My Teacher, Death

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Humor  |  House: Booksie Classic

Chapter 35 (v.1) - Back to school!

Submitted: January 23, 2018

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Submitted: January 23, 2018




Cassandra and Erick were walking back home. They both wore smiles. Cassandra wore hers because she helped her grandfather find peace with himself and Erick had his because he was happy for Cassandra. But Cassandra still had something in her mind. A lot actually, she had both the vision and Erick's alcohol problem in mind. Erick's drinking maybe the easiest to solve so she mustered her courage and asked, "sir, why do you go to that bar everyday?" 


Erick frowned at the question. He was surprised Cassandra would ask that, then again, her grandfather must've told her that. He knew that someone would soon ask that if he ever showed it but he never expected Cassandra. Sighing, Erick replied, "If I tell you this secret, promise not to feel bad for me"


Cassandra frowned and looked down at the ground. Not to feel bad for him? Did... did he drink to forget something. She now wanted to know even more. She looked back up at Erick and nodded sternly. Erick sighed and began to explain.


"Everyday, when it's time for a mission, I always get a vision of what would happen if I fail to help complete your mission. These visions, even after the mission, remains in my mind. I drink not because I want to, but because I need to forget these visions. I get why I don't forget it, because your deaths may still happen anytime. But if it happens everyday, to the point where you don't want to see it anymore, that's when I start drinking to forget it" 


Cassandra looked back down at the ground. She felt bad for asking, she never knew that Erick had to live with visions of their deaths. She felt like a burden to Erick, even if Erick didn't want her to think that way, she couldn't avoid it. She looked back up at Erick who was staring ahead of them, not even glancing at Cassandra.


"Don't think yourself as a burden..." he suddenly said. Cassandra gasped, Erick knew. Of course he knew, her face could tell it from a mile away that she's felling like a burden. "I volunteered for this mission myself because.... because" he stuttered, his eyes unexpectedly dripping down black tears. Cassandra looked up at Erick as he didn't finish his sentence. Was there a bigger reason as to why he's doing this? She knew that Erick was doing this because of God's command but could there be a more personal reason? She didn't want to ask, she felt that if she did, it'd make Erick feel bad. 


They remained silent as they approached the house. As Erick grabbed the circular knob to his door, it suddenly clicked open and Diana and Meleek walked out; both had smiles on their faces. "Meleek said that he'll live with me! I live with my father and he won't mind if I bring an Elf with me" she said, looking back at Meleek who smiled at her nervosly. "plus, I don't mind having a brother with me" she continued, patting Meleek's hair. 


Cassandra smiled as Erick nodded in approval. The two then walked to the sidewalk and Cassandra looked back up at Erick. He nodded and Cassandra smiled before running to Diana and Meleek, joining them as they walked back home. Emerald suddenly walked outside as well and didn't waste anytime running to the three. Erick didn't even see her walk outside the door, it was all a flash to him; it was probably that drink that caused it. Shaking his head, he looked back at the open door and walked back inside. 


Inside, Luke, Kathrina, and Katejina were eating dinner. Richard and Audrey must've left earlier than Diana, Meleek, or Emerald since there was no sign of he couple. Katejina saw Erick walk in and waved her hand. He smiled and walked over to the table, pulling out a chair and taking a seat. Luke asked what happened to the party and Erick explained how someone had botched his drink which just made all of them laugh. Their dinner wasn't quiet as Erick's story of the Christmas party in heaven had made all of them to laugh.


A few minutes later and it was bed time. Luke was supposed to be sleeping in Erick's room but found himself sitting on the floor in Katejina's room. "how the hell did I end up here?" he asked, spreading his hands apart as Kathrina threw a pillow and a mattress at him.


"you're here because Erick needed some personal space" Kathrina replied with a frown as Luke growled. He stood up and glared at Kathrina but she shrugged it and went to arrange the mattress properly. She placed a pillow above it and began sleeping. 


"where will I sleep?" he asked, frowning as Katejina and Kathrina both ignored him by pretending to sleep. Luke frowned, turning off the lights and going to a corner and sat there, closing his eyes and actually sleeping. Katejina and Kathrina both opened their eyes and giggled quietly before calling Luke.


He angrily opened his eyes and scowled at Kathrina and Katejina. "what?" he asked, irritated that Kathrina and Katejina woke him up. 


"you know you can sleep with either me or Katejina right? There's room enough for a small tiger like you" Kathrina said, pointing to Katejina who wore a smile? It surprised him considering that his two roommates really hates him. He growled quietly before closing his eyes again. Katejina shrugged it and went back to bed.


Kathrina frowned, Luke's stubborness is one of the things she hated. She sat up and scowled at Luke, calling him again. But Luke didn't respond, not even opening his eyes or getting an annoyed growl. It was as if he disappeared. She squint her eyes and gasped as Luke disappeared from the corner.


Frightened, she tugged on Katejina's body and woke her up. "what? What is it?" she asked, wiping her eyes. Kathrina pointed at the corner where Luke was sleeping which made Katejina squint.


"Luke, he's... he's gone!" she said in a frightened tone. Katejina squint harder and gasped as well, Luke was gone. Kathrina grabbed her phone and activated her flashlight. Even though they already knew that Luke was gone, they still need to check. She flashed her phone at the corner and found that Luke was gone! She shivered before looking at Katejina. She was shaking in fright as she eyed the corner where Luke was. 


Suddenly, a brown colored hand touched Kathrina's shoulders which cause her to jump, shriek, drop her phone, and fell to the ground at the same time. The light shone down on the figure and was revealed to be Luke! "did I just scare you?" he asked, a little amused at Kathrina's shocked expression.


"LUKE?! What-how- I" Kathrina asked, a bewildered look on her face as she turned her head back to the corner and to Luke. Luke smiled, laughing quietly. Kathrina frowned and sat back up. She wanted to hit Luke but she also thought that if she did, then he won't tell how he got there.


"you were there just a few seconds ago, how the hell did you wind up here?" she asked, scowling and flashing her phone at Luke as he stopped laughing and gave a look that he was about to give a witty retort.


"I'm good at disappearing, watch" he said turning off Kathrina's flashlight and closing his eyes once again. Kathrina turned her light on again and flashed it around. She flashed it Katejina and gasped as Luke was by her side. "see, good at disappearing" he said, smiling at Katejina who slapped him so hard that he fell back on Kathrina's mattress. 


"but not at dodging!" Katejina retorted, sticking her tongue out as Luke sat up. Kathrina rolled her eyes and lied down, not even bothered to ask Luke how he kept disappearing that fast. 


"if you two won't sleep, then go downstairs! Otherwise, shut up and catch some Z's" Kathrina said, her voice muffled by the pillows. Luke and Katejina looked at her before lying down as well. Luke turned his entire body away from Kathrina and she turned her body away from Luke. Luke mumbled a little before closing his eyes and going to sleep.


A few days and a month later


Luke slowly opened his eyes and slowly sat up. He looked over his shoulder and saw a troubled Kathrina. She was moving a lot and would mumble 'Audrey' every now and then. It startled Luke, he's thinking that Kathrina was acting like this because of her vision. 


"hey, Kathrina" Luke said, shaking Kathrina's body with her arm. She gasped for air and sat up, somehow slapping Luke in the face. Luke rubbed his cheek and glared at Kathrina as she looked around. 


"where am I?" she asked, looking at Luke with a panicked face. 


"you're in Erick's house. Did the vision occur again?" Katejina replied, a worried look on her and Luke's face.


"yeah, it did. Although, there was something else" she said, placing her hand on her forehead. Luke and Katejina began to worry more, they knew her vision was bad and her seeing something meant that there was something worse.


"what was it?" Luke asked


"it was...Audrey she-" before Kathrina could even finish, she gasped and covered her mouth. 


"Audrey what?" Luke asked. Katejina frowned and scowled at him.


"Luke!" she yelled, Luke frowning and looking down at the ground. "I'm sorry, if you don't want to say it then-"


"no! I'll tell you" Kathrina said, shaking her head and looking back at Luke. He looked up and turned his head away.


"make it quick, it's almost time to go to school" he said, folding his arms. She frowned and looked back at Katejina. 


"he's right" she said.


Kathrina sighed and looked back at Luke. She opened her mouth but hesitated to speak. She wanted to say it but didn't have the guts to. Katejina frowned at Kathrina as she hesitated to speak. She had thought that the vision might be something that terrified her too much that it made her hesitate. She knew Kathrina wouldn't hesitate to say anything if it was important so seeing her like this meant only one thing: she's afraid to say of what's to happen.


As Kathrina mustered her courage, the door opened and Erick entered the room. He looked like he had only woke up. He wiped his eyes and looked down at the three. "Why aren't you dressed yet?" he asked, an almost angered tone in his voice. 


The three looked at each other and looked back at Erick who grew rather impatient. In the blink of an eye, they scatter and started getting ready for school. 


Meanwhile, Richard and Audrey were already dressed and walking to school. Audrey was walking happily while Richard looked like he didn't get any sort of sleep. "hey, you okay? You looked like you've seen your father?" Audrey asked, her happy expression turned into a worried one as she looked up at Richard.


"yeah, I'm fine! I just... saw something last night" he replied, wiping some dust in his eye. Audrey's curiosity raised as Richard looked down at her. "no, I'm not telling you what I saw" he said with a frown. 


"aww come on! Tell me!" she said, putting a stroppy face. Richard frowned and walked past Audrey, tucking his hands neatly in his pocket. Richard looked over his shoulder and saw Audrey stomping her foot down to the ground in anger. It amused him as Audrey walked in front of him and blocked his way. 


"I won't tell you because you might cry" Richard said, moving to the left but Audrey followed him. He walked to the right and the same thing happened. "come on, Audrey!" he yelled, stretching his arms outwards.


"no! Tell me first! I promise I won't cry" she said, her curiosity rising above the clouds. But Richard knew she won't be able to hold her tears. But he also didn't want to be late. Sighing angrily, Richard opened his mouth but he hesitated, deciding whether or not to tell. He looked back at Audrey who was determined to find out what he saw. He shook his head and began speaking.


"I saw-"


"-a vision of Audrey getting tortured to death by you!" Luke said, a bewildered expression as he looked up at Kathrina. The three of them were now walking to school, all dressed in their uniforms. 


"yes and because of that, I think I'll be used as a weapon rather than a labrat" Kathrina said, looking at Luke witha frown. She finally said it and she knew Luke would act like this. He hides it, but he cares about all of them a lot. 


"a weapon? Why would they need you as a weapon? I mean, I can understand Richard but you? What can you do?" Luke asked, pointing at Kathrina. 


She frowned at Luke, offended by his words. She hated Luke's underestimation of her Valkyrie rank. He probably got that idea because Freya beat her to a pulp. Looking down at Luke who waited for her answer, she rolled her eyes and replied, "I can do this!" 


Her eyes changed into a pulsing orange and black color and black flames surrounded her entire body. Luke wasn't surprised, she had used that form multiple times so it didn't even bother him. Katejina, on the other hand, was still surprised by her form. For some reason, it looked different. It's flames were larger and wilder and her eyes were pulsing faster. 


"is that supposed to be a unique thing?" Luke asked, acting like a snob. Kathrina wanted to punch Luke so bad, she really hates Luke's cocky attitude. What can he do anyway? She thought to herself as she scowled at Luke's unimpressed face.


"it is! It's called the Valkyrie eye, an ability only five Valkyries can attain every five hundred years" Kathrina replied, an angered tone as Luke made an 'ohh' sound with his mouth. "yeah, better be afraid Luke!" she said with a smirk. 


Luke shrugged it and looked in front of him, ignoring Kathrina's warning. She frowned and clenched her fist before punching Luke. She gasped as her entire arm just passed through Luke's body. "don't tell me you're a-" before Kathrina could finish, Luke nodded and scowled at her.


"don't even think about telling Emerald or anyone about it" he growled, walking away while Kathrina and Katejina remained standing; unsure of how to react. Kathrina shook her head and began walking again. Katejina followed suit and sooner or later, they arrived at their school. 


Luke opened the door and saw the usual early birds. Emerald was there but she was sitting next to Audrey who was crying. He looked around more and saw Richard, a look of regret on his face. Erick wasn't there yet and so was Elise or anyone else really. 


Katejina and Kathrina immediately saw Emerald and Audrey. They hurried to them without a second thought, asking Audrey why was she crying. Meanwhile, Luke went to Richard. As much as he wanted to approach Emerald, he thought that Richard knew something just by looking at his face.


"lemme guess, you told her didn't ya?" Luke said, placing down his bag in his chair and looking at Richard with a vacant expression. Richard ignored him and looked outside the window. He saw Joseph and Lydia walking outside with Diana and Meleek, they went for ice cream before going to school. "hey, answer me" Luke said, scowling at Ricahrd and aggressively tugging his shoulder.


"I did! There, happy?" Richard replied angrily, pushing Luke away. This time, his arm didn't pass through like what happened with Kathrina. 


Luke scowled at him but looked back at Audrey and Emerald. His face switched from a scowl to a worried expression. Richard was looking as well and he was more worried as to what Audrey would say to him. She was quiet after what he had said to her. She was probably feeling shocked. Kathrina was Audrey's best friend, it was impossible that she'd be the cause of her death. 


"you won't let it happen right?" Luke asked, a worried tone in his voice. Richard was surprised to hear Luke this worried about her. He knew he cared about them but he never expected him to worry this much.


"of course I won't! I love Audrey and I know Kathrina won't let it happen as well" Richard said. At first he was angry that Luke even asked but his voice lowered as he swayed his eyes at Kathrina. She was looking down at Audrey with a sad look. As Audrey lifted her head, she saw Kathrina with a worried look. She shrieked and pushed herself backwards, frightened by the sight of Kathrina.


"Audrey..." Kathrina said, taking a step only for Audrey to get defensive. Kathrina stepped back, realizing that Audrey didn't trust her anymore. She looked away from her and quietly walked back to her seat. Richard and Luke both looked at Kathrina as she looked down at her table and began thinking. Her eyes were shining which meant that she was close to crying. Richard felt bad, telling Audrey without Kathrina was probably a mistake. 


Richard stood up but the door opened and all of his claassmates, and Erick, walked into the room. Katejina and Emerald noticed and went to their seats as everyone else went to their seats. Elise was the last to walk in, taking a seat at the other end of the classroom and crossing her legs.


Erick wore a smile as he looked outside the door and nodding. Suddenly four people walked in the room. The first was a fairly tall girl. She was as tall as Luke but looked as old as Kathrina. She had chocolate brown hair that reached to her neck. It was straight until the end which was curvy. She had moss eyes and wore red lipstick on her lips. 


"Class we have new transferries. These people have their own missions as well" Erick said, introducing the four new students. "This one's Silje. She's the second honor of the school and, like Kathrina, she can do almost anything she wants in the school" he introduced the girl. She waved happily and bowed her head. 


"Take a seat Silje at the girls' corner" Erick instructed and Silje gladly followed and took a seat next to Kathrina.


"hey, I know you! You're a Valkyrie right?" Silje whispered in Kathrina's ear. Her eyes lit up as she looked at Silje who winked and smiled at her. 


"Next is Meleek! I'm sure some of you already know him" Erick said, introducing the platinum haired Elf with blue eyes. He waved them happily and bowed as well.


"I hope to be good friends with you all" he said and looked at everyone. Everyone looked happy to meet him except Freya who had her arms folded and her head turned away.


"Sit next to Freya, Meleek" Erick instructed, pointing to the empty chair that was next to Freya. She gasped and frowned as Meleek sat next to her. She scowled at him as Meleek looked up at her with an innocent face. 


"why are you angry?" Meleek asked, noticing Freya's scowl and growl. 


"keep your distance Elf. You might just have your head off if you don't" she warned, looking away. 


Erick heard and saw what Freya did and said. He frowned, his plan didn't work. He looked back at all of his students and sighed, looking back at the transferries. 


"Next is Casey, he's not much of a talker but he's apparently 'a man of culture'. Luke, you might know him?"  Erick introduced a short black spiky haired boy with black eyes. He wore a frown as he bowed and waved at them. 


"yo!" he said, before taking a seat next to Luke. 


"sup, fam" Casey said, Luke nodding in response. Casey then looked back at Erick as he introuced the last person.


"I can't believe my own cousin's here" Luke siad, facepalming himself.


This last one was shy. He slowly made his way in front of the class. He had short brown hair and his fringe always fell down on his right brown eye. He was as tall as Luke and wlooked down at the grond as Erick looked at him. The classroom immdeiately knew what kind of person he was going to be, a shy type.


"This is Raniel, he's a bit shy but he is quite kind" Erick introduced as Raniel slowly bowed but he didn't took his eyes off the floor. Everyone wore a frown as he stuttered to say his name.


"h-h-hi! I'm Raniel, n-n-nice to meet ya!" he said, quickly running to the very back and taking a seat next to Richard. Richard frowned at him as he nervously shake and muttered something that was impossible to understand since he was talking too fast.


"calm down, you're not gonna die" Richard spoke, shocking and stopping Raniel from muttering.


"what?" he asked, looking at Richard.


"take it easy, we're all good people here and we won't hurt you; except that guy and girl, they might be hostile" Richard said, pointing to Luke and Freya. Raniel looked at them and nodded slowly, watching as Freya hissed at him. Richard chuckled while Raniel hid himself. 


"don't worry, she won't hurt you, I'm here" Richard assured, smiling at Raniel. He nodded and looked at Erick as he walked to his table and grabbed his glasses and a small book. 


"Alright! Let's start" he said. 


He started reading what's in the book and also wrote down some pointers for them to copy. They copied of course, noticing that Erick's not using his fullest abilities. It's obvious that he's doing this because of the newcomers and how they might get ovewhelmed. Slowly but surely he did raised his power and the transferries were able to adapt to the speed of Erick's teaching. It didn't take long until the bell for recess rang.


"Alright, you may take your recess" Erick said, putting down his book and taking a seat at his table. Everyone stood up and went outside. Audrey went with Emerald while Kathrina remained at the classroom, reading her book. 


"hey" Richard called. Kathrina looked up and saw Richard and Luke. They had worried looks on their faces, things she never would have expected from them.


"yeah?" she asked, looking back down at her book and began reading again.


"look I'm sorry! I told Audre without thinking ab-"


"shut up! Damage has been done and there's no way you can change that! Just help me gain her trust back" Kathrina cut Richard off, scowling at him as he wore a surprised face. She hated Richard's action but she knew that Audrey would just hate her more if she hit or yell at Richard more. So she did the best thing and walked out of the classroom. 




"give her some time to cool off" Elise said, cutting Richard off. He scowled at Elise as she wore a frown. "Valkyrie's are hot heads, it's in their nature to get pissed off. I suggested you leave her be" she said, acting like a know it all. Richard didn't buy it, after all, it's hard to trust the devil. He looked over his shoulder and at Erick who nodded. He sighed, if his father and the devil told him to stay away from her, he had to obey. 


"come on, let's go" Luke said, tugging on Richard's back as he walked out of the classroom. Richard sighed again and followed Luke. He felt bad and useless. He started this and he wanted to help end it. But being told not to intervene by his father was something he couldn't disobey. He looked ahead, seeing Raniel get aquainted with Darryl already.


"hey, don't feel bad! Something will happen soon that you'll be able to do something" Luke said, knowing what he's thinking. It was obvious from his face.


Richard sighed, "I just.... I don't want to feel useless" he said as they walked down the stairs. 


"but you have to, if you intervene then Audrey's trust for Kathrina will only deteriorate" Luke said. He suddenly smacked his lips, "hmm that feels weird, me telling someone how to feel" he said as they left the building and into the cafeteria. They looked ahead, spotting Darryl's wave. They both looked at each other and shrugged but walked to them anyways.


"feeling down?" Joseph asked as Richard and Luke sat down. 


"kinda" he replied, looking away.


"what happened? Did you hurt Audrey?" Darryl asked, worried by Richard's expression.


"worse, he destroyed Kathrina and Audrey's friendship" Luke replied, making the others gasp except for Raniel and Casey. 


"hey can I sit here?" Kathrina suddenly asked. They all looked up at her. Sad was written all over her face as they nodded. She sat down and began eating a whole chocolate cake.


"cake's served here?" Raniel asked, a bewildered look on his face as he eyed Kathrina's cake. 


"uh-huh. They sell for 30 Knyoling for some reason" Kathrina replied, slicing a piece of cake with her fork and eating it. Raniel was surprised and immediately stood up and walked to the counter. Joseph and Darryl laughed quietly as Raniel walked back to them with a whole blackforest cake. 


"well, you're right but why did it cost 35 for me?" he asked, placing down his plate with the cake on top of it.


"oh right, student in the honors have a discount on the cafeteria" Kathrina replied, laughing a little as Raniel slammed his head at the table. The others laughed as well but Richard wasn't laughing, he was looking at Audrey and Emerald as they talk and laugh at things.


Kathrina should be there He thought to himself as he looked back at Kathrina who was enjoying herself in the company of Luke's friends. He wore a fake smile as Kathrina looked at him. She frowned, being able to see through Richard's fake smile. He stood up and walked away.


"something wrong?" Raniel asked. Kathrina lookedback at Raniel and nodded quickly but she immediately looked back at Richard. He was walking back to the building and it worried Kathrina since he never said a word when she took a seat.


"yeah, why did Richard leave?" she asked, pointing to Richard. They all frowned as they saw Richard walking up the stairs. 


"probably feeling bad or something, let him be" Joseph said, looking back at Kathrina. She frowned and looked down at the table, feeling bad. She thought that Richard walked out because of her. She sighed and continued eating her cake quietly.


It didn't take long for the bell to ring again and after a few more hours, it was time to go home for our students. Erick first left and the students followed afterwards. Emerald and Audrey both left as a pair while Richard walked out alone. Luke walked out with Darryl, Raniel, Casey, Meleek, and Joseph. Diana and Cassandra walked out with Freya. Lydia walked out with Silje. Keith and Catherine were both chatting as they left the classroom. Victor and Jackson were both reading something as they left. Katejina walked away with Ben. Christina and Chris walked out too. All that's left was Kathrina.


She grabbed her bag and slowly walked out of the classroom. While walking at the sidewalk, she began to think. She was thinking of ways for Audrey to trust her again. She was devastated and almost wanted to kill Richard but she knew that it would do nothing, it'll only make Audrey trust her less. She passed by the playground where they used to play all the time and saw Audrey sitting there, all by herself. She found it odd seeing as Audrey was walking away with Emerald. 


But she did saw this as the perfect time to explain herself. Taking a deep breath, she sternly walked to her. Audrey looked down at the ground. She seemed sad, something Kathrina expected. Her eyes were shining as well which meant she was about to cry. And cry she did, before even Kathrina could cross the road, she started crying softly. 


Kathrina approached her but as soon as she took a step, someone else approached her. She wore a black tunic and had really long brown hair. Her eyes were Emerald colored as well and as Kathrina looked at this person entirely, she found it to be her;. She looked at her mouth and saw a wicked grin. She summoned a black sword with a purple crystal at the center of the hilt. She raised the sword up and quickly brought it down to Audrey's neck. Seeing this, Kathrina transformed to Valkyrie mode and charged towards herself. But as she got closer, her surroundings went black and she suddenly woke back up to the sidewalk.


"What the hell happened?" she asked herself, scratching her head. She looked back at the playground and saw only the other Kathrina, only waving creppily at her before disappearing. Kathrina shook her head before walking again. 


To be continued



© Copyright 2020 rickybelmont. All rights reserved.


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