My Teacher, Death

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Chapter 30 (v.1) - The late Christmas special

Submitted: December 24, 2017

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Submitted: December 24, 2017







"oh thank god you're alive!" I heard someone say. I open my eyes to find a black haired, red eyed, woman. I grunted painfully as I sat up, what happened? I lived? How did I end up here? 


"who- who are you? How did I end up here?" I asked. I see the girl frown and moved away a little to give me space. Out of the subject, but she looked really cute and almost like a vampire. 


"I'm Audrey, you just appeared at my door" she answered, that seemed impossible. I was on a cockpit one moment and now I ended up in someone's elegant bedroom. It could be that my ship had some sort of technology that could save me, a teleporter maybe? I don't know. "what's your name?" she asked.


"Ri-Rick" I stuttered. She nodded and smiled. She moved again, getting closer. 


"you remind me of someone" she said, looking at me and my body. I looked as well and I'm still wearing my spacesuit, although it's in a torn state. Our eyes then meet and I see her blush. 


"who's that?" I asked as she looked down at the ground. This girl's weird. 


"oh no one, just an old classmate of mine" she replied to me. I smiled and touched her shoulder, making her blush again. An awkward silence soon followed as I try to find ways to make the conversation last longer. "well, I should probably get you something to eat!" she said, shrugging my hand away. She stood up and walked over to the white door and disappeared. I stood up as well and followed her. I opened the door and saw a long hallway. The walls were painted in a bright white color and the floor was covered by a bright red carpet. I walked to the soft carpet and followed her. 


She suddenly turned left and I saw a brown and white railings, they might be for the stairs. I held on the railings and looked up. I saw a beautiful chandielier just hanging from the ceiling, it was massive and I can't count how many lights are there because it's so damn bright. I moved to the stairs and started walking down there. 


I hear clinking noises of what sounded like kitchen tools being picked up from their cabinets or drawers. I looked around and used my ear to track the noise. It came from a door below one of the stairs, there were actually two. I walked to the one on the left and opened it. The door clicked open and I walked in. It wasn't brightly lit as the chandelier so I was able to see better. 


I sat on one of the chairs in a small table, I guess she lives alone. She then handed me a plate with only steak and some mash potatoes. "thank you, you know you didn't need to do this" I thanked, she then chuckled. 


"nonsense! It's Christmas!" she yelled, throwing her arms in the air. I smiled then looked at a window that was near me, hmm convenient. It was snowing. I look back to her as she sneakly puts on a santa hat. 


I smiled, "what's that for?" I asked. 


"just to fit in" she replied, winking at me. I blushed as she threw a santa hat at me as well.  We were then at what looked like a living room. It had a fireplace, the lights were dimmed down, there was a large holographic TV right in front of us as we watched the best Christmas movie ever: DIEHARD!!


I watched as Audrey hid every time a gun gets fired. I couldn't help but laugh quietly at how adorable she hides. "say, who's this classmate of yours?" I asked with a smile. She then looked at me silently, did I asked too much. 


"I'm sorry I-"

"his name's Richard" she replied quickly. I nodded and looked back at the TV. She must've thought that I would ask her to continue on since, well, I'll let her take it. "he's umm a nice person" she contnued, hugging a black teddy bear. 


"okay, are you willing to tell me more?" I asked, she scowled at me but then smiled. 


"okay! I'll tell you a story! It happened just two years ago, we were at my old house when he decided to leave" 




I really can't stay

But Richard, it's cold outside

I've got to go away

But Richard, it's cold outside

This evening has been

Hoping that you'd drop in

So Very nice

I'll hold your hand they're just like ice

My father will start to worry

Oh Richard, what's the hurry

The devil will be pacing the floor

Listen to the fireplace roar

So I'd better scurry

Oh Richard, please don't hurry

But maybe just half a drink more

Could you sing some songs while I pour

Kathirna might think

Richard, it's bad out there

Say, what's in this drink

No cabs to be had out there

I wish I knew how 

Your eyes are like starlight now

To break this spell

I'll take your hat, her head as well

I ought to say no, no, no god no

Mind if I move in closer

At least I'm gonna say that I tried

What's the point in hurtin' my pride

I really can't stay

Oh Richard don't hold out

But Richard, It's cold outside

I simply must go

But Richard, it's cold outside

The answer is no

But Richard, it's cold outside

Your welcome has been

How lucky that you dropped in

So nice and warm

Don't worry, you'll have time to mourn

Kathrina will get suspiscious

Gosh your lips look delicious

You know Luke will be there at the door

I'll chop the head off that stupid boar

Ben's mind's is vicious

Gosh your lips look delicious

But, maybe just a drink more

never such a blizzard before

I've gotta get home

But Richard you'll freeze out there

I've got a dead coat

It's up to your knees up there

You've really been grand

I thrill when you touch my hand

But, don't you see?

How can you do this thing to me?

There's bound to be talk tomorrow

Think of my lifelong SORROW

At least there will be implied

if you got pneumonia and died

I REALLY can't stay

What did she tell you dammit

Richard it's cold

Richard, It's cold outside

"I asked nicely, I'm never going to ask you again" Audrey said, pulling a kitchen knife behind her as she wore a frown.


"leave me alone damn you!" Richard yelled, getting defensive. He wore an angered and a shock face as Audrey stood there, wearing a frown and an aloof expression.  It's hard to believe that that was Audrey, it was so different from her usual attitude. Did she... did she hide this personality from everyone? 


The room was in complete silence, no one making a move. It felt like this silence won't be broken until one of them took an action. Richard didn't want to take action, Audrey was still his friend and he didn't want to hurt a girl. Even if this personality of her was creepy, he still couldn't bring himself to kill or hurt her. This silence continued until Audrey smiled and giggled quietly. "what the hell?" he asked, looking angry and confused. 


"guess you're still afraid of Erick!" she said, giggling as Richard sat there, looking like he had seen a ghost. Did, did his father test him? He wasn't afraid to die! He was just scared to lose Audrey! 


"I'm not.... I'm not afraid of my father!" Richard replied, blushing as Audrey giggled. He really wasn't afraid. "I'm only afraid that I might *cough* kill you" he continued, his blush going darker. Audrey stopped giggling and blushed as well. 


"is that so?" she asked, hiding her face as she placed down the knife. Is it true? Did she really convinced Richard that she's hiding a different personality? She glanced back at Richard and saw in his eyes that were close to tear up that it's true! She really made him believe that she's a different person. 


"yeah. I feel so stupid believing you. I can't believe I'm the one who fell for one of your tricks"  Richard said, smiling as he turned his head away from Audrey. She looked suprised, he's really that gullible? She chuckled slightly as she turned back to face Richard.


"yeah, I didn't come up with this scheme. It was Kathrina!" Audrey said, making Richard's jaw drop. That Valkyrie's going to get it! He stood up but Audrey hugged him. His blush from his cheeks went on to his whole body as he turned his head around and saw Audrey, her arms wrapped around his chest. 


"please don't" she pleaded. Well, he can't say no to her. He sighed and looked up. He then blushed more as Audrey looked up as well. It was a mistletoe. They both looked at each other, blushing. Richard's blush then disappeared and wore a smile. He leaned his head forward and his lips connected with Audrey's. Audrey looked shocked but then wrapped her arms at the back of Richard's head and neck. Their kiss lasted for five minutes before they let go and their eyes never left each other. 


"Merry Christmas, Audrey!" Richard greeted, Audre giggled as Richard pulled something from his back. It was a massive black teddy bear. Audrey squealed as Richard gave it to her. She immediately hugged it and imaginary hearts floated from her hug. 


"thank you!" Audrey thanked, acting like a child who've recieved her Christmas gift. She threw the teddy bear high in the air and Richard couldn't help but smile. She then hugged it and went to her small Christmas tree. She grabbed a small box that was wrapped in Christmas wrappers. She gave it to Richard and he gladly opened it. It was a small blue box. 


"open it!" Audrey insisted. Richard opened it and saw a necklace. It was a necklace he had never seen before It had a half skull and hald angel design for the pendant and a black and white chain. 


He smiled, "thank you, Audrey! You've given me the best Christmas gift I could ever have" he said, Audrey blushed and hugged Richard. 




I dropped my jaw at her story. It's so unbelievable that it could be turned into a novel. Audrey then chuckled at my bewildered face as I try to hide it. "what, do you find it unbelievable?" she asked. I nodded and she laughed. I guess she found my reaction funny. 


"well, I'm sorry but it is true" she said. I just believed her and smiled as we watched the movie. 


The en-


Hold on, do you really think it's the end? it's too short! There's still more that needs to be told! So, I present to you: 3-f's Christmas Special


"Luke, give me the red Christmas wrapper!" Emerald said. They were at Emerald's house, wrapping Christmas presents. Edward was there, he was watching TV. Emerald's big bro was cooking food. Luke and Emerald were sitting at the carpet and wrapping the last gift. 


"say, Luke, won't you parents worry about you?" Edward asked, sipping into his cup as he looked down at them. Luke then chuckled and slowly frowned. 


"that is to say if I have any" Luke replied, his tone of voice was a sad one. He looked out the window as snow fell. The dark, cold feeling of outside was the same feeling he's having. It saddened Emerald, he's just like Audrey but he had never shared any information on his parents. 


"Luke are you-" Emerald spoke but was cut off by Luke, suddenly standing up. He approached the door and smiled. 


"I'll be going home now" he said before clicking the door opened. Emerald then scowled at Edward. 


"I'm sorry" he apologized. Emerald growled at him like a dog. Emerald then looked back at the door and frowned, she didn't want Luke to leave yet.


Outside, Luke was freezing even with the coat he had. His teeth clatter as he shivered while making his way to the village gate. The cold harsh environment really got to Luke and his eyes started closing. But he remained strong and managed to leave Emerald's village. He then walked the road again but the snow and the darkness made it impossible to see anything. He treaded more and more, not giving a damn where he is as long as he's far from Emerald's house. His eyes still try to close themselves as he felt his body getting weaker and weaker. His body soon gave in and his face was burried into the snow. 


During this time he began to wonder, why did he have to leave? Is it because he didn't want to talk about his parents? That might be the case. His mind couldn't think more and he felt as if death was closing in. He then remembered memories of when he was a kid, it was a lonely Christmas. No one was around only him. A tear fell from his buried face as a car halted before him. 


A man stepped out and grabbed his body. He lied at the backseat as the man started driving again. Luke couldn't open his eyes, his body and everything was too weak. Instead, he just rested and hope that whoever this man is, is a friendly. 


"Luke! Wake up!" a familiar deep voice yelled. Luke slowly opened his eyes and saw Erick, Kathrina, and Katejina. So Erick was the one that picked him up. He sat up and noticed that he's sleeping in Erick's bed. 


"what happened to you? Why were you outside while it's snowing?" Kathrina asked, a worried look on her face. Luke scowled at her but saw her worried face and his scowl disappeared. 


"I.... ran away from Emerald's house" Luke replied, looking away from them. They all frown at his answer, that can't just be it! Luke would never run away from Emerald, not without a good reason. 


"why?" Katejina asked. Luke didn't answer. Katejina frowned, he really didn't like Luke's attitude right now.There was an awful 15 minute silence until Erick finally broke it. 


"It's your parents isn't it?" Erick asked, Luke then scowled at him. Erick scowled back but he waited for Luke to answer. 


Luke sighed, "it is! Happy, now?" Luke replied, he can't stay silent when Erick's asking. He didn't know why, but he felt that he needed to answer any of his questions. 


Erick frowned and nodded. Kathrina looked at Erick, he seemed to be satisfied with Luke's answer. But she wasn't. A talk about parents does not result in the incident that happened. "I'm not! What's wrong with your parents?"  she asked. Erick then scowled at Kathrina, guess it offended Luke. "I-I-I'm sorry" she apologized. 


"nah, it's fine. I guess it's about time I tell ya why I like hanging out with people" Luke said with a smile. 




Luke was sitting alone at the living room in his house. He must be waiting for someone. He wore a smile as he kicked his feet around, holding on to a Christmas gift he had.  The clock read 12:00 midnight, so it was Christmas eve. 


It was December 24th, I was 4 years old. The entire day until night I waited for my parents to come home. They never did. I realized it the moment 12:00 hit. 


Luke suddenly bursted into tears as he realized that his parents weren't coming. He felt sadness going all over his body the moment he realized his parents are gone. 


I slept afterwards, hoping that in New Year's they'll show up. But came the 31st and well.....


Luke turned on his TV. He was slouching on the couch as the news turned up. His eyes widened and tears started swelling up. The news reported of a building in fire and people running away from it. Luke seemed to know the building seeing from hsis teared up face. The reporter then showed a list that are confirmed that died. Luke's mother and father were on top of the list. It was inevitable that he cried and he did, he bursted into tears and screamed in the air.


My mother and father died in a bombing. The building they were working on was bomb during Christmas. 




"it was a good thing that they left behind a small fortune for me and I was able to live on my own" Luke said, he was crying as he told his story. Kathrina felt bad for Luke and for asking, she never knew but she wished she didn't.


"I'm sorry" Kathrina apologized. Luke then turned to her and smile. 


"it's fine. I guess now you know. I ran away from Emerald because I didn't want to remember that Christmas and the Christmas that followed" Luke explained with a frown. He looked at everybody and saw Erick smiling. "sir, why are you smiling?" he asked. 


Erick then gave him a white letter that glowed a white light. Luke grabbed it and looked at the back of the letter. "to:Luke, from: Martha and Thomas Shadows" Luke read, looking curious as he opened the letter. In it, was a letter and a white compass with an angel design. 


"I went to Heaven for that, it's from your parents" Erick said, a heartwarming smile on is face as Luke read the letter. 


The letter read:


To our naughty son,

Merry Christmas Luke! It seems that you've found a teacher that cares truly for you. As you know, we passed away, but that doesn't mean we're gone. We'll always be here! We've heard lots of great things about you lately, looks like you've been really studying and is it true that you have a girlfriend? That's so sweet! We wished we could get you a better gift but that compass is the only one we could get for you. In there contains our picture and the memories we've shared. 

You're teacher has been quite caring towards you. He's even gone so far as to want you to stay in his house. We'll leave that decision to you but we think that you should accept his offer. We really miss you and I know that you miss us as well. We're sorry for the days we've been absent, especially Christmas, but I hope that you understand that we were really busy that day. We wished that we could write more but this is all we could put in here. Always be good our son and Merry Christmas!

Sincerely yours, 

Martha S.

Thomas S.

Luke placed down the letter and started crying. Erick then sat at the bed and hugged Luke. Luke then looked up at Erick and he was smiling. Luke stopped crying and smiled as well, grabbing that compass and opening it. It showed his family pictures and there was a white button there. He pressed it and all of their memories suddenly appeared, almost like a hologram, from the compass. He smiled, gazing at all their memories. From the moment he was born all the way to his fourth birthday. It might not be much but Luke was happy enough to have it. 


"thanks, sir, this is the best gift I've had for years" Luke said, hugging Erick like he would if his father gave him that gift. "and as for your offer, I accept it! It's about time I move out anyway" he joked, Erick laughed slightly, he was glad that he accepted his offer. Katejina suddenly threw a pillow to Luke's face. 


"great! Me and Kathrina are sharing a bed with the Orangutan" Katejina joked, putting a stroppy face while Kathrina just laughed slightly. Luke then looked back at them, so that's why she's here. He then imagined sleeping with two girls and blushed. Maybe he needed to rethink his decision. 


Erick then chuckled and patted Luke's shoulder. "If it bugs you then he'll sleep with me" Erick said. Katejina's stroppy face was replaced with a happy face. She then pulled out a green sweater from her back and showed it to Luke.


"okay! But you need to show that you're part of this family by wearing this sweater!" Katejina said. Luke looked at Erick and saw that he's wearing it as well. Luke sighed and put it on. 


"it's a little itchy" Luke complained, scratching the sweater a little. Katejina opened her mouth to speak but then their doorbell rang. They all looked at each other and had no idea who it was.


They all went downstairs. On the way, Luke had a few ideas who could it be but it was fairly obvious who. They got to the door and Erick opened it. Luke was surprised that it was not only Emerald, but the entire 3-f. They were all carrying gifts.


"Well, this was a shock. What are you all doing here? And get inside, it's freezing out there" Erick said, moving away and letting his class get inside. Everyone went inside and sat at the couch. They placed their gifts on Erick's Christmas tree. It was different from the others. It was a black tree with scythes and skulls instead of Christmas balls. It's lights were dead and the star was replaced with a statue of the grim reaper. 


"Kathrina told us that you've never experienced Christmas before! We talked to Richard and he confirmed that. So, we came here to show you what Christmas is!" Audrey explained. Erick looked back at Katejina and Kathrina. They both laughed nervously and looked away from Erick, whistling. Erick sighed and sat near Audrey. 


"Well, that's true! I have never experienced Christmas and it's really not one of my priorities" Erick smiled but his classmates all frowned at him. Was there something wring with what he said? Is it because it's not really a priority of him? He sighed, "Alright, show me Christmas" Erick said. They all looked at each other and smiled. 


They bunched up near Erick and it weirded him out. "What? Is this it?" he asked. Audrey nodded but Erick still didn't feel anything. He expected something grand or bright but all his students bunched up in him? That was not what he expected. Although, he did fell happy that they're all hear. To think that they'll go here just to show him something he didn't understand was stupid...yet...also kind of them. 


"do you feel happy that we're here with you?" Richard asked. Erick nodded. 


"then that's Christmas for you! It's about being together and being happy about it" Audrey explained, hugging Erick. He smiled and looked away. 


"Aww, shucks! Well, that's the first time you taught me something" Erick said. They all laughed at him, something Erick never knew would happen. They then stood up and looked around the house. They didn't expect that Erick would prepare food for Christmas. 


"well, this is a surprise! You'd actually prepare food for Christmas eve!" Richard commented, turning around to his father. He chuckled slightly as he got up. His eyes then swayed at Katejina and Kathrina. Richard turned his head to the two girls and frowned, no wonder why there's food at the table, Kathrina and Katejina lived with him. 


The party then started. The silent room then became noisy. Everyone was talking to each other, some were playing pranks to others but they were having fun. Luke even played a prank with Joseph, Steve, and Isabella using a mistletoe. 


"who would you choose?" Luke asked. Isabella was pressured as she looked to Joseph and Steve. She loved both of them but she didn't want to kiss one of them, else the other one might get jealous. She went completely red when both Joseph and Steve kissed her cheeks. 


Luke laughed, even if his prank didn't go so well. He was still happy that that happened. He turned around and saw Emerald, her hand held up high. "oh, hey Luke. I was just hanging this ornament at Erick's stairs" she said. Luke looked up and saw another mistletoe. He looked back down at Emerald who was poking her tongue out. He smiled and grabbed Emerald and kissed her. 


"aiyee!" Audrey said, seeing Luke and Emerald kiss. Everyone else just minded their businesses and ate. Their kiss ended and Erick just smiled as he watched everyone from a far corner. They all were so happy to be here. They'd go so far as to leave their parents just so they can let him experience Christmas. But he did remember one thing he used to go to whenever it's Christmas. 


"I know what you're going to do! So did He leave you a letter this year?" Richard suddenly asked, he was at his side. Erick smiled and showed him another glowing white letter. 


"Yup! Unfortunately, I have to go there before 12:00 so I'll see you all on the 26th" Erick replied, Richard smiled and looked at everyone. 


"tell them!" Richard insisted. Erick sighed and took 3 steps dorward. He then coughed which everyone noticed. Everyone thought he might give a speech. 


"So, God sent me an invitation to a birthday party and I need to be there before 12. I'm sorry but this is really important, like I'll be punished important" he said, expecting everyone to frown. Erick felt bad for telling them that, they went all this way only to hear disappointment from their teacher. 


Audrey smiled,"okay!" she said, everyone nodded.


"say what?" he asked for clarification, he was surprised to not hear complains from them. He'd expect at least one of them to complain. 


"we're fine if you need to go. It is Jesus' birthday after all" Luke said. Erick could not still believe it but he was still glad. He smiled and fixed his glasses. A black smoke suddenly appeared and Erick soon disappeared. Everyone looked at each other and just shrugged what happened. 

12:00 soon came and it was time to give gifts. Everyone gave each other gifts but Luke didn't get any from Emerald. He frowned and slowly headed upstairs. Emerald looked up and saw Luke going upstairs, she smiled and followed her, a gift on her hand. 


Audrey giggled slightly as Kathrina approached her. "so, did he fell for it?" she asked. Audrey turned around and nodded. Her smile could tell that her plan went well.


"but did you really have to tell him that I'm a yandere?" she asked, wearing a frown. Kathrina giggled slightly, guess she really didn't like her plan. "you really have a way with tricking people" Audrey commented.


"that I do. But I'm glad it worked out for you. Now let's see if Emerald's own plan will work" Kathrina chuckled, looking upstairs as Emerald went inside Emerald's room. 


Upstairs, Emerald found Luke looking at a compass. His face wore a smile as a tear fell. She slowly approached him and asked "what ya doing here?" she asked. Luke then turned his head to Emerald, he noticed that her hands are behind her back, she must have a gift for him. 


She then sat beside Luke and showed him her gift and gave it to him. "open it! I made sure that it's only just us" she said. Luke then looked down on the gift and unwrapped it. It was a shirt that had the design: 'I like punching people' on it. He chuckled slightly as he discarded the sweater and his shirt and put on the shirt. 


"it fits nicely, thanks!" Luke thanked, Emerald giggled afterwards. Luke then grabbed Emerald's gift behind him. He gave it to her and Emerald opened it. It was a shirt as well that had the design: 'My boyfriend doesn't know how to woo' on it. She laughed and tried it on, Luke turning his head away from Emerald. 


"Merry Christmas, Em!" Luke greeted, a smile on his face


"Merry Christmas, Luke!" Emerald smiled and tilted her head. She sat down beside Luke and kissed him in the cheeks. 


Whelp, this was the song I parodied for Richard and Audrey's scene togehter: Baby it's cold outside









© Copyright 2020 rickybelmont. All rights reserved.


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