Chapter 31: Hidden identities

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Humor  |  House: Booksie Classic

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Luke woke up in Erick's bed with no memory of what happened last night. The last he could remember was Emerald giving him his gift and vice versa. Did someone sabotage their drinks? Aren't they too young for that? He didn't know but it looked like no one has left yet. He looked back at the bed and saw a sleeping Emerald, still wearing the shirt Luke gave him. He blushed as perverted images of what could have happened last night sudddenly popped up in his mind.


Luke shook his head and got off bed. He stood at the door and opened it. He walked a little and got downstairs. He saw that everyone in 3-f hasn't left the house. It was pretty cold outside and they couldn't get home since they might fall unonscious like him. He walked over to the kitchen to wash his face. As he approached the sink, he peeked at the window and saw Richard and Audrey playing in the snow. He smiled before facing the sink again and washing his face in cold water. 


Outside, Audrey and Richard were both lying in the snow. Audrey made a snow angel while Richard only made a snow grim reaper. They both looked at the cloudy sky as the snow stopped falling. Audrey then gazed at Richard who wire a rather serious face. Was he brooding? Or was he planning to get back on Kathrina?


"so what's the birhtday party like?" Audrey asked, Richard waking up from his brooding. 


"oh! Well, imagine the most elegant party ever, but it had angels and the grim reaper" Richard replied, gazing at Audrey as well. Richard could tell that she wanted to hear something else. She must be wondering what he's thinking about, he had remained quiet for some time now but that was because he was thinking of a way to start a conversation. "I'm uhh not thinking about getting back on Kathrina. Because I might kill her" he said, shocking Audrey.


"prove it!" someone yelled. Audrey and Richard both sat up and saw Kathrina, her arms folded while wearing a smile. "because last time we fought, I beat your ass" she continued, making Audrey giggle.


Richard smirked, "let's go!" he challenged, standing up and summoning his sword. Kathrina sighed and stepped forward, still keeping her smile. 


She summoned her sword as well and spoke "we'll use Erick's backyard, it has enough space for me to kick your ass" she said, pointing her finger to the back of the house. Richard nodded and they walked to the backyard. Luke saw where they're going and also saw that they had swords and decided to watch their fight. "and hey, if I win, you get to do something I want" she continued, offering her hand for a shake. 


Richard hesitated, he knew she was going to make him do something embarrassing if she won. But he couldn't fight her if he didn't shake her hand. Sighing, he reluctantly shook her hand. "deal! But if I win, you'll do something for me" he siad, Kathrina nodded in agreement. 


Kathrina and Richard stood opposite of each other, still in their human forms. They scowled at one another as they took their stances. Luke stood beside Audrey, casually eating a submarine sandwich he made. 


The two suddenly dashed forward, engaging each other in a sword lock. Kathrina pushed forward with force so strong that she had Richard shaking. Richard pushed back but Kathrina remained where she stood. Astonished and scared, Richard released himself from the lock and slid backwards. He jerked his hand a little which transformed his sword into a scythe. Kathrina smirked, now he was getting serious.


Richard twirled his scythe around and charged at Kathrina. She summoned another sword with her other hand and blocked Richard's incoming attack. Once again, they were in a lock. But not for long! Richard released himself and ran around Kathrina. Kathrina was both shocked and confused seeing Richard do this action. She was caught off guard when Richard appeared above her and lashed his scythe at her. She blocked it but the force that hit her sent her to take a few steps backwards. 


Richard then appeared behind her and kicked her back, sending her a few feet away from him. He wore a scowl as he summoned his sword from his other hand. He suddenly transformed into his half reaper half angel mode, was Kathrina getting serious? 


From the small cloud of smoke Kathrina caused, she stood up, black flames surrounding her and her eyes turning into the orange and black color. Richard tightened his grip in his weapons and charged forward, lashing both weapons to Kathrina. another cloud of smoke appeared but it was bigger. Luke and Audrey couldn't see what happened but as the smoke settled, they saw Kathrina holding both Richard's wepaons with his hands. 


"so you still don't know how to control you powers" Kathrina said, snapping both of his wepaons in two. Richard gasped as he took three steps backwards, she really was serious. Kathrina then approached him with a serious face, summoning two swords again. "it was foolish of you to challenge me!" she yelled, lashing her sword at Richard which left a massive cut on his shoulder. 


As he screamed in pain, Kathrina lashed her sword again, this time in his leg. He screamed in pain again as he fell down to his knees. Kathrina then lifted Richard's chin with her sword as she claimed victory. "yield, before I force you to say it" she threatened. Luke then felt his hairs going up, Kathrina was really scary when she's serious. 


Richard suddenly laughed as he spat blood in Kathrina's face. Offended and angered, she stabbed her sword at Richard's chest which made him smile. Richard's beginning to act creepy. "come one, Valkyrie, that's not your true form. Show us your wings!" he said with a creepy smile. This somehow scared Kathrina as she plunged her sword deeper out of fear.


Richard laughed more and he began transforming into his Full Reaper Form. Kathrina backed away as Richard summoned a double edged scythe. "come on, Kathrina! You know you can't win unless you showed your wings!" he siad in a creepy and crazy voice. Kathrina began to back away as Richard charged forward. She tried to block it but the scythe broke her sword when they connected. She ran back and summoned a bigger sword. This time, when they engaged in a lock, in didn't shatter and she pushed forward again. 


Richard wasn't moved at all, neither did Kathrina when he pushed forward. The two remained in a lock that no one was winning, their powers were tied this time. Frowning, Richard pushed forward again but this time, Kathrina was actually pushed back. 

Kathrina then pushed back but it didn't do nothing and she was instead being pushed back more and more. Richard eventually had enough and kicked Kathrina, sending her flying once again. Richard suddenly transformed into an angel as he scowled at Kathrina.


Kathrina stood up, angrily. Richard must've done some real damage since Kathrina's head had blood falling down from her forehead all the way to her.  "you want to see my wings..." she yelled, an angry look on her face as black flame like wings started bursting out of her back. "WELL HERE YOU GO!" she yelled, causing both shock and astonishment to Richard. 


Richard smiled and charged forward. Kathrina charged forward as well, summoning a black sword that was surrounded with fire. Their swords clashed but Richard knew he wouldn't stand a chance against Kathrina in his current form. He needed his reaper form. But he couldn't transform, he could only keep that form for a short time. 


Kathrina then gritted his teeth and punched Richard in the nose. He lost his balance and fell to the gorund, holding his nose. "Jesus! Did you really have to do that?" he asked, looking up at the emotionless Kathrina. She was ready to kill. She stomped her foot at Richard's chest, pinning him there. Richard grabbed it and tried pulling it out but she was proven too strong. 


Audrey took a step forward but Luke grabbed her arm and stopped her, she looked up to him and he shook his head. Audrey then moved backwards and just watched what's happening. She didn't know who to root for, she likes both of them and seeing them fight is weird to her. 


Back to the battle, Kathrina raised her sword and plunged it into Richard's wing. He screamed in pain and the blood spilled, it wasn't Kathrina anymore that's in front of him, it was a Valkyrie. Richard grunted in pain but it soon didn't matter as black smoke enveloped him and transformed him into a reaper. Kathrina backed off as Richard's red eyes glowed and glared at her. 


Her emotionless face remained as Richard charged forward, spinning his double edged scythe. "you showed your wings, I'll show mine!" Richard yelled. His back suddenly bursted out black skeletal wings. Kathrina grunted as they entered another lock. 


"really, another lock? Come one, spice things up, reaper!" Kathrina taunted. Richard growled but they released each other and scowled at each other. Suddenly, they charged at each other at speeds Audrey and Luke couldn't keep up. They went everywhere in the backyard, attacking and blocking. They were so fast that they could only see glimpses of them. 


Finally, the battle ended when Richard kicked Kathrina at her stomach. She fell down the snow, her wings disappearing. Richard's wings disappeared as well and both fell unconscious. Audrey and Luke rushed to them, panicked look on their faces. Luke grabbed Richard while Audrey grabbed Kathrina. They both rushed them to the house and lay them at Erick's bed. 


"quick! Call for help!" Audrey yelled at Luke, a panicked look on her face as she looked at the two unconscious bodies. Luke stuttered but immediatley headed downstairs, where the phone was. His loud thumps when going downstairs caused a pink haired girl to wake up. Her eyes were blurred but she could tell that Luke was in front of him and was calling someone


"Luke? What's the hurry?" she asked, looking at Luke's panicked face. Luke then glanced at her but went back at the phone dialing some numbers. 


"I asked-"

"not now, Lydia! Kathrina and Richard are unconscious and they're bleeding out" Luke interrupted the pink haired girl. The pink haired girl was revealed to be Lydia, someone who has remained silent all this time. Her eyes widened as she grabbed her glasses and put it on. She moved towards Luke and smacked the phone away from Luke's hand and grabbed. 


"the hell, Lydia?" Luke growled at Lydia, reaching out for the phone.


"take me to them, NOW!" Lydia demanded, a serious look on her face as she pushed Luke away.


Luke scowled at her, he didn't trust her especially after what she had done. "why?" he growled.


"I can heal them" she replied. Luke was surprised, she couldn't believe what this woman's saying. Is that why she's so silent? What's this person hiding? 


"right, and  I'm a phantom" Luke retorted, swiftly grabbing the phone with his hand. Lydia tried to grab it back but Luke pushed her away. Putting on a stroppy face and puffing her cheeks, she stormed off upstairs, to where they are. Luke then saw Lydia going upstairs and dropped the phone, maybe she was going to heal them. 


Luke then followed Lydia to Erick's room. "how are you going to heal them?" he asked but she remained silent. Frowning, he grabbed Lydia's arm but she smacked it away and continued going to Erick's room. Once she got there, she saw Audrey sitting beside them. Lydia walked towards the bed and sat there. She touched both Richard and Kathrina's forehead and began muttering. A blinding pink light suddenly enveloped Lydia, Richard, and Kathrina. 


Suddenly, all of Richard and Kathrina's injuries have been healed and their eyes opened wide. The light disappeared and Lydia sighed as the two got up. Audrey's face lit up and she immediately hugged Richard and Kathrina, pinning them down at the bed again. 


"sheesh! What's with the warm hug?" Kathrina asked, surprised by Kathrina's sudden hug. Richard then tugged Audrey's back, signalling her to let go. Audrey sat up, still keeping her smile as Kathrina and Richard sat up as well. 


"you don't know?" Audrey asked, confused by their reactions. Luke then scowled at Lydia but she just shook her head. 


"know what?" Richard asked as he looked at Kathrina and Kathrina looked at him. Audrey and Luke were confused, did they not know they almost died. 


"do you remember anything after your battle?" Audrey asked, leaning her head forward. Kathrina and Richard blinked twice before gasping and remember what had happened. 


"we..." Kathrina said, trembling in shock


"we died!" Richard completed, also trembling. Luke and Audrey were surprised at them, Richard has died twice so why's he trembling in fear? "shit!" he cursed, looking behind him and saw Lydia. He scowled at her, getting suspicious as to why she's there. 


"she healed both you, is there a problem?" Audrey asked, raising a brow at Richard's sudden hostility. 


"no, there's no problem. I'm just curious as to how she was able to bring us back from the dead" Richard said, his scowl not disappearing anytime. 


Lydia sighed as she tied her hair into a ponytail. "I'm a Nephalem" she answered, scowling back at Richard. Kathrina gasped and they all looked at her.


"the fuck's that?" Luke asked, his arms folded and his eyes straight at Lydia. Lydia then scowled at him before opening her mouth to speak. 


"a Nephalem is the offspring of an angel and a demon. I have a plethora of powers but I can't transform into a demon nor an angel" Lydia explained, causing a lot more shock to the four. 


"so are you like Richard, there?" Luke asked, pointing to Richard. Their eyes then went back to Lydia. 


"a little. Like I said, I can't transform but I do have other powers" Lydia replied, nodding slowly. It seemed that the others are just eager to ask her more questions. 


"wait! Before anyone could ask her, let's ask the two first...." Luke interrupted everyone. He then looked at Kathrina and Richard as they glared back at him. "why were you two trembling when you found out you died?" he asked, pointing at Richard and Kathrina. 


Kathrina remained silent, looking away from Luke. "I..... saw something different this time. I saw a lab, me and Kathrina were tied up in some sort of slab and... scientists surrounded us" Richard replied, a terrified look on his face. Luke frowned, regretting to ask Richard about it. Seeing the terrified look on his face made him afraid as well. 


"it's a vision. God sent you a vision because something might happen soon" Lydia said, shocking everyone. Richard and Kathrina scowled again at her, awaiting her to continue. "we need to grab every non human right now and discuss this" she continued, standing up and approaching the door. Luke suddenly grabbed her wrist and pulled her back. 


"what?" she asked, scowling at Luke. 


"you need to involve everyone into this. For all you know, someone's hiding an identity as well" Luke replied, an angered look on his face. Lydia released herself from Luke's grip and sighed. Everyone else stood up and they followed Lydia downstairs. 


They wake everyone up and told them what happened. Each student had mixed feelings and reactions to their story. All of them frowned and looked at each other when they heard that they might have a hidden form or identity. They didn't know if it's true or they should believe them. There is one person that might have the answer. That's Erick!


"so! Did any of you believe in what they had said?" Luke asked, swaying his eyes to Kathrina, Richard, and Lydia. 


Everyone then looked at Emerald, she was surprised but then remembered that she was their class rep and they needed to know what she thought of it first. "well... it sounds plausible but we should ignore it until Erick returns. For now, let's ignore it and go about our normal ways. We should tell Erick a few days after New Year" Emerald said. Everyone agreed, nodding after what she said. They all stood up and all the boys silently walked to Erick's room while the girls silently went to Katejina's room. 


"so, waht was that form you used Kathrina?" Audrey asked. The girls are all sitting at Audrey's bed, each with a cup hot chocolate. 


"that was my Valkyrie form. I refrain from using it since it changes my entire personality" Kathrina replied with a smile as she drank her hot chocolate. She found it hot but kept it quiet. She then looked at Lydia and asked, "what are your powers, Lydia?" she asked, not using her title. She never really understood why Richard kept calling everyone by their title, it's really irritating to her.


"as I've stated before, I have a plethora of powers. Some of which are: fire, lightning, healing, demon sense, angel flight, Valkyrie strength, and Phantom phasing" Lydia answered, counting her powers with her fingers. Everyone seemed surprise and actually started thinking that she's stronger than Kathrina. "although, I am still not as strong as Kathrina, here" she conitnued, smiling as she looked back at Kathrina. 


Kathrina smiled as well, she was glad that Lydia used her name rather than her title. "you sound like your Valkyrie mode is dangerous, Kathrina" Freya suddenly said. Everyone turned to her as she wore a smile. 


"it is, Freya, why?" she replied, a confused look on her face. Did she knew something that she didn't? Or was she hiding something?


"I can help you control it. That form of yours is incomplete, this is what it's suppose to look like" she said, standing up and tansforming. She looked more like an angel and less like what Kathrina showed. Kathrina looked in awe and smiled. 


She stood up as well and walked to her. "teach me, Freya. We're going to need it" she said. Freya nodded and returned to her human form. 


Over at the boy's, they were playing a fighting game. It was Luke vs Richard. "so, what happened to you? How'd you get stronger?" he asked as Richard beat his character.


"what I showed you is the true Full Reaper Form. It's what my father would transform into if he was real serious" Richard replied as his character was beaten by Luke. He growled in anger as the final round began. 


As the fight commenced, Joseph noticed that Keith and Ben are really far away from each other. He assumed that it was because they're angels and demons and so they don't work well together. 


"hey, why are you so silent? You hang out with us but you're always a mute" Steve asked, placing his hand on Keith. He scowled at him and shrugged his hand away. 


"leave me alone, Mortal!" he said angrily. Steve frowned and walked away, a little angry at Keith. Steve was never one to be angered immediately, he's always calm and humble. But this act was a surprise to Joseph, he never saw Steve walked away like that. 


"hey! You okay?" he asked, placing his hand over Steve's shoulder. Steve's frown slowly turned into a slight smile as he looked at Joseph. 


"I'm fine. Just a little upset" he said, shrugging Joseph's hand and walking back to Erick's bed. 


"yeah, well, that's a real angel for you" Ben said. Joseph and Steve both looked at him and frown. Ben was the opposite of Keith, he's much more active than he is and he talks to people. "all they do and mope around and yell at people they think are lower than them" he continued, smirking as Keith stand up.


"you want to prove something, demon?" He asked, scowling at him as he summoned his sword. 


Ben chuckled as he stood up and smirked. "no! I've already proven what I needed to prove: that you're just a lonely little brat that rejects people who are concerned about you because they're not the same as you" he replied, scowling at Keith as he charged forward and stab the wall right next to Ben.


"don't act like you know me! You have no idea the shit I went through!" Keith yelled, only making Ben smirk. 


"you were experimented on. You're the reason why they have longer lives. You were traumatized by the experiments that you no longer trust any living Mortal" Ben, his smirk turning into a serious face. Keith scowled at him, how did he know? Was he there? 


"how.... how did you know about that?" Keith asked as he pulled his sword back. Ben shrugged the dust that landed on his shoulder and frowned. 


"every angel and demon knew and felt what happened to you two" Ben replied.


Keith was surprised as he dropped his sword, de-materializing in the process. Everyone knew and to add to it, they felt it. He sat back at the bed, feeling stupid for acting lonely. He looked around at everyone and found that they were all staring at him, even Luke and Richard. "I'm sorry" he apologzized, a frown on his face. "I didn't know that everyone knew. I feel so stupid" he continued, placing both hands on his face. 


Joseph sat beside him and everyone grouped up. "cheer up, Keith! We may not know or felt what happened but we can understand what you're going through. After all, everyone in here has faced some kind of tragedy!" Joseph said, patting Keith's back. He looked at all of them as they nodded. He felt even more stupid. He had spent all this time being alone and not interacting with them that he never knew that they all had tragedies as well.


He sighed and looked at all of them with a smile, "I'm sorry for neglecting you and I hope that you forgive me. I'll do my best to try and be your friend" he said. Everyone else smiled and nodded, forgiving him. 


"well that was fast" Luke joked, everyone laughed a little before they all went back to their usual business. Keith felt much better now that he had people who felt the same way as him. 


Back at the girls, they're still talking to each other. Some brought up about guys and they all blushed and changed the subject. Eventually, Freya asked about angels and is any of them one. Catherine stood up. She had the same traits as Keith, orange hair, brown eyes, and is an angel. 


"so, you're an angel. How come you kept yourself hidden?" Freya asked with a smirk. 


Catherine, nervously rubbed her arm and turned away. "I....I have to. I need to hide or else, THEY might come after me again" she said, her eyes almost bursting into tears. That's when Freya remembered, she's the one Faust captured. She walked to her, wrapping her arms around her to comfort her. 


"what's the matter?" Isabella asked. She's concerned since she acted like her when she was nervous. 


Kathrina remembered as well, but she also felt it. Immediately, she grabbed her chest and fell to the ground, grunting in pain. "Kathrina!" Audrey yelled, crawling to her aid. "Kathrina! Are you okay?" she asked, confused at Kathrina's actions. 


The pain eventually went away and Kathrina was able to sit up. "she's....she's the reason why you guys have longer lives" Kathrina said, panting as she grabbed her chest. They all looked at Catherine again as she started crying, remembering those days where she was experimented on. 


"Catherine, I'm so sorry" Freya apologized as Catherine's tears fell down her eyes. She hated remembering it, those days where they spent all their days at a lab with no sunlight and no people to talk to. 


Eventually, she was able to calm down and she looked at everyone. They all wore concerned looks, they all looked like they cared about her. "it's fine Freya. I just.....remembered those days" she spoke in a soft voice. 


"how can we help you forget?" Isabella asked, approaching Catherine. She looked up at her and smiled, for once she saw someone caring for her. She felt a warmth in her body, she couldn't explain that feeling but she felt happy. 


"I really don't know how. I guess, make me forget about those memories!" Catherine replied, turning her head away from them while scratching her head. Kathrina suddenly approached them.


"I can do it. But you might forget Keith as well" she said, holding her hand out. 


"it's alright! I can befriend him again since we are in the same class" Catherine replied without hesitation. 


"what about your parents?" Audrey asked. 


Catherine frowned at the question, "my parents are the ones who took me to that damn lab" she replied, scowling at Audrey. She silently turned her head away from embarrassment.


With that decision, Kathrina sighed and looked down at Kathrina. Her hand glowed a bright red as she placed it on Catherine. "alright, let's make you forget those days". She silently said some words as a bright red glow blinded the girls. Catherine screamed as Kathrina struggled to keep her hand on Catherine's head. 


Keith and the boys heard Catherine's scream and immediately went to Katejina's room. Richard tried to open the door but it was lock. Luke stepped in and smirked at them before kicking the door open, breaking the lock. They looked in horror as Kathrina erased Catherine's memory. Keith, Richard, and Ben knew what this was and immediately hurried to Kathrina and pulled her hand away. Kathrina was resilient though, she kept her grip on Catherine's face as tight as she could.


"Kathrina let go! You'll erase her memories!" Richard yelled, pulling her arm. Kathrina stayed but was surprised to hear Richard call her name. 


"it's no use! She won't let go!" Ben said, he's already at his demon form. 


"Kathrina, please!" Keith pleaded, pulling her arm as well. But she remained until the red light disappeared and Catherine's memories were wiped. 


She opened her eyes and looked around, she had no memory of who they were or where she was. " this heaven?" she asked


To be continued



Submitted: December 27, 2017

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Whew. That was a crazy chapter. There are a lot more of them who are angel, demons or whatever than I expected. I think I'll make a list. Rollcall!

Richard - death/angel
Ben - demon
Keith - angel
Kathrina - Valkyrie
Catherine - angel
Lydia - Nephalem
Freya - Valkyrie? (She's a Valkyrie too, right? Or angel?)
Hope I didn't miss anyone haha. If I did remind me who they are haha.

So...the fight between Richard and Kathrina was awesome. Was so intense and I think your narrative is getting a lot better hahaa. Also, I love the weapons. So cool and stuffs hahaha..

Lydia...this is the first time her character was mentioned but it felt like she has always been there!(maybe because she is :3). I mean, I feel like she already has alot of importance, being a character who is just introduced. I don't know... Anyway's, I love her already and Naphalems are awesome hahaha.

Keith and Catherine, I feel bad for this two. They isolated themselves from the class because of that traumatizing event. Catherine even wanted that events memories wiped from her. Really hard for them both, hope they find new comfort among the others

Amazing chapter, as always (of course). All this characters, revelation and stuffs are getting me real hype like, what the hell will happen and has happened? Are there any other secret identities withing them haha. Guess I'll have to wait for the next ;)

Mon, January 1st, 2018 7:23am


Yep it's a crazy chapter alright. And haha you made a list. Freya's a Valkyrie with a complete form of the Valkyrie form, something Kathrina has not yet mastered.

I'm glad you liked the fight and haha it did.

Lydia, well, let's see where she goes. She will play an important part since she has a hidden identity.

Yeah, they thought that every mortal are like the scientists so that’s why they distanced themselves and why you don't hear a lot from them. They will soon but it's going to be harder for Keith.

I'm glad you liked it and there might be more ;) I'll give you a hint, this guy's good at being stealthy.

Mon, January 1st, 2018 12:22am

Kathrina Csernis

Okay haha the fight was awesome, I loved every aspect of it. I thought for a moment that Richard was going to win, but I'm kinda glad we technically tied again. It shocked me when he realised that they died, but then along comes Freya and heals them, that part was awesome. I loved learning about the Nephalems and whatever Freya is, I can't remember lol but it was great.

The part where Kathrina was erasing Catherine's memories, I gather you gave her that ability because of how I have a similar one in Warlock? Although it is only Elijah's people that have that ability, Kathrina's Jikato is all about strength whereas Elijah's is illusion and manipulation. But I do like how you combined it, if that's what you were going for lol

There was a lot of revelation in this chapter, new forms, powers - it was epic! I really enjoyed that fight, and the conversations they had afterwards. All in all, great chapter, and I can't wait for the next one :)

Mon, January 1st, 2018 4:32pm


I'm glad you liked the fight and he technically won but let’s see where it'll lead haha. Umm that wasn't Freya, twas Lydia. Freya's a Valkyrie, like you! I got the nephalem thing from Diablo.

I did! It was too obvious but yeah, I was thinking about that while I was writing it.

Indeed there was, it'll lead to something big happening soon but no spoilers. I'm glad ypu liked it!! :)

Mon, January 1st, 2018 8:42am

S. Rasmussen

That fight was cool. But they both died. Lucky they had Lydia, though.

There are actually so many non-humans now. I like Lydia, though. Her powers are cool. So are Catherine's powers.

Almost got a little Warlock flashback. You know, the final chapters where Elijah took away Katherina's memory.

That lab backstory was well written. I felt bad for the two angels. I wonder how Catherine will feel about her not having her memories.

Sun, January 7th, 2018 9:17pm


Glad you liked the fight but yeah, lucky they have her. Wait, did I mention her powers here? I'm pretty sure the only one I mentioned was Freya and Kathrina's and lydia's (and ception)

Well, I had that in mind while writing this. I guess it's another reference to my sensei's work XD

I'm glad you liked that part and yeah, poor Keith and Catherine.

Sun, January 7th, 2018 10:45pm


I HAVE RETURNED! Actually I never left but yeah another comment, because this series is so amazing and I don't have to wait a year for uploads (looking at you loli)

Oh god I wouldn't be surprised if Luke and Emerald ended up fucking during the night. They're just so cute that even if a sex scene was written in the future between the two of them, it'd just be them nervously figuring out what goes where and Luke gathering all his knowledge from hentai vids. If it hasn't already happened yet, you should write that.

The fight between Richard and Kitten.... well they're both super OP and tough af, but Kat's trained to fight and all that while Richard hasn't really trained much under his father that's been seen. He's more been trained to unlock his reaper form instead of with actual combat, which I'll assume he already knows. Kat has more training, but Richard is more powerful, so they both seem to be an even match.

So Lydia is a healing person... damn alright I called it, everyone is a magic thing. So we got a grim reaper, Kat and Freya are both valkyrie's, a nephalem, Ben's a demon, Keith is an angel, and Catherine is an angel too... okay so the only mortals or peoples who's powers haven't been revealed that are here rn are Steve, Luke, Emerald and Audrey I think. And I have a feeling that whole thing Luke said about him sarcastically being a phantom is gonna end up being true or something. Wait is Darryl magic or is he just some guy who's in the background now that his mission's over?

And back to the Faust plot. It's really interesting because I want to see them finally confront and fight Faust. Though even though they're high in numbers and stuff, is Faust magic or do they have a way of combating magic people? Cuz tbh Erick and Richard could easily storm their lab and slice them all apart with scythes. Actually, what I imagine as a final battle of sorts would be Faust mounting an attack on the school and everyone, including the teachers and seniors, all fight back against the attack and defend their school, with maybe one or two people dying in the fight.

Damn so she erased Catherine's memories... you know therapy is also an option? But I guess taking the most violent and magical way is always the best, and maybe it'll stir up some more drama between Kieth, Catherine and Kathrina.

Amazing chapter, looking forward to more shipping. I shall now go do science work cuz I got like ten minutes left in class I think.

Wed, October 31st, 2018 4:18pm

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