Chapter 3: Chapter III

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Humor  |  House: Booksie Classic

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Erick took Victor to the clinic to get him patched up. He waited outside the door with his arms folded and eyes closed. He was thinking about how the school needed some major changes in it's system. He was, honestly, disgusted at what the principal did to the school and wanted to talk to him about it . Chris and Christina suddenly appeared, it was weird because it was class hours. 


"sir! We got accepted by the club adviser himself" Christina said with joy.


"That's great to hear! I guess the president wasn't so happy?" Erick replied


"yeah, she was pissed" Chris replied with a chuckle


Erick chuckles then turns his head to the clinic door. 


"Victor was beaten badly earlier. I stopped it but I feel as if those upperclassmen will be waiting for him outside."


Everyone suddenly frown. Chris and Christina turned their heads down and Erick made a smile to comfort the two students and held both their shoulders. "And that's why I need your help. Can you and the rest of the class go home in a group? I know that you all travel in the same direction so can you help me out?" 


Both immediately nodded without hesitation. Erick was rather stunned. "Didn't think you'd agree that easily" he said in surprise. Though the two thought it was a joke so they laugh. 


"Anyway. You should go back to the classroom and wait for me there. You still need me before going back downstairs." He said. The two bowed and smiled before walking back to the classroom.


Once there everyone was standing and they clapped at the two. They were shock and also confused. Why were they congratulating them?


"what's all this about?" Chris asked, a smile on his face as they clapped their hands


"for getting in to your club! And for playing that awesome song!" Emerald explained


"thank you!" Christina shouted. 


Suddenly someone slammed their door. Silence soon followed as everyone in class looked at the door. It was the same upperclassmen. They looked like they were pissed. Emerald came in front of them with a worried look. Luke on the other hand, had an angry look. With his fists clenched and his face twitching. Darryl wondered if Luke had some beef with them.


"can I help you?" she asks


The upperclassman ignored her and looked around the room. Victor was not to be seen as he is still in the clinic and Erick wasn't there to protect them, Luke was the only one the upperclassmen recognized. It was the perfect time for them to assault the room.


"where's Victor?" he asked grimly. 


"at the clinic. Proffessor Erick is waiting for him" Emerald replied.


The student then pushed Emerald off and went to Luke. He grabs him by his collar and lifts him up.


"did you think I forgot what you did last year" he warned


Luke stayed calm though. No sweat nor pressure was being put to him, he was like a stone, unmoved and calm. A guy soon grabbed the upperclassman's shoulder which caused him to turn. "hey, buddy, don't mess with my classmate or else.." he warned

It was a brown colored teen with black hair. He had a fighting stance and he was taller than Luke and as tall as the upperclassman. 


"and who are you?" he asked


"name's Ben, Ben Stone, and whom you're holding is my classmate" he replied


The upperclassman then let's go and acted tough on Ben by walking up to him and acting like he's top dog. Ben also was unmoved, like his last name. Ben wasn't scared, he was brave and faced his foe without sweating or getting nervous.


"so what will it be tough guy?" he asks while pushing Ben


Ben quickly grabbed his hand to pull him nearer. The upperclassman was surprised that Ben had pulled him closer. He wasn't able to speak as Ben grabbed him by the hair and looked him in the eye straight. The upperclassman wasn't as afraid but he can definitely see in Ben's eye that he's not afraid of him and that he'll protect his classmates. 


"listen up! You mess with my classmates here, you're messing with me" he warned again


"me too!" Luke said, he was standing up and he was acting tough 


Ben release and the upperclassman walked away angrily. His followers soon followed and they left the classroom. Erick and Victor soon arrived and it looked like nothing had happened. Erick was surprised as well but he soon watched their movements and Ben and Luke were trying to hold their laughter. Erick pretended he didn't notice and he went to his desk and took his seat. Victor went to his seat and asked a red haired girl what happened.


"oh, those bullies came back and tried to find you. Ben and Luke both stood up and stopped them" she replied


"I'm sorry Katejina" he apologized


Katejina then looked at him with a tilted head. She was a bit confused as to why he's apologizing when he didn't even do anything bad.


"don't apologize. Though i guess it won't be better now that they showed up we scared them" she replied


Victor smiled and turns to the front and sees that Erick hasn't done anything yet. He hasn't said anything and it really worries him. They might get scolded if he's silent. 


"Class... I'm proud of you!" 


The entire class gasps and one of them stood up. A white haired person with a small height stood up. "sir, did we do something right?" the boy asked, pretending that nothing happened


"Please, Mr. Frost, don't lie to me. Cause you can never lie to me"


The boy took his seat and tried to hide his face. Erick suddenly felt bad for saying that. He turned his head and faced his classroom. The entire class looked afraid and worried, Erick felt worse now.  He was sweating a little bit at the sight of seeing his class being sad. Like something he feared so much is going to happen if he'd kept his class from being sad.


"Say, class, how about we go outside and continue our activities?" he suggested as a means of cheering up his class. The class all stood and walked outside in an orderly fashion. But they still kept their frowns which still made Erick sweat. Emerald noticed that Erick was sweating and it made her curious. But she didn't want to directly address it to him as she might get scolded, so she kept quiet.


Once downstairs, she heads to Chris and Christina. They weren't playing yet which Emerald was hoping for.


"say, where'd you guys get the idea for your song?" she asked


"we got it from a rumor and sort of an urban legend. They say that there is an amazing teacher, that is secretly the grim reaper." Chris said


"he's supposedly disguising himself as a teacher because of the event known as the 'Turning of the cycle'. Where in we supposedly have found a way to lessen the death rate to only at least 10 lives a year" Christina added


All this rumors have amazed Emerald. She was like in a fantasy now and it made her think. Could Erick be death? 


"wait there's more!" Christina said waking up Emerald in her fantasy. But Erick suddenly appeared and it cuts Christina from saying anything else.


"What are you all talking about?" he asked in a calm way which startled the three a little bit.


"oh, nothing sir, just a spreading rumor" Chris replied


"Well... Rumors are rumors. I'm glad you've found something to do while you're not able to think of something." He chuckled and walked away


It felt so random that Emerald got suspiscous. Why did he interrupt when Christina was about to say more about the rumor? To the two, it was just so funny that Erick said those. But to Emerald, she thought there was a deeper meaning to it. She grabbed her sketch pad and began to draw as a way of not being noticed to much by Erick. Erick thought that she was drawing something girly but she was drawing Erick and how would he look like as death. Emerald then felt something wrong and she looked up and saw a face poking out from the top of her sketchpad. "Darryl?" she asked, trying to identify the person poking out.


"hi!" he greeted. "what'ya doing?"


Emerald immediately hid her drawing. She didn't want anyone to know what she was doing. Especially Darryl. "oh, you know, skecthing. I heard Katejina is a practicing writer so I thought I might draw some sketches for her story." she lied, Darryl fell for it. He thought it was legitimate enough and so he left while still reading some lesson plans.  She sighed and wiped the sweat from her forehead but then Darryl came back.


"oh, yeah. You wanna hang out with me and Luke after class?" he asks


Emerald, wanting to have Darryl leave quickly, nodded quickly. She didn't even listened to what Darryl said. Darryl then walked away and Emerald finally went back to drawing. Darryl stupidly walked to Katejina and told her about what Emerald was doing. Katejina believed him and walks to Emerald. 


"hey I heard you were sketching some characters from my story" she said which frightened Emerald a bit.


"umm... Can I trust you?" she asks. Katejina gave a curious look by tilting her head a bit




Submitted: October 24, 2017

© Copyright 2021 rickybelmont. All rights reserved.


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Kathrina Csernis

Katejina... Interesting name haha its very unique. I get told that a lot about my own name xD

I think its kinda cute in a way how Emerald hides the drawing from Darrly, does she not like him or something? Or perhaps, she does... Haha

Great chapter, I'm getting to know all these characters more and I'm loving them all, but you still know who my favourite is haha

Nice work cx

Wed, November 8th, 2017 9:57pm


Hey! I got Katejina's name from Gundam. Emerald hid the drawing so that Darryl doesn’t get involved in her shenanigans, they are friends but Emerald doesn't want Darryl getting involve in her schemes. :)

Wed, November 8th, 2017 10:46pm


This was interesting and all but I'm curious as to where the story is really heading. There seems to be so much characters and the story kind of reminds me of anime. I'm relieved Victor is alright and I like the teacher, but yeah. I'm anticipating the future

Thu, November 23rd, 2017 11:10am


ahh, you'll soon find out haha. To be precise, chapter five is where the plot actually starts, the first four chapters are just a way to introduce the teacher and some of the students

Thu, November 23rd, 2017 3:22am


This art was pretty interesting, It seems like someone might discover who he is. I like how the classmates banded together to stand up against the upperclassmen. I think Erick really liked that as well.

I really liked the back story on how they came up with the song. Thats kind of neat as well.

This was another great chapter.

Mon, December 11th, 2017 8:04am


Hey! Glad you liked it! Maybe, she might be able to find out but who knows right okay that's getting old lol. Yeah, they may be strangers to each other at first but they do care for each other. Erick did like that haha.

Glad you liked how they came up with the song. :)

Thanks and I'm glad you liked it! :)

Mon, December 11th, 2017 12:17am

S. Rasmussen

Ok, so Erick tries to keep his identity a secret. And now some students are beginning to figure out. I'm not really that surprised.

Good chapter

Fri, December 29th, 2017 2:49pm


Haha yeah, someone's going to start wondering who this man is. I'm glad you liked it!

Fri, December 29th, 2017 6:53am


Oh yay they got a tough guy now! Ben is now the human meat shield.

There should have been a slaughter.... need death.... though are all these people like the musician girl or the bullies gonna come back at some point?

So there's actually a rumor about this? How is it that Emerald almost immediately thinks Erick is death? There's not much proof besides him interrupting the conversation.... well and the fact he took the soul of a dead body that one time lol

Okay so Emerald and Katejina are now death hunters.... (not even gonna try and pronounce the second name lol)

Fri, February 2nd, 2018 1:20pm


Yus Ben's the sorta human meat shield well demon but that's not a spoiler anymore because of the tournament.

Hmm but why? This is a high school fight inside a high school building, they'll get expelled, the students at 3-f will come back and those bullies may or may not come back.

Yes and hmm, I had a reasoning for this but I forgot lol and it's pronounced as Kah-teh-ji-na

Fri, February 2nd, 2018 5:39am


I found it very ironic they sang a song in the previous chapter about Death being their teacher, when he actually is, hahaha. Seems someone almost believes the crazy rumours. I wonder what she'll think, when she discovers it's all true.
I'm glad all the students are alright after those bullies. It's nice to have students who look out for their classmates :)

Fri, April 13th, 2018 6:55am

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