My Teacher, Death

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Humor  |  House: Booksie Classic

Chapter 39 (v.1) - The Castle

Submitted: February 16, 2018

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Submitted: February 16, 2018





3-f soon went back to the massive circle outside the city, where their carriage awaited them. Ryan, Freya, Victor, Casey, and Coco were the first ones to arrive. Ryan had finally woken up and was sitting at the edge of the circle. He watched as the Valkyries took the unconscious dragon away from the forest and away from the city. 


"where are they taking it?" Casey asked, appearing behind Freya and Victor. 


"the beastmaster will tame the dragon so it can be used as a mount" she replied, not even looking at Casey. Casey frowned, expecting something from Freya. She scowled at him before sighing, "I'll admit, you three were impressive. A dragon that size would take twenty Valkyries to tame but you three were able to take it out all by yourself" Freya asmitted, a smile on her face as she looked down at the ground. 


Casey smiled and nodded, looking at the diamond bridge and watching as the rest of 3-f walked to them. 


"you're late" Freya said to Kathrina with a smile. Kathrina frowned and ignored her comment, walking to the carriage. "what's her problem?" Freya asked Richard, but he didn't know. 


"we bought cake and that's it" Richard replied, walking inside the carriage. Freya frowned but went inside the carriage as well. 


"I wished our stay at the city could've gone longer, because there's a high chance my mum won't let us leave the castle anymore" Kathrina said, looking at all of them with a sad look. They all frown, hoping that what Kathrina said won't come true. Emerald and Luke were the most affected by this. With that tidbit, it'll be harder for them to leave.


"it's okay! I'm sure we'll find a way out if it ever happened" Richard assured, wearing a smile as he held Audrey's hand tightly. Audrey knew that his smile was a facade. His hand was holding on to her rather tightly which meant that he was as worried as them.


"besides, there's no turning back now" Joseph said, folding his arms and closing his eyes as the carriage started flying. Lydia looked up at him as he started napping.


"oh yeah, it's fine if you all take a nap, we'll be at the castle by night anyways" Kathrina said, looking at one of the windows and seeing the now orange sky. She looked back at her classmates, finding most of them sleeping. Audrey had her head resting on Richard's shoulder and Richard rested his on top of Audrey's head. Emerald did the same thing and rested her head on Luke's shoulder. Luke remained awake, unable to rest due to what Kathrina said.


Darryl was sleeping on Cassandra's shoulder while she was petting her Liaka. It rested on her lap, sleeping soundly as Cassandra patted it's head. Kathrina smiled, seeing them all sleeping and snoring was hilarious, especially Darryl. He was snoring loudly that Cassandra and the Liaka was getting irritated. 


She looked back at the windows, noticing that the sky's slowly getting darker. She frowned, her mind filling with sadness. I hope she lets them go. she thought, slowly looking down at the ground. 


"hey!" a familiar voice called. Kathrina immediately lifted her head up and looked ahead, noticing that Audrey's awake.


"don't be sad, we can take care of ourselves when things go bad" she said, shocking Kathrina. She felt like she was dreaming, Audrey had spoken to her again and she was actually saying nice things. 


"I know but-"


"Ryan knocked out an Ancient dragon with one punch, do you still think we're no match against whatever comes our way?" she asked, looking at Ryan. His head was covered by his hoodie and he was looking down. Kathrina looked at Ryan and shook her head. 


"no, I guess not. Fine! I'll have faith in you" she said, smiling at Audrey. She nodded back and closed her eyes once again. Her smile slowly turned into a frown as she looked back to the window, it was night. She gasped slightly as she saw a golden light outside. She looked outside and saw the city, all of its lights were on which created a massive light. 


"wow! It's been a while since I saw that" Cassandra said, looking outside the window as well. Her Liaka was also looking outside, an excited look on its face. She smiled as well, feeling warmth due to the light of the city. Soon, the carriage finally landed at the castle and everyone was woken up due to the rocky landing the carriage did. 


Kathrina sighed as Coco stood up and went outside first. "here we are" she said, a sad tone in her voice. She looked back outside as Coco waited for them to leave the carriage. "you should all go first, I need some time to think before I could leave" she said, looking down at the ground. 


Hearing this, Luke frowned but tugged on Emerald's arm. "come on!" he said, Emerald nodding. They both stood up and left the carriage, Emerald still wiping her eyes. Steve and Isabella then followed, anxious to see what's outside. After them, the others followed, also anxious to see what's outside.


"milady" Coco called, peaking her head out form the door. 


"in a minute, Coco! And call me Kathrina" Kathrina said, looking down at the ground and thinking. She sighed, hoping that their trip could've been longer. Looking back at Coco, she was wearing a stoic face, patiently awaiting her new queen. She frowned and stood up, finally ready to step out. Taking one step forward, she hesitated, looking back outside. Everyone was waiting for her, some wore bored faces while others eager faces. One that struck her the most was Audrey, she was waiting beside Coco. 


Sighing, she took another step, and then another until she came out of the carriage. They were at a massive balcony, it was as massive as the circle they were on earlier. The floor was tiled, it was designed like a circle overlapping each other. The colors were white and purple. There was only one table and two chairs, they were at the very edge of the balcony. Behind it was a massive door with about six glass panels. At the side of the doors were two Arborvitae, just as tall as the door. The railings were colored in a flat white color. 


Sitting in the white chair was Ariana, alone with a teacup on her hand. She scowled at Kathrina's friend as they looked around the balcony, a bored expression on their face. But when she saw Kathrina walked out slowly, she smiled and stood up, placing the teacup down at the table.


"welcome back to the castle my daughter!" she greeted, her arms stretched out. Kathrina frowned and faced her.


"mother, are you planning on not letting my classmates go?" she asked, straight to the point. Ariana frowned but she was also happy that Kathrina was straight to the point.


"that'll be decided based on your behavior tonight. We have guests from the other realms who would like to see the new queen" Ariana replied, walking past her and into the door. "have your classmates go to the bedrooms" she continued.


Kathrina clenched her fist and gritted her teeth as her mother left them at the balcony. She was going to behave like a kid if she wanted her classmates to leave this place. She felt bad, their lives were now in her hands. If she failed to behave, they won't leave this place and her mother will do something to them that didn't want to think about. 


Suddenly, Richard placed his hand on Kathrina's shoulder, making her flinch. "hey! Are you okay? You seem to be scared of what's going to happen if we're to stay here" he asked, wearing a worried face. 


Kathrina turned her head at Richard, only to find all of her classmates were staring at her, all worried. "yes, I am scared! If I don't act the way a queen should, you will all die prematurely" she answered, making all of them flinch. 


"we'll..... die?" Luke asked, shocked at what Kathrina said. Kathrina nodded as a response. Luke's eyes then fell to the ground, unable to say anything. Audrey looked down at the ground, a sad and scared look on her face. 


This made Kathrina's eyes widen. Seeing Audrey sad was something she didn't want to see. She looked at everyone and they were all sad which made her feel bad. But then, it triggered something in her, a fire inside her, it was determination. She was determined to get them home now! Seeing their sad faces was something she couldn't stomach and so she needed to behave properly to get them home.


"hey! Don't be sad!" she said, a smile on her face suddenly. "I will get you all safe and sound to your home! I will do what I must do to get you all home and to see that sad face being wiped out!" she promised, a determined look on her face.  Everyone looked up to her, the face she wore meant that she was serious about this promise and she would do everything she could to make it happen.


"the guests are here Kathrina!" Ariana suddenly called, making her flinch.


"I gotta go! Coco, show them to the bedrooms please" she said, turning and running to where her mother went. Coco nodded slightly and looked at all of them with a smile.


"follow me" she said, walking past all of them. They all followed her to their bedrooms. She led them to a golden hall way with a gold and brown walls to the left and golden doors to the left. They could already tell that the rooms were going to be massive just from the distance of the doors to each other. Coco proceeded to count the doors and gasped. 


"oh! It seems there's not enough rooms for you all, I'm afraid some of you needs to pair up" she said, a shocked look on her face. They all looked at each other and nodded. The ones with partners immediately paired up and took their keys while the ones that didn't remained outside.


"Joseph, can you...umm.... pair up with me?" Lydia asked shyly. Joseph smiled and nodded, making her blush as they walked to one of the rooms. Ryan then looked at Ben and nodded. He shrugged it but agreed to pair up with him. They both walked to one of them rooms and went inside.


"Raniel, let's go!" Casey said, but Raniel hesitated. 


"uhh, I kinda want to be with Coco " he said shyly, scratching the back of his head while looking away. Coco blushed a little but looked at Silje.


"you! Pair up with me!" she said, almost like a demand. Silje shrugged but agreed. They both walked in the second to the last room. Casey and Raniel looked at each other before sighing and walking to the very last bedroom. 


Luke and Emerald entered their bedroom and was immediately amazed. There was a queen sized bed placed at the center of the other end of the bedroom. The flooring was a red carpet, there was a massive dresser at the left and a dressing table at the right, next to the bed. There was also a door to a bathroom at the bottom right corner of the room and at the center was a couch, a coffee table, and a tv. 


"guess this is everyone's bedroom. Neat" Luke said with a smirk. He immediately walked to the couch and sat comfortably, finding it just as soft as Erick's. Emerald walked to the dresser and opened it. She found that there were clothes for male and female, suggesting that they had male guests before.


"this is a bedroom right? Not a guest room?" Emerald asked but Luke had fallen asleep, snoring loudly. She frowned, rolling her eyes. She walked towards the sleeping Luke. His mouth was opened so wide that it was actually hilarious. He was also drooling which made it more hilarious but also gross. Emerald wanted to wake him up but he looked too hilarious that she just chuckled as Luke snored. 


Meanwhile, Diana and Meleek were still training. It seemed that Meleek was doing well blocking Diana's attacks. He was using two short swords as he blocked another attack from Diana. "you're a fast learner" Diana said with a smirk, impressed at Meleek's quick improvement.


"thanks! I don't know how, but I'm glad I'm improving" he said as they entered a lock. Diana pushed her sword forward, causing Meleek to struggle and stumble, falling down to the ground. Diana chuckled as Meleek sat up and scratched her head.


"you Valkyries are really powerful" he said, looking up at Diana as she threw her sword away, it disappeared mid fall into the air. She offered her hand for Meleek to grab and he gladly took it. She helped him get up and the two's eyes connected. 


"we're not that powerful, Luke beat one of us!" she joked, trying to cheer Meleek up. He smiled but soon frowned, sitting down at the chair. Diana smiled and walked to the back of the chair and placing her hands on his shoulder."hey, it's fine if you're still weak! Overtime, you'll improve trust me. Us Valkyries had to train since we were kids" she said, leaning her head closer to Meleek's. He blushed, thinking that Diana's trying to flirt with him.


Meanwhile, Lydia and Joseph were pretty silent in their room. They were both watching tv but they were both sitting on the two ends of the couch. They were both quiet and not because they're nervous, because they have nothing to talk about.


"so...what are you going to do with the four days of relax time" Joseph asked, making Lydia flinch and look at him. He was wearing a smile as he asked her the question.


"I was planning on exploring the city more. I'm sure that's what most of our classmates will do anyway" Lydia replied, looking back at the tv as she fixed her glasses. "how about you?" she asked, swaying her head at Joseph as he looked back at the tv.


"I'm planning to go home after the coronation, this place is not suited for boys anyway" Joseph said with a sigh, making Lydia frown. "plus, a full moon's coming at the night of the coronation" he randomly said, making Lydia curious.


"what's so wrong about that? A full moon's beautiful" Lydia asked, shuffling closer to Joseph. She wore a curious smile as Joseph looked down at her with a frown on his face. Her eye's suddenly widened and a she gasped in shocked.


Meanwhile, Cassandra was in the bed playing with her Liaka while Darryl was lying down at the couch, reading a book. Cassandra was giggling as the Liaka flew around the room and Cassandra trying to catch it, chasing it around the room like a kid.


"careful you might trip" Darryl warned, not even swaying his eyes at Cassandra. She ignored it and continued circling around the room, trying to catch her pet. She eventually cornered it and jumped, but the Liaka only flew up a few feet to dodge causing Cassandra to fall down at the ground and creating a thud.


"told you" Darryl replied, hearing the thud. Cassandra got up and pouted, storming to the couch. 


"what are you even doing?" she asked, looking down at Darryl as he ignored her and continued reading his book. She puts on a stroppy face as she went in front of the couch and pulled Darryl's book away from him.


"but I was just getting to the good part!" he said, trying to get it back but the Liaka blocked him. Cassandra read the scene with a stern look while Darryl tried to get the Liaka out of the way without hurting it.


"you're reading a sex scene?" Cassandra asked, holding the book out. Darryl blushed and looked away while the Liaka meowed at him. "answer!" she demanded.


"I- yes" Darryl replied, feeling embarrassed. Cassandra frowned and scowled at him before smiling and kissing him in the cheeks. "wh-why?" he asked, holding his cheek as he went red. 


"it's just adorable how you're shy about it! Hey, don't be, here" she said, going back to the bed and pulled something from her bag. She threw a book at Darryl's face which he caught but not without pain. "oh! Sorry if I threw it a little hard, old habits you know? Anyways, that book has with better scenes than that" she said, pointing to the book Darryl was holding.


Darryl scanned it and opened the book, finding it interesting already. Cassandra smiled and looked at her Liaka as it looked back at her. "say, what should we call her?" she asked, petting the creature. 


"her? It's a girl?" Darryl asked, looking at the pet as it licked its paws. 


Cassandra nodded, "yup" she said as the cat looked curiously at Darryl. 


"we could call it..... Sif" Darryl said, looking back at the Liaka. 


"Sif?" Cassandra asked as the Liaka purred, liking the name Darryl gave her. 


"like that girl in that one comic" Darryl replied as the Liaka went to him and pulled the strands on his hair. "hey! Easy Sif!" Darryl said, laughing a little as Sif pulled harder. Cassandra just laughed at him. Suddenly, they heard a bang at one of the doors near to them. Sif stopped and looked at Cassandra as she looked at the door. 


Back at Luke and Emerald, he was still sleeping but Emerald was actually waiting patiently for him to wake up by reading one of Luke's comic books. The tv was off and she was lying down at the bed with a smile on her face as she waited for Luke to wake up. When suddenly, Kathrina opened the door harshly, a tired look on her face. 


"Kathrina? Are you okay?" she asked as Kathrina slumped down in one of the chairs. Luke suddenly woke up, five seconds late from Kathrina's harsh opening from the door. 


"what's the what?" he mumbled, looking around, almost like he forgot where he was. He looked back at Emerald who was now wearing the t-shirt he gave her during Christmas. "am I in the Valkyrie land thing?" he asked, acting like he has amnesia.


"you don't remember?" Emerald asked, a worried look on her face. 


"I remember that I slept while you were asking me a question. Then..." Luke said, suddenly trailing off before placing both hands in his head as he yelled in agony. "FUCK! It's my turn now?!" he yelled, griiping his head titghter as he looked down at the ground. He screamed in agony as his eyes glowed green. 


"Luke!" Emerald called, a worried tone in her voice. Kathrina stood up, approaching Luke and placing her hand on her shoulder. Only for Luke to smack it away as he fell into the ground, still yelling in agony. Emerald approached Luke when suddenly-


"stay back! I know what's happening!" Kathrina said, looking down at Luke as he gritted his teeth and gripped his hair tighter, the pain not stopping. Kathrina kneeled down at Luke as he looked at her with a pained face. Kathrina then held her hand out and summoned a yellow glow on her palm. She looked back at Luke and forcefully shoved it in his forehead. She began screaming as well, sharing Luke's pain. Their scream was loud enough that their classmates barged in to check what's happening.


"oh no...." Richard mumbled, walking towards them and summoning the same yellow glow. He did the same thing and forcefully shoved his hand at Luke's forehead. The three all yelled but it was a lot weaker, though they still felt pain.


"Kathrina..." Audrey said, her eyes swelling up with tears. Emerald wore a worried face as Luke gripped both of Richard's hands. Emerald was more frightened. She could tell that Luke couldn't take it any longer and from the way he's gripping their hands, it looked like he was asking them to make it stop. 


"we're trying to but-" before Richard could finish, he yelled louder as something went to his brain. Kathrina was trembling, unable to bear the pain that she's trying to take away from Luke. Everyone was worried, no one had a clue as to what's happening to them, all they know that they're in some sort of pain.


Suddenly, the guests and Ariana heard their screams and went to the room. The guests all wore worried faces but Ariana was wearing a frown and a disappointed face. "what's happening?" one of the guests asked.


"the Phantom's not ready to recieve His message" Ariana mumbled, scowling at Luke as he yelled for the pain to stop. She flinched a little, irritated by Luke's voice. She looked around, noticing that all of them were worried. 


Richard's yell lowered but it was still painful. He gripped Luke's hands tighter saying, "just hold on, Luke! It's about to end" Richard encouraged, Luke tightening his grip on Richard and Kathrina's hand. 


"hang in there, Luke! The pain will cease soon" Kathrina encouraged, holding Luke's hands tighter as the green glow from Luke's eyes slowly fades. 


"I can't take it anymore, it's too-" before Luke could finish what he's saying, his eyes reverted back to it's normal self and the pain finally ceased. His face immeditaley fell to the floor but Kathrina and Richard caught him. They brought him to the bed to rest and looked back at their classmates. They were all relieved that the pain ceased and that Luke was fine. 


Kathrina looked down at Emerald and she was tearing up, unable to bear the screams of Luke. She looked back at Luke and kneeled at the side of the bed, staying by Luke's side until he wakes up. The guests all sighed and Ariana wore an unimpressed face as she stared at her daughter.


"what did you see?" she asked, getting a scowl from her daughter.


"we... saw horrible things" Kathrina replied, looking down at the ground and not wanting to remember the events that happened earlier. 


"like what?!" Ariana asked, almost like a demand. Kathrina glared at her, agitated at her mother's behavior. "answer m-"


"if I may, milady?" Richard asked, wearing a worried look as he raised his hand. "we normally share this first to my father before to anyone else. That's how things go" he said sternly, scowling at Ariana as she looked back at Kathrina.


"Erick is such a better parent than you" Kathrina mumbled, making Ariana mad. Her eyes widened as she stormed to Kathrina, pinching her ear.


"take back what you said!" she demanded, putting more pressure to her daughter's ear. She growled in pain as her mother wiggled her head slightly due to the pinching. 


"no! Never!" she replied releasing her ear from her mother's grip. She stood beside Richard as she scowled at her mother. "Erick takes good care of us. Unlike you, she actually shows respect and compassion to us. He acts like an actual parent instead of a bossy queen. He's like the father I always wanted and needed." she growled, making Ariana angry. Not only was she embarrassed by her daughter in front of both her daughter's classmates but also her guests.


"you're lucky that the coronation is coming soon, young lady!" is all she said before walking out of the room, the guests following her as she left. 


"you should leave" Richard said to his classmates as Kathrina sat back at the couch. Everyone agreed and left, Audrey staying behind. "you too" he said, looking at Audrey as she glared at Richard.


Audrey sighed and walked away, a little angry. Richard frowned and looked down at Kathrina. "you didn't have to tell her to leave, she looked like she wanted to say something" Kathrina said, glaring at Richard. 


"she needs to, because we need to talk about what we saw" Richard said, taking a seat and scowling at Kathrina. They then stared at Luke as he sleep quietly. They were a little surprised that he wasn't snoring.




Ben and Ryan were back at their room, Ryan looking at the dresser and seeing suits. "do we have to wear suits? Cause I hate suits" Ryan asked Ben as he scanned the room as well. "why are you scanning the room?" he added.


"I think we need to wear suits and I'm scanning the room because she might have ears in this place" Ben said, looking underneath the couch. Ryan laughed a little but then looked back at the suit. 


"say, why would there be suits when this is a realm full of, I'll admit, pretty hot women?" he asked, holding one of the suits out. Ben then stood up and looked at the suit. What Ryan said made sense, there's no need for suits to be in a realm full of Valkyries. 


"you're not saying.." Ben pondered, getting an idea. Ben gasped and rushed to the suit, leaning his ear in the fabric. He then frowned, leaning back and looking at Ryan. "there's nothing my ears can pick up" he said.


"it's still weird, though." Ryan said, putting the suit back at the dresser. Ben sat at the chair and opened the tv, tired from scanning the room. "well, whatever! If they ever attack, they won't be able to hurt me" Ryan said confidently, making Ben scoff.


"why is that?" Ben asked, looking at Ryan as he smirked and pointed to himself.


"I'm unpredictable" he replied, making Ben scoff. 


"prove it" Ben dared, activating his demon sense. Ryan didn't know what that was and immediately stood up. Ben stood up as well and took his stance, Ryan doing the same thing. Ryan jumped and kicked Ben but he expected it and blocked the attack. But when the next move came, Ben's demon sense went haywire and showed him a bunch of possibilites of what Ryan could do next. He was confused, startled, unable to think properly as the dozens of possibilities. It all came to an end when Ryan stopped and looked at him.


"are you okay?" Ryan asked, watching as Ben gripped his head in confusion. He deactivated his demon sense and looked back at Ryan.


"no I, uhh, the hell just happened?" he asked Ryan, scowling at him. Ryan was confused, he didn't know what just happened and why was Ben suddenly acting all confused and crazy. "I was using my demon sense and all of a sudden, I saw a lot of possibilites of attacks you'll do" Ben explained, making Ryan worried.


"well, what do you know? I am unpredictable" he said to himself but not in an impressed tone. He looked back at Ben as he sat down. "this demon sense? It makes you predict the next action precisely?" he asked, taking a seat at the couch. Ben nodded slowly as he scratched his head. 


Ryan then nodded and went to the bed. "dibs on the bed" he said.




To be continued





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