Chapter 36: Luke's birthday

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Kathrina walked back home with the thoughts of the event that happened earlier. She didn't know what to call it. Was it a hallucination? A vision? She didn't know and seeing herself kill Audrey was something she couldn't stomach. She couldn't even imagine herself doing that. It was so out of her character that she knew how she'd actually be able to do it. The spider. But she left those thoughts as soon as she saw Erick's house. She immediately walked towards it and opened the door. 


She slowly walked in and had to turn on the lights for the living room. She looked around more and found it quite quiet, meaning no one had come home yet. She walked back upstairs and changed her clothes, she still had the thoughts of her vision and Audrey. She got dressed and went downstairs.


She was surprised to find Erick sitting at the couch with his laptop. He was reading something and Kathrina could see the picture of her favorite desert on Erick's laptop, cake. She smiled and strolled over to the couch and sat next to Erick. "why are you looking for cake, sir?" she asked, eyeing the laptop closely.


Erick looked at her and lowered the monitor down. "You don't know? Guess he hides it to everyone, even his roommates" Erick said, smiling as he pulled the monitor up again and looking at the cake recipes. Kathrina took a moment to think and realized what Erick was talking about.


"are you... saying that it's Luke's birthday?" she asked and Erick nodded. "but why would he keep it a secret?" she asked. 


"To be honest, I don't know" Erick answered, looking at a fudgy chocolate cake. He pointed his finger at it and Kathrina leaned her head forward and nodded. 


"I think it looks delicious, to be honest, I like all cakes" she said, smiling as she leaned her head back. 


"Wanna help me make a cake?" he asked. Kathrina gladly nodded and Erick stood up and walked to the kitchen, Kathrina followed afterwards. Erick then wore an apron and tied a bandedana around his forehead. Kathrina laughed quietly as Erick grabbed the tools they need from the different cupboards and the different ingredients from the refrigerator. Kathrina walked towards him and wore a black apron. It wasn't long until they started baking.


Meanwhile, Luke was hanging out with his usual posse only with the addition of Raniel, Casey, and Meleek. They were hanging out at the local park, all were on their phones. 


"who ya texting?" Casey asked, rudely looking at Luke's phone.


"Richard" Luke said plainly then continued to text Richard. Casey frowned but then looked back at his phone and played his video game. Raniel, too, was playing, so was Joseph. Meleek was texting Diana, the only human friend he trusted. Darryl was texting Cass, it seemed that he was stressed out just by looking at the text.


"seems like someone's stressed" Luke said, smirking as Darryl looked up and scowled at him. Joseph looked down at Darryl and frowned.


"can you still take it? Being a boyfriend?" he asked, worried by Darryl's face. He knew that Darryl could handle it, but Cassandra might be asking too much from him. 


"I'm not stressed with that. It just seems like I'm in a different world" he said, looking up at the sky and seeing the calm blue sky. He frowned at it as he looked down and faced his classmates. "it's just, I thought this was all about our missions. Not all this bullshit about visions" he continued, looking back at his turned off phone. 


They all frowned at him. Even if they didn't like him whining, Luke most of all, he was right. Every single one of them thought that this was just going to be them completing their personal missions. But no. It was something more. Everyone suddenly looked down at the table and started thinking, their world was bigger than it seemed. Were there anything else that they didn't know? Could there be more supernatural beings? They didn't know and it began to irritate some of them.


"let's just wait it out. Erick would solve all this vision stuff himself" Joseph said, smiling but Darryl just groaned loudly. Luke started getting irritated, he didn't like Darryl's attitude. He wanted to stand up and beat him up but he knew that it wouldn't solve anything. Sighing, he looked back at his phone and returned to text Richard.


"hmm, what's the date today?" Meleek asked. 


"it's the 7th of February, why?" Joseph answered and Casey's eyes suddenly lit up as he looked at everyone. Being Luke's friends, he was surprised that none of them were happy or excited that it was Luke's birthday tomorrow. He smirked, he knew why.


"hey fam it's your birthday tomorrow!" Casey said, locking Luke's head in his arm and shocking all of his friends. They all looked at him as Casey's grip was strong but Luke was able to get out. He pushed Casey aside and looked at his classmates. They were all waiting for him to speak.


"so, is tomorrow actually your birthday?" Darryl asked. 


Luke frowned and looked back at Casey as he sat back and smiled at him. He sighed angrily as he scowled at his friends, "yes it's my birthday, but I don't expect anything to happen anyway" he angrily said, grabbing his bag and walking away from them. Everyone groaned and slumped their heads at the table while Joseph stood up and went after Luke. 


"wait!" Joseph said, grabbing Luke's shoulder and stopping him. Luke stopped and waited for Joseph to speak. But Joseph didn't know what to say. Matter of fact, he didn't even know why he stopped Luke, he only acted out of instinct. Luke glared at his blank face and shrugged his hand away from his shoulder. He walked away as everyone else ran up to Joseph's side. 


"why's he acting like that?" Raniel asked Casey. 


But he didn't know, so he only replied, "dunno. He used to be happy when it's his birthday" they all frowned and looked at each other.


"guys" Meleek called, catching their attention. "let's go to his house and ask if sir Erick can help us" he proposed. Their eyes lit up and their mouths suddenly formed grins as they nodded slowly at Meleek's idea. They left the park and went to Erick's house


Meanwhile, Luke was walking the opposite way and into some place, presumably the school. He really only needed time to think and cool off. The mention of his birthday really pissed him off. He arrived at the school and went to the convenience store there. As he opened the door, he saw the seniors that they fought a while back. His eyes connected with one of them and the guy started pointing and calling his friends at him. One of them with black spiky hair smiled as he rudely placed down a can of soda at the counter. 


"what do we have here? The little guy that killed one of ours!" he spat at Luke as he wore an angry face. 


"it wasn't my fault yo-" before Luke could finish his senctence, the senior pushed him out of the store and outside. They all laughed mockingly as Luke dropped to the ground. 


"it doesn't matter who's fault, you killed someone and there's no turnin' back! he yelled, watching as Luke get up and readying into a fighting stance. The seniors all frown but the one in front smiled.


"say, isn't it your birthday tomorrow? Let's give him our early present, boys" he said, trying to hold his laughter and he pressed his knuckles and approached Luke.


He knew what was going to happen and with his right hand, he blocked an incoming right hook and countered with a left jab. A left jab came out of nowhere and Luke quickly blocked it with his left hand, though it left him stumbling back. The seniors didn't waste anytime and tackled Luke and held his arms, legs, and head. The senior with black hair spat blood before walking towards Luke. He frowned and looked down at the helpless Luke. There was no one to help him, he didn't even call for help, he was alone and he was about to be beaten up.


The senior with black hair clenched his fist and threw his fist into Luke's face, causing him to bleed easily. The other seniors laugh as the senior with black hair launched a flurry of kicks and punches at Luke's head and body. Luke started feeling dizzy as the senior was about to land a final punch. Before the punch could even hit, the senior with black hair was kicked in the face. The force was so strong that the senior was sent flying to a nearby wall. 


The seniors and Luke were surprised and stunned as they look at the senior with black hair as it tries standing up. They then stared at the person who kicked him. It was a teen wearing a gray hoodie, black jogging pants, and work boots. He had black short hair with one red streak. His eyes were different, his left eye was colored purple and his right was red. The teen glared at the seniors and saw the beaten up Luke. 


The seniors then released Luke and charged at the teen. He frowned as all of them threw a pucnh at the same time. But it did nothing since the teen was able to attack first by kicking them all in the stomach. They all fell down and Luke was barely getting up. The teen saw and helped him up his feet.


"here, let me help you" he said, his red eye suddenly glowing. Luke's injuries suddenly healed and he was able to stand properly. Luke checked his body and glared at the teen. Those red eyes told him that he used some form of demon magic at him. He looked at his purple eye but he didn't know what that did.


"who are you?" Luke asked, scowling at the teen. The teen smiled and introduced himself.


"name's Ryan! I'm a transfer to that school. I came in late but I'm supposed to be in 3-f!" he said, shocking Luke. He's a transfer? But how come he came in late? He's lying.


"you're lying" he growled.


"no! I came from Mars" he said. It was now harder to believe him. He came all the way from Mars? 


"isn't that a galaxy away?" Luke asked and Ryan nodded. Luke frowned and walked away, Ryan followed him. Luke glanced over his shoulder and saw that Ryan was following him. His story that he's from Mars was believable. He could see it from his skin color and his height. Martians are known to be short and brown.


"yes it is! I came here so that I can get a proper education" Ryan said. They continued walking, passing by his classmate's houses. He eventually got to his house and Ryan was still following him. He sighed, if he was really from 3-f then he needed to tell Erick about it.


He opened the door and saw his posse, Kathrina, and Erick all talking while the smell of cake being baked was in the air. He frowned at them as he set his bag down and let Ryan inside. Everyone looked cautious but Erick only wore a smirk as Ryan waved at Luke's friends.


"this is Ryan, our Martian classmate" Luke introduced. Everyone gasped and looked at Ryan. Even if some of them are supernatural, they were surprised that there was someone from another planet. "the question is, is he really a Martian?" Luke asked, scowling at Ryan while waiting for Erick to answer his question.


"Yes, he is! He came all the way here because our schools are apparently better than the ones on Mars" Erick said, smiling as Ryan nodded. Everyone stared at him in awe, a human from a different planet was rare, especially with the war going on in the Sol System. 


"oh, well then nice to meet ya" Luke greeted, offering his hand for a shake. Ryan smiled as he shook Luke's hand. They both stared at each other before releasing their hands at the same time. 


"Alright, Luke show Ryan his room" Erick said, Luke nodding and gesturing his hand for Ryan to follow him. They walked upstairs and Erick looked back at the boys. 


"so, sir, do you know why he kept his birthday a secret?" Joseph immediately asked. Kathrina and Erick both frowned. She went back to the kitchen and watched the cake being baked while Erick remained, unable to say a single word. He didn't know, it was the only thing he didn't know about Luke. 


"I'm sorry, but I don't know. It may be perhaps because of his parent's death, I mean, he was a completely different person when he was a kid" Erick answered, looking down at the ground. He felt that he disappointed his students since they came all the way here for an answer.


"it's okay sir! We understand" Darryl said with a smile. Erick looked up and saw their smiling faces, they weren't disappointed nor angry at him. 


"we'll find it out ourselves!" Meleek yelled, clenching his fist. Raniel and Casey just nodded. Everyone looked like they were going to find out why no matter what. Erick smiled and nodded.


"Okay fine, but you only have half a day for you to know" Erick said. The boys nodded. Erick nodded back and went back to the kitchen. The boys then whispered to each other, planning again.


The next day


Luke, Kathrina, Ryan, and Katejina all walked to school together. It was snowing so they all had to wear coats except Ryan. 


"Ryan, why aren't you wearing the coat I gave you?" Kathrina asked, noticing that Ryan only placed the coat above his shoulder.


"Martians have a pretty high body temperature than most people. If you touch my arm, you might feel that my arm's burning" Ryan said, smiling as Kathrina placed her hand on Ryan's arm. His arm felt as if it had a fever but Ryan was looking alright. His blood was boiling and it made her remember someone she had never met. She suddenly had a flash of a white-haired individual. She shook her head and looked back at Ryan's arm.


"you're taking too long. If you remained longer, you'll start to feel like your hand's burning" Ryan warned, and Kathrina did felt it. She pulled her hand out immediately. Her hand was reddened and Luke only chuckled a little before getting a punch from Kathrina, only for it to phase through again.


"I hate you!" Kathrina growled but Luke wasn't surprised nor shaken by Kathrina's burst of anger.


"no you don't! If you do, then why did you help Erick bake me a cake?" Luke asked, smirking and looking up at Kathrina. She growled at him before walking away, Katejina and Ryan laughing quietly.


"because he asked me to!" she replied. 


"you could've said no" Luke retorted, smirking as Kathrina stopped and turned back around. She frowned and walked back to Luke, looking down at the smirking Luke. She hated seeing Luke smirk. 


"I did it so that I could make someone happy! I feel bad because I've caused nothing but trouble for you and I thought that this will make you happy!" Kathrina replied angrily, almost like she's about to cry. Luke then frowned and looked down at the ground.


"you... did it so that I could be..." Luke asked, pointing to himself and his eyes swelling. Kathrina nodded slowly and Luke was left speechless. A few more minutes and Luke started running away, the three unsure of why.


They followed him but didn't run. They eventually went to school and Luke was there but they didn't want to talk to him, he might burst in anger if they did. So they took their seats and waited for Luke's posse to come. Luke opened his phone, checking a text, and quickly turned it off. He stood up and walked outside.


He nodded at Katejina and Ryan. They both nodded and waited for Luke to leave the classroom before they left as well. Kathrina scowled at them as they leave and closed the door. It was weird, Erick wasn't around nor was Emerald. She began to suspect that this was staged. She looked around and saw nothing that could make this a staged event. Luke's pranks weren't there, Katejina didn't seem like the type of person to prank her, and Ryan was just weird but she knew he wouldn't prank her. 


As she looked around more, the door opened and Audrey came in. Kathrina looked at Audrey and she stopped. She turned around and walked back to the door.


"Audrey wait!" Kathrina called and Audrey stopped but did not face her, only looking down at the ground with an impatient look. "whatever that vision was, it would never happen! You know I wouldn't do that!" she explained but it only irritated Audrey.


"yes you would! You've done nothing but ruin my friends' lives! So what would make me think that you wouldn't kill me?" Audrey asked, irritated. Kathrina frowned and scowled at her.


"because I've been your friend when no one else wanted to" Kathrina replied, Audrey just scowled at her. 


"so? For all I know you could just be getting my trust so that killing me would be easier!" Audrey replied, she raised her voice which made Kathrina flinch. 


"and why would I ever do that?"


"BECAUSE YOU WOULD!" Audrey yelled, silencing Kathrina. Tears fell down on Audrey's eyes as she calmed down. "ever since you joined the class, you've done nothing but cause trouble for us. You caused Richard's death twice, erased Catherine's memories, caused Richard to get that vision, and now kill me" she continued, leaving Kathrina speechless. She knew that Audrey was convinced that  she was in the wrong and that she couldn't convince her back if she tried. 


"Audrey...I'm..." Kathrina said, but couldn't finish her words as she started crying. Audrey frowned and rolled her eyes before leaving. Kathrina couldn't believe it, Audrey left without even saying a word. Was this Richard's fault? No, he couldn't blame him. After all, it was her that taunted him to fight her. She sat down and continued crying.


Richard suddenly opened the door and saw Kathrina crying. He immediately went to her side and calmed her down.


Meanwhile, Audrey was storming to the cafeteria with an angered look. She was angry that Kathrina was there and that they had an entire argument. She sighed in anger and reflected on the events earlier. She suddenly felt bad for making her cry and now wanted to say sorry. She grabbed her bag and looked at the time, there was still time. She hurried to the classroom, thinking of how to say sorry to her. But when she got there, everyone was already present. She looked back at Kathrina who seemed to be calm now. She silently took her seat, feeling too shy to say sorry. 


Finally Erick came and class started. It was the same boring thing but Ryan was surprised at how good Erick was at teaching. Recess came and Luke and his posse, with Ryan, went to the cafeteria and ate. While there, Casey brought his laptop and used it while eating.


Raniel swayed at him and saw Casey playing a visual novel. "hey! I know that VN" he said, Casey stared at him blankly but inside he was feeling happy. 


"another man of culture" he muttered, grabbing Raniel by the collar and started talking to each other.


Luke and Joseph both smiled, watching both Raniel and Casey just talk about stuff they didn't quite understand that much. Kathrina once again sat at their table and slowly ate her cake, a sad look on her face. Luke frowned and moved himself next to Kathrina.


"why the long face?" Luke asked in a worried tone.


" and Audrey got into a fight and well, she said somethings that made me feel bad" Kathrina replied, poking her cake. Luke looked down at the cake and saw that it was barely eaten. Normally, Kathrina would eat that thing really fast, like a cheeta if it ate cake. "she said I only cause trouble and misery to you, and she's right" she continued.


"well, if it makes you feel any better I-"


"hey Luke?" Emerald suddenly called. Luke turned his head and saw Emerald and Audrey, her head turning away from them. 


"yeah?" Luke asked.


"is today your birthday? If so, why didn't you tell me?" Emerald asked, scratching her arm while having a worried and disappointed look. Luke remained silence for a little, he couldn't lie when it involved Emerald but he also needed to explain why he didn't say it to anyone.


"I guess it's about time huh" Luke said, looking down at the table. Joseph and everyone leaned forward and listened to Luke's explanation.


The only reason why I don't tell you is because I don't think anyone cares about my birthday. The only ones who cared about my birthday were my parents. But now they're dead,  there's no one who cares about my birthday anymore. Which is why I kept it silent. I got angry at you, Joseph, because I didn't want to be reminded of those years where I spent my birthday just crying in my bed and essentially having the worst birthday. I ran, Kathrina, because I felt something inside of me that I never felt in a long time, happiness. I felt happy that someone cared about me and I felt happy that you and Erick would spend an entire da just to bake me a cake. It made me wanna cry out of joy and you know I can't show that because you know me...

"guess now you know why" Luke said with a smile, his eyes dropping down tears again. Everyone around him smiled, happy that Luke finally said it.


"don't feel that way, you have new classmates who cares about you and your birthday" Joseph said, patting Luke's shoulder. He looked down at the ground and smiled. 


"I guess so, thanks guys" Luke thanked. Then the bell rang and they had to go. So wiping his tears, he stood up with his friends and walked back to class. It went the same and boring class, nothing special happened. The bell for dismissal soon rang and it was time to go home. Luke walked with Audrey this time.


"so, are you still mad at Kathrina?" Luke asked, looking up at the sky while Audrey looked down at the ground.


"I don't know. I want to say sorry for hurting her feelings, but I still don't trust her" Audrey replied, slight sadness in her voice. Luke frowned but continued looking at the cloudy sky. It was still snowing and it looked like it won't end. 


"why is that? Did Richard ever told you to not trust her?" Luke asked, now looking down at Audrey. She looked away from Luke and began thinking. Richard didn't say anything about not trusting her, he only told her what he and Kathrina saw. She suddenly realized that it was because of her, and her pesistence of knowing secrets, that caused this entire drama.


"no, he never did, I told myself that. It's also my fault that she and I are...." Audrey said but she couldn't help but cry in Luke's arms. He went red a little, thinking that Audrey thought that he was Richard. 


"I'm sure she'll forgive you if you just say sorry" Luke said, patting Audrey's head as she continued crying. He looked down at Audrey, unsure of what to say anymore. Audrey continued crying for the rest of the walk. They soon came to the house and Luke tugged on Audrey's head. She wiped her tears and look up the house, smiling.


"oh shoot,I forgot what I was supposed to do! Oh well!" Audrey said, facepalming herself. Luke frowned, what she was supposed to do? He sighed but opened the door. As he opened it, he saw his classmates, all of them, inside the house and decorating it. Kathrina held the cake and it did not look like the cake Erick looked at before.


"what the hell is this?" Luke asked, a little confused.


Emerald facepalmed herself as Audrey'shead peaked out of Luke's back. "we're supposed to surprise you but I guess Audrey forgot to distract you" Emerald explained. Luke flinched and pointed to himself.


Kathrina rolled her eyes irritably and said, "yes you!" Luke's stared down at the ground in shock. Even if he knew that they care about him, it's still didn't stop him from feeling warmth inside his body. This warmth somehow made him drop tears again. 


"he's crying?" Katejina asked, looking at Joseph. Joseph nodded and looked back at Luke.


"he's finding it difficult that someone's doing all this for him" Joseph replied, watching as Emerald approached him.


"are you okay?" Emerald asked, hugging Luke.


"I'm fine, just a little shocked" Luke replied, releasing himself from Emerald's hug and walking over to the couch. Everyone approached him with a curious look. Luke glanced at all of them, watching as they slowly smiled. 


"you... Erick asked you ri-" before he could finish his sentence, they shook their heads. 


"we did it because we want you to be happy. I mean, everyone here is slowly feeling happy while you remain the same" Emerald explained, making Luke gasp. He looked over the couch and saw Erick who had his arms folded as he nodded. His eyes widened and he hugged Emerald.


"I love you so much!" he said, now unable to hold back all of his tears as he cried. Emerald smiled and patted Luke's head, she couldn't help but think that Luke was acting like a kid. A kid who had never grew up to have proper birthday celebration.


"okay birhtday boy, calm down and stop crying! It's your birthday so be happy!" Emerald scolded, Luke wiped his tears and nodded. Luke stood up and went to the table, looking at the cake. He found it weird, there was a grenade in the middle of the pure white cake, there were also some liquids, some colored purple while some yellow. 


"what the heck?" Luke asked, curiously pulling on the pin of the grenade. A few seconds passed and a ton of confetti suddenly burst out of the grenade. 


"HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" his classmates, and Erick, all yelled. Luke grinned before blowing the confetti off his face. They all approached him with a smile on their faces.


"thanks guys!" Luke thanked and all of them nodded. "well, what are ya waiting for? Let's eat!" he declared, grabbing a fork and a plate. All of them nodded and soon ate. Kathrina smiled in a corner before going back to the kitchen.


She frowned as she pulled a letter from her pocket with the front saying, 'Go home'. She curiously opened it and gasped as she read the letter.


To be continued





Submitted: February 02, 2018

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S. Rasmussen

Lol. All those chat references. And that cake. That really took the cake

I feel sad for Kathrina and Audrey. I hope things will work out well

And all that birthday preparation... That was nice. Now I wanna release my cookie monster hidden inside and munch down that chocolate cake. Well, that was beside the point. It was nice seeing this happening to Luke

And that martian was interesting (although I'm most interested in his type now). That Elijah reference was funny

Also left a couple of Icomments

I think I'm a few hours too late, but happy birthday!

Thu, February 8th, 2018 4:59pm


Ba! Dum! Ching!

I hope so too

I'm glad you liked it and there was no chocolate cake, they changed it at the last second. But that cake's probably in the fridge.

Type? and yeah Eli was there somehow.

I took action of those icomments

I'm a few days late but thanks

Fri, February 9th, 2018 9:15pm


Wait, no fair. You didn't say who that Kathrina, Kathrina Kathrina girl is...

A lot really did happen haha. Even I is also shocked on the turn of your story. You know just them fulfilling mission to that depressing death vision supernatural shit hahaha. It's cool tho, really made your story interesting

Well Kathrina and Audrey's relationship really isn't going well huh? Damn, I miss seeing them together already. Well, Audrey seem to start seeing she was wrong to not trust her. I'm hoping things will get better. Just get back together already goddammit hahaha. Also, is that Elijah? The white-haired flashguy thing when Kathrina touched the marriages arm. Like what?

Also another what? A martian? What? Hahaha, just, just alo t hahaa. He sounds cool tho, all those features he have, dope even if the others think he is weird. Well, I wonder what he'll do there.

Yeah! I'm a man of culture haha. Dammit Eurie...

Last but not the list, Luke's birthday! Hahaha. It was all so nice of them to arrange that surprise for him. They even made Luke, stone willed guy cry. I mean, backstory is pretty harsh and depressing so yeah, it must have really meant a lot to him. I dont know what to say about his birthday anymore. Hahaha, I'm just not fond of birthdays, and surprises on the matter, I know I'm a party pooper shut up... That cake really blew me away tho (i knew it will be a grenade, but just for pun's sake) hahaha. Also, belated happy birthday sayo kababayan! Labyu :3

Yeah! Great chapter once again! I really enjoyed it. That last part of Kathrina in the end tho...what is it?

Sat, February 10th, 2018 10:02am


uh huh and I didn't for a reason.

Yeah, really a turn of events and thanks lol

Yeah me too but things will get better soon and yep that's Eli

Yeah A Martian and yep pretty cool, you'll see cooler shit later.


Yeah it did mean a lot to him and aww why? Too depressed lol and yeah it blew everyone away. Yay belated thanks

It was Something

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Kathrina Csernis

Happy Birthday!!! hahahahaha

So, yus, the cake - that's totally a highlight for me. Cake is the best. Always will be. I'll choose cake over anything.... anything.... he he

Anyways, the story - yeah wow... me and Audrey... welp, don't make me cry cause like... I love Audrey. Hopefully we can like work that out...

Wow Luke haha he got really worked up. I would have probably done the same if my friends prepared a party like that for me - or celebration, whatever you wanna call it. The cake... it sounds so goooood - the cake was totally a highlight - i need cake!

Welp, yus, the Elijah reference - he's mine damnit! lol I loved the reference though, it was great, it made me smile and go 'oooooh' hahaha

'Go home'... shouldn't it be 'come home' maybe? hmm... but yeah, I'm kinda worried for my departure... I'm so hyped for the next chapter - what's gonna happen!?!?!?!

Sat, February 10th, 2018 8:39pm


lel hahaha

Yus Cake is the best and hmm, even Audrey?

Hehe you will or not, depends on her choice

Yeah he did and O it's a party. You'd eat a cake that has a grenade on top of it?! Weird but okay.

No one's taking him away from you, he's too much of an asshole for anyone else to like him xD jk. But yus, Eli reference cause why not.

Go home, kinda like an order/ command. You won't leave.

Tue, February 13th, 2018 3:59am

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