My Teacher, Death

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Humor  |  House: Booksie Classic

Chapter 37 (v.1) - Kathrina goes home

Submitted: February 09, 2018

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Submitted: February 09, 2018




Luke's birthday soon came to an end and the next day arrived. Luke's closed eyes were twitching and he was struggling to sleep due to Kathrina's loud screech. His eyes and his body twitched one more time before opening his eyes and growling harshly.


"SHUT THE FUCK UP!" he yelled as he sat up, looking at Kathrina's terrified face. It was shocking yet also amusing to Luke as he looked down at the ground, where Kathrina's eyes were staring at. There was a massive spider, the size of a palm, crawling in their bed. 


"KILL IT!!!" Kathrina yelled, hiding behind Luke, trembling in fear of the spiders. Luke frowned at her before grabbing the spider by one of its legs. He took a closer look as the spider moved its legs in a state of panic. He frowned and, with his hamd, reached for something in his pocket. It was a lighter and he used it to burn the spider. He stood up, hurried to a nearby window, and threw the spider out.


"now can you shut up?!" Luke asked, Kathrina frowning and nodding slowly. Looking at the clock, Luke sighed. "well, it's too late for me to sleep, time for school" he said angrily.


"actually..." Kathrina said quietly, showing Luke a letter. Luke frowned but took it from her hand. He read the letter and glared at Kathrina.


"the fuck is this?" he asked, returning the letter to Kathrina.


"it's from my mother, she wants me to go back home and take you all with me" Kathrina sadly said, not excited to go home. 


"why the long face then?" Luke asked.


"I hate my mother!" Kathrina said, slight anger in her voice. 


"hey at least you have parents" Luke scolded. Kathrina scowled at him and he scowled back.


"try having a parent that will punish you if you look at her the wrong way!" Kathrina yelled, waking up Katejina and Ryan. She groaned quietly as she sat up, noticing that Luke's standing up while Kathrina was sitting down at the mattrss wearing a scowl.


"what... umm.... what's happening?" she asked, both Kathrina and Luke flinched as they turned their heads to stare at the recently awoke Katejina. 


"Let me get this straight: Ariana wants you home because it's your time to become the new leader of the Valkyries?"  Erick asked. Kathrina nodded. They were now downstairs at the dining room, eating breakfast. They weren't in their school uniforms either, Erick might've told them not to.


"yes but I don't want to go!" Kathrina complained, making Luke irritated. He didn't really like people who whined and complain about life.


"but you have to! For all you know, your mother might miss you!" Luke replied, an angered tone in his voice. Kathrina frowned and scowled at him, he wasn't liking Luke's attitude right now. 


Looking at them, Erick sighed, "I've known Ariana because of my wife and I can safely say that she's not the type to miss you" he said, scowling at Luke. He frowned and looked down at the table, feeling bad for yelling at Kathrina. "She's strict, harsh, and would always think that her Valkyries are the best. I could remember that when we fought against the armies of hell, she wouldn't want her Valkyries to team up with us" he continued, Kathrina looking down at the table as well.


"I,,,,I'm sorry Kathrina" Luke apologized. 


"it's fine" Kathrina replied, smiling at him. "I'm not even going home anyway so-"


"But! Things can be changed" Erick said, Luke and Kathrina sharply turning their heads at him. "if you were the new leader, you could change how Valkyries interact with others" he suggested. 


Kathrina then looked down at the table and think. If she would heed her mother's request to go home, she could change the way Valkyries live to be better. But then she thought more, if she did need to go, would she leave the classroom altogether? She didn't want that, she loved it here and leaving would make her feel sad.


"if I go, can I still stay here?" she asked Erick, a sad look on her face.


Erick frowned and looked down at the ground. "If I was in charge, yes. But knowing your mother, she would probably not allow you" he replied, a sad look on her face as well.


Katejina looked at Kathrina's sad face, she smiled weakly and said, "I'm sure we'll find a way for you to stay in 3-f. But I do suggest that we go to your home". Kathrina nodded and looked at Luke who was looking down at the table.


"how about you?" she called. "do you think we should go?" she asked.


"yeah,  we should" he answered quietly.


"Ryan? What do you think?" Kathrina asked, looking at Ryan.

"I'm okay with that, would be cool to se supernatural things" he replied. Kathrina looked back at Erick, asking for his opinion without even saying a thing. He sighed but gave back a nod as an answer.


"well, we should wait for the semestral break after finals" Kathrina replied. They all nod in agreement. Erick then stood up and smiled down at them.


"Alright, get dressed and get ready for finals" Erick said, they nod and stood up.


Once they got to school, they told them the situation. They understood and gladly agreed to come with them. The rest of the week went normal and before they knew it, they had finished finals and now, they're semester break had begun.


Sunday, 9:00 P.M.


"so, where are they?" Ryan asked, his hands tucked behind his head as him, Luke, Kathrina, Katejina, and Erick wait outside for everyone else.


"I don't know. Heck I don't even know how we go there" Luke yelled, rubbing his arms with his hands. It was still snowing so all of them, except Ryan, wore coats. 


"umm sir" Kathrina called, looking up at Erick.


"Yes?" Erick asked, looking down at Kathrina.


"weird but... I saw Elijah once when I touched Ryan's arm" Kathrina said, looking at Luke and Ryan as they played in the snow. 


"you mean that asshole in the tournament?" Katejina asked. Erick nodded while Kathrina frowned.


"he's not that rude, I think" Kathrina said, scowling at Katejina. Katejina frowned but looked at Luke and Ryan to take her attention somewhere else.


"Hmm, it might mean something, like you're connected to that unverse's Kathrina" Erick suggested, not having any clue whatsoever. "Why? Do you want me to analyze it? I won't be able to accompany you if I did" he asked.


"I think we can handle ourselves" Kathrina said with a smile. Erick nodded and looked at the other three playing in the snow. He called them and they approached him.


"I will take my leave for Kathrina's problem, don't start any trouble and remember: do not trust Ariana" he warned, all of them nodding without question, not even Luke. 


Erick nodded back, "let's wait for the others first before I leave" he said, they nodded again. 


After 10 minutes of playing in the snow, Richard and the rest of 3-f finally arrived. Erick also told them what he said to the three and they all nodded. Erick appointed both Richard and Kathrina as their temporary leader.


"Alright, I'll be taking my leave then" Erick said, nodding at all of them before standing straight. He sighed and muttered some words before a white smoke surrounded his body and took him away to somewhere else. 


Kathrina and Richard looked back at everyone. "so what is this place even called?" Joseph asked.


"The Celestial city" Kathrina mumbled, bitterness in her voice. Freya frowned at Kathrina, not liking her tone of voice. It was her home so why was she mumbling it? 


"how do we get there?" Luke asked, scowling at Kathrina. Kathrina frowned and scowled at him before turning around and looking ahead. She knelt down and placed the letter at the ground. She then mumbled something that caused the letter to glow and wind. They all looked in awe as the light and wind blew out Kathrina's long brown hair. The light soon disappeared and Kathrina stood up.


"the fuck that's supposed to do?" Luke asked. Kathrina scowled over her shoulder at Luke. 


"wait for it" 


As they wait, they heard a loud BOOM and saw a large golden portal open in front of them. They all watch in awe while Kathrina and the other Valkyries wore smirks on their faces. Coming out of the portal, were five unicorns carrying one long golden carriage with glyphs all over the carriage and circular windows.


"whoa" Darryl said, astonished at the sight of the unicorn. 


Kathrina giggled before going to the side of the carriage and opening the door. The others followed her, still wearing their shock and astonished face. She smirked at them before stepping inside the carriage, the others followed her. 


The inside almost look like the outside except there were benches at the side. There were also end tables at each benches, plates of cake on top of them. Over to the very front was a golden chair for Kathrina. To the back were two golden seats for other people or her parent. They all took their seats, Kathrina sitting in the one in front of course and Richard and Audrey sitting at the very back.


Emerald sat next to Luke, Meleek sat next to Diana, Darryl sat next to Cassandra, Catherine sat next to Keith, Steve sat next to Isabella, and Joseph was next to Lydia instead. Soon, that carriage moved back to the portal and they were now travelling in what looked like a golden wormhole. 


"have you been to The Celestial City before?" Joseph asked Lydia. She shook her head and looked outside. The wormhole was glistening and almost looked like it is solid gold. 


"no, I can't. Only angels and Valkyries can go there. Demons die immediately" Lydia replied. Ben looked shock as he scowled at Lydia. 


"don't worry Ben! Wear this" Cassandra said, smiling as she handed Ben a pink bracelet. Ben hesitated to grab it.


"ain't no way I'm wearing that thing!" he said, Cassandra frowning. She dropped it in Ben's lap and he replied by scowling at her. 


"do you want to die?" Cassandra harsly asked. Ben turned his head away with a pout. She frowned but then noticed why Ben's so hesitant, "you don't like pink do ya?" she asked with a smirk. 


"n-no!" Ben replied, blushing in embarrasment a little. Cassandra giggled as she grabbed the pink bracelet and changed it to a black color.


"there! It's now in a less scary color" she said placing it back down in Ben's lap. 


"no! Change it back to pink!" Ben said, giving it back to Cassandra. Surprised, she grabbed it and changed it back to pink. Ben hesitated again but this time, he actually wore it. She smiled and created another one. "here Lydia" she said, giving the bracelet to Lydia. She smiled and gladly wear the bracelet. "anyone else?" she asked. Ryan then raised his hand. Cassandra gladly gave him one. 


"why do you need one?" Meleek asked. 


"my red eye give me demonic abilities like summoning fire geysers, a demonic form, rage mode, or demon sense" Ryan explained, pointing to his red eye. 


"what about the purple? And is that all you can do?" Luke asked, looking at Ryan's purple eyes. 


"my purple eye enhances all my strengths with no side effect. And no, I can do so much more" Ryan said with a smile. Luke just nodded slowly before looking at Emerald. She was looking down at the ground and trembling. 


"say, how long are we going to be there?" Christina asked, shocking all of them. They were surprised that she finally talked. 


"we're going to be there for a week. Three days for the coronation and four for just relaxing and having 'fun'." Kathrina replied, making air quotes with her fingers. 


"why are you two so silent?" Katejina asked, looking at Chris and Christina. 


"we can't say anything that you haven't already said" Chris replied, scowling at Katejina. Katejina scowled back then look away.


Suddenly, the carriage left the portal and were now at a golden city. They all look outside and saw a floating golden city barricaded by a silver wall. Valkyries riding unicorns and dragons suddenly flew past them. They watch as the Valkyries flew down at a massive circle that was connected to the golden city via a diamond bridge. Luke looked past the city and stared down below. Underneath the beautiful golden city was a massive forest. The abundance of trees made it impossible to see anything beyond the leaves.


"wow! You live there?" Darryl asked, pointing to the city. 


Kathrina smiled and shook her head, "look behind the city" she said. 


Darryl did what he was told and gasped, behind the city was a massive golden castle. So massive that the towers actually reached the sky; it was also bigger than the city itself.  "whoa!" is all Darryl could say at the sight of the massive castle. 


"we'll land on the massive circle over there" Kathrina said, pointing to the circle where other Valkyries gather. She frowned at the sight of a golden carriage crossing the diamond bridge. "that's where we'll meet my mother" she said.


Their carriage finally landed on the massive circle, the same time Ariana's golden carriage arrived. Kathrina stepped out, followed by all the girls. At the same time, Ariana stepped out. She looked like an older version of Kathrina, only having longer brown hair. She donned Valkyrie armor with a long white cape attached to the back. She wore a massive tiara on top of her head, green and red gems were decorated in it.


Immediately, Kathrina glared at her mother as she wore a smlie. "welcome home!" she said, wearing a bright face. "Kathrina" she continued, scowling at Kathrina. The boys suddenly left the carriage which alerted the girls.


"MEN!" they yelled, summoning spears and sword and getting defensive. Luke immediately scowled at them before hearing clinking and feeling his arms being held by something.  He looked behind and saw a pair golden handcuffs.


"hey what the-" before he could finish, he fell to the ground, unconscious. All the boys then became cautious but their hands were held by something and all of a sudden, all the boys fell to the ground the same way as Luke. 


"mother, what the hell?!" Kathrina asked, sudden burst of anger in her voice. "they were my guests" she said.


"how dare you say that accursed name in this realm?! And yes, I know, but the rules states that no man is allowed here" Ariana spat, angered by her daughter's tone of voice. 




"it's okay! Besides, there is a way for us to enter the city right?" Luke suddenly asked, stiffly raising his head and wearing his usual smirk. Kathrina looked down at Luke with a worried look before glaring back at her mother.


"yes, there is. Prove that you're stronger than a Valkyrie" Ariana replied. Luke nodded and, in all of sudden, became intangible. The golden handcuffs phase through him and Luke stood straight. 


"alright, give me your best Valkyrie" he said with a smile. Ariana scowled at him before looking over Luke's shoulder and to a green haired Valkyrie wearing a brown cloak behind him. She nodded and stepped in front. Luke turned around and flinched, noticing that this Valkyrie looks like Emerald except with long straight green hair. 


"oh dear" Diana said, facepalming herself. 


"you will fight, Coco, our best Valkyrie aside from my daughter of course" Ariana said, already wearing a victorious smile. Luke frowned at her, the battle hasn't begun and she's already wearing a smile. Luke turned to Coco and scowled at her.


"no holding back, right?" he asked, Coco nodding as she removed the brown cloak, revealing her Valkyrie armor. Luke frowned and removed the jacket he was wearing, revelaing his regular clothes. Ariana frowned, thinking that Luke won't win without any armor.


"you may fight!" Ariana declared.


Luke then scowled at Coco, awaiting for her move. While he wait, he looked at his surroundings. There were no walls or anything, just an open field. While thinking, Coco suddenly rushed towards him, lunging her sword. Luckily, Luke was able to phase through it just in time. As Coco passed through Luke, he scowled at her and swung his fist at Coco's face. She turned her head which made Luke stop, giving Coco the timing she needs to lung the back of her sword at Luke's chest. He fell on one knee, holding his chest as it bled. 


"what the heck? How did he bleed?" Emerald asked, looking down at Luke with a shocked face. 


"on the back of each Valkyrie sword houses a knife" Diana explained, showing Emerald the back of her sword. She touched it which caused her to flinch in pain. 


"no fair! Luke should have a weapon!" Emerald complained. Little did she know that Luke was looking at her. He gritted his teeth and clenched his fist as he struggled to stand up.


"I don't need weapons, just my fist" he said, holding his fist out with a grin. Coco scowled at him, holding her sword out in front of her.


Meanwhile, Ariana laughed loudly, "this friend of yours is stupid, thinking of fighting an armed Valkyrie with nothing but his fists" he spat, causing irritation in all of Luke's classmates. Kathrina scowled at her but then wore a smirk.


"Luke's more than meets the eye, mother. Just watch" she said, looking back at Luke. 


Back at him, he was still holding his chest with one hand. The bleeding won't stop which meant Luke was in danger. "come at me" he taunted Coco. She gladly obeyed and lunged her sword at Luke's head. Luke smiled and effortlessly dodged the sword. He then grabbed Coco's arm and applied enough pressure so that she would drop her sword. She gasped as Luke's fist connected with her face, sending her a few feet away from him.


The Valkyries all gasped and 3-f just wore smiles on their faces. Coco stumbled but soon stood straight, wiping her blood on her lips. She held her hand out and summoned a white collar. Diana flinched a little, reminding her what it did to Meleek. 


Luke frowned, recognizing the collar. "ain't no way I'm ending up like Meleek" he said, letting go of his chest and showing that it has fully healed. He stood straight and stared at the collar as it shine because of the sun. He gritted his teeth and instead of letting Coco go first, he dashed forward with a punch ready. 


Coco smirked and immediately dropped the collar, catching Luke off guard. He stopped and Coco summoned a long spear, plunging it in Luke's chest. It phased through and Luke was able to get a punch before falling back. Coco twirled her spear around before standing it straight in the ground.


"almost had me there" he said, panting heavily. He was getting tired while Coco looked like it was only a warm up for her. "wow, not even tired eh? Guess I'll have to do it" he said, impressed at Coco as he stood straight again. 


Coco got agitated and summoned two swords. She threw one at Luke which he took but it didn't phase through. Instead, a green forcefield coming from his arm melted the sword. She looked surprised but also intrigued. She had never seen anything like that and she was curious as to what it was.


"Phantom magic" Ariana mumbled, a disgusted look on her face. "so, he's the messenger God keeps talking about" she continued with a smirk on her face, now impressed. Kathrina looked up at her mother with a shhocked look. She had never seen her mother impressed by someone else other than her Valkyries.


Back at the battle, Coco heard what Ariana mumbled and smirked. "a Phantom eh? I like you" she said in an almost seductive tone that caused Luke to blush. Not only because she looked like Emerald, but also she sounds like her. Emerald stood up and growled furiously at Coco. 


"HE'S MINE!" she yelled, Coco noticing. She ignored her and stared at Luke. Emerald growled furiously before sitting back and wearing a stroppy face. 


"umm, I'm taken, sorry" Luke said nervously. Coco then gasped before scowling at Emerald. She flinched a little but Luke was there. "hey! Eyes up here" he said, immediately wanting to take it back as Coco gave him a seductive stare. 


"continue the fight, Coco!" Ariana commanded, Coco nodding.


"yes milady" she said, holding her sword tightly and rushing forward. Luke's hands then glowed a bright green which he used to block Coco's sword. The green light disappeared when he punched Coco in the face. He was shocked that Coco remained where she was, wearing a smile. 


"I got you" she said, plunging a knife in his chin. But the knife phased through Luke and he moved slightly away to catch it and her arm. 


"no, I got you" he said, smirking as their eyes met each other. Coco blushed and Luke blushed too. Emerald was getting pissed to the point where she wanted to shout. It was a good thing that Diana was there to calm her down.


"fine! You win..." she said with a smile, Luke releasing his grip on his arm. She walked away and they all looked at Ariana. She had a shocked look, her cocky smirk disappeared and there was no trace of it. She felt something in her that felt new to her, defeat. The fact that Luke won against a Valkyrie, her strongest, shattered her pride. 


"well, mother? Say it" Kathrina said, causing Ariana to hiccup. She looked down at Kathrina who wore a serious face. 


"Luke Shadows! You and your male friends may enter the Celestial city" Ariana said, a bitter tone in her voice. Luke smirked and watched as the Valkyries removed the golden handcuffs on his friends. 


"now follow me to the castle" Ariana said.


To be continued



© Copyright 2020 rickybelmont. All rights reserved.


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