My Teacher, Death

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Humor  |  House: Booksie Classic

Chapter 33 (v.1) - Training day

Submitted: January 05, 2018

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Submitted: January 05, 2018



8:00 a.m.

Richard quickly woke up from bed, gasping. He hadn't forgotten what he saw last night. Audrey biting him and drinking his blood, he wanted to forget it but for some reason he couldn't. He looked around and found that he's the only one left at the floor. He looked around more and saw Audrey and Emerald walking downstairs. Richard scowled at Audrey, telling her that they neededto talk about something.


She smirked and talked to Emerald before going to Richard and sitting before him. Richard wore a frown as Audrey began to speak,




"you know what I want" Richard growled angrily. Audrey's smirk suddenly became a frown as Richard scowled at her. 


"I'm not a Vampire" Audrey said sternly. Richard's scowl disappeared and replaced by a shocked look. Audrey's smirk returned and she said, "technically I am but, just like you, I'm an offspring of two races; a Succubus and a Vampire" she continued, revealing her identity. 


Richard couldn't believe this revelation. Audrey's a Succubus and a Vampire, maybe that's why she became so much more attractive when she drank his blood. It really surprised him and he suddenly thought of Audrey in a Succubus form, it's too bad she was flat. He snapped back to reality when he remembered that he had to scold Audrey.


"that does not give you the right to drink our blood" he scolded Audrey. Audrey frowned, offended. 


"yes it does! Besides, I only do it once a month and I have full control of it" Audrey replied, clearly she was really offended. Richard couldn't say anything, there was nothing wrong with what she said. He knew that he'll just offend her again if he kept scolding her.


Sighing in a defeated tone, he said, "fine! I'll forgive you and I'll respect your race. Gotta say, you're pretty hot when you're being a Vampire" he leaned closely as he wore a grin. Audrey turned red and pushed Richard away. She stood up and looked down at Richard again, though not wearing that creepy yet seductive look on her face.  She stormed off outside, where Emerald went and probably most of them since there was no one around. 


Richard laughed quietly before standing up and casting himself in a black smoke. He reappeared although he was wearing casual clothes now instead of sleepwear. He walked outside and saw Freya and Kathrina dueling. Not only that, but Ben and Lydia were fighting as well. 


It shocked him that they were doing some training. He smiled as he walked towards Audrey and Emerald who were standing at the sides. "man it's good that my father lives in the middle of nowhere" Richard said, laughing a little. He looked up at the sky and saw Keith and Catherine training as well. They were clashing swords at the sky. 


"yeah, wait, isn't there a local bar here?" Emerald asked, looking around and saw absolutely nothing but snow. Richard chuckled again, finding Emerald's actions to be amusing. 


"you're talking about Purgatory. Yeah, though it only appears at night or when we're near the grim reaper" Richard said, still chuckling. He looked back at the training Kathrina and Freya. It frughtened him a little since there seemed to be someone stronger than Kathrina, which would mean that there's someone stronger than him. 


Audrey then looked at him and smirked, "wanna train?" she asked, an eager smile on her face. Richard looked down at her and frowned, he didn't want to train with her, but he also wanted to indirectly trigger his other side. He thought for a minute before nodding back at Audrey. 


"great!" Audrey yelled happily. "let's go!" she continued, her tone suddenly switching. She suddenly showed her fangs and punched Richard. He caught her fist and gripped it tightly, making Audrey grunt in pain. He knew how weak Audrey was and decided to use that as his advantage.


"you're weak" Richard said, wearing a victorious grin. Audrey growled then smirked.


"that's what you think" she said before punching Richard with her other hand in his face. Richard caught it and smiled.  Audrey gasped as Richard grabbed her body and threw her into the snow. A loud laugh was suddenly heard from Luke. 


Audrey then got up and growled angrily before showing her fangs and lunging herself forward. Richard summoned his sword but threw it away, he didn't want tio hurt Audrey. Speaking of which, she was able to make Richard fall. She was on top of him as she hissed at him. 


Richard felt fear again, but it was full on fear. The thought of being bitten again was something he didn't want to think about. Sighing, he summoned his sword and placed his sword mere inches from Audrey's neck. 


Audrey growled before grabbing his sword and breaking it. Richard frowned then threw his head forward, hitting Audrey's head. He was able to release himself from Audrey and scowled at her.  Audrey stood up, it looked like she was pissed off. She then summoned a short sword and slashed it wildly at Richard. 


Richard moved his body left to right. He easily dodged Audrey's attacks, she was untrianed and her reckless attacks were amusing to him. Richard was decieved by Audrey's attack as Audrey lunged her sword forward, leaving a cut in Richard's cheek. He gasped as he swayed his body to the left, he couldn't believe that Audrey had fooled him again. He didn't had time to counter since Audrey slashed it again at him but this time, he was able to dodge. 


He stumbled back and looked at Audrey who stood there with her 'Seductive look'. She had the face she wore when she bit him which made Richard blush suddenly. He was so caught by Audrey's face that he didn't noticed that she changed weapons. She was weilding a rapier now and she lunged herself forward, catching Richard off guard again. 


She was fighting much better than before, actually having precision on her attacks. Richard was so caught off guard that he had to summon his scythe to block all of her attacks. Audrey was actially doing something Kathrina was having a hard time doing; making Richard walk backwards as they fight. 


Richard couldn't properly get his footing right, Audrey was attacking too fast and he had to spin his scythe around just to not get stabbed by her. He knew this owuld happen, he knew Audrey would use her 'beauty'against him. Audrey then stabbed Richard at her knee, making him kneel. 


"well, here I am, at your mercy. What're you gonna do?" Richard asked with a weak smile. Audrey frowned at him then lifted Richard's chin with her rapier. She couldn't help but be amused at Richard's defeated look. She then gave in and laughed, dropping her sword to the snow as she laughed hysterically. 


Richard then smiled and tackled Audrey to the floor, pinning her there. She frowned and put on a stroppy face as she tried to release herself from Richard's tackle. Richard chuckled slightly before getting off Audrey and sitting on the snow. Audrey got up and saw Richard's smile, she then threw snow at him and giggled slightly. Richard then brushed it off before pinching Audrey's cheek. "you were good" he complimented, making Audrey blush.


"but where's your Succubus form?" he asked, knowing full well that Audrey would be shy to tell him why she didn't use her Succubus form.


"I....well..." Audrey replied, burying her face into the snow from the embarrassment. Richard chuckled slightly before gently lifting Audrey's head up. 


"I was messing with you! I know why you won't show it, you're flat!" Richard said, answering his own question. Audrey then slapped him which just made Richard laugh. 


From afar, Ben and Lydia stopped fighting to laugh at the two. They were acting adorable which caused them to stop fighting. Ben then swayed his eyes to Lydia, who was fantasizing about something. It was probably about her crush and her spending time together as well. Shaking his head, he said "yo, we have a fight to finish"


Lydia frowned and scowled at him, she suddenly summoned two .44 magnums and back flipped backwards. She spun her gun by beofre firing at Ben. Ben took it and charged forward, bearing his claws. Lydia jumped as Ben slashed his claws at her. She floated in mid-air before shooting Ben and landing back at the snow and summoning a shotgun. Ben growled as Lydia fired her shotgun at him. He charged forward and gripped Lydia's neck tightly. 


Lydia grabbed her arm and pulled it out but Ben's grip was strong. Ben then lifted her up and slammed her own the ground, showing no mercy to the Nephalem. Ben then looked back at Richard and Audrey who were just having fun at the snow. He shook his head before looking back down at Lydia. 




Ben stumbled back and held his eyes as Lydia got up. She was weilding her .44 magnums again. She then shot Ben's knees before aiming her pistol at his head. "I know you're durable and I know your weakness" she said, cocking her pistol. 


Ben looked frightened but also knew that she wouldn't do it, it was just training. Defeated, he sighed and said "alright, you win!" 


Lydia smiled before dropping her weapons which disappeared as it fell. she held her hand up for Ben to grab. "for a low class demon, you sure fight like one of the elites" she complimented as Ben stood up.


"well, I was pretty much a punching bag for elite demons so I learned from them and eventually killed them" he explained, scratching the back of his neck. 


Lydia giggled before looking up at the sky. She saw Keith and Catherine, training seriously. They were using the full extent of their angel speed. They were like when Richard and Kathrina fought, they were so fast that it was hard to see them. 


Ben was looking on Kathrina and Freya's fight. It looked as if Kathrina was struggling. He may not hear it, but he knew Kathrina was breathing heavily because of the action she's doing with her body. It seemed that her Valkyrie form was no match for Freya's.


"even with the Valkyrie eye at your disposal, you still can't beat me" Freya said, walking towards her and sheathing her sword. Kathrina panted, she had never been this tired before. Even when she fought Richard, she didn't feel any exhaustion like this. It was new to her. 


"how... is this... supposed to help me?" she asked, a little pissed off as Freya smirked. 


"it's supposed to help you achieve it! The Valkyrie form is attainable if the user was put through enough stress" Freya explained, raising her index finger. Kathrina breathed heavier, put thorugh extreme stress? She was already feeling that but she's still in her incomplete Valkyrie form. 


Freya then looked back at Richard and Audrey then looked back at Kathrina and smirked. "perhaps this might unleash it!" she suggested, summoning a spear and throwing it at Audrey. Kathrina gasped before swiftly heading to catch the spear. 


Audrey didn't notice and by the time Richard notice it, was too late, the spear was close approaching at a very alarming speed. He tried to stop it but someone else got in the way. A bright light surrounded this person as she caught the spear with two hands. This person's long brown hair flew wildly and it's wings spread out. 


It didn't take Richard that long to identify this person as Kathrina. "Kat.....Kathrina?" he called as Kathrina snapped the spear and reverted back into her human form. She suddenly fell on her knees as Freya walked up to them, a smirk on her face. 


"that was great..." she said with a bright smile. "but not enough!" she glared at Kathrina as she stood up. She lifted her feet backwards and kicked Kathrina right in the face. She fell into the ground and Audrey screamed her name as she crawled to her. 


"the hell, Freya?" Richard asked angrily, scowling at Freya. She frowned at him before walking to Kathrina's body. She crouched down and frowned at Kathrina.


"come on, is that all? A Valkyrie must have full control of her form, not unwillingly disable it!" she said, grabbing Kathrina's hair and using it to lift her head up. Kathrina gritted her teeth and scowled at Freya, she had a beaten look on her face. Freya made a smile, she thought that Kathrina's look was hilarious. 


"how.....will....thi- aagh!" her question was suddenly interrupted by Freya who slammed her head into the ground. Freya suddenly laughed before standing up and walking over to Kathrina's side. 


"I told you, for a Valkyrie to achieve her form, she must undergo extreme stress" she lectured, kicking Kathrina's side. "that way, the inside you will trigger and awake your new form! You must've ran away from Valkyrie training because every Valkyrie has achieved this form, except you" she continued, kicking her over and over. 


Kathrina couldn't fight back, her body was weak. Her body couldn't move or stand up, all it could do was lie down there and get kicked by Freya. She heard Freya saying that she left her Valkyrie training, and she was right! She had ran away, she didn't want to be there because it felt like she was imprisoned. Valkyrie training was hard, they had to go through cruel training procedures when they were kids. She was thinking about her runnng away when the kicking stop and Audrey's grunts were replaced. 


Audrey was trying to fight Freya, she could no longer stomach the fact that Kathrina was being beaten down by Freya. She loved Kathrina as a big sister, and seeing her in this beaten state made her heart break. She tried fighting Freya but all it did was make her angry. Audrey lunged her sword forward but Freya swayed to the side to dodge it.Freya suddenly held Audrey's armand with one knee, kicked her stomach, making her fall to the ground.


Angered, Richard transformed into reaper mode and lunged his scythe forward. Freya blocked it but it was Richard was far stronger than her in his current state. "I WAS GOING TO LET YOU GO EVEN IF YOU HAD HURT ONE OF MY FRIENDS, BUT I WILL NOT STAY SILENT WHEN YOU HURT AUDREY!!!" Richard yelled. 


Kathrina heard what he had said and felt weak. Her best friend was getting hurt and she did nothing to stop, Richard had to fight for her. She felt something in her body. She felt rage, doubt, hate, she didn't know why but it was activating something in her. Her body somehow found strength which Kathrina used to stand up. 


She watched as Richard's attacks were getting weaker by the second. She felt those emotions again though this time, it was pumping her up. "Freya!" She yelled, catching both Richard and Freya's attention. They turned at her and watched as she walked to Freya. 


Freya smiled and stabbed Richard, sending him to the ground. Kathrina flinched before screaming in anger and charging forward. Small white lightning suddenly bursted out of her body as her clothes changed to her Valkyrie armor. She summoned a massive sword and Freya sighed and transformed as well. She summoned a sword and charged forward as well. 


Kathrina's wings bursted out from her back as she jumped and lunged her sword down to Freya. Freya placed her sword over her head to that she'll block Kathrina's attack. A white light suddenly covered them and Richard couldn't see what happened. 


He dashed towards the white light but was catched by someone at the last moment. He looked up at the person and saw Erick in his reaper form, scowling at the white light. "Sorry son but that light will kill you" he said, laying down his son at the snow.


"it's better if I do it" he said. He stood up and reverted back to his human form. He gave one last look at his son before stepping inside the white light. Richard's eyes widened as Erick slowly made his way to the white light. He vanished and Richard was left there, wondering what could be happening inside that white light. 


6:00 p.m.


Richard and co were outside Erick's house, patiently waiting for Erick to come out of the white light. Everyone wore a frown and Richard was thinking that his father might be dead because of what he told him, why did his father say that it'll kill him? Suddenly, someone placed a hand on his shoulder and sat beside him. It was Luke.


"hey, I know what your feeling and I think you should have more trust to your father" he said, a smile on his face as he gazed at the white light. 


"I would but he told me that the light would kill me" he said, looking down at the floor with a frown. Luke frowned as well then looked back at the light and smirked. 


"if that's so, then why's he standing there" he said pointing to the light. Richard looked at it and saw his father's silhouehtte from the white light. Erick slowly walked out of the light as it disappeared, he was carrying Kathrina with her arms and Freya was carried by his back. 


Richard stood up and moved out of the way, Erick was going to bring the two girls at the house. He laid Kathrina at her bed while Freya was laid at the couch. Diana, Cassandra, and Lydia were at Freya's side while Audrey and Richard were at Kathrina's side. Everyone else went to Erick's room and waited there. 


Erick sighed as he placed a piece of cloth, that was bathed in a basin of hot water, at Kathrina's forehead. "She'll be fine. Just a little unconscious and she has the Flu" Erick said, grabbing the tub and walking out the door. "Stay at her side while I go and tend to Freya. They fought in a very dangerous dimension and it took a lot from them" he said, Audrey and Richard nodded as Erick walked outside and went downstairs. 


Audrey was kneeling at the side of the bed, her head resting on her hand as she waited for Kathrina to wake up. She had been fighting for two days and she didn't get any proper rest. Thoug, it was a good thing she didn't die this time. Richard was standing at the side of the bed and closed his eyes, wondering what could have happened inside that light. Erick said something about a dimension, but what was it? He knew every dimension there is and none of them could kill him. 


Opening his eyes, he saw that Kathrina was awake and Audrey wore a huge smile before hugging Kathrina. She grunted in pain which made Audrey sit back down to the floor.


"s-sorry" Audrey apologized, twiddling her fingers and looking down at the floor while making both Richard and Kathrina laugh. 


"it's fine, I should be the one apologizing. I made my little sister worry about me" she said, smiling as she messed with Audrey's hair making her giggle. Richard smiled, Audrey really liked it when her hair was being messed around. 


"that you did! And I guess I should show you something you've always wanted" Audrey said, smiling before showing her teeth; revealing fangs. 


Kathrina gasped saying, "you are a Vampire!" if she had the strength she would hug her but all she did was pinch Audrey's cheeks.


"not just that. She's also a Succubus but she's embarrassed to show her form since well..." Richard said, noticing Audrey blushing. Kathrina then took a moment of thinking before giggling, she knew why Audrey wouldn't use that form even if it would help her. 


"have you tried?" Kathrina asked and Audrey shook her head. 


"no, I never try because I know it'll just be embarrassing" she said, looking down at the floor. Richard and Kathrina looked at each other with smirks before looking back at Audrey.


"why don't you try it now? We won't tell and Richard sure wouldn't mind seeing a Succubus" Kathrina suggested, making Richard blush as well. They wwaited for a few minutes before Audrey decided to stand up and walked in front of the bed. A puff of pink smoke suddenly surrounded her and Kathrina smirked while Richard's heart was pounding like last night. 


What was she going to look like? Would her outfit change? Would she still remain flat? All these and many more questions flooded Richard's mind as the puff of pink smoke began to settle and Audrey's silhouette showed up. Richard was turning red while Kathrina remained smirking.


The smoke disappeared and Audrey's whole body was visible. She still donned her school uniform but she had a pair of small black demonic wings on her back and she had a pair of small devil horns poking out of her hair. Oh, and she wasn't flat anymore. Richard blushed more as Audrey looked at him and smirked. 


"hi!" Audrey greeted with a wave. Richard slowly waved back, unable to get his eyes off Audrey's chest.




Erick stood up, grabbing the basin of water and walking away from Freya saying, "While I don't like brutal training, I have to thank you for doing it to Kathrina. She wouldn't have been able to achieve  her new form if it wasn't for you" Freya smiled and Erick went to the kitchen. 


"you did it!" Cassandra said with a frown. Freya chuckled a little before throwing the cloth on her head away. 


"yeah, well, I like to help her out!" she said, sitting up and stretching her arms. She seemed to be fine and not injured. Cassandra and Diana both moved back as Freya stretched her arms. "but, she is a pain in the ass to train" she continued before sitting back to the couch. 


"well, that's a runaway Valkyrie for you" Diana said as she and Cassandra sat beside Freya.  "uhh, what are we supposed to talk about again?" she asked, looking at Cassandra and Freya who were scowling at something outside the house. 


She looked as well and saw someone from a distance. This person was hiding in the small forest that Erick's house had, it was short and was wearing a white armor and had a mask that hid it'sface. They all stood up before heading oustside with Freya saying, "we have someone spying on us!" 


The spy seemed to notice the three girls running to it's direction and stood up. It turned it's body around and walked away. Freya, Diana, and Cassandra all followed behind but the spy was too fast. Frustrated, they all transformed into Valkyries and summoned their pegasus. 


They were catching up to the spy, but it was still faster than them. Freya knew that this wasn't a Mortal, it was a creature of hell or heaven. "Diana, Cass! I'll be going faster now!" she yelled, looking at the two as they nod to her plan. She whipped the reigns on her hore, causing it to neigh and dashing forward. Freya was able to be above the spy and dropped down, summoning her sword in the process. 


The spy turned around and revealed it's short platinum white hair. It then held it's arms down and vines suddenly emerged from the ground and into Freya. The other two Valkyries caught up dropped down from their pegasus and into the gorund, summoning their swords as well. 


The spy then looked at the two and knew that he won't be able to beat the two. He took a few steps backwards and the Cassandra took a few steps forward while Diana started cutting the vines that entangled Freya. 


With no way of escape, the spy summoned a sword and slashed it at Cassandra. She blocked it and summoned another sword and swiped it at the spy, which hurt him. He fell on his knees and Cassandra lifted the spy's head with her sword. He took of the mask and saw the person's face. It's eyes were red and it's ears were really pointy. He was growling angrily at Cassandra. 


"an elf?" Cassandra asked, a perplexed look on her face


To be continued

© Copyright 2020 rickybelmont. All rights reserved.


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