My Teacher, Death

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Humor  |  House: Booksie Classic

Chapter 38 (v.1) - The Celestial City

Submitted: February 13, 2018

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Submitted: February 13, 2018




"mother, can we take some time to the city before we go?" Kathrina asked, looking up at Ariana. She frowned but she knew she couldn't say no to her request. 


"you have up until dusk, Coco accompany them" Ariana replied, looking over at Coco and nodding. She nodded back and walked forward, standing next to Emerald and Luke. Emerald growled harshly. Coco scowled back but never said a word. 


"I will await you all at the castle" Ariana said, stepping in the golden carriage. She was followed by three Valkyries before the carriage flew out and headed for the castle. The other Valkyries all rode their mounts and left, possibly going down the forest.


"let's go" Kathrina said with a smile, taking a step in the diamond bridge. They all smiled and followed her, taking cautious step at the diamond bridge, thinking it might be glass. Kathrina chuckled a little, "it's made out of diamonds don't worry" she assured, causing relief to her classmates. 


They crossed the bridge and standing before them is a massive gate. It had golden carvings of Valkyries killing demons, two proud golden Valkyrie statues looking ahead, and below is a white haired Valkyrie guarding the gate. 


"oh! Lady Csernis! Well, what brings the future queen to the city?" The guard asked, startled by Kathrina's presence. Coco and the other Valkyries frowned, she was new. 


"you must be new. Call me Kathrina instead of that title, and we're just here to buy cake" she replied with a smile. Convinced, the guard nodded and looked back at the gate. She muttered some words which caused a small shake in the ground. This shake was due to the massive gates opening.


"you may enter. But I suggest having at least one female accompany the men" she said, slight bitterness in her voice. Kathrina looked back at the boys and saw some of them with their partners. All except Joseph, Raniel, Ryan, Ben, and Casey. She frowned but nodded to the guard.


Lydia suddenly walked beside Joseph, looking up to him with a smile. "I'll come wih you" she said. Joseph smiled and nodded.


"Silje, Coco, accompany the four over there since they might get in trouble" Kathrina said. Silje and Coco looked at Raniel, Ryan, Ben, and Casey as they scowled back at them. They growled quietly in disgust. "the rest, do whatever you want, just don't cause trouble. I'll just be buying cake with Richard and Audrey over there" she continued, glancing at Richard and Audrey. 


"we come back here at dusk, so enjoy the city and have fun" Kathrina said with a smile, walking away from them, Richard and Audrey following. The rest all walked their separate ways. 


"so, where do we go?" Joseph asked, looking around the massive golden buildings. Lydia looked around as well, noticing that the road they were walking was quite busy. There were a lot of Valkyries walking around, some of them have their daughters with them. 


"I don't know. Where in Eprax do you usually hang out?" Lydia asked, noticing that they are in the commercial district. Lots of shops from left to right, all of them still made of gold. 


"the arcade, mostly." Joseph said, looking at the signs of each shop. He came to a conclusion that the city didn't have an arcade. "but it looks like there's none so where do you usually hang out?"  Joseph asked, looking down at Lydia. Her face lit up as she looked at Joseph.


Meanwhile, Diana took Meleek to what looked like a training grounds. There were Valkyries, young and old, fighting in this open field. Some had sword clashing with one another, others were carrying bows and shooting targets, there were also Valkyries who used their mounts to fight. 


"why did you take me here?" Meleek asked, a little intimidated by the sight of women being trained to fight better than men. 


"because you need to learn how to defend yourself" she said, walking to a nearby open crate and grabbing a steel sword. "Faust might be coming for you and I won't always be there to protect you" she continued, examining the sword then giving it to Meleek. 


Meleek held it tightly, looking back at Diana as she summoned her Valkyrie sword. "wait, why are you using a fancy sword and all I get is this?" he asked, comparing his sword to Diana's.


Diana chuckled, "it wouldn't matter. Look at Luke, while he has no fighting style of sorts, he only needed his mind and skill to win against a powerful opponent like a Valkyrie" she explained, slashing the air with her sword. "now prepare" she said, her tone of voice changing to an ominous one.


Meleek flinched a little but soon mustered his courage to fight Diana. She smirked before rushing towards Meleek at lightning speed. It caught Meleek by surprise and because of this, vines bursted from the ground and shielded Meleek from Diana's attack. 


"not bad" Diana said with an impressed smile.


Meanwhile, Victor and Freya were riding a pegasus and flying above the city. Victor was gripping tightly at Freya's stomach, finding the wind strong and the height scary. 


"scared?" Freya asked, looking over her shoulder and seeing Victor hugging her tightly.


"not at all no!" he replied, holding on tightly. Freya smirked and looked ahead, moving aside really quick because a dragon was heading towards them. 


"that was a wild one" Freya said, looking back at the dragon and frowning. The dragon was massive, bigger than the ones they saw earlier. This dragon had black scales and green eyes. It's wings were massive enough that one could cover the entire city.


"is that bad?" Victor asked, taking a glance at the massive dragon. He shoved his head back in Freya's as he trembled in fear. 


"kinda! It's an Ancient dragon meaning it'll be hard to capture it alone" she said, summoning a great sword and gripping it tightly. 


Suddenly, Coco, Ryan, and Casey came out from the clouds. They all rode different mounts; Casey riding a Gryphon, Ryan riding a pegasus, and Coco riding a unicorn. "yo! Sup Freya!" Casey yelled, Freya giving a scowl as a reply. 


"looks like you're in the middle of catching that thing" Coco said, looking at the dragon and finding it a little intimidating. "we need to call the other Valkyries" she suggested.


Freya smirked, "nah! We can do this on our own" she said dashing towards the dragon at an incredible speed. Casey and Ryan followed Freya, wearing smirks on their faces. Coco followed with doubt, there's no way that they could take it out. 


"how do we capture it?" Ryan asked, shocking Freya. She looked back at the dragon and summoned a massive rope. 


"we need to choke it until it passes out and lands on the forest" Freya said, glaring at the dragon. "Victor! Hold the reigns when I jump to the dragon okay?" she said, making Victor flinch and hold onto her tightly. She rolled her eyes and groweld quietly as she looked back at Ryan and Casey. 


"Ryan, can you do the choking for me?" she asked, Ryan nodding. She was surprised but gave him the rope anyways. "Casey, distract the dragon with Coco" she commanded, giving Casey a Valkyrie sword. He gripped it tightly and flew past Freya. 


Him and Coco both slashed the dragons legs but it did nothing, just agitate it. "can these mounts do anything?" Casey asked.


"not much on offense or defense, they are more maneuverable" Coco replied. Casey rolled his eyes and went to the bottom of the dragon. He stabbed the stomach but instead of piercing through, his sword melted. 


"the fuck?" Casey said, holding his sword out in front of him. The dragon growled loudly which made Casey to fly away and into the front of the dragon. He facepalmed himself as he watched Coco fighting the dragon up front.  "you're going to get yourself killed!" Casey said.


Meanwhile, Ryan flew above the dragon and dropped down to its back. He stumbled a little before gripping tightly on one of the spikes on its back. He grunted a little before slowly walking on the head of the dragon. "wait, how the heck do I tie this around it again?" he asked himself, holding the rope out in front of him. He then looked down and saw Coco and Casey fighting the dragon head on. Realizing the distraction, he gripped the rope tightly and run to the very edge and slightly dropped down. 


He wrapped the noose-shaped rope around the dragon and quickly jumped back up to the neck of the dragon. It growled furiously, firing flames at Casey and Coco but they were able to dodge. Ryan's purple and red eyes then lit up as he pulled the rope, causing it to tighten at the dragon's neck. But the dragon was still breathing as he violently jolted his head around, thinking that it would free him. Ryan, on the other hand, was struggling a little. Trying to not kill it was hard for him.


"just pass out already!" Ryan said, pulling it harder. The dragon growled loudly as it dive bombed down. Ryan flinched slightly, but gripped the rope tightly. The wind proved to be strong as Ryan felt his grip loosening but he remained strong, his purple eye shone brighter. 


As they left the clouds, Ryan saw that the dragon was heading for the city. "oh fuck this!" he said, releasing his grip from the rope and running to the edged of the dragon's head. 


"hope this works" he said, mustering power and courage as he dropped down and faced the dragon. He clenched one of his fists and with one swing, he was able to punch the dragon so hard that it not only caused a shockwave, but also knock it out unconscious.


"it worked! Oh shit, that's my body saying 'bye'" Ryan cheered but he soon felt his eyes closing and his body giving up. Both the dragon and Ryan were now unconscious but Casey was able to catch Ryan before he fell to the forest. 


"now what?" Victor asked Freya.


"now, we take it to the beastmaster" Freya replied, watching as the dragon made a loud 'thud' as it fell into the forest. 



"Luke, can I tell you something?" Emerald called, they were at a park and they were at a balcony. There, they got a good look of the sun and the forest below them. Both of them were resting their arms at the railings and both were looking at the sun.


"yeah?" Luke replied.


"I... want to go home" she replied, twiddling her index fingers and looking down at the ground.


"why? Is it because of your father's promise?" he asked, looking down at her.


She nodded, "I told him that I have to go with you to some vacation. He seemed sad to hear it and now I feel bad for coming here" she replied with a sad look. Luke felt bad as well, she worked so hard to get her father's attention and in the end it was for nothing.


"we can leave this place early, after the coronation we can leave I think" Luke replied, looking to his back and seeing a cake store across the park. Kathrina, Richard, and Audrey were there and they had just bought a cake. 


"yeah, I guess. Wouldn't she get mad if we did?" Emerald asked, looking at the cake store as well. Luke frowned and stared at Emerald's sad face. It was obvious that she wanted to go home right now and Luke felt bad for not being able to do anything. 


Suddenly, he held Emerald's hand tightly. "I will get you home after the coronation! I don't care if Ariana won't allow it! I will get you home no matter the cost" he promised, a determined look on his face. Emerald blushed, Luke was determined to get her home and from the look on his face, it looks like she couldn't refuse.


Meanwhile, Darryl and Cassandra were in a pet store. Inside the store were the usual animals you'd see in a normal pet shop but it also had some animals that you wouldn't see in a normal one. There were the Treejumpers, a combination of a cat and a squirrel, tiny dragons, dire wolves. Cassandra was swiftly looking around each glass cage while Darryl was eyeing a Husky. 


"yiieee! A Liaka! I want one!" Cassandra said, pulling Darryl's shirt back and forth. Darryl was getting dizzy as he eyed a cat like creature in a glass cage. It had bat like wings, large green eyes, a black and white fur color. 


"okay, but do they accept Knyoling here?" he asked, staring at the Liaka. It was staring back at them, a rather curious look on her face. 


"we do" the Valkyrie in the register said with a smile. "though it'll cost more" she continued. Darryl sighed but walked to the counter. 


"okay how much?" he asked, pulling his wallet from his pocket.




"wow! So this is where you'd usually hang out?" Joseph asked, looking at the sun.


"yup! I hang out on the rooftop of tall buildings" Lydia replied, looking down the building. They were on top of one of the tall skyscrapers in the city. Lydia was sitting on the halfwall while Joseph was resting on his arms on the half wall.


"why?" Joseph asked, looking up at Lydia as she kicked her feet around.


"I like it here! I'm lonely, can almost do whatever I want, I'm free when I'm up here!" Lydia said, looking up at the sky and seeing a dragon and Ryan fall. Lydia looked surprised, seeing Ryan punch a dragon in the sky was impressive. 


"did he just... punch a dragon?" Joseph asked, pointing his finger at Ryan and the dragon. Lydia calmly nodded as Casey caught Ryan. "and that does not surprise you?" he asked, looking up at Lydia as she calmly shook her head.


"not really. I'm a supernatural being, of course it doesn't shock me" Lydia replied, a smile on her face.


"we should probably go down" Joseph suggested, looking at the door behind them.


"aww but I like it here!" Lydia replied, putting on a stroppy look as Joseph looked up at her with a smirk. 


"you can stay but I'm taking my leave" Joseph said, casually walking to the door with his hands tucked in his pocket.


"wait!" Lydia called, holding her hand out and stopping Joseph. She hesitated to say anything else and watched as Joseph left. She clenched her fist and looked down at the ground. "why can't you just say it"


Meanwhile, Silje, Raniel, and Ben were hanging out at the same park Luke and Emerald were in. They were sitting in one of the park tables that were made of wood. Raniel had his head down at the table, constantly eyeing the grown up Valkyries that were in the park. Ben, on the other hand, was scowling at all the Valkyries eyeing him. They knew that he was a demon and so they were confused what's a demon doing here. 


"booooooring!" Raniel said, staring at a Valkyrie that was all alone in one of the benches. 


"well, what do you suppose we do?" Silje asked, looking down at Raniel with a smile.


"I say leave. All the Valkyries just think of us as freaks!" Ben growled, scowling at a group of Valkyries. "listen, we have to get out of here. I'm getting angry, those Valkyries won't stop staring at me" he continued, looking at Silje and Raniel. But both of them weren't paying attention, Raniel was eyeing a Valkyrie while Silje was listing things down. 


Ben growled furiously at Silje and Raniel but soon sighed. He needed to calm down or else he'll just cause trouble. "hey Raniel!" Ben called, a grin on his face.


"yeah, Ben?" he asked, before being pushed by Ben off the bench and to the Valkyrie he was eyeing. Raniel frowned and scowled at him as Ben laughed.


"umm" the Valkyrie called. Her voice was soft and she didn't sound like Freya at all. Knowing this, Raniel blushed and look up at the shy Valkyrie. 


Just my type Raniel thought as he stood up and scratched the back of his head, playing it cool. He began talking to the Valkyrie while Silje and Ben just laughed quietly at the sidelines. Soon, Raniel sat beside the Valkyrie and began to get more comfortable to each other.


"say" Ben called. "do you have any special abilities?" Ben asked.


"I can cast any elements existing in the four walls" Silje replied, summoning fire, lighting, ice, and nature in her palm. Ben was impressed but wasn't surprised. Silje noticed and she smirked, "I can make it larger, just don't want to" she continued, slightly making the vine bigger.


"how big?" Ben asked, intrigued as Silje slowly enlarged the vine.


"as much as I want or handle. As long as I'm healthy and not in major danger, I can cast whenever I want or how big I want it to be" Silje replied, changing the vine into an orb of water. She made it circle around her and Ben looked back at Raniel, only to find him and the Valkyrie eating cake.


"well that was quick!" Ben said, a slight smile on his face as the Valkyrie kissed Raniel in the cheek.


"hey! At least all those times playing those visual novels finally had some use" Silje complemented, chuckling a little as Raniel's head went full red due to the kiss. "how about you? Ever consider getting a partner?" she asked, looking at Ben as he shrugged.


"nah, didn't really think about it! And besides, everyone thinks I'm ugly anyway" Ben replied, scowling at the Valkyries that stopped eyeing on him and just played and eat at the park. Silje shrugged it and continued scribbling down stuff on her small notebook.


"what are you even writing?" Ben asked.


"stuff I want to do after the coronation. We'll still be here for four days after the coronation" Silje replied, writing more things down. Ben nodded and looked back at Raniel, he was now coming back to them. His face was still red.


"oh you're back! How'd it go?" Ben asked, looking up at him with a smirk. 


"oh it went well. She said I'll see her again at the coronation" Raniel said as he sat down, still lovestruck. Ben nodded slowly and looked at the sky.




Chris and Christina were sitting at the same park as well though in a pretty shaded area. It was pretty silent in there location, trees covered the sunlight, there were little to no Valkyries walking or sitting around, it was just them.


"hey Chris?" Christina called. They were sitting at a bench with Chris looking down at the ground, pondering.


"yeah?" he replied, his eyes not leaving the stone ground.


"you ever feel like Ariana's planning to do something?" she asked, looking up at the trees that covered the sun.


"yeah." Chris replied, looking up the covered sky. "why'd you ask?" he asked, looking at Christina.


"it was nothing, I just feel like this entire coronation could've gone the same without us" she replied, a worried tone in her voice.


Chris frowned, "if something wrong will happen, we still have our friends that will help us" he said, putting on a smile even if he was as worried as her.


"I guess you're right. Well, we should go back, I think it's almost dusk" Christina suggested, Chris nodding. They both stood up and walked away, not knowing that there was someone watching them from one of the trees.


To be continued



© Copyright 2020 rickybelmont. All rights reserved.


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