Chapter 32: Erased tragedy, new memories

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Humor  |  House: Booksie Classic

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Keith's eyes started after hearing what Catherine asked, she really forgot who she was. Kneeling down at her, Keith grabbed Catherine's arms, asking "do... do you know who I am?" 


Catherine jumped at Keith's question, she gazed at Keith's teary state and frowned. "I do not know who you are" she plainly said. Keith let go of Catherine's arms and gasped, she forgot who he was. Keith felt a rising sadness in his body, Catherine was the only one who was with him and whom he considered as his friend. Luke, Richard, and Ben surrounded him, frowns on their faces as Luke scowled at Kathrina. 


Richard looked at Kathrina and swayed his eyes for them to go outside. Scowling at him, she sighed and followed him downstairs. Luke wanted to follow but he knew that they would just get angry at him, so he remained where he was and looked at all the girls. 


"why are you crying? Did someone die?" Catherine suddenly asked as she held Keith's cheeks. Keith looked at her and cried even more, that proved that her memories are gone and there was no trace of the old Catherine anymore.  He turned his head away and grunted, the thought of Catherine's memories being gone really hurt him. He glanced back at Catherine and saw a concerned face.


Wiping his tears, he looked at Catherine again with a frown "something like that" he replied, looking away again. "a friend of mine disappeared before I could even say goodbye" he continued


Catherine placed her hand down and made a confused look. She looked back at everyone and they didn't say anything. "we're in Heaven, right? Maybe you'll see this friend again" she said with a smile, trying to brighten Keith. 


He gasped again, Catherine still believed that she's in Heaven. He cried again and Luke glared at Audrey. She knew what this meant and approached Catherine. "umm, you're not in heaven" Audrey explained, touching Catherine's shoulder. 


She gasped and looked back at Audrey. She was in disbelief but as she looked around, she noticed that they're in a house. She placed her hand on her face as she tried to digest everything that happened. She stood up, "I'm sorry, I think I need to go outside and catch some air" she said, running to the door and down the stairs. They all looked at each other before Isabella stood up and ran to Catherine. 


"she asked for it" Kathrina said, a frown on her face as she folded her arms. They were at the kitchen with Richard scowling at her. "she also said it was fine for her" she continued, slowly turning her head away from Richard. 


"you should've told us first! Or asked Keith!" Richard said in an angry tone. He might've not know Catherine all that well, but he damn knew that erasing someone's memories is not a good thing. Kathrina couldn't say anything, Richard was right! She should've told them first! From the face that Keith made when she was erasing Catherine's memories, it told her that he loved her and that he was devastated by the action hat had taken.


She suddenly felt a growing sadness building up on her body, she was supposed to help them but all she had done was fight them, get someone killed,  make someone do something they don't want to do, cause both of them to die, and now this! She felt as if she just caused more pain from them than lessen. Richard knew what was about to happen and he knew what Kathrina was thinking about.


"well.... at least you gave Audrey a cute panda and you've acted like her big sister when her parents were absent" Richard said, trying to stop Kathrina from crying. He really didn't know how to stop her but from the look of things, he was succeeding. 


Kathrina smiled, "you're right"



We were still in elementary and I could remember that day like it was yesterday! It started with me leaving class alone. I walked the usual road when I saw a little vampire being bullied by her classmates. 


Kathrina ran towards Audrey, punching the guys that were picking on her. Audrey looked up on her as she wiped her tears, she didn't know who this girl was or why's she's helping but she was glad that someone helped her. 


I saw her there, sitting on the floor as she gets verbally bullied. I couldn't stand seeing her in that situation, I didn't care that I was going to the principal's office for this! All I cared about was helping her out. 


The boys fell to the ground and Kathrina held her hand to Audrey with a smile on her face. "are you alright?" She asked as Audrey held her hand and Kathrina lifted her up. 


"I'm...fine. Why'd you do that?" Audrey asked, looking at the unconscious boys that are at the ground. 


Kathrina smiled, "I just couldn't stand seeing a little student like you be bullied by those older ones" she said, messing with Audrey's hair. She giggled as Kathrina messed with her hair, she seemed to like it. 


Kathrina then released her hand and the two smiled at each other. "I'm Audrey" she introduced herself, holding her hand out. 


"I'm Kathrina" Kathrina introduced, shaking her hand. 


After that, we became close friends. We would usually spend our time at either the park or the playground. We would spend our time there just playing and having fun. I'd usually tease her to show me her house but she kept denying it, saying that it wasn't allowed. Until one day, when we were walking the usual road and she took a different turn. 


"hey, Audrey, the playground's that way"  Kathrina said, pointing to another road. 


Audrey turned around and smiled, "I know! But we're going this way, to my house!" 


Kathrina gasped in disbelief. Audrey had always said that it's not allowed to go there, so what gives? Kathrina didn't question it and just followed her. The whole time, Kathrina was both excited and nervous. From the way Audrey spoke, she sounded excited but it felt like she wasn't. They finally got to Audrey's house and Audrey was quiet as she opened the door. 


I got inside. The first thing I expected was her parents were at the living being.... well..... parents. But that wasn't the case. I knew that her parents were archeologist so they must be away. I took a seat at the couch and Adrey said that she needed to change clothes. She wet upstairs while I looked around the house. I suddenly hear soft cries from up upstairs. I knew who was crying and immediately head upstairs. I saw Audrey, all changed and crying in her bed. I was devastated by this sight and immediately ran to her. 


We talked for a while and she told me about her parents. I was devastated when hearing about her parents. It made me so sad. But, there was something she said that made me smile.


"...even if my parents are gone, I'm glad I still have you! You've acted so much like a big sister to me that I'd consider you family now" she said, hugging Kathrina as tears still fell down her eyes. Kathrina gasped quietly as her own tears started falling from her eyes. 


She immediately wrapped her arms around Audrey as the two cried. "I'm glad you consider me as one!" she said, hugging Audrey tighter. 


I was happy to hear it and hearing her say that only made me cry. I was surprised that she considered me family, she was really that lonely! I promised to myself that I'd always protect her since she has no family. After that, I always remained at her side, I always cheer her up when I can. And then Erick came and made her happier by bringing her parents back to her. I was happy for her and she still considered me as a big sister, she said it herself to her parents. 




"I guess you're right" Kathrina said, looking at Richard who facepalmed himself. She was weirded out but then touched her face. She was crying, something he was trying to prevent. She went red a little before wiping her tears. Suddenly, Catherine was running downstairs and outside with Isabella catching up.


They both looked at each other, confused but followed them outside. They stood at the door and decided to watch Isabella talk to Catherine. 


"why did you follow me?" Catherine asked as Isabella sat beside her. 


"I followed you because we've decided I'm the best in talking to you" Isabella smiled but in her mind she did not know how to talk to her, she'll just let her talk first before she does. 


"oh, okay. Can you please tell me why he's crying and how I got here?" she asked, burying her fac in her legs.


Isabella's smile slowly turned into a slight frown. How was she going to explain this? She only had two choices: lie or tell the truth. "Keith..... lost someone. She lost you. You two have been friends but he was devastated when he found out that you lost your memories. You asked a Valkyrie to erase your memories" Isabella said.


Catherine gasped, she can tell that she's not lying. She felt bad, she knew that there's no way she could get her memories back since a Valkyrie literally took it out. She was speechless, she didn't know what to say. But she knew one thing: she needed to make Keith happy. 


She stood up and looked back at the house, Keith was standing there alongside Richard and Kathrina. She walked towards him with a smile on her face. "Keith. I've sadly lost my memories. But thanks to Isabella, I know about you and I wish to be your friend, although I don't have the old Catherine's memories, I'll try to be like her" she said with a smile as she held Keith's hand. 


Keith smiled and tears started falling down on his face. He knew that the effects Kathrina made were irreversable but he was happy that Catherine would try to be the old her. Holding her hand tightly, he said "okay!" with a smile. He suddenly pulled Catherine and hugged her. They all smiled at how quick their problems got solved. 


Richard and Kathrina looked at each other before going back inside. "alright, now to think of something that you'll do since I won the fight" Richard said. 


Hearing that, Kathrina immediately frowned, "hey! It was a tie!" she protested but Richard only smirked. 


He pointed his finger at Kathrina saying, "prove it! I knocked you out unconscious before I passed out" it only made Kathrina angrier. She knew that they passed out at the same time and Richard's just messing with her. 


"why don't you just settle it in a game?" Luke suggested. They both looked at him and then at each other.


A few seconds later


Kathrina and Richard were playing an FPS at Erick's room. Both the girls and the boys watched as the two were evenly matched at gaming. "I gather she's a gamer as well?" Luke asked Audrey and she nodded.


"yep! The best I know of" Audrey said, smiling as she watched the fight. This was way better and she definitely did not feel worried about who'll win or die since it's just a video game. The game suddenly ended and Kathrina was heard screaming in victory. Richard just growled furiously before slapping Kathrina at her arm.


"those two are adorable, almost like c- WHOA! WHOA!" Luke joked but Audrey suddenly placed her knife under his chin. Luke hrunted in pain as Audrey's knife penetrated through Luke's skin. Audrey pulled back her knife which had a little bit of Luke's blood on it. 


"watch your tongue, Luke. Or you'll lose it" Audrey warned, Glaring at Luke. She then dipped her finger in her blood covered knife and tasting Luke's blood. "you're blood taste nice! Although I still prefer Richard's" Audrey said, grinning seductively at Richard. 


"okay" Richard nodded slowly, he frowned while looking at Kathrina. "what do you want me to do?" he asked reluctantly. 


"hmm......."  Kathrina pondered, looking as she wore a victorious smile. Richard felt uncomfortable, she was probably thinking of something embarrassing for him to do. Suddenly, Audrey went to her and whispered something in her ear. It was now worse! Kathrina giggled as Audrey whispered something in her ear. Richard let out a sigh, there' no turning back now. 


A few minutes later


Music began to play and the girls were sitting on the couch. The lights were off and a man was walking towards a mic that had a spotlight to brighten it. The man was revealed to be Richard, so he's going to sing. 


"do I look lonely......" Richard started singing in a soothing voice. All the girls watched Richard sing in front of them at the living room. They all wore smiles, especially Audrey. She looked like she had seen her favorite singer singing. If this was a show, she would've had hearts for eyes


"This is the worst thing I've done but it is nice to see Audrey smiling" Richard thought as he kept singing. He smiled as Audrey tilted and rested her head in her hands. She even looked more adorable in Richard's eyes. Although he still wondered what she meant earlier, did she tasted his blood?


"wow, talk about angelic voice" Katejina said, she was pretty impressed at Richard's voice. Richard kept singing and kept glancing at Audrey and Kathrina. They were both smiling and Kathrina seemed to be pleased with his perfomance. 


A few minutes earlier


"sing for us! If you don't, we'll each throw pie in your face!" Kathrina demanded, an evil smirk in her face as she cathed Richard off guard. 


"sing for you?" Richard asked, pretending like he didn't understand her demand. Kathrina nodded and Richard was a little perplexed. Audrey must have told her about his voice, something he didn't want anyone to know. Heck, the only time he sang again was yesterday, that's probably when Audrey knew about his voice. 


"okay" Richard reluctantly agreed




"the death of a bachelor! oh! oh! oh! Letting the water fall..." Richard sang and all the girls were just happy to hear her voice. Audrey was blushing, she found Richard's voice and his actions as he sang quite adorable. She gigled slightly as Richard winked at her. 


"well, that's a true angel for you" Joseph said, folding his arms and smirking as Richard sang. The boys were at the kitchen as they watched Richard sing. They were laughing quietly at the sight of their most powerful guy in class, gets easily beaten by a girl. 


"He has a soft spot for girls, especially Audrey" a deep and familiar voice suddenly said. All the boys turned around and found Erick, arms folded and smiling. 


"well, sir, were you like Richard?" Steve asked. Erick laughed quietly but his eyes didn't leave Richard's performance. 


"I'll tell you that later! I'm only here for a short while, heck I'm not even here" Erick said, Jackson's hand suddenly phased through Erick's chest. "Tell my son that I'm proud of him" he said. They quietly gasped as Erick faded into dust. It was just a projection, he was still at the party. 


"I have to say, that tux really suits him" Luke complemented, also smirking and slightly amused by Richard's performance. He could see that Emerald really liked his performance. It didn't anger him since he knew that Emerald still liked him and it was unlikely that she would switch him in favor of Richard. 


"so that's why he joined the choir" Chris suddenly spoke. Everyone was surprised to hear him talk, he's been quite silent for a very long time.


"so, emo boy started talking" Luke joked, smirking at Chris. He shrugged it off and looked at Richard and all the girls. It seemed that even Christina liked his performance. 


All the girls suddenly stood up and clapped their hands except Kathrina, who remained sitting and smirking. Richard slowly bowed, a smile on his face. As he stood up, Audrey wrapped her arms around him. She was so happy by Richard's performance. 


Kathrina looked back at the boys and she nodded. Luke suddenly pulled something from his back and threw a massive pi at Richard's face. The massive greek letter hit Richard's fac but he ignored it and he still got praised by the girls. 


Later that evening


It was time to sleep again, all the lights were off, and almost everyone was lying down and sleeping. The boys all slept at the living room, most slept at the ground but Jackson and Victor slept at the couch. Almost all of them were asleep, except Luke! He was still awake, something kept him awake. 


"what did she mean by that?" He thought to himself. He was remembering the events that happened earlier. Audrey went yandere mode on him and even tasted his blood. It left him wondering if she really was a vampire. 


"hey, Luke. You ever think that Audrey might be a Vampire?" Richard asked quietly, who slept beside him but was facing the other. 


"yeah, so what?" Luke growled, gritting his teeth. Richard was awake and he knew that Luke was also awake. "can angels read minds?" Luke asked, only getting a small chuckle from Richard. 


"in a way, yes! We can read what's currently going on in your minds if we're near enough" Richard explained, Luke laughed a bit but he knew that Richard was serious since that was exactly what he was thinking. 


"so, is Audrey really a vampire?" Luke asked, getting the silent treatment from Richard.


Even he didn't know the answer and he knew almost everything about Audrey. He gritted his teeth and began to think, if Audrey is a Vampire then wouldn't she tell? Or would she keep this secret to herself. He didn't know but it looked as if he didn't need to, Audrey was standing before him. 


Her red eyes shimmered brightly as she wore a frown. Her kitchen knife was at her hand as she straddled on Luke's chest. Ricahrd panicked inside, was she going to drink his blood? He stiffly turned his head around and watched as Audrey bit Luke's neck. He knew that Luke was still awake and so it must be painful for him. Audrey lifted her head up and he saw blood dripping from her mouth. In the blink of an eye, Audrey turned her head to Richard and glared at him. 


Richard didn't know what do. Audrey being a yandere was already a bad for him, now she's really a vampire! He watched closely as Audrey crawled away from Luke and into Richard. She got on top of him and licked her lips clean of Luke's blood. Richard was frightened, his heart was beating like a jackhammer. Audrey suddenly grinned, revealing her fangs. Audrey was actually scary yet a little seductive in Richard's eyes. He didn't know why, but he liked this Audrey.


She lunged her head forward, biting Richard's neck. He felt an agonizing pain as Audrey bit him at his angel side. If it was his reaper side then it wouldn't have been that painful. The pain felt like it wouldn't end, it was so painful that Richard had to grip Audrey's shirt. He groaned in pain as he began feeling dizzy. Suddenly, Audrey lifted her head, showing red blood drippping down from her mouth. Richard wanted to fight back but he felt dizzy and fell unconscious. 


Audrey then placed her index finger in front of her lips and said, "shh" before standing up and leaving. 


To be continued



This is the song Richard sang: The death of a bachelor





Submitted: December 31, 2017

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Well, that beginning was dramatic. She forgot Keith who seem to have a crush on her or loved her. It's just sad, I'm glad Isabella talked her to it and well, let's just hope that Catherine and Keith will be friends again...

Okay, so Kathrina's backstory, didn't see that coming but it was cute haha. This made me love her even if she made a rash decision haha, well mostly because I love Audrey more that Catherina and I hate when my favorites cry hahaha. It's so touching, and I'm sure Kat will also be touched, especially where Audrey said that she's like a big sister and a family to her.

Richard and Kathrina can't get over the tie huh? Hahaha. Well, Richard lost but damnhere it is, singing Richsrd. The song too, I love that song, and yeah, I could imagine Richard sing like Brendon hahah.

What the heck was up with that last scene? What? That's just a dream,right? Huh? When Audrey tasted Luke's blood before I thought it was just some sort of joke but...huh? You kept telling me before that she isn't a vampire! She is! Hahahahaa.

Well, guess Ill have to wait huh? So yeah, I wait for another awesome chapter!

Thu, January 4th, 2018 4:23pm


Yeah it was sad, but there's Isabella saving the day XD

Yeah, it was quite cute and I knew you'd say that. She she'll be touched by it lol.

Well, yeah, both are aggressively competitive. I knew you'd like the song and haha I imagined that too seeing as how I made him dress up like him.

Who knows right and maybe I'm still correct about her not being a vampire. Maybe she's a S...... Or something else. Maybe it's just a dream, maybe they're blankly-dreaming lol but yeah, can't say.

Glad you liked it.

Thu, January 4th, 2018 10:54pm

Kathrina Csernis

YAAAA I KNEW IT!!! Audrey is a Vampire! xD Kathrina is never wrong! haha i love it, I can't wait for more, I need to know more, does my character knew she's actually a Vampire? What's gonna happen to Richard? Luke? So many questions! xD

Okay.... Ahem... Right, Kathrina's backstory was so touching, it got me sad lol it was great, I love it, and I love Audrey, it made me smile to see that she thinks of Kathrina as a big sister. This chapter was amazing, but the end part.... it has me so.... ugh I don't even know, I love it, I need more Vampire Audrey!!

This was totally worth the wait, one of the best chapters haha I'll be waiting for the next!!

Thu, January 4th, 2018 5:49pm


Like I said with blankly, Audrey may not even be a vampire but who know right? But right now, I'll leave it to that. Maybe she's a S....... Or something in between those two like Richard. And no, she does not know Audrey's other secret, I said it before in the profiles.

I knew you'd be touch by that lol and I needed a reason why you two are so attached to each other, hence the backstory lol.

Hehr, I'm glad you think it's one of the best and I'm glad you liked it.

Thu, January 4th, 2018 10:58pm

S. Rasmussen

Ok, so Audrey is a vampire.

And some sweet moment with Caterine and Keith. Catherine wanting to be a good friend to someone she had forgotten

That final scene was unnerving

Finally got through the bunch. Have enjoyed it a lot. Will read when you post new chapters of this story. But tomorrow, school starts

Sun, January 7th, 2018 9:38pm



I'm glad you liked that part and yeah, she wants to do that because she felt bad.

Yeah it was haha

I'm glad you kept up and I'm glad you'll keep reading. :)

Sun, January 7th, 2018 10:42pm

S. Rasmussen

Almost forgot. So much is happening. Much to take in

That Katherina and Audrey story was nice. It reminded me of a poem I wrote not long ago. That poem was like created for them (it was not, but it does suit them).

And that father and son moment was nice. Erick sending a hologram of himself to praise Richard

Sun, January 7th, 2018 9:43pm


I saw that poem of yours and I think so too, I'm glad you liked that flashback with them.

Well, he's supposedly the best dad so of course he'll be there! Haha but I'm glad you liked it.

Sun, January 7th, 2018 10:40pm


Just finished this book and came back to comment... THE FEELS! WHY EURIE WHY!? Damn wizard....

Keith deserves hugs. Like he had this cute who he liked, and probably liked him back, and then she completely forgets him. A ship that never got to flourish, BECAUSE OF THOSE GOD DAMN FAUST PEOPLE AND THEIR STUPID TORTURE METHODS! Still questioning why Erick doesn't just burst through the ceiling and kill them all. He can go stabby stab with his scythe.

I can agree that they really shouldn't have just wiped Catherine's memories without anyone's consent. She didn't even say goodbye to anyone or write anything to tell the new Catherine who she was. She just straight up got her memories wiped away like nothing. And the things that Keith was saying and how oblivious Catherine was to everything was just heartbreaking. RIP old Catherine. You will be remembered... I think.

So this little flashback with Kitten and Audrey was really cute. How they met and how she stood up for Audrey. It also establishes that this Kathrina has a completely different past, though still ended up the same stroppy little loli she is in Warlock. Just with valkyrie powers instead of Teshika powers. There's also a lack of Elijah so yay, less emo assholes killing everyone in sight!


And now Richard's singing. I feel bad for him and all that, but if he has an angelic voice I don't get what's so wrong with it. Also is it because he's a reaper angel thing that he has an amazing singing voice or is it just natural? ALSO WHY DOES LUKE RANDOMLY HAVE GREEK LETTERS SITTING AROUND!? I didn't see it at first but realized what pie they meant after.

Ooooooo okay so Audrey is a vampire. I wouldn't be surprised if she accidentally drained all the blood out of someone. Also, I expect a sex scene between her and Richard sometime in the future. I mean I get their kids but a fifteen year old in my book already had a threesome. Richard already called her blood sucking seductive (Richard has a blood kink now?) so the two of them having an extremely awkward sex scene would be

Gotta go! Good chapter, imma read more later!

Wed, November 7th, 2018 7:43pm