My Teacher, Death

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Humor  |  House: Booksie Classic

Chapter 34 (v.1) - Faust's spy

Submitted: January 10, 2018

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Submitted: January 10, 2018





"an Elf?" Cassandra asked again as the Elf growled loudly. It then grabbed Cassandra's sword and snapped it in half. Cassandra flinched then the Elf grabbed her face and slammed it down to the ground. 


Diana noticed as the vines shattered into pieces, freeing Freya. They both scowled at the Elf as it growled furiously as them. Diana attacked with no hesitation whatsoever, slashing her sword towards the Elf's head. The Elf dodged and split Diana's sword in half with his palm. She gasped in shock as the Elf punched her in the stomach. Freya dashed forward and summoned a white colar. She got close to the Elf but he turned around and grabbed Freya's neck. She tried pulling his arm out as she got lifted up but he was too strong. 


The Elf then threw her to a nearby tree, causing it to break. Freya was still conscious but felt tremendous pain as she barely stood up. Diana then got behind the elf and placed the collar. The collar then gave the Elf an electrifying pain as he got on his knees. Freya and Cassandra stood up and scowled at the Elf as it tried to release itself from the collar. 


"give it up! You're never going to break free from a holy collar" Freya said, sheathing her sword and looking down at the Elf. But the Elf didn't listen, he was too focused on releasing himself from the collar. Freya suddenly glared at him and it cause the collar to give him more pain. 


The Elf fell on the ground, still trying to free himself while screaming in agonizing pain. Frowning and feeling pity for him, Cassandra said, "hey, we should probably released him" She didn't know why but she felt pity for him. It was possibly because it reminded her of Keith and Catherine. 


Scowling at her, Freya replied. "he deserves it! After all, he was spying on us" Cassandra then looked down at the ground. She then remembered how harsh fully trained Valkyries could be. She wasn't fully trained yet and seeing Freya's attitude made her not want to. 


Diana frowned as the Elf screamed in agony more. His voice was getting louder and Diana started feeling bad for placing that collar on his neck. In the blink of an eye, Erick suddenly appeared in front of the elf and forcefully removed the collar from the Elf's neck. He then looked back at the three Valkyries and scowled at them before grabbing the Elf. 


He walked past the three Valkyries, scowling at Freya as he left the forest. Diana and Cassandra then looked down before silently following Erick. Freya followed as well. 


Back at the house, it was pretty silent. Audrey, Richard, and Kathrina were still at Katejina's bedroom while Emerald and Luke were sitting silenlty at Erick's room. Katejina was cooking food. It seemed that most of 3-f had left Erick's house. 


At Erick's room, Luke and Emerald stared blankly at the TV. They didn't know what to talk about so they just stared blankly at the television. 


"so, what are we supposed to do now that I'm your girlfriend?" Emerald suddenly asked, causing Luke to blush. Luke then turned his head away, he knew he wasn't good at wooing girls so how would he know what couples do. 


"I... actually don't know." he replied, scratching the back of his head and he smiled nervously at Emerald. She nodded and looked back at the TV. They both gazed at it again, Emerald wondering what to do while Luke was just blushing from nervousness. 


"me neither" Emerald said, leaning her back in Luke's arm. Luke looked down at the ground with a frown while Emerald was looking around Erick's room. She saw some pictures of Erick and Richard together when he was young. She found that there was not one picture of Richard's mother. She then saw a picture of Richard and Erick at a fair. An imaginary lightbulb suddenly appeared above her head as she stood up and faced Luke.


"hmm, how about you take me on a date! I hear that there's going to be a fair at February" Emerald suggested, her eyes lit up as Luke nodded slowly. 


"okay, when will that be?" Luke asked. Emerald opened her mouth to speak but slowly closed it and looked down at the ground. She began to think and Luke's blush disappeared. After a minute, she looked back at Luke with a nervous smile.


"I don't know" she smiled which made Luke frowned and placed his hand on his face. Emerald then frowned and looked back at the open door. She glanced at Katejina's room which had its door closed. She tilted her head and wondered what could be happening there.


At Katejina's room, Audrey was dragging her index finger down to Richard's chest all to his stomach. All this time, Richard was blushing and sweating uncontrollably. He didn't know how to feel about what Audrey was doing an remained standing there. Suddenly, he felt something poking his stomach. He looked down and saw Audrey poking his stomach while wearing a smile. Succubuses have a tendency to have sex with humans, but do they also have a tendency with angels? Audrey's actions immediately made him think that she wanted sex. 


"I know what you're thinking, and the answer is no!" Richard slowly said, frowning down at Audrey. She frowned as well, clenching her fist as she put it down. She then sat at the bed and looked down at the ground, wearing a sad face. Richard felt bad, seeing Audrey wear a sad face broke his heart. But at the same time, he felt that what he did was right! He didn't want to do it yet, they were too young. But Audrey didn't care for that, she was a Succubus, it's in her nature to have intercourse with someone. 


Sighing and not wanting to make Audrey feel bad, Richard sat beside Audrey and kissed her cheeks, making her blush. His kiss lasted for five minutes before moving his head away. Audrey touched her cheek and her form slowly disappeared, her horns and her wings slowly went inside of her body. 


"did.... did I do something wrong?" Richard asked, noticing Audrey reverting to her human form. Richard looked back at Kathrina who was taking a nap. Richard frowned and looked back at Audrey who was still blushing and was giggling. 


"no! You just gave me somewhat of what I want" Audrey said with a smile, looking at Richard. Richard smiled as well and was about to lean forward and kiss her lips but then....




The door opened quite loudly, waking up Kathrina and interrupting Audrey and Richard's kiss. They both frowned and went downstairs to find out what's the commotion all about. They saw Erick carrying an Elf to the couch. Ricahrd frowned and went downstairs, Audrey following behind. Luke and Emerald heard it as well and went downstairs shortly after Richard and Audrey. 


Downstairs, Erick placed the Elf at the couch. He checked his pulse and see if he was still breathing. He sighed in relief as the Elf breath softly. He scowled at Freya and stood up. "Freya, what was going on in your mind that made you think to kill him?" he asked in an angered tone. 


Freya frowned and looked away from Erick. "I did it because he's a spy" she replied, scowling at Erick. She didn't understand why he's protecting this Elf, he should be protecting them! She looked over Erick and grabbed her coat, walking over to the door and opening harshly. 


She sighed before walking silently away from them. Kathrina frowned and tried to stop her from leaving but Diana grabbed her wrist and shook her head. She frowned and Erick looked at her. "Give her time, she's stubborn like all Valkyries. I should know, my wife was one" Erick said, looking down at the Elf. 


"shouldn't that make you a Valkyrie?" Audrey asked, pointing and looking up at Richard who smiled down on her. Kathrina and Erick both laughed quietly, looking away from Audrey who started making a stroppy face. 


"Valkyries are just female angels trained to be fierce and emotionless. We're still angels, though, much cooler" she bragged, smirking and looking at Richard. He scoffed and looked down on Audrey. He then thought of what had happened earlier and got scared of Kathrina. Now that she completed her Valkyrie form, would that mean she has surpassed him? It frightened him, just the thought of Kathrina, his rival, surpassing him. He looked back at Kathrina who was looking at Erick. 


Kathrina looked at Erick then made her way to him and looked at the Elf. She frowned as the Elf's breathing became normal. Freya said that he was a spy so why's Erick protecting him. She looked back at Erick who sighed in relief now that the Elf was breathing fine. 


"why did you save him?" Cassandra asked, looking down at the Elf as well. There was something about this Elf, not only did they feel pity for him being tortured but Erick also saved him! There's something about him indeed, Erick is no superhero; he only saves his students.


"It's a long story but to cut it short, he's going to be your classmate" he replied with a frown, shocking all of them. It made much more sense now, why Erick defended him and why he got mad at them; they were about to kill a classmate, something Erick's trying to prevent! Diana and Cassandra looked at each other and frowned, they felt more bad for hurting him. 


"but he's a spy" Kathrina said, folding her arms and wearing a frown. "so how's he our classmate?"


"He's a spy because of this" Erick said, pulling something from the Elf's neck. It was a robotic small spider, smaller than Erick's pinky finger. The spider was moving its legs wildly as Erick showed it's back. It had a flashing red light at the back. 


"a spider?" Diana asked, squinting her eyes at the spider. She apprioched it so she could get a better look and as she got near, a spike larger than the spider came bursting out of its belly. 


"I don't know what it's called but I can tell that Faust made this" he said, looking at the spike and poking it. Being death, it didn't hurt him only made him irritated. He scowled at it before pinching it and ultimately crushing it. He walked past Diana and went outside but not before saying, "I'll throw this away, you guys get back to whatever you're doing" he opened the door and Cassandra followed him. Kathrina, Richard, Audrey, Luke, Emerald, and Katejina all went to the two rooms and go about what they were doing before the interruption.


Diana remained, however, and looked down at the Elf. She frowned as the Elf moved it's body to the left and slightly curled up, probably because of the cold. She had thought of the spider and how it disgusted her, Faust was not only cruel towards the angels but also races they didn't even know existed! She then thought of Kathrina's vision and how no one had told Erick about it. Maybe Cassandra will but she was unsure of it, she did go outside so it might be possible. 


She sighed, a lot of anger and stress filling her up. She took a seat at a nearby chair and began thinking about all the problems they're going to be facing. First was Freya, her trust with Erick had decreased and it frightened her that she might do something reckless just to prove that she doesn't trust Erick. The second was this Elf, will he remember what they did to him? And will he be angry? She didn't want this Elf to think she's a bad person, they just misunderstood him. Heck, if they knew, they would've just helped him out instead of trying to kill him.


The third was Faust. She was afraid of what's about to happen, Kathrina and Richard both saw a vision where they were tortured by Faust. She began to think that if they got hold of both of their blood, they'd be able to make humans supernatural. After all, they finally got the Immortality formula from Keith and Catherine, what's left? They become angels themselves? She didn't know and thinking about the possibilities angered and stressed her out. 


"are you okay?" an unfamiliar voice asked. She gasped and looked around, searching for that soft and worried male voice. She turned to the couch and saw the Elf, sitting up and having a worried face. There was a moment of silence before Diana nodded. "do you know where I am? Last I remember, I was at a lab" he asked, looking around the house. He was finding it weird but also amazing, how the house was designed and all he furniture. 


The Elf silently waited for Diana's answer. She stuttered a little before opening her mouth and said, "you're at our teacher's house" 


The Elf looked at her weirdly and Diana looked away, clearly it didn't answer his question. "a teacher? A house? What are those?" he asked, a curious and confused look on his face. Diana looked at him with an astonished look, this Elf wasn't raised like Keith and Catherine; he was a lab rat. She stood up and sat beside the Elf who scoot away from her. She sighed, even if he was innocent, he was still cautious. She opened her mouth and began talking.


Meanwhile, Cassandra and Erick were outside. Cassandra had explained to Erick Kathrina and Richard's vision. Erick wore grim face as Cassandra explained the vision. It frightened him since he usually gets the vision. He suddenly looked up and turned around, seeing a building a few feet away from them. "Follow me Cassandra" Erick said, walking towards the building. 


"where are we going?" she asked, looking around with a worried expression. Erick smiled, looking back at her as they reached the building. Cassandra looked at the sign that said 'purgatory' and looked back at the building. She stared at Erick who nodded and went inside. 


Inside, the bartender from before was cleaning up the same glass and Elise was also there. He walked over to the bartender and sat at the stool, Cassandra following behind. "What can I get you today Erick?" the bartender asked, pulling out a two mugs underneath the counter. 


Erick smiled, "I'll have the usual and Cassandra here will just have water" he said and the bartender nodded and went to a shelf that was at the back of the counter. They waited patiently with Erick's smile turning into a frown as they waited for their drinks. 


Meanwhile, Cassandra was observing the place, finding it quite empty. She looked around and saw Elise and her grandfather? She recognized an old man that was sitting at a table behind Elise's. She stepped dow from the stool and walked over to her grandfather, wearing a smile. 


Erick smiled, letting her to wander to her grandfather. The bartender came to the counter and looked at Cassandra, "She's conflicted isn't she?" he asked and Erick nodded, smiling as the bartender opened a bottle of black liquid with a skull on the lid. 


"She's afraid of what's about to happen soon. I know from the look on her face that she'll run away when that time comes" Erick said, watching the bartender pour the black liquid in his glass. It gave a deathly smell as the bartender pour it. "Which is why I'm here, why did you send my son and Kathrina the vision instead of me?" he asked, his smile turning into a frown as he scowled at the bartender. 


"Why? Isn't it obvious? You were drunk! I needed someone to carry the vision and the closest were either the Valkyrie-princess, your son, or my messenger" the bartender said, scowling at Erick as he turned around and placed the bottle back to its shelf. Erick facepalmed as he realized what he did. Zexal made him drunk then they played poker. It angered him since he was supposed to get the vision so that his son wouldn't. He feared the visions, and of course his son would fear his vision more. He banged his head at the table and looked at Cassandra who was still walking to her grandfather.


Her grandfather was looking down at the table with a frown. The look on his face told Cassandra that he was in deep thought. Slowly sitting on the booth chair that was in the other end of the table, she looked at her grandfather and waited for him to turn his head. 


Her grandfather noticed someone sitting in front of him and looked up. His eyes lit up and his frown suddenly turned into a smile as he yelled, "Cassandra!" and standing up from his chair and hugging his grand daughter. Cassandra hugged him as well and Erick smiled as the bartender poured his drink in the glass. 


"oh how I miss you! How have you been? And what are you doing in Purgatory?" he asked, sitting back down on his chair and smiling at Cassandra.


"I've been fine! And it's because of my teacher over there" she replied, pointing her finger at Erick who was taking a sip from his drink. His eyes swayed at Cassandra and her grandfather and waved at them. 


Cassandra's grandfather seemed to recognize him and looked back at his grand daughter. "that's the grim reaper, he's a regular here" he said, pointing to Erick. Cassandra looked back at Erick and frowned, he's a regular here? Erick? Their teacher? Her image of Erick suddenly deteriorated, he always had the look of a diligent man; never drinking and always honest. She didn't even understand why he's drinking, he looked like he had never had a problem with his life. She wanted to know because she didn't want to think of Erick like this. 


"grandpa, what are you doing here? Are you... are you not at peace yet?" Cassandra asked, worried why her grandfather's here. Purgatory was supposed to be the place where people have not found peace with the world yet and her grandfather being here made her think that. 


"to be honest, I have not. When I was dying, you hid in your room because you were too scared. I wanted to see your face before I died, that's why I can't make peace yet" he said, looking down at the table with a sly smile. Cassandra was speechless, she never knew! She remembered back then, she was hiding in her room; crying. She loved her grandfather too much that seeing him die was something she didn't want to see. 


"but now that you're here, I can be at peace! That grim reaper must've known, he barely brings anyone here" he said looking back at Erick. He smiled and nodded at Cassandra's grandfather before looking back at the bartender. "Cassandra, look at me! I can tell you're conflicted" he said, touching Cassandra's cheek and turning her face so she would face him.


"I am, my friends saw a vision that they might die and I don't want to see that!" Cassandra said, looking at the table and trying not to cry. She liked her classmates and hearing that vision made her frightened of the world. The reason why she went outside was to tell Erick about it since he was the one that they talk to about their problems. He must've known because she was feeling the same way when she had heard her grandfather was dying. 


"but you have to! You're a Valkyrie, a strong ally for the grim reaper and your classmates. Tell me, do you want to see your friends die because you didn't help them?" he asked, causing Cassandra to gasp. Erick looked at the bartender and nodded. He nodded back and gave Cassandra a vision. 


The vision was of Cassandra kneeling down in front of building on fire; holding Diana's body with her hands. She was crying as the dead bodies of her classmate surrounded her. But there was something that was walking out of the building, an injured Erick. He was bleeding as he limped towards Cassandra. She stood up and approached him but a black sword suddenly pierced through his body. She gasped and held her hand out as Erick fell to the ground, dead. She watched in horror as the silhouette of a girl, the same hair length and height as Kathrina, brandished her sword in front of her. The shadow took a stance before charging towards Cassandra which woke her up from her vision.


She gasped for air and looked around, her eyes were already dripping down tears. "I...I saw a vision!" she said, looking at her grandfather. He nodded slowly, watching Cassandra cry. He frowned and listened as Cassandra described her vision but it was muffled because of her crying. 


He sighed and placed his finger in Cassandra's lips, "calm down! Visions will only happen if you let it happen" he said with a smile, calming Cassandra. She realized what her grandfather was saying and wiped her tears. Cassandra's grandfather placed his hand down the table as Cassandra wiped her tears.


She realized what his grandfather was saying. He was saying to her to not be afraid, to do something when someone's about to die or when her friends in grave danger. She wiped her tears and smiled at her grandfather. "I know! That's why I won't allow it to happen! I'm sorry for not being there for you grandpa but I will be with my friends when they need me!" she promised, her grandfather nodding in agreement. He stood up and kissed Cassandra's forehead.


"it's alright! You finally gave me peace, I can now rest. Tell the grim reaper thank you!" he said, his body slowly being enveloped in a white light. Cassandra happily nodded as his grandfather disappeared and finally went to heaven. Erick smiled and approached Cassandra.


"We should go now, Cassandra!" he said, placing his hand in her shoulder. Cassandra happily looked back at him and nodded. 


"thank you sir!" she thanked and Erick smiled in response. Cassandra stood up and followed Erick to the door. The bartender smiled at the while wiping the glass. 


Meanwhile, back at the Diana and the Elf, he seemed to understand what Diana was explaining since he kept nodding everytime Diana said a word. Diana then stopped talking and the Elf stopped nodding. "do you understand now?" she asked.


The Elf took a moment before saying, "yes! By the way, what's your name?" Diana looked surprised, she never told him her name. She wanted to facepalm herself but she then thought that answering it my be better.


"I'm Diana. Diana Autumn" she introduced with a smile, making the Elf blush a little. "you?" she asked.


"Meleek. Meleek Fulton" 


To be continued





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