Ricahrd was surprised and looked behind him, Isabella casted another spell. He smiled and stabbed Lucifer in the head, a bright light suddenly emitted and then.




"Kathrina! Kathrina!" a familiar voice yelled, calling out to Kathrina. She opened her eyes and saw a worried Joseph. She stood up, grunting in the process. She felt extreme pain as she got up, she looked around and found Erick. He was standing there, a very worried look on his face. She looked over to her side and found Richard, pretty much in the worst case he could be. He was bleeding out, his heart was stabbed by a trident. She also saw Audrey.Her face was flooding with tears as she hugged Richard. how the hell did this happen?


"Richard!" Kathrina suddenly yelled, going over to him. She was devastated by both Audrey's loud cry and Richard's torn state. She kneeled down and held Audrey's shoulder. Erick also approached them and silently cried. Was he going to be fine? His conditions are critical and at this rate, he'll die before they could even rush him to a hospital. Kathrina all wondered ways to save him but then he looked at Erick. He was silently praying! Erick, the grim reaper, silently praying? It was unbelievable but it was his son that's in danger of course he'll do what it takes to save him. 


Suddenly, a light fell down on Richard. Kathrina watched in amazement as the damages done to Richard's was healed. Is this the work of God? She nodded at her own question and looked up. Suddenly, the light went to her and a voice spoke out. 


I want you to add Kathrina to your class. That also means she must have her own mission

God suddenly commanded. Erick only nodded in response. Kathrina was shocked to find Erick taking orders from God. Could.... could the reason why he's so kind was because of him? She didn't know but she had to know! She watched in awe as God healed her wounds instantly. 


The light disappeared and Richard grunted as he got up. He sat up and looked around, seeing Erick and Audrey's teared up faces. Did he die? Did someone die? He was confused, why were they crying? "what's with the long faces?" he asked, remembering the events that happened.


He wasn't able to kill Lucifer, he escaped. But before he did, he stabbed Richard's heart with a trident. He touched his heart and found that it's been fully healed. God must've healed him. He opened his mouth but before he could speak, Audrey tightly hugged him. She was so worried about him, she thought he was gonna die! 


"okay, let go now" Richard said. As much as he loved Audrey's embrace, he needed to breathe and also because of the thing Kathrina whispered to him. Audrey let go and wiped her tears, smiling as she looked up to him. 


"I'm so glad you're alive! We almost thought you were dead!" Audrey exclaimed, she felt really happy when seeing Richard live. She thought he died! His weakness was his heart, so she expected the worse.


"He did die!" Erick grimly said, they all looked at him and demanded and answer. "Richard, what did you see?" he asked, looking down at Richard.


"I saw.... nothing! Just pure black, nothing else" he answered, Erick nodded and stood up. Richard wore a scared face as Erick looked down at him with a frown. "what's wrong?" he asked, clearly knowing why Erick was frowning.


"You could've turned into a full on reaper if you died. It was a good thing the Valkyrie, here, protected you just enough before Lucifer could finish you off" Erick said, pointing to Kathrina. She frowned, angry at Erick for using her title. Why can't they just call her Kathrina? 


More importantly, Richard could've turned into a reaper! Audrey looked at him and was surprised, she never saw him trembling like this. It was as if he's afraid into turning into a reaper. Erick then smiled and weakly punched his shoulder. 


"I'm kidding! Cheer up son. The only way you'll become a reaper is if you kill me" Erick said, Richard frowning as he stood up. Was he really joking? Or was he lying? He didn't want to think about it, all he wanted now is to just take a nap.


"You should all go! It's past dismissal and the principal might get angry if you stay here for too long" Erick said. Richard and Kathrina both gasped, they were out for 5 hours?! Kathrina then stood up and looked behind her, everyone was there and all were worried. She frowned and looked back at Richard and Audrey. 


"so, why did you decide to join us?" Darryl asked. Him, Luke, Emerald, and Cassandra were all walking home. Audrey took Richard to his house. 


"Audrey said that I should hang out with you guys, she told me that you guys like hanging out" she replied. They chuckled a little and Kathrina frowned at them. Did Audrey lie? She could tell that she's lying since she's bad at it but could she have slipped this time? "what's so funny?" she asked, perplexed at their chuckle.


"nothing, Audrey didn't lie if you're wondering. Just that, some of us here can't hang out with us" Darryl replied, looking at Emerald and Luke. Emerald hid her face while Luke just scowled harshly at them. 


"did it just got cold?" Emerald asked, shivering and rubbing her arms with her hands. Luke then looked up and a single drop of snow hit his face and melted afterwards. It then rained snow and everyone began to shiver. 


"d-d-d-did any of you brought a coat?" Cassandra asked, all of them shook their heads as they ran to a brown house. Cassandra knocked on the door and Diana opened it. 


"Diana? I was expecting Freya" Cassandra said, confused why Diana answered the door. You see, this was Freya's house and her parents are gone. Freya and Victor suddenly came behind and saw The five's shivering bodies. 


They were then inside Freya's house. It looked nice, a fireplace lit up the living room as they shared a cup of hot chocolate while watching a Christmas movie. Kathrina looked around and was astonished at the house. It looked like a log cabin inside, what with the brown paint and the fireplace. There were also pictures of what looked like Freya's family. It looked like they were hunters. She looked back at her classmates and smiled as they talked to each other. So far, they've all been really kind and treated her like an actual classmates, except Luke. 


"how is the worst section to you so far?" Freya asked, noticing that Kathrina was staring at them. 


Kathrina shook her head and smiled at Freya. "I like you all so far! You all seem so friendly to each other and I'm glad you accepted me easily" she said happily, noticing Luke's scowl. It then turned into a smile as he looked back at the TV. Kathrina looked at it too and remembered that it's Christmas. 


"say, are we going to have a Christmas party?" she asked.


"I don't know, Erick hasn't been really telling us anything" Diana replied, frowning and looking down at her cup. It made sense that Erick wouldn't be holding a Christmas party, he is death. "I think it's because he has never experienced Christmas before" she continued, they all nodded. 


"hey, what ya doin' here?" Luke asked, nudging his elbow at Victor. 


"I don't know why but ever since our Badminton battle, I've had a crush on Freya" Victor whispered, looking at all the girls as they chatted about having their Christmas party even without Erick. Luke grinned and looked back at Victor. 


"well she does have a nice body" Luke commented, looking at Freya's slim body and her.... chest. Emerald heard it and scowled at Luke. He was shocked, of course, and hid his face. 


"you are the worst when it comes to eyeing women" Victor insulted, so they're doing this again. 


"oh yeah, well you suck at making friends!" Luke insulted back, scowling angrily at him. 


"but not girlfriends!" he replied, he raised his voice so that the girls could hear it. 


"are you saying that I'm not Emerald's boyfriend already?" Luke asked, clenching his fist while keeping his scowl. Victor nodded and Emerald approached them. She looked at Luke and smiled. 


"say it!" she said, almost like she's demanding it. Luke was confused but he guessed that she's trying to help. He sighed and looked up at Emerald. 


"Emerald, will you be my girlfriend?" Luke asked. She wasn't surprised that Luke would be like that, he was straight forward. Victor and everyone else was jst disappointed, they expected a speech. 


"what? No speech?" Kathrina commented. Luke growled harshly but then she looked up at Emerald again, she knew that he would be like that but she also felt disappointed. He sighed and stood up. 


"Emerald, I may not be good at this but I'll try since they asked for it. I may not be the best person to have as a boyfriend, I'm easily pissed, I like to punch people, and I'm halfway to being a pervert. But, my love for you is true and I want to make you happy and I want me to be happy. If it takes for me to change my personality just to see you smile, then I'll do it, if it takes for me to beat everyone in school in terms of studies then I'll do it, as long as I see your adorable smile. So, once again, I ask you, will you be my girlfriend?" Luke asked, holding Emerald's hand. He never felt so shy before, this was his first time ever giving that kind of speech. 




To be continued



This is Lucifers Demon form



Submitted: December 21, 2017

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Kathrina Csernis

Ughh I gotta know what I whispered to Richard! xD the scene where he mouths 'help me' made me laugh, I seriously need to know what I said to make him act like that xD

Okay so the fight scene was awesome, I wasn't expecting Lucifer to be there, but I'm kinda glad he was, cause he got his butt kicked by me and Richard, I loved the whole thing. When he turned into the chicken-legged Demon, I laughed at the picture that came to mind haha although it did sound kinda terrifying, I'm glad nothing majorly bad happened.

I was surprised that Richard was impaled like that, did he actually die? Or was Erick actually kidding? I don't know lol and what he said about him having to kill him to become a Reaper was pretty awesome too.

The end part was sweet, Luke and Emerald, so cute xD

This was an awesome chapter, I love that I'm gonna get my own mission haha - and oh, yeah, they needa stop calling me Valkyrie! My name is Kathrina! hahaha amazing chapter, I'll be waiting for the next cx

Sat, December 23rd, 2017 4:33pm


That's kinda mentioned in his profile. But you'll soon know, I can’t say right now.

That can kinda feel like filler but really, it's a way for you to know some of these characters lol. Yeah, he was there on his own accord to kill Richard. I think I didn't explain why though XD. Yeah, you go haha. Also, I forgot to put the picture of what it looked like. I found one in the Internet but I forgot to put it there.

Hmm did he die? Maybe, he was stabbed in the heart. Erick may or may not be kidding, he is a good actor lol. Yeah that part was cool, I mean there can never be two Grim reapers in their world

I'm glad you liked the ending, even if it strayed away from what the chapter was intended to tell.

I'm glad you liked it and yeah, they need to stop. I got that from how the real Kathrina hated being called Lady Csernis.

Sat, December 23rd, 2017 8:55am


Kathrina is like the girl version of Luke when she went up against those seniors, hahaha. And she really like Audrey huh, haha, wonder what 'secret' is it that she told Richard...

The fight is awesome hahaha. Kathrina and Richard are badass when they went against Lucifer. A death/angel hybrid riding a dragon is a picture I don't see everyday haha. The death scene of Richard, meh, he can't die! Hhaha, he's important. I can't wait to see the alternative though, (if you ever make one?) where you will kill him hahaha...

That last scene, especially the final paragraph , hahaha. Goddamn, Luke, that's not you haha. You're being to cute and romantic! 'I like punching people and is halfway to being a pervert hahaha that made me laugh.

Anyways, great chapter haha, keep it up! Can't wait who's arc you'll tackle next

Sun, December 24th, 2017 3:09am


She kinda is haha and yeah, she likes Audrey it is Kathrina. It's in Richard's profile.

I'm glad you like the fight scene and yeah, it's kinda given that he won't die and no I won't make an alt ending, that's only for a mission.

Yeah, that's not Luke at all. But he only did it because of peer pressure lol.

I'm glad you liked it and the next arc won't be up until next year.

Sat, December 23rd, 2017 10:59pm

S. Rasmussen

I left a couple of Icomments (just so you know). That sentence that said it looked like Erick had seen death. It destroyed the hopeless atmosphere of the paragraph. And please get his/her right. His is masculine form, her is feminine form.

That fighting scene was cool. A lot of transformations and swords.

And Richard. Poor Richard. Poor Erick as well. Poor Audrey. But I guess they are lucky when you consider Richard was revived. He should be better at using his reaper side as a shield. Or something. He is actually quite unlucky, his heart on the angel side.

And that Luke x Emerald scene. I was like Awwwww. I love those two. For some strange reason, I picture Luke looking a bit like Link (what?) and Emerald having a long Emerald dress. I know they don't look like that, but why not?

And Kathrina. Why are the angels so mean? In an alternative dimention, she saved the dimention

Sun, January 7th, 2018 2:11pm


Thanks for those icomments, I'm not confused by them, it's just that I think I was sleepy when writing this, I feel sleepy at mornings hehe. And yeah, it did destroy it, I removed it.

Yeah, poor Richard, Audrey, and Erick. Well, he uses his reaper side on the offensive more than his angel since, who doesn't want to one shot his opponents? Well, I needed a weakness for him

I'm glad you liked that scene and now I can't take that image out of my head lol.

Well, Keith's going through some rough shit and Richard just doesn't trust anyone. He's like Luke except he's a little kinder.

Sun, January 7th, 2018 6:23am


I AM HERE ONCE AGAIN! I THINK! Wait do I exit. Yeah I think so. So yeah, I have brought a comment!

So this whole founders day thing is really cool, and the fantasy stuff is a nice change from the usual one or two part missions for each characters. I really like Kat's character so far, even though since she's been introduced she's mainly just been shooting the other kids in the back during the whole boss fight scene.

So is every single guy in this school the typical stare at a girls breasts kinda guy? Surprised that nobodies really noticed besides Kat and Freya. But like fuck the seniors. They seem to all just be a bunch of dumbass perverts. Seeing Kat just walk up to them and knock them out with a single punch is funny. Smallest girl yet the most deadly.

Lol Kat is so fucking intimidating. Richard's the son of the grim reaper and she broke him in seconds. Him mouthing 'help me' made me laugh and it's extremely relateable cuz that's basically me whenever someone drags me away to do something that'll end in me being socially awkward. RIP Richard, hopefully him and Audrey work out. Considering the cover to book 2 is the two of them it probably will.

Shitttt okay I thought this would be a peaceful chapter. But nope demons and Lucifer. Fight scene was really good, and I'm wondering is everyone just gonna carry around swords and wear armor around school now? Also what is with the damn security in this school? If they're gonna teach kids, then at least get some kind of defenses so Lucifer can't just waltz in and almost kill Richard. The school and its surroundings do need a bit more worldbuilding and info but yeah pretty good fight scene.

So Kat does have a mission. Since she's Kat her mission will probably be more serious or different from the rest cuz she's also a valkyrie. Looking forward to seeing what she's gonna have to do.

YES! BEST SHIP! His little speech was so cute yet so funny at the same time. Just the line 'I'm easily pissed, I like to punch people, and I'm halfway to being a pervert' just made me break down laughing during class. Emerald is best waifu and Luke somehow managed to get with her. I'm looking forward to seeing their romance flourish and hopefully spawn an extremely awkward date night between the two on some random chapter in the future.

Good chapter, amazing ending, Emerald is best waifu. Now I shall continue commenting till class is over!

Wed, October 24th, 2018 4:54pm

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